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- San Jose, CA, USA • Apr 15, 2024

I received a letter in the mail from the "US Records Management, Division of Corporate Reporting" addressed to my LLC (single owner, not a corporation). It used threats of fines, imprisonment, citied congressional laws, requested tax information and corporate ownership information (name, address, email). Required a payment of $119 in a check made payable to: US RECORDS MANAGEMENT to be sent to an address in San Jose, CA. The address is for a commercial building with an insurance agency, acupuncturist and heath store/spa. Clearly a scam. My LLC is registered in Colorado, so they are sending scam letters over state lines via USPS.

- East Bridgewater, MA, USA • Apr 14, 2024

I have nothing ordered: this is what I was sent;

The USPS package has arrived at the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please confirm your address in the link within 12 hours.

(Please reply Y, then exit the text message, reopen the text message activation link, or copy the link to Safari browser to open it, and get the latest logistics status)

The US Postal team wishes you a wonderful day!


- Hernando, MS, USA • Apr 14, 2024

They disable my account took $25 and $300 worth of apps that they are not allowing be published and took my ad revenue

- Milton, FL, USA • Apr 12, 2024

The following message was on the email I received:

SSN SUSPEND <[email protected]>

Attention [email protected].

In both New Mexico and Texas, your Social Security Number has been misused for involvement in illegal activities.

The Federal Trade Commission has recognized several instances of international wire transfers going to account numbers on a blacklist.

Potential involvement in drug trafficking has been suggested by law enforcement in relation to your Social Security Number and identity.

With compelling evidence, the Texas Court has issued an order suspending your Social Security Number, emphasizing the involvement of your bank accounts in money laundering.

The enclosed document constitutes an Official Notice from Social Security, issued pursuant to the Order of The Attorney General of Texas.

Confidential details are enclosed in the notice and should be examined in a private environment.

[email protected] [email protected]

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There were documents attached in the email but I did not download them or open them. I have no idea what the attached documents said.</[email protected]>

- Springfield, MO, USA • Apr 10, 2024

The Best Buy Geek Squad imposter contacted me by email telling me that if I don't call in 48 hours, they will bill me a certain amount of money. They don't even say what for either. The number that they told me to call was 828-477-4379.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA • Apr 10, 2024

I received a call from someone about my rehab from a foreign speaking lady about having supplements for me and where do I want them to be delivered. I asked her what rehab and got no response from her, she just kept saying I got your supplements and when do you want them delivered. I did go to rehab but it was for cardiac rehab. I kept asking her what rehab and she would not respond to me.

- Oak Creek, WI, USA • Apr 10, 2024

$400 was fraudulently taken out of my account and not all of it was returned!

- Hixson, TN, USA • Apr 09, 2024

A mean man in a mean tone calling from an area code (423) said he was from Hamilton County Sheriff's Department and that I had to be in court this afternoon or pay court fees to avoid court. He had my old street address. He said I was in trouble. All of this in a voice message, but then he called again from an area code (205). This time, I talked to him and said, "you just called from a different number, so I know this is a scam." He yelled and told me that "I" was the scammer and that "he" would come to my home on Strawberry Lane and "drag me out of my house and drag me to court." He was yelling, I hung up and blocked his number.

I then called the Hamilton County Sheriff's office to find out if there was a warrant and explain what this man had done. They took my full name and date of birth and then he told me that "No, you are not in the system." He assured me this was a scam and that he'd had about 100 similar calls in the past two years.

- San Jose, CA, USA • Apr 09, 2024

I have screenshots of entire message.

- Berkeley, CA, USA • Apr 08, 2024

I received a letter in the mail for my company from the US Records Management Division of Corporate Reporting. "Pursuant to the United States Corporate Transparency Act, Enacted by Congress. US Businesses are required to report their beneficial ownership information. A reporting company is any corporation..."

The letter then says the filing fee is $119 and provided a bunch of boxes for payment.

Letter's pretty professional. Almost had me.

- Berkeley, CA, USA • Apr 05, 2024

This company has sent us over 50 phishing emails in the past week regarding what appears to be a fraudulent loan or loans in the name of an employee who has not worked here for over a decade, and who I have personal knowledge has not attempted any business with them ever. Each message urgently requests personal information about a loan that should not exist.

