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Print Your Pet Reports & Reviews (29)

- Chattanooga, TN, USA

In November, ordered a customize dog blanket for my roommate to get for Christmas. That was plenty before the deadline they had posted in order to get it on time for the holidays. They shipped the blanket without my apartment number on the label, so UPS sent it back to sender. That was a month ago. Have sent several emails to Print Your Pet without a reply. They finally replied and told me they were waiting on the package to be returned still from UPS. I contacted UPS, who had proof they delivered the package to Print Your Pet on December 28 and they even had a name and signature of the person who signed for it. I still have yet to hear back from this company and at this point I just want a refund.

I placed my order on 12/1/17, and received no item, and not a single update after nearly two months! The reviews on the website were positive, and it was expected to arrive just before or a little after Christmas. I sent multiple emails requesting updates since their page still showed a status of "unfulfilled" and no update as of 12/1/17. I also sent them a message on their Instagram account, and received a generic response basically stating it takes 4-6 weeks and they were busy. I had to call my credit card company to cancel the order. I posted a review on Trustpilot and promptly received responses from the company, harassing and insulting me.

I’m not sure if this is the proper way to report this business but for months now they have been taking orders from people and never sending them. When the six month cutoff to file a dispute with PayPal came, they were silent and I did get my money back. But this was after six months of fighting with them. Please read the reviews on to get a taste of how many other people they’ve made false orders for that they never send, when people try to obtain information they are extremely abusive. How is this place not shut down? Where else can I report to? I won’t stop until this place is taken down and innocent people can stop losing their money. Yes they can get their money back but only after hopeful months of waiting and waiting for a Christmas gift for a loved on that NEVER comes. Here’s how I think they get away with their scam: they send out maybe one in a hundred of the products just to stay legitimate and maybe receive a good review. PLEASE look into this company they have ripped off sooo many broken hearted people who were promised by Christmas, it is now May and none of us received our products yet. They are abusive, if they reply at all, and they just sit there hoping no one files a dispute with their credit card company. If they do they hand the money back and go silent. Clearly they are hoping people just wait forever, or until that six month cut off is passed to file a dispute. This is a SCAM. It is also an improperly operated and unethical business and I have no clue how it possibly is running still?!

- Statesville, NC, USA

I saw several ads for this company over the holidays, and thought it would be a perfect christmas present for my family, so I placed an order of of $50 worth of products near the end of November. It is now February, I have yet to receive my order, I have emailed the company 3 separate times and have not heard any response, and now my order has been erased from the system and I am unable to use my tracking number. I read several reviews of people with the same exact situation. This business is a scam and it is taking people's money without sending them any product and it needs to be shut down.

I ordered a blanket on 11/24 from these guys, which was one day before their “holiday cut off date”. I also had to pay another 20 dollar “fee” because I had more than one pet. After a few weeks of hearing nothing I politely emailed them to make sure that my order was still on track to be here by Christmas. They emailed back a few days later promising up and down that they would pay for “expedited shipping” and pay me back for the original shipping, as well as promising it would be here before or the DAY OF Christmas. On 12/29 I still hadn’t received the package, I emailed a second time, or received it and it is almost February. On top of that I can no longer log in to attempt to check the status of it. So now I am out 80+ dollars, which is very frustrating. i have asked for my money back but they refuse to even discuss it with me. and i also found out i am definitely not the only one who got scammed.

I purchased two items mid November 2018 and it is not the end of January 2019 and I have received nothing. I emailed them three times and have received no response. I’ve now found multiple websites warning people not to use it because they’ve been scammed too. Please get this “business” and website shutdown so more people are not impacted and at a loss of money. Lastly, I first saw the ad on Instagram.

They never fulfilled their product. They never contacted me with approval for my image for the product and they have not met purchase agreement date for shipment of product.

- Powell, OH, USA

Ordered the Print Your Pet product blankets before the Christmas cut-off deadline and was told the item would arrive in 2-4 weeks. Emailed 5 times as it has been 8 weeks since the order. They finally emailed me a generic email, and sent the same generic email to many other people stating that “your product should have arrived by now.” They are scamming hundreds of people who have not received their merchandise and trying to get away with their scam by “putting the blame on the consumer” claiming that the product arrived when it never was created or shipped.

Also, I have seen their advertisements come up multiple times on different social media sites (Facebook, Instagram) which is how I saw the blankets in the first place.

I purchased a blanket in November and have yet to receive it or even the artwork for approval. No one has communicated with me since late December and even then it was short, unprofessional and rude. I've tried to post on their Instagram but comments (at least negative ones) are blocked. By doing that I found other pages that label the company as a scam though. I chose them over other companies because of their claims and am now out a wonderful Christmas present memory for my husband of our loved pet and over $100.

