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Social Security Disability

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Social Security Disability Reports & Reviews (23)

• Jan 21, 2020

Victim Location 62040
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from " Social Security Disability" and they asked me if I was on disability...they said that someone in my house was, which wasn't true. I asked them who--and they said my name, which is wrong. I called them scammers, (he was a foreigner) and he hung up on me.

Victim Location 35610
Type of a scam Phishing

Someone called and said they were from the Social Security Disability Office and that they needed to verify my date of birth and my complete social security number, to process my claim. I have had at least one call a day for the past two weeks. They all are from different numbers. I don't answer my phone anymore, if I don't recognize the number. 

Victim Location 35806
Type of a scam Phishing

Someone called and said they were from Social Security and asked if I could hear them. I answered Yes. Then, the caller said it was for disability and asked if I was still there, then I hung up.

Victim Location 35647
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call that was lady that I could not understand. I was able to hear that I was supposedly under investigation by Social Security for fraud. The caller said they had a warrant for my arrest and to contact her immediately. Next, I received a second call from a man who stated he was from Social Security, too. He said I was under investigation for fraud, also.

Victim Location 72956
Type of a scam Phishing

Been getting a lot of these calls I usually hang up or avoid using any words like "yes" or I say "I don't need any bye"but was tired and this guy tricked me into saying " Yes" not once but twice. Not looking forward to see what I bought!

Victim Location 49721
Type of a scam Phishing

Said she was Nancy, and stated she could help me sign up for my social security disability. Then quickly asked if I could hear her okay. I said, I didn't sign up. Since Monday I've had other calls from similar numbers: ALL 321-486 2751, and 2589.

Victim Location 86406
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a phone call this morning stating they were from a "social security disability service". Got me on the "can you hear me/are you there?" scam. I was half asleep and answered "yes" to one of their questions. I believe it was a scam to gain the "yes" response and possibly obtain more information.

Victim Location 29657
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Wanting to help my daughter to sign up for additional benefits. She is on disability. Wants my daughter to return call.

Victim Location 48060
Type of a scam Phishing

I've been getting calls to my cell phone from this number quite a bit. They use the same area code although I no longer live in that area. I decided to answer it today just to see for myself what they were "selling." A man calling himself Jeffrey, said he noticed that I had recently applied for Social Security Disability was that right? I made the mistake of answering "yes" and before I could go on the call was disconnected. I called that number back and was told I already spoke to an agent and I was not qualified. So I'm writing this in hopes others read it and understand that this scam is all about your answer. Just don't answer the call. Hopefully this won't go any further.

Victim Location 54944
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

10/11 Called saying we filed for disability. Then said "Can you hear me".

10/12 Number now says they are collecting for St Judes.

Victim Location 41001
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call from someone who claimed to be from the social security office in Washington and asking about social security payments I was ask by the unknown caller, "can you hear me?" I said yes and realized what i had done and hung up immediately.

Victim Location 43338
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

continue receiving calls from 567-298-7029, when I answered he said he was Joe and the call was being recorded. He was calling in regards to my request to receive social security disability benefits and he wanted to help with the process. When I said Joe he became quiet, repeated the name Joe finally he answered. I said I never called about disability benefits and he hung up quickly. I have received the same call 5 times in one day with the same Joe and the same message. I have blocked from my phone but they continue to work around the block

Victim Location 43212
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call on two occasions from 614-801-2084, an individual who called himself "Billy". He said he was from social security disability and then asked me how I was. On each occasion when I replied, "Billy I am not sure who you are calling" then he immediately hung up. My fear is that he was attempting to get me to say something like, alright or ok, to use has a form of accepting some offer or to seek personal information about me. I am not disabled nor have I ever applied for disability. I am, however, close to retirement age.

Victim Location 43206
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

received a phone call asking to say 'yes'.

Victim Location 93033
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller was male named "joe" on a "recorded line". Said I had made an enquiry about SS Disability (not so). Then said "can you hear me?" and without thinking I said "Yes, but I didn't make any such enquiry".

We have had reception problems so it didn't seem odd at first to be asked "Can you hear me?"

I am new to the US. Did not know until further research about the "Can you hear me?" scams nor that Government Depts won't contact via phone. I'm worried now.

Victim Location 59837
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call at 9:45 a.m. The caller said his name was Joe, and he was calling about a recent inquiry about Social Security Disability and could I hear him. I said "Sort of, but not clearly." He then hung up. I reported this to wireless phone carrier.

Victim Location 53575
Type of a scam Phishing

I have been constantly called on my wireless # from phone # 608-424-2653 so I finally called the # back

and the recording was regarding Social Security Disability and they had a prompt to opt out which I did.

Then shortly after that I got a call from 608-579-0428 and when I answered not thinking it was a pleasant voice saying can you hear me and unfortunately I said "Yes" then the caller hung up and I tried the # back but nothing so I then realized what I had done.

Victim Location 48035
Type of a scam Phishing

Social security disability They asked if I could hear them OK and I said yeah and then they said they were with so security disability and that I had looked into that and I said no I have not and they said OK and I hung up. What do I do I've been scammed

Victim Location 11372
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

a person over the phone insist that I apply for social security disability,but it is not true because i do not have any disability at the moment. They also call me from many different phone #s. and start asking for my status etc. when i ask he why they make this questions they hang up, and call me days later again.

Victim Location 97030
Type of a scam Phishing

The voice on the call said his name was Joe and he was calling on behalf of Social Security Disability.

He then said can you hear me.

I replied yes but you're breaking up.

The voice then repeated the same message and I hung up.

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