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Purely Organic Cosmetics

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Purely Organic Cosmetics Reports & Reviews (45)

- Winston Salem, NC, USA

This company offered a "free" trial of product, but the product was never delivered. Subsequently, I was enrolled in a subscription that I did not authorize and was charged for more products. These products were also never delivered. I called the Customer Service Department but they refuse to refund my money, even though they have charged my three times now and I have yet to receive any products.

There are many consumer complaints against this company.

- Chesterfield, VA, USA

I was on the internet looking at something else when the ad popped-up telling about how the Royal family and other actress use this product. And the ad said they would give you free sample of face cream and eye cream for only the charge of shipping. And when I get my credit card statement they charged me for shipping and also for the two products $89.95 and $88.98. They also sent me more the two products without my consent and charged my credit card statement again this month. I called the company and told them it was supposed to be a free sample and she said if I did not call within 14 days they charge you and keeping sending you the product and charge your credit card account each month and would not accept the return of the second product sent to me. I told her that was a poor way of doing business and if I could I would warn other future customers, which did not seem to matter. If I knew how much the product was I would ordered it because if I liked it I could afford it.

My Mom purchased a sample of skin cream for about $10. More than a month later she received another shipment which she did not order. She called and spoke to a representative who told her it was an automatic shipment. Nowhere on the main page, frequently asked questions or the terms and conditions of the companies webpage did it mention an automatic renewal if not canceled in writing. She contacted the customer service rep for the company and was told that there was a no refund policy. The webpage states that returns are accepted if post-marked within 5-days of receipt and gives an e-mail address to contact for the return mailing address. I contacted the customer service rep also to confirm what my Mom was told. I then e-mailed the address provided on the webpage and requested the address to return items to. I received an automatic reply stating that I should call the customer service rep. The same rep who claimed there was a no return policy. Not sure exactly how much they charged her account. The customer service rep. said $45.53 plus $9.90 S/H, but my Mom can't confirm until Monday.

- Jordan, NY, USA

I ordered face cream after seeing an ad for a free sample. I did NOT order their eye cream, but I saw a receipt for the shipping for both. I immediately sent an email canceling the eye cream order. I still received both and, two weeks later was charged for the "free samples". While disputing the charges, it became evident I had not thoroughly read the "Terms of Agreement" and had actually agreed to pay for the free samples and then be charged monthly for more of both! I was able to cancel the subscription, but forced to pay for BOTH free samples even though I only wanted the face cream. When calling to complain, I was put on hold for 13 minutes and informed that I could only cancel if I had called them--no online or email cancellations accepted! Do not buy these products. They are definitely not worth the cost and the company only cares about taking your money. The first person I spoke to actually told me I would lose my complaint and would be penalized for it!!!!!!

- Sumerco, WV, USA

I paid for what was supposed to be a trial size product. I found out they had charged my bank account 179.90 and were going to charge me 89.95 each month. I am a diabetic 68 years of age and cannot afford this. I hope no one else has to go thru this.

- Uniondale, NY, USA

When I saw this product line were shipping free samples as advertised on TV, I went to their website and ordered one of their products. I was not able to proceed unless I ordered one of their eye products as well. The two items were a 30 day supply. I was charged $4.90 and 4.95 respectively. Nowhere did I see it advertised that my order was a 14 day trial subscription. NO WHERE WAS IT ADVERTISED THAT THEY WOULD CHARGE ME ALMOST $90 PER ITEM! Because I do not view my credit card statement online, I found out a month later that I was charged full price for these two items! After several attempts I finally reached someone who spoke with me for 20 minutes trying to convince me to keep my "subscription" I hung up. I contact my credit card company and explained to them what had happened and to reverse the charges. The did but this SCAMMING COMPANY has a play book! They sent my credit card company pictures of my online activity (entering shipping and billing information and convinced the credit card company that I intentionally signed up for this subscription. Now I'm at war with my credit card company! I'm a senior and can't afford to pay nearly $200 for a product I NEVER EVEN OPENED NOR WAS ABLE TO RETURN BECAUSE THERE WAS NO RETURN LABEL - NO INSTRUCTIONS!

