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SECRET SHOPPER Reports & Reviews (122)

Victim Location 46816
Type of a scam Employment

I found out that the check sent will be invalid after you cash it on your bank account.And you will be liable for the money given you when you chased it.

Victim Location 59804
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order


I want to turn this in and report fraud - a "mystery shopper" - "Secret Shopper" scam - Phone #'s and emails associated with this all as follows:

"After deducting $350 as payment for your first assignment..."

"After purchasing of cards: Open the pack, scratch off label to reveal code at the back of the cards and capture clear image of the front and back of each card and email them to the above email..."

1. 912-200-5391

email: [email protected]

Victim Location 38141
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Got a text message about me shopping at Kroger and would I be interested in being a secret shopper. The email address is [email protected] and [email protected] The check is for $1300, I was to keep $300 and spend the rest on Amazon Giftcards that I purchase from the store that totaled $1000. I was instructed to but the Amazon cards in increments of $150 and take picture of the card and send to email address. The person name was Bruce Rodgers

Victim Location 53211
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

In December I answered an email request to be a secret shopper. A week later the person emailed and said I was accepted and would shop at Walmart. they asked where and they said I would not use my own money or check. So I sent them the Walmart address and said please write out everything you want me to do and ask. Then for the next week and a half, I kept getting an email asking if I got my package FED EXPress yet from them, after about 2 weeks, it did arrive with a check made out to me from tcf National Bank, 800 Burr Ridge Parkway, Brr Ridge, Ill. 60527-6486. The check was for $2,975.00. They asked me to deposit immediately and cash and ask my bank when when the money will be available to me, 2, Purchase a cashiers check of $300.from your bank and make it payable to "Allen U" (3.) upon availability of Funds proceed to the nearest Apple Store to purchase 3 Apple cell phones, and listed the numbers and colors they wanted, each at $700. each. Then email them to find the address to send to them from an email address they would send me after I emailed them requesting where to send the phones and the extra money left from the transaction.FED Express Air by 8:30am the next day. A list of questions was sent by Michael Gregory- I have torn up the check. They keep emailing me requesting "have I received their FED EX letter and check yet? It goes on and on. Other names listed are Michael Gregory and Olga Rausch, ms. Montgomery. I just erase and don't open their emails now

Victim Location 77346
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I signed up through a website link to be a secret shopper months ago. So I get a priority mail envelop with a check and instructions. I took the check to my bank and they declared the check a fraud. So I sent the people an e-mail via the they provided on the instructions and told them that I was reporting them to the

Victim Location 43227
Total money lost $1,982
Type of a scam Employment

A month ago I received in the mail a secret shopper offer and a check $1982.00. They told me to deposit the check into the bank. I went back the next day and withdrew the money. I went to CVS and to Walmart to get the Money Orders. I sent 2 money orders, one for $815 to Aldus Bagley in TX, and $825 to Stanley Nona in TX. I did it because it's what they wanted me to do. I got a call the next day from the bank advising me the check wasn't good. I kept all of the material

Victim Location 72031
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Wanting check cashed & money wired to them

Victim Location 99508
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received a letter from 402 Cummings Ln Galltin TN telling me to cash a check and transfer the money. It wanted me to transfer $915 to Anthonio Deluchi in Indianapolis via Wal-Mart transfer. Name on check was Marty Culbreath, and they wanted me to text only to the phone number I listed if I had questions.

Victim Location 63901
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received info to deposit check wait until clears and then send $ to another party in another company.

Victim Location 79602
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Sent me Two cashiers checks, wanted me to deposit them and then transfer money to other people in and out of country. Call the banks that the checks were from and they were fraudulent. They keep texting and emailing me. Different phone numbers every time.

Victim Location 45152
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They sent me a large cashiers check for me to deposit into my checking acc. Then I was suppose to text them.deposited. Then I was suppose to take cash out of payment from the money they gave me , then text them paid. And so on !!!!

