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Scarf and Tail

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Received my bandanna and they continued to string me along through email saying I had sent them an invalid address and they were waiting for the new shipping number from their shipping department I checked my mail for a month excited for this and spent very precious money that I have on shipping that I should not have spent in my financial situation I am so disappointed with this business they should not allowed to have an Instagram profile or be on the web


A total scam. I bought 3 bandanas and they never arrived. I bought them after receiving a scammer saying my dog was wanted as a spokes dog. I actually just purchased trying to help a new dog company BUT OBVIOUSLY it is a WHOLE SCAM and as soon as I gave money I G]HAD OTEHR SCAMMERS TRYING TO GET MONEY FORM ME. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE



I'm from Bangkok, Thailand, just found that this company is scam! Already declined the order even they mentioned its free! But I gotto pay for the shipping which I have no idea how much it's gonna charge me I will know once I make order? Weird...So, I'm sorry gotto block this account unfortunately. Nothing free in this World lol!


Adding on echoing what others have said. Someone reached out to me on Instagram and I was flattered they wanted my dog to be an ambassador. I was told to pick out items and use the free code and all I would have to do is cover the shipping cost. Thinking that shipping would be $10-20 I thought this was fine. Shipping estimate was $63, and that made me suspicious. I looked back at the message and saw that they asked me to share the order confirmation with them when I was finished. That is extremely suspicious, because the company (if it were legit) should have the capacity on their backend to see my order, and should need ME to confirm it with THEM.

I called them out on the fact their scheme seemed like a scam, the instagram reply was "We understand, if future opportunities arise please reach out to us"...ok. Further proof of the scammage.


Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They are clearly in cahoots (lol good word...) with a shipping company.

Say that your animal is "adorable and special" if you have an account with Instagram, with pictures of your animal.

Probably on other platforms as well...

They are clearly working with a shipping company for kickbacks on the shipping cost...

For a bunch of ugly as F bandanas for animals. My mom didn't even want me to let my cat wear them. You can get better at the Dollar Store.

There is nothing on this website that justifies the disgusting prices ... they are not helping animals.

My cats are both rescues and neither one of them will ever wear anything from this company.

In fact, pimping is easy if you are the owners of this piece of [censored] company that wants to pimp out your animal so them and the shipping company can share the cost for their pieces of garbage.

They clearly don't understand animals. They're our family as well ... piles of garbage.



200000000% a scam. They are running under the guise of 'influencer marketing'... this does not meet that definition. Influencer marketing involves developing relationships with people, not bombing everyone in sight with a message, offering them free stuff, then charging them a billion dollars for shipping.

It would be interesting to see who their shipper is. Clearly a very thinly veiled illegal organization. Why would I buy your ugly bandanas for $70 US when I can buy something cuter at Dollarama?


Bunch of liars pimping out people's animals for money.

Purrramid scheme. The gig is up.


Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

They sent me a message saying that my instagram is so unique, I felt like my dog was special. I looked them up and the first thing I saw was Scarfandland scam. So I knew it was a scam. I decided to use grabify to make them aware that its easy to expose scams like this in 2021.


Thanks everyone for sharing! I called them out!


They sent me DM via IG about being a Brand Ambassador. I am so grateful that I decided to see what the reviews were for this company . Thank you everyone for posting your experience! I definitely will not be responding .


I am so happy that I reaserached it a bit more before placing my order. Shipping for me was going to be about $70! I used to send them a link where I could track their ip address and believe it or not, the person I was talking to was from the phillipines. Please don't fall for this scam!


Aw man, I really thought my dog was special when I got this DM from them, lol. I'm glad I decided to do some research on this before I bought the bandanas. I had them in my cart ready to go when I had a gut feeling to check to see if it was a scam. I was completely fooled but I'm glad I didn't go through with the purchase because I would have been out $25 or so that people claim the shipping was. It should have been a red flag that I got that DM a day after I made my dog's Instagram page and only had like 5 followers! Thank you all for posting about this and making myself (and others) aware of insta scams like this one.


I got a DM from them and most of my photos are of myself.

I've just had the same message myself offering the free merchandise...I noticed that there are the same profile pictures but different names tut tut ruthless people...
Shame on you earn your money instead of conning people out of theirs ..least there's sites like this to warn us thanks ?


Thank you so much for telling me I thought it was real

Thanks so much for everyones comments i also received IG message from them today offering the same thing. I have had this happen before so googled the company and found this page. Fed up of being scammed all of the time.
I feel sorry for the people who believe it and part with their money. Such a rip off.
But again thank you for the warning.


Victim Location 92618
Total money lost $25
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They used their IG account to message me about becoming an ambassador. I’d get my first order for free, and they’d feature my account on their page. All I have to do is pay for shipping. I paid for shipping which was $25 and they never featured my page. I’ve messaged them and they have read it but ghosted me after. I should’ve researched more before as I see now a lot of people have such negative experiences with them. Scamming people by offering fake ambassadorships and so called “free” product.


Did you get the bandana at least? If not.. I think I just lost $25 too ?

Got a message from them today, thought they looked more legit than some companies. Luckily, after seeing the ridiculous prices on their site, I decided to look them up first and this site was one of the first results.

Thank you for doing what you can to make people aware. Hopefully no-one else will fall for the scam.


I got their same message. Beware if you own puppies and or have an IG page for them.

A QUICK way to know if Jets a scam, is to go on their profile… click the top right (three-little) dots… then hit “About This Page” and it will give you when the page was made, where it is based (scammers - India, China, Macedonia, etc) and how many times the page has changed their username.

I look for recent dates, and an out of country base.

I have included picture below.

Puppy pages have the most SCAMS across Instagram.


I am so happy I found this! luckily I always look to see if this kind of stuff is a scam and it was. I too got the same message and thought it was legit. Hopefully other people see this before going through with it.

I’m glad I made it a point to google before ordering.
I had cart the items and was ready to send my order, but something held me back. Haha!
I got a message on IG from an account to contact them as well.


Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I looked up this site before following their website address before ordering. Thank goodness I have been internet scam trained. They tried to entice me with complimentary Merch. I do not even own a pet! What a hoax! Always investigate before sending anyone money for anything!


Scammer's website
Scammer's address San Francisco
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Contacted on Instagram. They off free handmade dog bandanas. I’m return, you send them a pic of your dog wearing them. Once you pick out your choice of product, they ask you to pay shipping. They claim to be a small company, that makes these products themselves. In fact, they are available on for pennies. Scarf and Tail’s average price is $25. Many say the ‘free’ item never arrives.

PLEASE REPORT TO INSTAGRAM if this happens to you.


Thank you all for going out of your way to warn others. I just got a message from them and Googled them before visiting their site. Thank you for saving me the headache.

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