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

Unfortunately, I responded to a pop-up ad on my computer entitling me to two free cosmetic items if I agreed to pay shipping/postage only. It was not made clear that these products came with a follow-up subscription. So far, since receiving my two items, I have received one additional item through the mail but just learned the company has charged my credit card FOUR times this month in the amounts of $90, $89, $90 and $89. I have tried calling them repeatedly but always am put on hold. I now know from reading websites online that this company operates in a dishonest manner and has been called a scam in numerous complaints. I have filed a complaint with my credit card company and had the four charges reversed. I assume the company will be contacting me since their charges were kicked back to them. BEWARE! Deal with this company with this forewarning.

Claimed to be Cathy Lee Gifford new skin care line. Popped up on Facebook. Advertised samples for shipping only cost on 6-4-18. 4.95. Charged my card for 89.95 on 6-18-18 and again on 7-14-18 for 22.00. nothing during purchase that stated anything about future shipments or being charged for product after 2 weeks! Invoices sent in packages do not have any prices or totals. Saw charges on my CC statement and called my CC company to dispute. Took forever to get product rep on phone for complaint. Rep said cannot ship back for refund.

- Claysville, PA, USA

Lured in with claim of free trial offer for Facial Cream Product.

When you give them your information to pay the shipping charges, (which they doubled when they threw in

additional item that you could not cancel) they then from what I've read in reviews have automatically

signed you up for a monthly Shipment also I was fully unaware of and charged our account $86.

I received two products, Release Cream and Pure Eyes pump cream in a very small box

with no paperwork/packing slip.

Thankfully our charge card company recognized this company and notified us and their payment was refused.

They also can not charge for any future shipments.

They advertised sending samples for 4.99 plus shipping and handling so about 12 for everything so my grandma decided to do it. Then they charged her 89.99 for the product and the 12 but she never agreed to the 89.99 charge. We called their customer service and they won’t do refunds and that if she disputed the transaction with her bank they wouldn’t issue any refund. When they sent her the product they never included and bill!! They not only target elders to abuse but they are falsely advertising to their customers and charging their accounts when they never authorized it! Not only that but their customer service is RUDE! They have no heart and compassion and are just as wicked as the company itself. Attached is a complaint filed to the about them.

Company offers free product and ask for credit card for shipping and then proceed to charge for items that you NEVER REQUESTED. I was fortunate that I used a cash spending card and they were only available to take $53.96 leaving one dollar in my account. In the process of trying to recoup that amount as I type this report.

- Hays, KS, USA

Purely Organic Cosmetics is listed under multiple business names including Radiant Revive Cream, Purely Revive and also Repair and Release Cream. Initial offer was for a free sample of the Pure Organic Release Cream however when the order was received it also included Pure Eyes. Each product was sent separately thus having to pay shipping on each "Free Product". One shipping was $4.95 and the other was $4.90. Then one month later both products were received in two separate shipments with one charging $88.98 and the other at $89.95. The notification about signing up for a monthly delivery for each product was very disguised or simple did not exist. If we wouldn't have caught this it would have continued every month. Upon calling the number on the packing slip the receptionist indicated that a full refund could not be made because it was after the 14 days from the initial order of the "Free Trial". Receptionist tried to make additional offers however we refused but we only succeeded in obtaining a 35% refund. This company is a complete rip-off. This company has very deceptive business practices. In addition, upon further online research some of the ingredients in these products have been found to be questionable. In the end we are receiving a refund of $62.62 on an order that we were charged $178.93. We concluded by cancelling our account.

My story is the same as all the rest. Duped by a Yahoo news story about Kelly Ripa leaving the LIVE show to pursue her side beauty business full time. Thought I would try a free sample of the face cream for the price of shipping and handling. But had to also get the free sample of eye cream and the Expedited Shipping & Rewards Program for some non-substantial fee in order to receive the face cream. Big Red Flags that I was ignoring when they required me to buy the extra items and would not let me use my American Express card. I don’t understand how they can keep doing this. I would think it would be illegal to hide pertinent information in the terms and conditions. I see they are also doing business as Glow Fresh and NeuActive now.

