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Troys Florist

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Troys Florist Reports & Reviews (44)

Ordered birthday flowers March 2020, 3 days in advance from their site “local” ( a lie). Took my $$ in seconds. Charged to “internetLLC”. Day of delivery , I get the email unable to deliver. Same thing as many others here, “we will issue refund”. Nope never came, further inquiry stated “ nothing more we can do”.
Filed BBB complaint; 9 months later , nothing.

- High Point, NC, USA

BAIT and SWITCH FLORIST........Take you money and order but deliver nothing like what you ordered. Charge you for something you never get

Example: Order total of $112.00 what was delivered was $40 arrangement. BEWARE!!!! Read the amounts of complaints against them on the Better Business Bureau site. Explains it all.

I placed a order 2 weeks before Valentine's day and they did not ship the flowers.

My brother ordered flowers for a funeral, the florist was identified as the only Troys florist online that was able to make a delivery within a 24-hour period to get the flowers on time. When the occasion was over I was looking for the flowers that was ordered based on the invoice description my brother sent me and they were not at the funeral. I called Troy florist the next business day and was told I had to use the email response from the order, they do not do customer service via the phone. I was given a response within minutes stating a date and time of delivery as well as the name of the person who signed for the arrangement. Checking with the funeral home admin, I was told no one by the name has ever worked for the company nor was there any flower arrangements delivered on that particular date. I called back to Troy florist again and spoke to a person who refused to give me her name or allow me to speak to anyone else in the business such as a manager or higher position personnel as she refused again not to answer any questions only responding to go to the email on the from the order. Once again, I went to the email, told them the same information and the response was they were delivered same information but this time no name just same time of delivery and end of story. The company will not respond any more to any email I send now. They have charged my brother's credit card. The second phone number identified as Americana Flowers with the matching address in New Jersey and email address of Troys florists, says leave a message and we'll get back with you in the next five minutes no response there either. Stealing from people during such sensitive times as a funeral makes it hard to understand what type of people could do such a thing?

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

Do not order from this website. IT IS A SCAM , they deliver different flowers than what purchased on there website.

- Tampa, FL, USA

Troys Florist

Troys Florist


2/7/20 ***

2/7/2020: Customers BEWARE! Here is a similar nightmare to what other unsuspecting customers have gone thru and if I could give them ZERO as a rating I would, but it's not an option so I picked one star! I was out of town at a work conference for my mother's birthday on 2/6. So, I Googled LOCAL florist in my mom's EXACT ZIP CODE. Troy's Florist popped up as GUARANTEED SAME DELIVERY DAY to LOCAL 33625 Tampa FL area. TROY IS IN NEW JERSEY NOT TAMPA, FLORIDA! THEIR AD IS DEFINITELY MISREPRESENTING THEIR LOCAL PRESENCE! This is what happened before I discovered they lied about their location and delivery promises:

So, I ordered the biggest flowers, balloons, the whole nine yards. I wanted to surprise mom. Instead, I was shocked! Here are the exact steps: I ordered online at 8am. On a work break, I called Troy Florist by 9:30 AM, just to confirm they got my on-line order. The lady that answered said, yes, is your mom...(name). Yes, we have it and it will be delivered between 11am-6pm TODAY (2/6). She said I'd get a confirmation email that the flowers were delivered by day's end. I was satisfied and returned to work. I did not get home until after 6pm. I got home only to read this email: WHICH BY THE WAY WAS SENT TO ME NOT EVEN 2 HOURS AFTER THEY TOLD ME MOM'S FLOWERS WERE BEING DELIVERED!

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 12:19 PM Troy CS wrote:

(my name),

You had a delivery going out to Tampa for today. We are so sorry but we would not be able to deliver out to that area for today. We could have it delivered for you tomorrow and take good care of it for you. Please reply to this email as soon as possible to let us know how you would like to proceed. We cannot move forward without a response from you.

Thank you.


Troys Florist

OMG! By now it was TOO LATE! There were NO flower shops opened at this time to fix this (meaning I'd cancel and have them issue me a refund)! I was so sad, hurt, and angry- disappointed at their FALSE ADVERTISING about SAME DAY LOCAL DELIVERY that I replied: CANCEL MY ORDER & REFUND MY MONEY ASAP so I can now go and buy mother another gift because you RUINED my surprise & my mother's birthday!!!! These folks have no integrity, no customer service, NOTHING! I tried calling and the young girl that answered blew my off-she did NOT want to hear my plight! Now, I am waiting for a refund! RUN- do not order from this company, ever! They misrepresented themselves!!! Never again!

