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- Pebble Beach, CA, USA

June 26, 2020

Amounts $299.99 and $179.99

While I was at work using my personal computer it locked with a message to call a Helpline immediately at 1-855-915-2062.

I called and was told I was speaking to someone at Microsoft Edge. Session #76754. I was informed that my computer had been hacked through my Granddaughters school google email account (she uses my computer for homework at home).

I was told that they would have to access my computer remotely to determine the extent of the hacking and who had hacked it. I allowed them to access my computer and was told that there was a CHILD PORN SITE in my name. Site: While they were “checking” my computer I actually saw very brief clips of the Child Porn site. – Very Disturbing.

I was also told that my computer was compromised and needed to be “fixed and reconfigured” due to there being 7 layers in the computer, only 2 were working, 2 needed to be fixed and 3 reconfigured for privacy, application and security. The Fee for this service was $179.99 for a The “Tech” on the phone was Eric, ext. 1018, Employee I.D MS231045

I was given an Account ID 98549.....

I was told that there was an Entry Level plan to protect my computer from Viruses and Web Hacking for $299.99 for 1 year, a 3 yr. plan for $549.99 or a Lifetime for $799.99. I chose the 1 yr. plan

I was told that another 1 year plan would keep all 3 cell phone, IPads and computers at my home secured. That they would secure it through Xfinity/Comcast.

I was also told that I might get phony calls from persons saying they were from Microsoft and to ignore those calls. My computer was now all set through them – Pcfix247

After all the above I naively assumed that all was taken care of per their information and paying for the 2 plans.

However, on June 1, 2020 I received a call from a person saying that my Email was compromised. The person named Vikas ( Sr. Network Engineer) from said they needed to access my computer remotely using Any Desk to see what was happening. I again allowed this and he said my computer had been hacked and there was Child Porn Sites, Child Porn Videos and all my emails, bank accounts, usernames and passwords had been hacked. He said I had “Network Issues” and would need to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) at a cost of $499.99 for 5 years or $899.99 for a permanent plan for all devises in my home and it was transferable to future devises. If I didn’t do this the “hackers” would publish all my data and identity on the internet. Vikas phone number was 888-208-9312 Ext. 1071. I found this highly suspect seeing as I had already paid to “protect my computer” already. I told Vikas NO that I was not paying for anything.

His call did make me think that maybe what I had been told and paid for in December was all a Scam.

I have since done some searches on “Pcfix247 and That information all indicates that these are scamming operations. Apparently they both knew how to contact me and get or try to get my money.

I have tried calling and get no answer.

I have emailed them regarding a refund and again no answer.

I have disputed the charges on my Credit Card. The smaller charge for service of "fixing layers in my computer" has been refunded by the credit card company. The $299.99 has not and the Credit Card company says I have to deal with

This is just wrong. Credit Card Companies should monitor these Scam companies more and help protect vulnerable customers.

- Fayetteville, GA, USA

I received a voicemail from an individual name Adam on July 7, 2020 at 5:26 PM.(Boalsburg, PA) He said he was calling from and my computer service provider is Maria. He was calling because I have been a customer for a very longtime and some security notifications about my email and digital identity was being used from overseas for some real bad stuff and I needed to contact them to take care of it. They asked that I call 1 888 208 893. The voicemail was transcription Beta all in broken/incorrect English with no sentence structure. I have did not replied to this call. According to my research, the domain is for sale.

- Oak Park, MI, USA

While visiting a website, my computer locked up. I recieved a message saying Microsoft had locked my computer due to suspicious activity. I called and spoke with PC fix 24/7. They claimed to be a third company party associated with Microsoft that does tech support. They claimed I had a Trojan virus. They sold me an "antivirus program" and unlocked my computer. Upon doing research they are in no way associated with Microsoft. I don't have an example of what I recieved, because I wiped my computer. Several phone numbers for this company came up during our exchange including: 855-275-7406, 236-583-3858, and 888-208-7482, 888-208-7483. They are sending their charges to "antivirus estore"

- Dagsboro, DE, USA

My computer froze and this woman said your computer has been locked due to unauthorized activity..Do not turn your computer Microsoft Security at 888 The lady would not stop alerting me..the computer remained frozen. I called the number and spoke to an tech..he provided me with his name, James Coleman, and microsoft identity, 56857, and phone number. He proceeded with his script..took control of my computer..I was charged a total of $600.00..The next morning my computer was locked..nothing worked..I couldn't access my bank account my pin number didn't phone didn't work ...I googled Pcfix247..I have called the bank and everything has been closed with new accounts opened. This is a scam.