I didn't know that I would be signed up for auto shipping and received no emails or notifications on this. They proceeded to bill me over $267 in 4 different transactions starting from 21 Jun 2018 until 23 Jul 2018 when i had the credit card cancelled. When I contacted the shipper about cancelling the pending orders the lady on the phone continued to argue you with me stating it couldn't be stopped as i was to receive it the next day and that they do not do refunds if i sent it back or rejected the package. I am also trying to dispute the charges with my credit card company but from what I've read online they probably will not refund the money since the "terms" was what i agreed to in very fine print. Purely Organics told me that i would receive a refund of 35%, which totaled $72 per their calculations. the credit card is still cancelled so I'm unsure how this refund will go thru.

- Tacoma, WA, USA

Offers a facial cream and eye repair wrinkles cream for a very low price and a trial package. Then it supposedly has a 14day time period to use product and reply you don’t want it or your debit/credit card is then charged $89.95 &$88.98 for the two products you ordered.

You call company about your disputed price to pay and the person you talk to says it’s stated a 14-day trial period is what you agreed to and you didn’t cancel within that 14-days so they are authorized to charge for the product the full price. You are misled into thinking your paying for a trial period and facial & eye serum cream product. You are not told that you are going to be charged another $89.95 & $88.98 for the two products received after the 14 day period. My bank account thus was put in an overdrawn state and have occurred 2-$27. Overdraft fees and a $2 transfer fee, plus I’m expecting an automatic withdrawal from my account so I will incur more overdraft expenses. I was lucky I hope to stop anymore charges that would of started as recurring monthly order expenses if I hadn’t called and told them to stop and they gave me a cancellation number for it. But I will repeat they refused to cancel the extra charges I was not aware of for the after 14-day “trial” period. I’ve done some investigation and went back found website and tried to see how ordering occurs and when I accessed the order for product it sent me to a different named product but same type product as the one originally posted.

I’d also like to point out they took the funds out of my account exactly 14days after I ordered it. I had not received product until several days after purchasing. This did not give me as a customer a chance to try out product or use it to see if it was what I wanted or liked for a 14 day trial period.

Also in my researching I think they are using same product under some other names, such as “Renown”,”Revita”,possibly others. “Renown” was the product I was sent to when I tried to order the Purely Organics again at their website when testing to order again, investigating for research. ??

- Roanoke, VA, USA

ordered 30 trail offer...paid 4.95 shipping...was shipped and charge full price after 14 days...said I should have read fine print... that it clearly stated you had to be 18 and except terms to cancel in 14 days..refused to except return product unopened...refused to refund any money...lost $919.75 total... they should be in jail with this there a lawsuit ???

This was advertised as a 30 day trial for product. BUT in the terms and conditions (which no one reads) it says that it’s only 14 days from your order date!

- Three Rivers, MA, USA

I ordered 2 of their products with the understanding of only paying shipment charges of 12.34. I was charged 2 weeks later of 89.95 & 88.98, causing me an overdraft charge with my bank of 30.00. Called the company & said I had 2 weeks to cancel. I was not told that! They would only refund half my money & said I would still have to call back to cancel future charges. Does not make any sense at all! Then looked at my account with my bank this morning & they were charging me another 4.95. Called again & said stop all business with you period!! Gave me a confirmation no. of the cancellation. Going to bank tomorrow morning to cancel debit card & have them give me new one. TOTAL SCAM!!! And it doesn’t work either!!!

- Boynton Beach, FL, USA

On 6/18/2018 I took advantage of a free sample offer of their face and eye cream and paid $9.85 + $2.49 for shipping. This was debited from my checking account.

I then received notice from the fraud dept. of my bank that an $89.70 charge by this company was charged to my account and was not paid as it was an out of state debit.

On 7/3/2018 once again they tried to take the total, this time in separate

Charges of $67.46 and $22.24 knowing it would pass. How slick!

I called the company to complain

And return my money and was told

that there was a clause that was in the original order that stated if not

refused within 14 days they would continue sending the product and debiting the account.

Nowhere Was There A Clause Stating That!!! When ordering the sample product. The rep I spoke to was Ariel

Who actually bargained with me as to the percentage they would give me back on my account. She went from 35% to 50% after my badgering her about the unwanted cream.

Someone should advise Barbara Walters and Ellen DeGeneres whose photos and accolades of the product

In reducing facial lines, that this company is a fraud and scammer and are taking money from innocent women without even using a GUN!

- Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

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