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Technical support

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Technical support Reports & Reviews (20)

• Jun 22, 2022

Victim Location 93245
Total money lost $9,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

On June 7, my computer said there was a virus. We called the 800 number that popped up saying it was Microsoft technical support hotline. When we called they asked for access to our computer like mist support techs do. They began to scan our files and at the very end they said there was some files on there that wasn’t ours and needed immediate attention. They said someone had used our credit cards to buy something in China.Then they asked if we heard of duplicate charges. We said no so they explained that we needed to make that same charge to get our money back. So then they transferred us over to the above number to talk someone they said that was part of the FCC that would walk us through the process. They told me I needed to go purchase some Lowes gift cards for the amount that was put on my card in order to get the charges reversed. They said I had to do it exactly the way they tell me to do it or the police would get involved and we could end up in jail. So I took the credit they said that was compromised and went Lowes and bought $5000 worth of gift cards. They told me to leave my phone in the car and then come back. When I came back to drive to another location in the parking lot. I did then they asked for the card numbers to reverse the process. After that they asked about my checking account and said it had been compromised as well. So they had me go withdraw $4900 out of my account and then go to Home Depot and buy $4000 of gift cards and do the same process again. I was then told to drive home and they would give me what to do next. When I got home they asked me to leave the gift cards in my card and I said why, but the person just got mad. I said I didn’t feel comfortable leaving that many gift cards in my car. So he said do you have a shredder and I said why. He was getting frustrated because of my resistance. I was now feeling uneasy and called a friend on another phone and she said call the police. I called the police on the other phone he took my information and told me to go call Lowes and Home Depot to see if they could deactivate the cards. My husband and daughter drove over them and they both said it would be taken care of. Home Depot said 1100 of the 4000 had been used in Ada, Ok and they started a claim. Lowes took 5 of the cards which was 2500 of the 5000 that had not been used and put in an envelope.Home Depot gave me a number to call for the claim that was started.The first day I was not able to get any help. The second day I was given a new claims number but was told all the funds had been used now. They said it would go to the investigation department and would hear from them in 5-7 business days. The guy that started the second claim called and said it was denied. There was nothing they could do. Then I drove to Lowe’s and the manager came out. He had the five cards. At first he said we don’t give refunds. He remembered me and said let me go talk to the claims department came back and said we can refund you for these cards.He took the cards out the sealed envelope that they had put them in and started to process each one and was said these have no money on them. All I wanted was for each store to deactivate the cards so the couldn’t be used. Not one of these stores helped me out after I explained to them what had happened. Each store was visited on the same day immediately after we realized we were victims of a scam. Now we feel they scammed us as well.

Victim Location 27576
Type of a scam Tech Support

The caller and the voice mail received said they were taking $300 from my account for a charge I dd not ask for. The man I talked to originaly said his name was Nick Smith Cell number 1-818-850-5438 said his ID number was NK 1294$. I fell for it until I got a text from my bank that 2500 was trying to be taken for my CC account which they blocked and declined. I gave my cc number because he said that would everify my address. I stopped my cc.

Victim Location 21622
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received email Subject:CONTRACT RENEWAL stated that my contract has expired & unless I contacted them to cancel within 24 hrs they would automatically renew at $800.00 & it would be automatically debited for my account. If I called the phone # 1-763-600-0841 to cancel the contract. I called the # & the person was very rude, abusive when I refused to fill out the Western Union form to have my money refunded. Yes, they would refund me $149.00 if I filled out the Western Union form & then they would send me to the cancellation page & I never got to the cancellation page because I refused to fill out the Western Union forms---Then he said tomorrow they would take $800.00 from my account--I still kept telling him to cancel my services & he DID NOT have my permission to deduct any money from my account. He kept referring to the contract that I signed & I have no recollection of any contract & I asked to see the contract; but he couldn't do that until I filled out the Western Union forms--I don't think I ever had a contract & he kept saying our phone call was being recorded--so if that's true --I kept telling him to cancel my service & no one had permission to remove money from my account--whether it was bank account, credit card or debit card as he stated he would do tomorrow. My message was very clear--cancel my service-as it has terminated according to their email & DO NOT deduct money from my account.

Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Tech Support

I called them and they presented like Microsoft and charged my card for 500 dollar

They are scammer

Victim Location 77379
Type of a scam Tech Support

causing a message pop up and audio message stating that my computer has malicious pornorgraphic spyware. Stating do not touch the computer and to call 1-888-768-6891 right away. Upon calling, they ask to access your computer.

Victim Location 96713
Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

While I was on line over a year ago an alert popped up about "someone accessing my computer".It said it was Tech Support and prompted me to call a number ((362)6378124). I did- the foreign sounding guy called me by name and "verified" that someone had accessed my computer and this guy asked to to do some prompts that allowed him to come on my computer. He did some maneuvers and "cleared" the intruder. He then told me that my protection had expired - so I "signed up" with my credit card. Two days later he called to see if everything was okay and that's when I told him he full of it - nothing had changed. I called my credit card company and disputed the charge, which they credited me back. Since then, this guy has been calling our house ALMOST EVERY DAY - and sometimes the calls come in arouns 6 AM! He starts by saying he is from tech support and is calling about a problem with my computer. (I have no problems and have not called anyone). I began by simply telling him that I did not call, then I got to a yelling and swearing at him as the calls continued. On occassion he has yelled back at me. Once when I was going off and cussing at him he laughed and said "Edward - you so funny. I think I call you every day." He has lived tp his promise. The phone number I put is from today's call - he uses several numbers. I have had the phone company block him twice with different numbers but he continues to call. I think if I could track him down personally I'd be jailed for killing him. It is driving us crazy!

Victim Location 70437
Type of a scam Tech Support

This "company" called my mother several times leaving her a message stating that there were concerns about a security breech in software they installed on her computer last year suggesting she needed some kind of repair. My mother is older but knew well enough not to accept their help and called me, her daughter. When I called the number, they answered "technical support" and when I told them they had called my mother repeatedly for the past two weeks but she did not understand what they needed, they promptly hung up.

Victim Location 84115
Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop up window on our computer claimed to be a Virus Alert. Asked us to call 1-(888)-839-8539 to have, "Technical Support...rectify the issue and get [our] PC unlocked. Obvious scam.

Victim Location 75228
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Tech Support

In March I paid this company $399.99 to install security on my computer. They called on July 12, 2017 to inform me that they detected some warnings about hackers. Then the technician, Goes by Mike Wilson, informed me that the tech who did the initial work did NOT install the security software. And that they would refund the $399.99 but that I had to get $200.00 worth of Itune cards to pay for it's install now. Once I did this and sent them the codes on the back of the cards,they said it didn't go through, but was turn into cash. The once I got 2 more cards ($100 ea.) that they would give me the code to get a refund from the grocery store I purchased them from and install the security software. So for I am out $600.00 and still have no security. I told him I would not get more cards until the refunded money was in the bank and the 1st set of cards was refunded.

Victim Location 79119
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call asking to access my computer, and when I called the number back it was disconnected. Another person called wanting me to log onto my computer. I had my computer stolen, and they wanted me to access whichever device was available to me. I want to warn others not to believe these scammers!

Victim Location 68516
Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller said he was with technical support and asked me to get in front of my computer. I told him to remove my number from his list. He was persistent. I said I will report him to the BBB. He said do what you got to do and hung up.

Victim Location 78640
Type of a scam Tech Support

Called asking about the computer as it had an issue and they wanted to help fix it. Told them that I didn't have a computer. Continued to ask if I had a lap top when sais no asked if I was the owner of the phone. Did say Yes. So unsure if they are going to do something.

