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Social Security Department

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Social Security Department Reports & Reviews (33)

- Cairo, OH, USA

I was contacted by a mr. Chester Hart. He claimed to be with something along the lines of social security fraud protection. He ready of an “official” federal officer ID number and said that a vehicle was found with blood residue and 2lbs of cocaine with the black Toyota registered to my name and found just outside of San Antonio Texas. He said 3 different bank accounts were in my name as well and mentioned money laundering. He had an Arabic accent. I asked this man why I haven’t been contacted by police authorities and he says the case hasn’t been made public yet. He then went on to ask about banks I use so he could determine what were real and which were fake. I did not tell him. I then ask him to have authorities to contact me. A few moments later another number called me, 419-227-3535 stating a name and that he was with Cairo police department. I asked Cairo where and he said Ohio. I knew at this point this was a scam bc I live in Cairo and there is no police department . This situation makes me very nervous and I hope that by filling this out we can get these guys. They really went all out with this scam. I did not give out any personal information but still makes me wonder what all they do have or know about me. If there’s anything else I can do to help stop these guys please let me know. Thank you

- Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Someone calling himself Officer Jay Harris, badge number 21299, called from the Social Security investigating department. He said that my SS# has been compromised. It was used to rent a car that the Texas State Police found abandoned. The car seats had blood on them and the car had 2 pounds of cocaine in it. In addition, there was a 2 hundred thousand dollar lean against my SS#. I told them that I had been the victim of a similar scam. They hung up. Later, someone else call me about the same issue. I didn't have time to talk right now. Later still, I called the phone number they provided (682-238-4004) and they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about, and to never call that phone number again. I've been taken advantage of by a similar scam. SS# compromised, abandoned rental car found with money and drugs (or blood), do you want to protect your SS#? Then they offer a way to get you a new SS# and help you protect your money, but they take your money instead of protecting it.

pretending to be social security and calling me to comply with complaint files in texas with my ss being suspended, i was directed to press 1 upon asking for name and return telephone number the call was disconnected

I received an automated phone call stating it was their second attempt to reach me and it was about my social security number being used in Texas and that they halted the card/number And to hold on the line to find out more information. A real person (heavy accent) answered asked how they could help me. He gave no name. When I asked him why he is calling me he didn't know what to answer. When he asked for my name I asked him to tell me my name, he should know that already, and I asked where he was from and then he hung up.

Message: This is to inform you that SS department is filing a lawsuit against you and arrest warrant has been released on your name due to legal enforcement due to enforcement action is filed on your social security number for fraudulent activities. To get more information about this case file from federal database press one to speak to our agent now. '

I did not pick up this call but obviously the SS department would not communicate this way.

- Syracuse, NE, USA

Pre-recorded message that stated there is fraudulent activity on my social security number and I am to call the office of Sarah Schultz at phone number 314-530-4012 to resolve those issues

Have gotten numberous calls daily stating my social security has been stolen and had drug charges against me. They stated many times I will have a warrant and the police are on their way to arrest me if I do not pay a fee.

- Lima, OH, USA

I received a phone call from what they established themselves as Social Security Department of Houston TX. They confirmed the last 4 digits of Social Security and zip code. Then proceeded to tell me my vehicle was found abandoned with 2 pounds of cocaine, in a state I do not live in. The scammer continued asking me for my bank information as they were going to freeze all my accounts.

- Orinda, CA, USA

I received a voicemail message stating it is urgent to call back because they were going to cancel my Social Security number. I called back and the man stated he was Officer James Anderson out of El Paso Texas and asked me to verify the information he had. Name, Address and last 4 of my social. He went on to tell me if I didn't cooperate I would be arrested for many things. One was a car was found in Texas with Blood and 22 lbs. of cocaine and it was rented with my social. He gave me a case number and his badge number.

I told him if it were true to go ahead with sending my local police to arrest me.

I ended the call letting him know I was going to contact my local police department on my own and we hung up. I tried to call the number again and did not get through.

Horrible people and hopefully they get caught.

- Wichita, KS, USA

Received voice mail on mobile number stating that there was fraudulent activity on my social security number and that I needed to call before further legal action is taken.

They called and said that they were turning my social security card off and will expired.

Someone called claiming to be with Social Security office. They said my information had been compromised and they needed to verify it. I gave them my number. After they hung up I felt that might have been a scam. I called the and they confirmed it was and gave me the information I needed to report it.

- Amarillo, TX, USA

Left a message on my answering machine that I should call them back. Fraudulent charges and I needed to call them right away. I did not call and instead called the BBB.

- Amarillo, TX, USA

I received a call on my cell from someone that said they were with the Social Security Office. They said my identity had been stolen. I hung up and called the who told me they won't ever call and not to answer these calls.

I have been receiving multiple Robo calls that will not stop, they are stating they are from the Social Security Office and that my SSN has been suspended due to suspicious activity.

- Lake Charles, LA, USA

Phone call. Male voice saying in automated tone. Notification that due to suspicious activity with your Social Security number, your Social Security payments have been suspended. If you want more information regarding this action, dial 1 for assistance.

Listened to recorded answering machine message. Did not answer the actual phone call. Not sure of what to do other than either call the SS department, check the website or just wait.

Scam saying ss account is being frozen due to it being hacked??

- Shawnee, KS, USA

I got a message that says: our department is to inform you that there are legal enforcement actions filed against you and your social security number has been suspected for fraudulent activities. So once you get this message call us back as soon as possible on number before we begin legal proceeding against you that is 512-xxx-xxxx or 918-xxx-xxxx, I repeat 511-xxx-xxxx. I contacted the social security department here in Kansas city and was told they would not leave a message like this and that they would send all information in writing. So next I called they number that was on my message and advised them that I called social security directly and that they advised this was fraudulent. Call the gentlemen named Ahmed said and I quote if this is fraud why you calling me then I said you called me in just returning the call so then he hung up the phone I called back and got the same person and told him not to call my number again and he said ok.

- Quincy, IL, USA

I received a message on my phone telling me my social security number has been suspended due to suspicious activity and left me number to call back, or I could press 1 for more information.

I did not press any number or call back, it's a scam!

- Darrington, WA, USA

Saying they suspended my ss # due to fraud call and verify

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