- Marion, SC, USA • Apr 05, 2024

Received a notice in the mail, with a return envelope, from the US Business Regulation Department. It was a form 4022 requesting Owners information and business EIN. Payment of $117 claimed due or penalties for not submitting. Formed looked very official with no spelling mistakes.

- Nashville, TN, USA • Apr 05, 2024

We are being overwhelmed with robocalls on our landline from an outfit called “U.S. Funeral Expenses Company” despite the fact that our landline number has been on the Do Not Call list since September of 2003! We have blocked hundreds of calls from this outfit but they keep calling again using some other number. Many times the company uses fake caller IDs to make it appear that some other business is calling.

- El Sobrante, CA, USA • Apr 04, 2024

Back in Dec 2023 I had called an HVAC repair outfit to fix my furnace that was not working properly. Due to my age, I do not remember who this person or outfit is any longer. And my reason for providing my experience is to inform others from this happening to them. What transpired was the replacement and installation of a "Tempstar" furnace unit valued at only 600.00, and was still charged 4500 for the complete job. Needless to say, the furnace stopped working 3 months later, with new severe problems being observed. Upon this individual's installation of the furnace, instead of the furnace's exhaust discharge being routed outside of the furnace, it was installed "inside" of the unit where carbon monoxide was being blown directly back into the house with the heat. Fortunately, no one was hurt from this obvious faulty installation, and I have no one to blame but myself. But with that said, hopefully there will be someone out there that knows who this is so further information can be supplied to keep this from happening to someone else. There is also picture evidence that can be provided as well.

- Bristol, TN, USA • Apr 04, 2024

She posted on social media about a service she was offering. The friend sent money for service and Jade accepted the money but did not provide service. She claimed there was a family emergency so when the lady asked for refund as it was for Easter for her son, Jade Mayo ignored all messages and has not sent money back.

- Park Hills, MO, USA • Apr 03, 2024

I received a letter in the mail for a registration fee voucher of $199.

- Burke, VA, USA • Apr 03, 2024

Cloaked as a Microsoft site. Couldn’t answer any questions concerning using my existing Microsoft account for a new laptop.

- Los Gatos, CA, USA • Apr 02, 2024

The business Vintage Subscriptions claiming they were The New Yorker billed us for several months every 2 weeks for $139.99. We are elderly, my husband suffers from dementia. When I look over the accounts I saw these abnormal bills. I contacted the credit card CITI. Initially the person on the phone was understanding . He went further back in the account that I was able to do on line and said they would reimburse us for $ 1 800. We received a letter from their Security Dept saying that because we originally gave our credit card number ( believing it was for the New Yorker magazine) we had no claim.

When I contacted Vintage subscriptions they said the bill was for the New Yorker. They reimbursed us for one $139.

The bills stopped when my husband cancelled that credit card for a different reason.: After playing a game on line he was asked to pay a couple a dollars he gave his card number then realizing it was a mistake he cancelled the card.

I believe the Phone number for Vintage Subscriptions is 1 888 827 0791.

- Hector, AR, USA • Apr 02, 2024

They were selling Judy Blue jeans at a very low price, it showed they were on sell so i never questioned the price. I clicked on a video on TikTok. It took me straight to the website. The classonlineshop is ehat shows up on my bank statement. Ive not received anything and im out $93.

- Jackson, TN, USA • Apr 01, 2024

 n she found me on FB and then we did all communications thru messenger. She convinced me on how to make money with crypto, told her I didnt understand it. She said she would walk me thru each step, so I fell for it. I connected my bank account to Coinbase and then to EXPERTCOINPRO. She told me that I would placed dollar amt into Coinbase and buy th bitcoin, then move what I purchased to EXPERTCOINPRO, and they would manage the investment part. After 30 days, it showed the deposit and then the interest made. When I got ready for the last step to withdrawal with Expertcoinpro, she ghosted me on messenger. I reached out to expertcoinpro, asking why it was taking so long for my withdrawal, the help desk stated sat and weds for withdrawals. It was 2 wks later, received 3 emails from expertcoinpro, with the response: HI, your request to withdraw USD 10,000 been rejected. Please contact support for further info. In the past, when I made a deposit, the e mail from them would start out with, Hi, (my name), we have received your deposit of xyzx.

Very expensive lesson learned :(

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