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Travel Reimagine

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Travel Reimagine Reports & Reviews (16)

• Dec 01, 2021


• Nov 26, 2021

Booked flights, never booked with airline, wanted us to pay more. Told us to wait it would be booked. Never booked again. Asked for refund and still waiting over 8 weeks for refund. Phone keeps hanging up in the middle of calls. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

• Nov 29, 2021

They aren't going to refund you, they are 100% scammers. Please call your credit card company and have them refund the charge and change your credit card number.

• Oct 13, 2021

BIG disappointment. Scammed like the rest...
So, this experience taught me that sometimes its better to just book directly through the airline then try and find the cheapest deal.
That is how I came across travel reimagine... I google searched cheap flights from Calgary to Ottawa as travelling domestic is super expensive in Canada (especially around the holidays). I found this website and started seeing great deals for return flights. Ended up booking one and never got my email confirmation of purchase or ticket. Started to get suspicious and called the contact number... got disconnected several times. Finally got through to someone seeming like they genuinely wanted to help me and told me that the flight I booked was a sold out flight. I was on the phone with them as they booked me another flight for the same dates. Got my email but no Eticket. I felt something was off so I checked my Visa statements and saw that a payment had gone through 4 different times, charging my card a total of $1,288 when the flight I was purchasing was stated as $497.
I called my bank immediately to report the dispute of charges and am now waiting to get the money reimbursed.
***If you have also recently purchased from this site I highly recommend you call your bank and dispute the charges as contacting the company will get you NOWHERE as these people will just try and get more money from you.****
Again - sometimes its worth just booking from the trusted airline company site.

• Sep 29, 2021

3 weeks ago I purchased a $98 one way ticket to Harrison, Arkansas. I was going to fly and meet my girl friends in Branson and we were all going to drive back together. After my initial email confirming my ticket was received, and stated that I would receive my e-ticket in 48-24 hrs I was excited. Then 4 days later, I had still heard nothing, so I began to search the internet for reviews of Travel Reimagine. To my horror, I realized then I had made a mistake. I spent the next 2 weeks calling trying to confirm when I would get the ticket. Every operator would tell me that they would email a different department and to expect my ticket in 48 to 24 hrs. Finally, I spoke with an operator who said I would only get my ticket 48 to 24 hrs before my flight. So I waited until 12 hrs before my flight, I called and the operator told me that they had the confirmation number and I would have to call the airlines to get my ticket. After calling the airlines and confirming the number they had given me was for a ticket that had been cancelled in my name due to non-payment. In fact there were 2 tickest purchased in my name and both had been cancelled. With this new information I called Travel Reimagine back and questioned them. They said my ticket had indeed been cancelled, but it was cancelled by the airlines. When I assured them that I had already confirmed with the airline the issue and that there was still 3 seats available on the flight, they advised that this was not true and they would be unable to purchase my ticket. Though I was upset, I still calmly, requested that since they were refusing to purchase my ticket, that they refund me my money. The operator stated that I would receive my refund in 1 - 3 business days, and I was done with them, or so I thought. A week since my call about the refund, I emailed their only customer service, as I was done with speaking to them, and they advised that there had been no record of my refund. Apparently I confirmed my booking and so I was not entitled to a refund. The weird this is, a company called Cheap O Air called me at 3 am on the morning of my flight trying to confirm payment for my flight, but since it was purchased under the name Senthil Kumar Ramaraj I the airline needed to speak to him to confirm payment. As I have no idea who that is, I was unable to provide them with adiquate means to verifythe purchase and the ticket was cancelled.

• Sep 07, 2021

Well here's my story I reserved a ticket back on June 3rd for the 4th of July vacation and my birthday vacation in Kansas City live in Seattle Washington! American Airlines canceled my husband flight the night of July 1st (my birthday) and stated that they were going to refund $414 back to Travel Reimagine which they did.. As of today September 7, 2021 still NO REFUND even after sending 2 emails and over 6 phone calls to keep hearing that I had to wait 10-14 days or 2 billing cycles to I should received it the week of September 1st-3rd with still NO REFUND... I called and now waiting on American Airlines and if no success I'm going to the News in my state! This is sad how this bootleg companies are allowed to do this or have a website... I hate crooks!

• Sep 29, 2021

I think the owner's name is Senthil Kumar Ramaraj and when I googled him I found his business email. If we all email him, maybe we can get something done.

• Aug 06, 2021

Victim Location 90004
Total money lost $785
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I pay for my tickets on line and never got the tickets then I ask for a refund and when I call they hang up on me and never got my money back I believe they are based in India

• Aug 02, 2021

I had mistaken purchased my ticket due to the time of flight I did not desire, so I had instinctively called to change my flight. Was told that my new flight was confirmed and good to go. Come the day of the flight, I had arrived from across the pond on my 12 hour flight. I rushed to the next terminal only to find out that Travel Reimagine DID NOT confirm my flight and there was no ticket. Therefore, I was stranded at the airport during the most busiest season and the surge of vaccinated passengers. I was refunded 3 weeks later but not in full amount. BE CAREFUL I received a bombardment of scam calls and shockingly enough everything down to my name and date of birth was sold from Flight Reimagine. They will sell your info and if not in close cooperation with scammers. DO NOT TRUST, DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO. SCAM SCAM SCAM

• Jul 23, 2021

Scammer's phone 1800 600 0056
Scammer's website T
Scammer's address 478 Elmwood Ct Fruita, CO 81521 United States
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations
Initial means of contact Phone

They pretend to book a flight for you. Take all your personal info and say they will send confirmation email and while on hold so they can “check new flights” because the one you almost booked was full, they have already charged your card. Was told my flight was 650 my card was charged three times in ten mins for almost 400 each time totaling over 1100 dollars.