- De Witt, IA, USA

A pop & alarm came up on computer along with Microsoft logo and stated that a problem had been detected, call to fix. Scammer claimed to be contracted by Microsoft to fix an error in computer that was detected and Microsoft was unable to fix. Used language that convinced my Dad that if he didn't purchase their service his computer would crash, all of his financial information would be compromised and when he said he wanted to contact his daughter they convinced him he didn't have time to do that. In the end they sold him a security package for 5 devices for the lifetime of the device for $1200.00.

- Whittier, CA, USA

On dec. 1 they said they fixed my computer I paid them $429.99 . Then on 1-11-20 they called telling me the company was going out of business they are going to refund my money. They told me to setup a credit card account so they can put the money back in so I did then it showed they put $10880.00 in my account instead of the $429.99 that I needed to pay them back. They told me to go to the apple store, target, sams club to get gift cards . I told them that when I see the amount in my account I would call them back he got so mad and locked my computer and told me that he *** ** my computer hung up. I think I have his cell phone number

201-297-9396 he calls himself David.

These people need to be stopped.

A pop-up appeared on the screen of my iPad saying my network had just

been compromised, along with a message from Apple Tech Support saying

to contact them right away at 1-844-832-5052. I called and a man named

Ethan explained that my Apple Care was expired and it was of utmost

importance that I have it reinstituted through him so that Tech Support

could fix the malware problem on my network. He said first I would have to

pay the cost to cover my computers and iPads and Iphone under Apple

Care again. He stated the cost would be $1599.99 for the coverage for

lifetime coverage. I agreed and put the cost on my VISA Chase charge

account. Next a technician named Neil instructed me to allow him remote

access to my two computers and proceeded to run several apps on both

computers and after two hours and twenty-four minutes he declared my

computers were fixed and my problems resolved. After receiving several emails

from [email protected] over the course of two days I became

suspicious and started investigating and discovered that I they were

scammers. I called my bank immediately and filed a dispute of the charges. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission .

- Fond Du Lac, WI, USA

My laptop screen locked up with a Microsoft Windows Support alert with a screeching audible warning and with a number to call. "Max", of Indian descent, claimed to be a Microsoft technician and the only way to fix was to give him control. Very polished and professional. Showed me that windows security had crashed and the network had been hacked from Moscow, my personal data and identity are at risk and a csrss.exe.trojan virus had infected my computer. Said only their Level 7 technicians can repair the damage and remove the virus.

I took the bait and proceeded to swallow the hook, line, and the sinker.

He connected me with their billing department and after paying $499.99, I was told the merchant name on bill would be Bulwark Antivirus but the work would be preformed by their 3rd party support team. The company name Is PCfix247. The technician "Sid" spent the next half hour searching for and downloading what appeared to be free software such as CCleaner, and Adblock Plus, and Malwarebytes Adwcleaner etc.

He kept suggesting that I upgrade my support, of course for more money. At one point he wanted my password to switch users on my laptop which I declined. When he said he had it all cleaned up I told him this better be on the level. He assured me it was and suggested that I contact them monthly and they would clean and optimize at no additional cost and the firewall protection was lifetime.

Afterwards a quick online search confirmed my worst fears. I had just paid $500. for nothing.

- Spotswood, NJ, USA

On Friday November 15,19 @ approx. 5:30 pm I was on my lap top when and opened up an email for neck and back pain and closed it out and then went to Amazon account when I recieved a pop up saying to call Microsoft because my lap top was blocked. I called and then was told by a women that I had trojans on my lap top and it would cost me 199.99 to remove and I would have life time windows protection with 30 day tech support and that the viruses were child porn and that this was a 5 year jail sentence. She asked me if I was the only one that used this lap top and I said yes. After agreeing to fix this she then transffered me to Mohit Singh a tech who took control of my lap top and said that this would take 45 minutes to fix. I watched everything he did. I was very scaptic of this but when a manager got on the phone and I questioned everything he said my security software was out of date. I told him I just got this lap top. I was told I had trojans csrss.exe and ctfmon.exe and they would remove them. Everyone needs to be aware of these scams and be very careful of this so called company.

- Johnson City, TN, USA

I was on line and my computer froze. Would not do anything. Flash up on screen that said Microsoft shut down computer because there was a data breach and a virus was on my computer. Duped out of 600.00 dollars to fix my machine.

- Virginia Beach, VA, USA

this alarm came on my computer stating that Microsoft was wondering me of a hack in the process oh, then I called the number and they proceeded to tell me all this stuff that was happening to my computer and what would happen if I didn't let them fix it and of course they came up with a fee 150 they came up with a more expensive fee but I declined paying it and kept declining paying it until they came out with something cheaper and then even after that they still wanted more money

- Mineola, TX, USA

Another email: [email protected] Scammers told her that her IP address had been compromised and for $800+, they would put security software for 1 yr. They gave her an acct #. She lost $300 that was charged to her "old" Visa card (she thought they had fixed her laptop). She found the ph# on the frozen screen which is how she found to call them. They called a 2nd time and a week later to "refund the $300 because the federal gov't disallowed their warranty for the type of service they had provided her".

