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Treasury Department

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Treasury Department Reports & Reviews (44)

- Troutdale, OR, USA

No just my zip code

He told me his name was Charles Miller ext.1457. That he was from the Treasury department and I had been chosen to receive a $9000 grant. All I had to do was purchase a card and it would cost me $200. Tried to tell me that's what the store would charge. The phone number they used was 202-677-3060

This number said I had been randomly selected to receive a $9000 grant from when Obama was in office. They wanted me to send them $250 either by bank or go to Dollar General to send them a gift card for a deposit. Once I sent this, they would return that amount with the $9000.

Called stated I was awarded a personal grant, that they do a random survey of citizens, you can't have been arrested, not filed for bankruptcy, give you an alpha numeric confirmation number, then you have to call a number and they activate the "password" by making you pay a $200 fee on a Google play card, then $500 then $1000 and they will reimburse you for the fee amounts. The explanation for the Google card is to protect you supposedly.

My family member was scammed out of $550 today by a caller with a foreign accent saying that he was calling from the U.S.treasury department. The caller then informed my family member that he was one out of 1700 people selected to receive a $9000.00 grant if he was unemployed, with no criminal record and a US citizen who pays his taxes on time. This grant was coming from the Health and Human resources department. All he had to do was go to Walgreens and buy prepaid google play cards then scratch of the silver box on the back of card and give them the numbers. In doing so this fee would free up the money so they could wire the money to Walgreens. They wanted him to stay on the phone with them while he was buying the cards. They gave him tracking numbers and grant serial numbers. They also gave him a federal reserve bank number. The number on the phone was showing that the call was coming from Washington, DC. #202-827-6836. After the caller got $550 from my family member. They then told him after that the fact that he was going to have to pay and additional $380. of state taxes in order for them to transfer the money across state line from New Your to Louisiana. Please google government grant scams it will tell you a lot more about this scam. So if you can investigate this scam and air it to let other’s know about this and hopefully this will help to prevent someone else from being victimized by these crooks.

- Lakewood, OH, USA Staff AR

I received a call from Addison, claiming to be from the Treasury Department. They said I have been selected to receive a grant if certain conditions were met, such as going to Wal Mart or Walgreens "Steam"card. Once I had that in my posession, I was instructed to call back Addison within a couple hours and tell them my gift card number, then they would deposit the money into my banking account. They said it would be done today because today is grant day. The person claiming to be Addison is at extension 2020. Calling from number 202-827-6836. They even gave me a confirmation number. AM005.

- Chicago, IL, USA

I received a call and voicemail with a case number and everything! Saying I need to call them back to avoid further action. When I called them back they had my name and insisted I give them my mailing address l. When I stated I wouldn’t they kept insisting it’s part of the procedure and they already have it but I need to confirm it so they know that they’re talking to the right person! After that I so no way and hung up!

I got a call around 3:00 p.m. yesterday from some one saying they were with the Treasury Department and I had been randomly selected for a $9,000 grant. I was only required to pay the $200 Western Union transfer fee but I had to pay it in 2 $100 transfers. I was told to go to CVS, Walmart, or a store like them and once I got there to call them. This didn't sound right to me so I called the and they said it was a scam.

I received a phone call twice so far on my cell phone. The man said that he was calling from the Treasury Department, and that I was randomly selected to receive a government grant of $9000. He said I would not have to pay this money back. He gave me a "conformation code" NA1015. He also gave me a phone number to call. 206 880 3945. The man said his name was Henry, and that he was a Verification Officer, in the Grant Department. The phone number he gave me was a Washington number. When I tried to call it, the number was not a working number. The phone number that appeared on my caller ID was not even a complete number. 952 290 786. I said to this man I have heard of this kind of thing being a scam, and he said "Oh no, it is not a scam". He had a very thick accent, and he sounded Asian of some sort.

Left a message stating they were the treasury department and a lawsuit has been filed against us for tax fraud. Continued to say if we don’t call them back this would be a second time to intentionally ignore federal law. I called the number back and I call a message that call was reject then the call was disconnected.

- Pensacola, FL, USA

Said won $700 because filed bankruptcy in the past

- San Antonio, TX, USA

I have received numerous calls from Hungary, Washington D.C and New York, all with the same objective. They tell me they are from the Treasury Department and that I have been selected for a one time grant of $9,000.00 that does not have to be paid back. They tell me to go to these websites to confirm it is real after I ask if this is a scam. They then tell me this was put into place in 2009 by then president Barak Obama. After going to the websites I then just hung up on the caller. They attempted to call me back from different numbers. When I try to call back, I get a message saying the Google number can not receive phone calls.

- Milwaukee, WI, USA

I received this voicemail at 5:09 pm October 6, 2017: "...against you. The Treasury Department is also going to confiscate your bank accounts and including your passport and your Social Security number is going to be blacklisted as well. Before we proceed any further and take legal actions please reach us for more information and call this direct number which is 206-497-0435 I repeat 206-497-0435 thank you and have a good day..." I do not answer phone calls whose area codes I do not recognize so I let this call go to voicemail. I filed a report on Thursday of this week regarding two calls from Washington, DC stating that they were the IRS. All three calls have an automated voice; male voice fro Washington, DC number and female from Shoreline, Washington. Please advise me regarding these calls!

- Mineral Point, MO, USA

*** *** said I'd won a government grant for $9000 from the Treasury Department. My husband's an amputee and I have cancer. He said he'll be calling me back. He wanted me to get a reloadable card for $250 to send him money.

They said I had been picked to receive a government grant of $7,000.00. They said I could pick up at Western Union, Wal-Mart, Walgreens or CVS. They gave me a Grant # & said I needed to call 202-642-6215 to confirm it. I didn't even call that #. I could hardly understand what the guy was saying because of his accent, possibly Indian or Pakistanian. Just wanted to a complaint so that others would be warned & that maybe somebody would be able to put a stop to it.

I got a call saying I'd won a government grant for $9700. I'd have to call Johnathan *** with an ID #.

Caller with id of +22066 tells me i qualify for a grant and goes through a bunch of questions like is my name is, do you live at, and your phone number is, then gives me a confirmation number and wants me to call 202-350-1382 and give them the confirmation code to start the process. I looked up the number and it told me it is associated with known scam.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Left a voice mail saying I need to call right away because there is an arrest warrant out for me through federal courts arrested the department of the treasury. When I tried to call back the line was reported as not working. I got a second call with a similar message but different caller voice, number, and words of message. Came from 844 519 8691

- Fort Wayne, IN, USA

They call me saying i need to pay$299 to the treasury to get $9000 release to me on my debit card thays the only way they can prove its going directly to me through the fredral bank

Scammers claiming to be from the Treasury Department. Saying that I won money through a random drawing. They wouldn't send the money by cash or wire it to me at Walmart.

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