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Official VIN Reports & Reviews (40)

- Salem, OR, USA

Posted my vehicle for sale on Craigslist. Received a phone call from what sounded like a robot, asking if it was still available. I said yes, then the call ended. I immediately got a text asking the same question, replied yes.

I have attached a screenshot of the conversation that followed.

- Madera, CA, USA

They try to have you complete a vin check/history report on a car you’re selling and try to scam you into paying for it. Then do not leave you alone.

- North Smithfield, RI, USA

I had an add on Craigslist to post my car. He called, asked if the car was for sale, then immediately hung up. He then began texting, saying "got to this website to provide me a vin report & I'll buy the car if the Vin checks out ok

- Meriden, CT, USA

When selling my vehicle, caller asked if car was still for sale, I told him it is a truck not a car, he then hung up. I called them back then they texted me saying it was not a good time for them to talk but they wanted to text instead. Said he would buy my vehicle if I purchased a report from which actually redirects to Caller tried to get me to buy report and most likely steal my personal info if I entered it in. I then texted this person back and said that I have reported them to local and federal authorities and then blocked his number .

I have a vehicle listed for sale online. I received a phone call, which I couldn't answer at the time, then a text asking about my car. They asked me a couple of questions about the car, then asked if I would send them a VIN report. They sent the link to a site that was cheaper than purchasing a report from Carfax, so I purchased it and sent it. Then never heard a thing - did some research and discovered it was a total scam.

they contacted me wanting to buy the truck i have for sale and kept pressuring me to purchase a carfax report on 2 similar websites with different adresses. i told them they can purchase the report and the vin was in the listing. they stated they read the listing and couldnt find the price when i clearly listed it at $5000

Received call asking if car still for sale then they hung up. Minute later I received a text stating they cant talk right now if we can text. Text then says how much is vehicle selling for. They ask me to go to website and get vehicle history report from and send to [email protected]. Email address takes you to website. This website steals your identy and credit card information.

- Carrollton, GA, USA

Person acted like they were interested in my car for sale that was posted on Craigslist. They asked for a VIN report through Official VIN. Unfortunately, I pulled the report and emailed it to the requested email address. The issue is you had to enter your credit card information online and make the $18.95 payment, so there is potential for Official VIN to misuse my credit card information.

- Portland, ME, USA

Selling a car and was asked to provide a car report from a fake site.

- Vergennes, VT, USA

Got contacted about an add on Craig's list from the phone number listed above. Got disconnected and wanted to text. In the texting he wanted me to do a vin check through the site, which I did and no report came up so sent a picture of a partial vin number and the no report generated . But he still wanted an email of the report saying the photo didn't come through. Then said I could show him the report when we decided to meet. But needed to check his email when he got home. Seems like a scammer to me. And when googled the site has a cutestat after it and it is Norton okayed. But going right to the site he gave me without google there was nothing to verify good or bad.

I am currently selling my car online and was contacted by a potential buyer via text message from number [909-655-9092]. The person stated that they saw the posting for the car online and was interested in it. They ask for the price saying that it wasn't listed even though it was clearly listed. Shortly after they asked me "Would you please pull a history report from [] - Please email that to me at: [[email protected]]". When I go the the link, it seems legitimate at first asking for the car's VIN, then asking where you want to send it, then to pay $18.95 to send the report. I didn't put in my card info since scam report websites show this is a common tactic to steal credit card information by sending it to the email the scammer provided and never generating a vehicle report. The scammer seems excited after I lie saying I purchased a report. They don't respond to basic questions I ask, and they're responses seem cut and pasted.

I'm trying to sell my car.

*** and,


Someone called from the number (951)438-1889 and asked if the car was available. The phone hung up at an awkward time it was right after I said it was (odd occurrence #1). It seemed like the call dropped. I then got a text from the number asking about the car. This is the following conversation.

Scammer - I saw your car listing online and wanted to ask you a few questions

Me - Yeah absolutely I'm in a meeting, ask away or I can call at 1200

Scammer - I read the whole description but I didn't see the price in it (odd occurrence #2, why wouldn't you be able to see the price?)

Scammer - Whats the price on the Honda civic?