Victim Location 94404
Type of a scam Tech Support

I used Siri on my Iphone to call Epson Printer Technical support to get help with my printer. Kevin, with an Indian accent, who identified himself as an Epson printer technical support person, asked me what the problem is with my printer. Then he gained remote access to my laptop and clicked on many screens and said that my print spooler is not working because there is corrupt files on microsoft and he recommended that I in stall Optimizer on Microsoft to clear up these files that are preventing my print spooler to work. He suggested I pay for the software that could cost between $149-$349. He then clicked on a screen that showed my mailing address and I became suspicious so I said that I would call him back. He gave me this number to call him back 855-524-5544 which I did not call. I called Epson technical support through their website url and discussed my printer problem and she said that my whole machine was broken and i basically had to buy a new one which is much different advice.

Victim Location 65613
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a phone call from a person with a foreign accent claiming they had received reports from computer indicating there were problems with my computer. The caller attempted to get me to go to at which point he would remotely control my computer. The phone number was 845-600-3439 and the caller ID read Technical Support. I am a IT professional so I knew instantly this was a scam. I stopped the call.

Victim Location 56401
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I called my local telephone company and they gave me this number to call for repairs to my *** account. The man named Mario told me he was from *** and took over control of my computer and when I told him I didn't want to continue he hung up on me and all of my emails disappeared. Haven't been able to recover them still.

Victim Location 27048
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called by this guy that said he found a virus on my computer, but I didn't call tech support and I noticed that when I answered , they didn't know who I was so I thought something was up so I went along with the call and eventually the guy tried to get access to my computer so I acted like I was getting errors with the site he sent me to , and he finally hung up.

Victim Location 74881
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Tech Support

Attempted to set up online banking. A pop- up froze my computer said to call Tech support at

(888) 551-9975. I was informed that my computer had a virus and a worm. I was told all my wireless devices would have to be cleaned by giving them remote access to my computer. They said my personal information had been accessed and we had to act immediately. I was charged approximately $600 first them to clean my computer, phones, printer, and wifi router. They also said they installed and AVG anti-virus program which would protect my devices for one year. They collected the money through an electronic draft from my bank account.

Victim Location 37087
Type of a scam Tech Support

My mother, who is 66, received a call today from Technical Support about her computer sending messages of issues that needed to be resolved. They wanted her to log in to her computer and get them connected so they could fix it. She told them that it was not with her. They asked her to get it and call them back. She asked them if they were in Nashville. They said no, Vancouver.

My mother called me. She was able to get the following contact information. Paul Directo with Technical Support at 1-800-971-4491. I called and asked the person who answered (poor English, heavy foreign accent), David Parker, the company name. He kept saying Technical Support and Windows. I asked if he was employed by Microsoft. He said no, by Windows. I continued to question him on how he had my mother's name and phone number. I asked why he was harassing senior citizens. He hung up.

I called back and he answered again. I asked for Paul and was told that he doesn't work there. I continued to ask why he called to upset my mother and harass her. He said because her computer had issues. When I told him she does not have a computer, he seemed a bit shocked. He said we will take off the list and put her on a do not call. I asked him how would he know to do that if I never gave a name and phone number. He said based on the number I was calling from. I said I am not calling from her house, so how do you know. He then asked me to hang up. I kept asking questions and he started to say unrecognizable words.

I finally hung up.

Victim Location 38602
Type of a scam Tech Support

Female calls says she's worked on my computer before "I'm Jennifer (with possibly India accent) remember I worked on your computer before- I need you to open your Teamviewer". Told her to give me the security code. I could hear dogs barking in the background & her whispering to someone then she gives me a security number from a year ago. Told her no that's not right & I would call my tech people & I hung up. She called back 3 more times I answered & hung up. Then a man called back. By this time I had my tech company checking my computer. When I told him my "real tech support" was checking my computer he said "[censored]! [censored]! [censored]!" at which time I hung up. These people have called several times before.

Victim Location 56560
Type of a scam Tech Support

He said he wanted to refund me for a software that was expired and if I went on the computer and give him my checking account information he would transfer it back. I told him if I purchased something he would have my information already. I also told him he can send me a check. He said OK and was going to hang up. I quickly asked if he knew my address and he started laughing. I said nice try on scamming and told him if he had my information send check.

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