After placing an online order for flowers, Troys Florist emailed me to say the designer in my area had requested an additional $25. Troys said they would process a refund and asked how I wanted to proceed. I responded "please refund."

A charge appeared on my Amex bill, apparently processed 5 days later.

- Lincoln, NE, USA

I ordered a deluxe peace lily using my daughters New Jersey zip code and was charged $74.88. Troy’s Florist canceled my order by emailed the next day saying they were over booked and could not fill my order, but would refund my money in 2-5 business days.

The order was still processed on my account 3 days after they sent me the cancellation. I contacted them 8 day’s later saying I still hadn’t received my refund. Troy’s Florist replied they had record of my refund and there was nothing more they could do. After eighteen days they still haven’t responded to my emails. They did not deliver the peace lily and $74.88 has not been refunded to my bank account.

This business is a fraud, and a scam. Their companies advertisement/web site should be banned, blocked and removed from the service, if not they’ll just keep ripping people off. Don’t be tricked by their scam. Spread the word to as many as you can.

- Clear Lake, WI, USA

This business claims to be local. I was ordering flowers for a service in IL- the internet shows they are in NJ. Also- the scam is they take your order, charge your card, then claim they are not able to fulfill the order. They state you will receive a full refund. When I did not receive a refund after 30 days, I contacted them asking for a receipt for the refund. They send the original email back to me stating I have received the refund in full and there is nothing further they can do. Do not order from this site!

- Mars Hill, NC, USA

I did a google search looking for a local florist where my parents live. Troysflorist came up, this is the first step of the deception as they are not a local florist at all. I ordered a floral arrangement via their website for $54.99 along with a balloon $4.99, shipping and service fee of $14.99 and sales tax of $5.25 Total order cost: $80.22. On the day the flowers were to be delivered I received this email.

Hello, unfortunately, we will not be able to service your order and we have placed it for a refund.

The local florist we work with rejected the order because they had an overflow of business for the busy Holiday and there is nothing further we can do other than to refund 100% of the purchase.

I have put you in for a full refund. Please allow 2-5 business for this to appear in your account.

I contacted them 2 weeks later stating I had not received the refund and they responded that I was refunded the full amount and that it could take 5-7 business days and there is nothing else they could do for me. I responded that their original email said 2-5 business days it had already been 8 "business days" and I had not received a refund. I asked when it was refunded and wanted a specific date. They have failed to respond. I called my credit card company to report it and the credit card company replaced the funds.

Judging from the mass of complaints with this company, all of which I came across too late, I am horrified they are still in business. It's going on 6 years now! Complaints to the have been coming in since 2015 and they have an F rating. This is a major Nation wide scam and needs to be shut down. Every single day they steal thousands of dollars from people who think they are ordering from a local florist and then either don't deliver at all or send some ridiculous arrangement that isn't even close to what is ordered, it's almost like it's on purpose for a joke. Those who never had arrangements sent at all don't get refunds. It's documented in complaint after complaint. It's shocking how many people have fallen victim. There must be an agency that deals with this kind of fraud. Valentine's Day is less than a month away and they are continuing to scam people unchecked. My order was just over $80, most are at least 60 and up. That adds up to 10's of thousands when you start adding up the amount of people scammed.

- Albuquerque, NM, USA

I called from out of state (NM) to order flowers to be delivered to someone in Texas. Troy's Florist website has pictures from a real local florist that I thought I recognized. The flowers were supposed to be delivered the next day. The next day, I received an email that the flowers could not be delivered, however, my bank card had already been charged. Suspicious that something was awry, I searched online to discover numerous other scam alerts on the and on the internet about Troy's Florist. I attempted to contact them, but they did not answer the phone. I also emailed they and they responded they would refund my account but to allow up to 5 business days. Apparently - after reading other complaints - this is their typical response. Now concerned they have my bank card information, I had to cancel my bank card. I immediately contacted my bank, and HOPE I have stopped the $85+ charge, but will not be sure until the the next business day, as today is a holiday and weekend.

- Prosper, TX, USA

I ordered flowers from on August 19. The arrangement was to be delivered on the same day. After waiting two days without receiving delivery I called their 800 # and asked about the whereabouts of the order. I was told the order would not be processed and I would be given a refund on August 21. I did not receive an email confirming the credit. I phoned them again on August 23 and was told the refund was still in process. After waiting over a week for the refund, I decided to do my own research on Trois florist. It turns out they have many bad reviews regarding the same experiences I had. Many victims have not received a refund. I still do not have a refund. This company seems like a scam. They also go by the name Paxton‘s flowers As that is the name on my bank statement.