- Madison, WI, USA

Purchased this product online as a Christmas present as I thought all was legitimate, but it’s been two months and I have yet to receive my product. I have tried to contact their customer service for months now and have received no response even though I’ve sent 12+ emails. All I have been asking for was a status update on the order and finally received one response two months later. When I followed up asking for a refund, they did not respond. There is no address or phone number for them on their website. It’s a scam-do not buy.

I placed an order for 2 blankets on Nov. 7th as Christmas gifts. Last day for Christmas orders was Nov. 25th. This company took my $120 but never sent me my product. I inquired about my order many times and have not gotten any response. I began to do some further research into this company and have come to find out that there are hundreds of customers who placed orders and never received them.

I was shown this "business" via a targeted Instagram ad. After taking a look at the website, which claimed to have real testimonials and customizable products on its page, I decided to place an order ahead of the holidays. Despite the website's warning about backlogged holiday orders, I placed an order. Over a month later, I was prompted to buy a $7 "add-on" addition to my already existing order, which I did promptly, but then received no response after inquiring about an estimated shipping date. Currently, it's been almost two months and I have yet to receive a reply to three follow ups about a shipment date or a refund. I checked online and noticed that hundreds of angry reviews have been left about this company with exact same stories as mine - people who ordered and have received no product or response months later.

On Oct 16, 2018 I placed an order for a blanket after seeing an advertisement on Facebook. I attached the photo I wanted printed and paid for my purchase using my credit card. At the beginning of December my order was still showing up as “unfulfilled” so I reached out via email. I received a nasty response stating that I was having a temper tantrum and that I didn’t fulfill my end of the deal by “approving” a proof that had been sent to me yet I had not received a “proof”...ever. I requested a refund and was told that because they had already fulfilled my order I was not eligible for a refund. 2 weeks later I received a “proof” of my blanket which I responded to stating that yes it was good and asking when I would receive the product. I did not receive a response. I have sent a number of emails since asking about the status of my order and still have not heard from them. Since this occurance I have read hundreds of review stating the exact same issue and that others have lost money to this company. I have the emails and the order available if needed to review.

Like many others, I got scammed by this business too. They failed to send any product to me after my order was placed nearly 6 weeks ago, despite the website claiming that items would be shipped within 2-4 weeks; my order status remains "unfulfilled" on their website. They also continue to fail to respond to any emails inquiring about the whereabouts of products or order status, nor do they respond to emails requesting refunds given that no items have been received. Additionally, they charged an extra shipping fee when I placed my initial order, which they contacted me back about stating that they had refunded that extra shipping charge, however when I checked with my bank no refund had been issued.

Ordered custom fleece blanket nearly 2 months ago. Paid immediately. Repeated e-mail attempts to the company to check status. Continually put off (when e-mails were even answered). Believe this company takes your money and never delivers product. Wish I had checked reviews and complaints filed by other customers before ordering anything from this company.

The website guaranteed shipping in 3-4 weeks and guaranteed Christmas delivery if ordered by November 25. I ordered custom dog socks for $39.41 as a Christmas gift on November 23, two days before their Christmas cut off. After 3 weeks, my order status had not changed. There are several different emails listed on their website: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and a form on their website to name a few. I contacted all of them and on social media with no response. On the 4 week mark since my order was placed, the status had not changed, I had not been sent a draw up and I had not received a response. I disputed the payment through PayPal, so that I can re-order the socks from a different company. On the same day as the original order (Black Friday), I had also ordered custom socks from Divvy Up Socks. In hindsight, I should have ordered both from that company but I wanted a different style for the second pair - a style which Print Your Pet supposedly offered. My other order came within 5 business days, so I will be ordering from there from now on. Hopefully nobody else loses money to Print Your Pet. It's pathetic that a fraudulent business is pretending to give back to a good cause.

I never received what I ordered. They took my $ and promised a delivery date. It never arrived. There is only an email to contact this company. If you are lucky enough to get a response, it is all lies. Do not order anything from this company!

Looks like everyone else is having the same issue as me. Submitted my order 11/3, way before the Christmas cut-off and NOTHING. I have responded to the PYP assistant that "was" communicating with me that has disappeared now, emailed customer service and now I'm getting the BBB involved.

Should have known this company was a fraud, no contact #s listed anywhere online...

Anyone have a contact #?


Ordered two blankets over a month ago and emailed about a week ago asking about the status of my order since they’re supposed to be Christmas gifts. My online status says that it has not been fulfilled yet and the response to my email said that they would rush my order and get it out ASAP. So I emailed back yesterday and haven’t heard back since my online status hasn’t been updated since then. After reading all these negative online reviews I’m very tempted to go to my bank tomorrow and ask them to reverse the charges.

- Chittenango, NY, USA

Went to order Christmas gifts back in November of 2018. There website said it would take 4-5 weeks. We recently received an email stating we needed to pay more money or we were not receiving out product. Many people have experienced the same situation we are in and this scam or business fraud needs to stop.

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