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ReShipping RePackaging

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ReShipping RePackaging Reports & Reviews (224)

• Jul 06, 2024

I was hired for a package handler position through amazon. I would get packages and inspect them and forward them. The morning I was supposed to get paid they deactivated my account. I’ve called and emailed with no answer back!

- Toledo, OH, USA • Jun 30, 2024

I was hired for a package handler position through amazon. I would get packages and inspect them and forward them. The morning I was supposed to get paid they deactivated my account.

• Jul 06, 2024

Same thing happened to me! With the exact same company!

- Miami, FL, USA • Jun 18, 2024

I was hired to be part of a fulfillment operation where I receive packages and resend them to designated areas addresses

- New Bedford, MA, USA • Jun 18, 2024

I was on a few job location websites and did mass applications and was contacted back by this "company" offering me an employment opportunity. They had me do a phone interview with a Michael Johnston who initially called me from +1 (302) 409-0897 long story short I got a call back a few days later to start. I have pictures from the smart portal they used to receive and resend the packages from along with the compensation I was supposed to receive. I also spent money on shipping supplies that were supposedly to be reimbursed. The day I was to be paid came and went and I have not been able to get in touch with either of the 2 contact people. The website is gone and I no longer have access to the smart panel. I called from a diffrent number and the woman answered then hung up when I said my name. These people are trash preying on people that are trying to find legit work from home jobs.

- Memphis, TN, USA • Jun 15, 2024

Scammer said that the initial job I applied for was no longer available and offered me a paid intern.

- Paris, TX, USA • Jun 07, 2024

I recently got hired to do a repacking job from home but after doing research I realized I’ve gotten myself into a repacking scam and i don’t know what to do or how to get out of it I texted and told the person I wasn’t interested in the job no more I told them to stop contacting me and sending me packages I told them I will be sending the packages I’ve received back to the sender they also had me sign into a portal where I could see and print labels (I only did one package )I got suspicious I asked if it was a scam and to try and cover it up they sent me a llc and a company website which looked real but I couldn’t find any information on them so I did some research and was told to report them and that’s exactly what I’m doing

- Dover, DE, USA • Jun 04, 2024

Received a phone call saying I was offered a position as a "shipping clerk" and that I would be paid $3,000 monthly base salary with $40 per package that was shipped. Told me I had to wait for a month for my first paycheck. Today is payday and Im not able to log into the dashboard I've been using the entire time. Also none of the "supervisors" are returning my messages/emails/ or calls.

- Kansas City, MO, USA • May 25, 2024

They sent me packages that had my address just felt sketchy about evething with the phone calls and extra things I felt like it was sneaky

- Lilburn, GA, USA • Apr 12, 2024

The service is to reship packages you receive. The labels are prepaid so everything seems legit. You are offered a salary of $2000 after your probation period is over which lasts a month. You can receive bonuses along the way. The website looks legit and everything about the job. You are asked to fill out a form for HR and tax purposes. Nothing looks to be copied or anything. Even when you call the cell number or email, you get responses.

- Edgewater, FL, USA • Mar 27, 2024

Was approached about a job. Email included this and also an attachment of the job summary.

I trust this email finds you in good spirits.

I'm reaching out personally regarding your recent inquiry about the open position at Amazon Hub Warehouse. I'm Joanna Wojcik, the HR Manager, and I'm thrilled to share that you've been chosen for the role.

Before we proceed, let me highlight some of the key benefits associated with this position:

Competitive annual compensation exceeding $40,000, inclusive of base salary and bonuses

Flexible work schedule

Remote work

Opportunities for career growth

Now, let's delve into the hiring process, which involves three simple steps:

Step 1: Please take a moment to carefully review the attached job description, which details the responsibilities, benefits, and salary information.

Step 2: Once you've reviewed the job description, kindly proceed to complete the online Employment Application. This should take approximately 10-15 minutes. You can access the application through the link provided on the final page of the Job Description document.

Step 3: Upon receiving your application, we will promptly inform you of our decision regarding your employment status. If successful, you'll receive an employment agreement via Docusign. Please sign and return the agreement to us electronically.

Final Stage: Upon receipt of the signed agreement, your employment with Amazon will be official. Your supervisor will then assist you with your training and work assignments.