Said I needed to confirm transaction with my bank and call them back bank said there was no hold and when you call them back they’re unavailable

• Jul 11, 2021

My young daughter was redirected to these people from a link She told me they would not refund her for Delta tickets. This is NOT the airlines policy as I purchase my tickets from them directly. I immediately stated researching “scam” associated with these people. Tons of complaints emerged. I tried to contact them via phone and was disconnected numerous times. My email demand for a refund was answered by a generic “Customer Service and code” No refund will be issued. I filed a dispute with my credit card/bank and reported them to the FTC. Federal Trade Commission. Please get the word out there and do the same.

• Jul 10, 2021

I booked through Travel ReImagine IT WAS AWFUL. I booked a flight 2 months prior came time for my flight still no E ticket. I continued to ask for it promised next day by email - nothing. IT WAS A CIRCUS RIDE. I planned to see my daughter graduating with her masters and my granddaughter's golden Birthday they took away 2 occasions I can never get back.
They are scammers and liars.
Do not order through them.
No ticket ever came thank God I figured it our before I got to the airport.

• Jun 12, 2021

Victim Location 29448
Total money lost $147.20
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I booked a flight through this site, and received a confirmation email, but no ticket. Attempts to contact customer service were ignored.

• Jun 10, 2021

Victim Location 98122
Total money lost $255
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a ticket on the internet for 255.78 went to sleep for roughly an hr woke up to spam risk calls from there company and a voicemail from there agent saying my payment didn’t process and that the flight I purchased from there site was no longer available to contact my bank and and see what’s going on and that I can choose the back up options they had available so I call my bank at becu they say they see a verification but for a 0$ amount every thing is fine with my cards and the funds are available so I call travel reimagine customer service some India guy picks up and say the purchase I made for my flight would be 460$ instead of 255.78 so I canceled immediately and contacted the airlines directly about that same flight they had it available for 261$ so I made the purchase then later on when I got to work I checked my account and noticed they had still took the 255.78$ out of my account even though they said they didn’t have the flight available I paid for and via email me a confirmation for a refund so I start looking at the reviews online of people getting no refunds and fake tickets and 1star or 5 star reviews with the 5 star reviews having minimal details and the one star reviews plenty of details and similar stories to my own so at this point I call my bank set up a dispute get it started then no longer than 5 minutes later I get a call from a spam risk number saying stop the dispute they sent the funds on there end it would prolong me getting my funds back so I call my bank to confirm it they said they haven’t sent any refund and they thought it was weird they called that fast to keep the dispute going do I provided all the emails I received from travel reimagine and provided it to becu dispute team and after doing that called customer service for travel reimagine and they hung up on me the first time and send me to voicemail every time after that I called so now I’m just waiting for the bank to get my funds back based on my experience and the reviews I know this company is a scam

• May 16, 2021

I booked a flight with this company, to which I know for a fact that I put in the correct dates for departure and return. When I received my confirmation e-mail, I saw that the dates were incorrect. When I called their "customer service" to have them correct this, I was told that I had to pay an addition $250 for this because the "original" booking date was within a 7 day window and I was not allowed to cancel or change the dates for free. The reason the dates were within the 7 day window was their fault and the women who I was speaking to became extremely rude and hung up on me. When I called back twice, each time I was hung up on. Look at other websites regarding reviews for them, they are ALL bad. Not sure why this website has any good reviews...seems very scamish to me. PLEASE do not support this company, you will get ripped off.

• Mar 12, 2021

Victim Location 97701
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

This scammer is pretending to be other airlines by claiming false advertisement online, specifically when you search for an airline name on Google. The advertisement said they were a specific airline but that was a lie. I used the false website to purchase my airline ticket. They will then send you an email and call saying your card has been declined. When you call to ask for assistance, they ask you to click the “authorize” button in the email they send you. Do not click it. They also tell you that the new ticket that they are going to purchase for you increased. When asking for their manager, they become aggressive and will hang up on you and say they are going through technical difficulties. They refused to transfer me to another person, if there even is another person. Sounds like a one man show. They refused to cancel the purchase. And when they finally agree to cancel, they try to assure you it has been cancelled; however they couldn’t prove that they cancelled it. I asked them to send me a confirmation of the cancellation and they refused and hung up on me again.

The person on the phone was a man, maybe in the age range of 30-60. This man does speak English and does have a slight Indian accent. The phone number he called from was a San Francisco number; although I’m sure that doesn’t matter as much as people can use any number for false advertisement.

Again, do not click the authorize button if this does happen to you. For some reason, this man became very aggressive and pushy when it came to clicking the authorize button.

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