They told her to call them monthly for them "to clean her laptop". The scammers showed on the screen a Chase acct showing "transfer complete" for the $300 (however it appeared to be $3000) and actually showed her own personal Chase checking/savings acct.

The Mineola TX police came to her home and took pictures of the screens that the scammers saw.

- La Pine, OR, USA

On July 24, 2019, when I turned on my computer, a black screen appeared with a warning that my computer had been compromised and I needed to call a toll free number. I was unable to proceed any further. When I called the toll free number, I was connected with a very foreign sounding individual that claimed my computer was infected and needed to be cleaned out. I explained that I had a protection service on my computer. The individual claimed that my coverage did not fully cover my computer. As a Windows 10 user, I had to allow them to cover the rest of my issues. I was basically bullied into allowing them to come into my computer and "clean" it. They showed what they purported to be all kinds of malware, etc, that they were removing. This went on for about three hours. Then they told me I needed to subscribe to their coverage and had me purchase a three-year contract for $799.97. When my bookkeeper returned, she informed me that none of this was necessary and I had been scammed. Meanwhile my credit card company had emailed me that they suspected fraudulent charges on my account and had put a lock on it. I did not received the emails because I turned off the computer and left it off until my computer person could follow up on the situation. She ran our regular protection and they removed all the attachments that pcfix247 had left on my computer. We called pcfix247 and requested that they cancel the contract and refund the $799.97. They refused and argued that it could not be done. So we called the credit card company and confirmed the cancellation of the payment, cancelled the credit card and requested a replacement. Meanwhile we have received numerous phone calls (left unanswered) and emails from the company. We sent them an email requesting cancellation of the contract and requesting no further contact from them. They continue to call and email.

I was on my computer paying my bills when a pop up suddenly appeared onto my screen stating that they were from Microsoft and that I was being hacked and I needed to call this number immediately. My computer was frozen. I could not get rid of the message so I called the number. I was greeted by Jared Patel saying he was from Microsoft and that he could help me get rid of the hackers. He said he needed to get remote access to my computer to resolve the issue. I was told to enter on my computer. That gave him access to my computer. 

He then preceded to show me that I had been hacked by someone in Germany and even flashed a picture of the person. Then said that my computer was being used for Child Porn purposes and that my computer's IP address was most likely already alerting authorities. He said that he would be able to provide me with documentation to prove that I was hacked. I never received any documentation from him. Then he said that I needed a firewall and that it would cost $499.99 per year or I could purchase a permanent firewall for $1199. I was so terrified about being hacked that I said yes to the permanent solution.

He then transferred me to another person who took my credit card number. I am so embarrassed that I fell for this but they kept on telling me and showing me information that finally convinced me that I was speaking to Microsoft personnel. They told me what to say so that the bank would let the charge go through. Again another red flag in hindsight. I believed all my information was being stolen and believed that they were actually helping me. Once the charge went through, I was transferred back to Jared Patel and then Jared transferred me to PCFIX247. He said they would be able to resolve my issue. I spoke to someone named Mohit Kumar and he said he could get rid of the hackers. I saw that he was destroying viruses using a Malware software. Apparently I had 206 viruses which now I know were most likely placed there by Jared. What a scam!. They make you believe they are Microsoft so they can get into your computer and then they infect your computer and then they get you to pay to have someone fix it. By the way, the charge was made to Later that evening I checked to see if I could find anything about them on the computer to no avail. I was able to find PCFIX247. They showed up with many reviews from others who had been scammed in a very similar manner. Jared even provided me with an employee number to reassure me that he was employed by Microsoft.

I got off the phone and started to research PCFIX and then immediately turned off my computer realizing that I had been scammed and hacked by the very people I thought were helping me. I called my bank to stop payment and brought my computer to Best Buy to have a legitimate technical support team clean up my computer. I had to pay them $200 for this service which I feel should be payed by PCFIX247. Is there any way I can file a claim against them? The Best Buy technical team removed everything that PCFIX24/7 had installed that day. I found out that Microsoft will not send any type of alert that is flashed on a screen. It is up to the user to reach out to Microsoft. Be aware--the scammers are very tricky and will make you believe that they are helping you when in fact all they want is to steal your information. I just don't understand how they can sleep at night. Shameful and disheartening that you just cant trust anyone anymore.