Me - 13800

Scammer - Would you please pull a history report from - Please email that to me at: [email protected] (Odd occurrence #3-6: why do I need this to use this website, why am I pulling the history report for the buyer, whats with the capitals in the email address)

Scammer - hey, dont mean to bother but are you still here? (odd occurrence #7, didn't I tell you I had a meeting until 12?)

Me - Yeah I can send you a check from a different website

I tried to e-mail a different (free) VIN report to the email address and it didn't work. I thought it was due to me using zeros instead of Os at the end of the email so I tried again and that didn't work either (Odd occurrence #7)

Scammer - After i see a copy of the report from I can schedule a time to meet for a test drive (odd occurrence #8; why did the website change?)

Scammer - Just lmk after you've pulled the report and we can make a time to meet up

Me - Where do you live?

Scammer - thanks look forward to seeing the report (winky face) ive had my eye on the Honda civic I think im ready to buy it (odd occurence #9 &10; thanks for not acknowledging my question, why is this report so important?)

Me - Snop dittle wiggity wack attack

Scammer - I will check my email later today when i get home! Thank you!!

Me - How long does this go for?

- Woburn, MA, USA

Received a text message from an unknown number asking about the vehicle I was selling. The title of the posting started with 'Immaculate ...' , which indicated the condition of the vehicle and the scammer referred to my car as the ”Immaculate [vehicle manufacturer]”. Then they asked for a VIN report from and wanted the report emailed to them. Once I said I wasn't familiar with the website and offered to pull one from they never replied again.

- Eugene, OR, USA

I am selling a car on Craigslist. A person called me seeming to be interested and would like a VIN report of a very unusual site which I would have to pay to send him the report. He texted me with the link of this scam site.

- Coeur D Alene, ID, USA

I listed a car for sale on Craigslist. Why would someone from Pennsylvania want me to get them a VIN report from their suggested websites? To collect my credit card information. I live in Idaho. There is no way they were going to drive to Idaho to purchase a $500 car. They were extremely pushy in the texts they sent me and even messed up one time and tried to call me. That's how I got their phone number. They also recommended Another website that is probably a scam.

- Federal Way, WA, USA

This organization will have someone text you asking if your vehicle is still available. They will then immediately insist you pull an VIN check from a specific site, in this case which then diverts to If you enter a credit card number you'll be in for a surprise as an internet search suggests these are most likely after your credit card number rather than your vehicle or a check. The texts are bot-driven as the responses are legit sounding, but "canned" and don't match up what you type.

Text reply to Craigslist post selling my used car asked for a car history report from a suspicious site.

From text messages

Would you please pull a history check from and send it to me?

You enter your vin then get a report - Please email that to me at [email protected]

The link went to a different URL and wanted to charge 9.95 for a report and asked for credit card, address and phone number.

- Seattle, WA, USA

I listed my car for sale on and received a phone call about a day later. The call cut out pretty quickly, and the caller texted back to say they were having signal issues. They then asked me to go to to send them a report for my car's history and then they could meet me within the next 2 days to buy the car.

I decided to check out the website before entering any information and I saw the scam reports so decided not to continue. Don't fall for this scam!

- Fredericksburg, VA, USA

Received a call regarding if my car was for sale, which was quickly hung up. Then I received I text stating they would like to buy my car in cash in 2 days if I could provide a car report from Once I had the report I was to email it to his shared email with his girlfriend. My car vin did not go through thankfully and I was able to find other reports of this website.

- Hague, VA, USA

I was first called, and when I answered they hung up. Then texted and said that the call had dropped. they were inquiring about a vehicle that I had listed on Craigslist. It was a local number and seemed to be normal text that usually occurs when someone is inquiring about a used vehicle. The person on the other end of the call kept referring to the vehicle as a car which was really a full size lifted pickup truck. They also stated that once we had the report they would meet us with cash to purchase the "car". Which sent up a red flag. They wanted a vehicle history report from I could not find any information in Google about them. I continued with the report since i figured someone else would probably want one too. I got almost to the end and my gut was telling me this doesn't seem right. So I didn't continue with the purchase. My husband asked them for their email address and where they were located and got no response.

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