Please ensure you follow these steps accordingly. Should you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to reach out to me via email.

P.S. Kindly confirm receipt of this email. If you're not interested in the position, please inform me, and I'll remove you from consideration. Thank you!


Best regards,

Joanna Wojcik

HR Manager, Amazon Hub Warehouse LLC

P: 302-289-8595 (only messages and urgent calls)

• May 06, 2024

I received the same email from the exact same this a scam?

- Newark, DE, USA • Mar 25, 2024

they offer me a job as Shipment analyst from home receive the packages open it and repack again to re-ship to other address,

offering 3200 per month as fixed salary and 40$ bounce for each shipment

- Inkster, MI, USA • Mar 12, 2024

I was hired by company to receive packages inspect them, repackage them and send them back out. It was a 30 day probation to receive your first paycheck then after the 30 days there’s no communication from the employer.

- Dallas, TX, USA • Mar 01, 2024

I would receive packages, make sure the packages are good to go then deliver them to postal offices.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA • Feb 26, 2024

they send me an email with all the information for the employment and taken a photo of my ID, and fill out a W4-from.

- Wrightsville, PA, USA • Feb 15, 2024

I was hired to get packages in the mail and ship them out. Promised pay and locked out of the system

- Columbia, MD, USA • Feb 15, 2024

I was reached out from about a a stay at home job offer. I worked for about 1.5 months receiving and shipping packages. I was owed $150 for my efforts and then one day the portal to the job was no longer excepting my credentials. I reached out to the “support team” but never had a reply. And to this day, I still can’t get in contact with anyone.

- Portales, NM, USA • Feb 02, 2024

I received an email for a job interview and set up a time and date. I completed interview and was offered the temporary position on a 30 day probation period. Was told after depending how i did i could receive full time position offer. Was sent instructions, information, supervisor details etc. Also sent in my info to payroll and filled out tax forms. I was told i would be paid 2000 base salary plus bonuses if completed correctly. I had to recieve packages and take pics of them plus contents inside and repotlrt all details then had to repackage them print new labels and ship them off within a time frame. I received 4 packages total and did exactly as told. Received them thru Ups and fed ex and shipped them same way. Even had to pick up a package at one point w a pic of an authorization letter w my name on it w some gentlemans passport picture and it was also notarized. My check was supposed to be sent the 12th and was supposed to recieve my final report and know if i was gonna be offered a full time position. Check never came, now nobody responds. One of these items was a fish finder costing over 2000 dollars. Im super worried now as to what they were really doin and if my family and i are safe or what i need to do. I also spent over 300 dollars buying a printer, packaging supplies, fuel to get to shipment centers etc. Really put me in a bind

- Richmond, MI, USA • Feb 01, 2024

I did a job through there company. When it was time to get paid they left and will not return my email's or phone calls.

- Addyston, OH, USA • Jan 26, 2024

This company, the (Amazon seller fulfillment LLC ) wrote me on Indeed about a job position work from home having packages sent to my home or postbox, receiving them making claims about the item and they would give me labels to print to send back to wherever they were supposed to go all this has been over email PDF files document employee agreement over DocuSign I thought this was very legit, but I have had a bad feeling, considering they sent me a supervisor name and number with email on instructions on what to do next step-by-step this process has been 1 to 2 days and I will get an email back with my next assignment on what to do. I never had an interview a guy from a different country named (Alex kravic) supposedly this was going to be my supervisor. The labels were going to be through email and also where to return them like FedEx UPS USPS I have not ever heard of a job or everything is through email. Also they told me I would be paid $2000 a month, but I would not receive my payment until 30 days and I could get bonuses and all that then they sent me an email with instructions on how to contact HR to make sure I get paid to write them and they would be waiting on a email from me . I found that very odd i’ve worked in a lot of warehouse and several other jobs and it’s never been this way. I thought it was legit, considering the doc you sign the employment agreement and everything else it seemed as the job would be legit until Alex the supervisor called me and was so quick to get off the phone without even answering at this job was a W-2 or 1099. I felt as he should know that, so I looked into this situation, and I found other people going through the same type of issues and situations as I was directed by this company to do as well I feel like they are just using different names for different companies, but they are using the same direct details on what the job position entails

- Box Elder, MT, USA • Jan 19, 2024

It’s a Reshipping job scam

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