Victim Location 75212
Total money lost $628
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Secret shopper and I had to deposit a cashiers check then wire some of it and keep some of it. Then my bank would say its fake and make me pay it

Victim Location 78332
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My 17 year old daughter got this letter and check in the mail, of course she asked me to check it for her to make sure she wasn't being scammed. To her surprise she was getting scammed. Im glad she is aware of the possibilities of being scammed.

Victim Location 30093
Type of a scam Employment

This email address contacted me though my text about being a mystery shopper earning $320 per shop it sounds really suspicious offering to shop twice a week it really didn't sound very convincing I felt I need to contact someone concerning this issue and hopefully you can someone can get to the bottom of this situation also they wanted to send me a certified check don't sound too legal.

Victim Location 77536
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I had thought it may be legit at first, because I did apply for a secret shopper job, I received an email saying my first assignment was on its way, in 2 hours I received an envelope priority mail first class from Fed Ex. The check looks real and its from Partners credit union of Colorado , routing 2715157. I called and the bank was real as well as the routing. Check is for $2850.00

Instructions were to cash the check, spend $50 on whatever I wanted at Walmart, Then to send $3000 by money gram, and to rate the customer service. That's when I knew it was a scam, Instructions were that I would keep $500 and items purchased. There was a warning that there may be a 24 hour hold on the check with the bank, but the rules stated the tasks must be completed within 24 hours of receiving the package. So I tried cashing it at Walmart and it couldn't be read, meaning, the check is not printed by the bank with magnetic ink. I did notify the authorities. Its a plot to get your bank info, and the check sender will receive a money gram. They messed up by asking to deduct your earnings of $500 from check but send $3000 by money gram, which is more than the check. Sloppy con!

Victim Location 44146
Type of a scam Employment

I received and email about a reference to sign up for a secret shopper job opportunity, so I signed up. Days later I got a text message that my first assignment is ready. I ignored the message because it sounded too good to be true. Couple days after that, I a got an envelope in the mail outlining my assignment and a cashiers check for $998. The assignment wanted me to deposit the check and send back $728 through money gram. That's when I realized it was definitely a scam. Lucky for me I realized before it was too late.

Victim Location 23666
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My name is *** ***:

I received an email on Tuesday saying I would be getting a letter in the mail from Secret Shopper. The check for 2,435.10 arrived priority mail

along with instructions to deposit the check, keep $350 for myself and an extra $30 for travel expenses. The person on the letter did not seem right (*** ***, Hiring Manager, Mystery Shoppers Evaluator Consultant). The email the person sent was [email protected] and phone number (435)310-2187. Not trusting this I called the bank the cashiers check was drawn on and yes it was not valid. So be careful about secret shopping scams. Please report this so no one gets taken for a ride.


*** D. *** 

Victim Location 77471
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by someone that I used to work for via LinkedIn, saying that she had been working for this company on the side for a few years and it was a great way to gain some additional cash. I have worked in retail for a long time and figured I had the skillset to do some secret shopping on the side, so I decided to apply. The link to me to a random website, which should have been my first clue, and I had to enter some very basic information to apply. There was a icon at the bottom of the web page. They emailed me the next day requesting my acceptance of the position. I was looking at the email on my phone, so I accepted the position without really looking at it. I figured if I was looking at it as a side job, that if I ended up being not interested I could just not participate. They sent me an email that day letting me know that I would receive a check and then I would receive my assignment. It felt a bit sketchy, so I did some further research and found that it was indeed a scam, based on comments that I found online. It seems that they are producing counterfeit checks from legitimate businesses and forging their signatures.

Victim Location 83686
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My dad answered a craigslist ad to be a secret shopper. They sent him a check for $3,628.08. They wanted him to cash the check then immediately draw the funds out of his account. Then turn around and wire $1,550 through money gram and another through Western Union and then send them the information for the payments. He was supposed to keep $400 for a 'salary'. Then he was supposed to go to Staples and buy a $50 item. This is a total scam. Don't answer this ad and if you get this check, shred it quickly!

Victim Location 60629
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a priority mail envelope containing a letter along with a check in the amount of $2,343.94. The letter detailed on how I can carry out a "secret shopper" task for Walmart's moneygram department. It indicated I needed to cash the check at once and report to 2 different Walmart stores to complete the tasks.

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