- Las Cruces, NM, USA

My computer locked up so I called the number that said it was from Microsoft alert. I allowed the so called tech service, that claimed it was a Microsoft partner, to check my computer and they led me through all kinds of windows on my computer and said that my IP number had been high jacked. They said that they could clean my computer but I had to pay with a credit card. Fortunately, the card did not go through. We went back and forth with why I could not use another credit card until finally after a marathon on the phone on Saturday and Sunday I finally gave in and used a different credit card. First I had to call my credit card and tell them to allow the payment to go through. I should have listened to them as they were explaining the company and the amount but the tech company (who was also on the line as a conference call) cut us off. By then I should have suspected something was wrong, but I am a diabetic and I was already not understanding the situation. When I finally got control of my computer, I came to the site and filed this complain.

- Longview, TX, USA

A message appeared on my computer saying my computer had been compromised and I needed to call the tech support number to fix. My computer was locked up and there was nothing I could do but call. They claimed to be "" and they asked for permission to control my computer, which I foolishly gave. They then "showed" me how hackers had breached my firewall and were using my network connection. They said they would fix it, clean it up, and install a new firewall, but for a price. I agreed, thinking I had no choice. They transferred me to, and that is who I paid. They "fixed" my computer, but I found out later that all they did was take control of my computer with malware. They all spoke with Indian accents. They claimed to be in Canada, but my credit card charge went to London, England. My computer is ruined.

- Lake Stevens, WA, USA

I received a pop up on my screen stating their was an issue with my microsoft and to call the number. When I looked it up it stated PC Fix 247 was their sub contractor they use. I called the number and they stated my computer was hacked and that people were hacking into my computer to use it for different purposes such as child pornography being downloaded and uploaded.  They informed me they were located in India. They stated my IP address was also hacked allowing other people to use my computer. They stated they also obtained my credit card number, address and social security number. They stated they could put a block in my computer and offered to encrypt my computer ID number so it wouldnt be accessed, as well as a new fire wall and blocking certain things. I signed up for a lifetime subscription after I was told they would fix everything and I would never have to call them again. After fixing my computer, however after this I continued to received phone calls stating there were more issues that needed more work which would cost more money. The prices are really high and they asked what my nearest walmart was. They looked up my nearest walmart for my firewall and used their prices.  

- Tavares, FL, USA

Scam Description

I think I was scammed and I bought it! Received a pop-up Microsoft alert that my computer had been infected with a virus and to call Microsoft @1-888-855-9929 for support. Unable to close the alert nor access my computer, I called. I felt it was a scam and very reluctant but did not know what else to do. Supposedly on a secured network, He remotely showed me personal information it had gathered and that my computer was compromised from hackers from Moscow. He asked me if I would like to clean off my computer. Of course I said yes,not having a lot of computer tech knowledge. They could clear everything for 299.99.

He directed me to after I paid them (West Corp Payments LLC) using bill pay using my online banking account. Pcfix247 ran various programs for 30-45 minutes,cleaning up my computer. They gave me an account ID along with the tech support number, 1-877-887-3026, which I can access anytime for support. Also, a customer Service number, 1-877-887-3014. They also provided me with an invoice for a one time network security fix for 169.99 that I paid. He was trying to get me to buy for internet security for $100 but I didn't. So now, I am not feeling good about the decision that I made and fee; that I was taken to the cleaners!!

- Gilroy, CA, USA

Received a Microsoft alert that my computer had been compromised. Given a number to call I knew it was a scam but did not know what else to do. They told me they were tech support that my computer had been taken over by child pornographers and the government would hold me responsible. They could clear everything for 299.99. they are now trying to get payment but of course they won 't get it

- Honolulu, HI, USA

My 84 year old mother is on her computer everyday making sure that her credit cards have not been charged and also checks to make sure that her Social Security checks are being deposited on a timely basis monthly. The happened to be looking thru recipes at the time and clicked one that she thought she liked and an alarm went off on her computer. With the alarm a notice came up with an APPLE icon and said to call the 1-800 number because her computer has been hacked with malware. She freaked out and called. I was working at the time so I couldn't tell her it was a fraud; needless to say she ended up spending $900.00 on a plan that would "protect her computer". Along with that, they talked her into giving her IPaddress and allowing this stranger to gain access to her computer. When I got home I telephoned them and demanded they refund her the money completely (less than 3 hours after she purchased it). He refused and said we have to wait 24 hours because he was only the tech department. I hung up with him and we called her credit card company and cancelled it and told them it was a fraudulent charge. We now have to take her computer in to get scrubbed because they may have downloaded something to read her passcodes, etc. We have spend hours changing her important passcodes on their iPad - not her computer because we are afraid they are "ghosting" it now. This is a really bad company that preys on seniors and their fears. They have to be stopped and prosecuted.

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