- Knoxville, TN, USA

I ordered flowers for my mother, they charged my card and never delivered them. I spoke to my mother two days later and she said she never received them. When I called, 4 times, they automatically put you on hold. I emailed twice and they stated it would be 25.00 more to deliver the flowers. I canceled the order and they said it would take 5 days to refund the money. SCAM!

- Cortez, CO, USA

May 11th ordered online from this company to deliver flowers to my Mother for Mothers Day. Well, they never delivered and when I called they gave me some line about the flower company needing more money in order to deliver the flowers that I purchased. I knew that they had my phone number and if they would have called to tell me this- I probably would have sent more money(as dumb as it sounds) but they never did. They said do you have the order # and yes I did, I keep everything- so she puts me on hold and comes back in a few minutes (thick accent) and told me that I would receive an email stating that my refund to my credit card would take 2-4 business days. I called back a week later and they said it may take longer. Still nothing and I had to contact my bank to depute these charges. I should have read all of the negative reviews to begin with- NO one ever gets their flowers delivered!! They also never refund the money. This company should be banned from advertising and they should be sued and put in jail!!

- Milltown, NJ, USA

called to place an order b/c their website would not take my info - ordered a LIVE Plant, Violet Basket with Ribbon and Butterflies - gave them my credit card info - delivery made by not even close to what I ordered - they sent crappy cut flowers that looked like leftovers from other arrangements - called and told I need a receipt and found out they charged me $27 extra - told them that I wanted them to deliver the correct product and pick up the product they delivered. They told me I had to contact customer service via email which I did - they admitted the mistake and rather then give me what I ordered, they wanted to give me a discount. I refused the discount and told them to deliver what I ordered or give me a refund. I also asked again for my invoice. After several emails, I did not get my invoice and they did not respond. Come to find out they are a scam with a far reaching network. It's Troy Florist, credit card was billed as Logans Florist. Called them for a receipt. The gal stayed on the phone until I received the email. It was not a receipt but a typed email with my order info. At the bottom of the email, the company name was AMERICANA FLORWES (which is supposed to be flowers) I brought this to her attention and she said it was a typo. I asked her for a paper copy and she said, this is how they gives receipts. My Bank has now put a STOP PAYMENT on this charge.

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I placed an order online through Troy's Florist to be delivered 3 days later. The floral bouquet was NEVER delivered, and I was never contacted that there was an issue about delivery. When I called the company, they indicated that I should have been contacted and would need to pay more money for "premium" flowers that the local florist carried. I told them to use fewer flowers or that they should use the premium flowers since they are now 2 days late delivering the bouquet. They refused and said that all they would do is refund my money. I'm pretty sure that refund will not come through and have contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge. They would not let me speak to a manager and said she would say the same thing anyway. They also would not give me their address so that I could write a letter to let them know how frustrated I was. This company should not be in business--they do not provide the product, they do not contact you about an apparent issue, they mention the need to pay more money to get what you originally ordered, and all they do is "refund" your money (if that ever happens).

- East Weymouth, MA, USA

I ordered flowers from this site for a funeral. I received an order email and my credit card was immediately charged by a different name “Logan florist”. I sent an email to the company and called the number on the website as I never received a confirmation of delivery. I went to the funeral and my flowers were NEVER delivered!!!!! I tried calling again and again to get a customer service representative and nothing. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! Luckily my credit card is investigating this as a fraudulent charge and I may get my money returned to me.

Purchased a floral arrangement for mother's day that was never delivered. I had to contact and was told I would be given a refund. After repeated neglect on their part to do this, I attempted to call their 1(888) #, no one answers. It's now month later and I'm filing this complaint.

- Fort Pierce, FL, USA

Ordered flowers for my Mother for Mothers Day. The website said they were local. Flowers were never delivered and I subsequently found out that they are not local, they are located in New Brunswick NJ. They never delivered flowers and have yet to refund my credit card. I was told via email that I would receive the refund on my credit card in 2 to 4 business days. I emailed them again yesterday as it had been 10 business days with no refund on my credit card. They said they would refund it and it would take 2 to 4 more business days. After looking at the complaints on Yelp and BBB. I suspect if I get a refund it will be due to American Expresses refund rather than Troy's florist's refund. They are a scam.

- Lamar, MO, USA

Never deliver flowers, offer refund & never refund.

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