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Text by they are very interested in my car that is for sale. From an out of state area code but many of my friends are transplants who haven't changed their number, so I didn't think anything of it at first. Asked that I provide a vehicle report from which redirects to which contains a lot of pop-ups. I asked them twice how they heard about my vehicle, they dodged the question the first time and didn't respond the second.

Selling my car on Craigslist. Interested buyer. Asked for a health report for my car, and sent me the name of a vin check website, that looked legit. Paid 18.40 or something like like for a car history report and emailed it to the person. Once email was sent no more correspondence with the person.

- Portland, OR, USA

This person (maybe recording?) called to say they were interested in my vehicle I had for sale on Craigslist, but then got cut off due to bad reception and had to text. They continued to show interest in vehicle, then requested I get a report from and send it to email. I did not do this, as I googled this scam and saw reports.

Contacted by phone initially, then by text saying "Sorry, my phone has awful reception today and keeps dropping calls, the reason I was calling is that I'm interested in your vehicle." The person goes on to say "Would you mind getting me a background check on the car from" and sends a link to The person says the report was recommended to them by their brother who's a car dealer and provides an email address for me to send the report to. I asked if a CarFax report would be acceptable instead and the person responds (not acknowledging my question) "I look forward to potentially buying the Honda fit after I finish off my checklist on it with that history report. I'll keep any eye out for your email!"

- Deer Park, WA, USA

This person above contacted me by phone, then started messaging about a vehicle I have for sale in Craig's list.

She sent me official VIzn website and her email to send report.

I paid 20.00 for the report and sent it to her.

Did not hear back and no response to calls or emails so I got suspicious.

- Deer Park, WA, USA

I was contacted by phone by Wendy Dowd regarding a vehicle I advertised on Crig's list.

WENDY said her phone has bad reception, so we started messaging.

She sent me this message;

The place my brother whos a car dealer recommends is: send it to me at [email protected] if you can!

I paid for the report with my CC and sent it to her.

Now she won't respond d, so I started getting suspicious.

I am canceling my CC

- Anchorage, AK, USA

Contacted by text about car being sold on craigslist. Asked for price, which I gave. Then was asked to go to website to get a car report for them. Cut communications as soon as this happened.

- Topeka, KS, USA

I received a phone call from a Pennsylvania area code and I didn't answer. They followed up with a text apologizing for poor connection. They indicated that they were interested in the vehicle but wanted to see the vehicle history report first. They gave a website that charged $18.95. I used the website and it appeared to give me an accurate history report. Once I finished it, and tried to send a picture, they text that they couldn't see it, and that they will see it when we meet up. I gave a meeting spot at a safe place and then he said that he'll get back to me after I email him the history report. He never gave me his email address. I cancelled my credit card number because that website now has that information.

- Overland Park, KS, USA

Posted my car online to sell. Received an inquiry via text message but, asked to see a vehicle history report to ensure no major accidents and the title is clean. The request was through a specific website, After price checking against Carfax, the website's fee of $18.95 to generate the report seemed fair. Purchased the report and asked the person who originally asked where they would like me to send the report with no feedback or avoiding answering. Something seemed off so I searched the website and sure enough came across the scam...

Had to cancel my card that was used to purchase. DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE.

- Titusville, FL, USA

I proceeded to say I wasn’t comfortable sending a report through an unfamiliar website and it was automated messages. I said no thank you and I received a text back saying “awesome look forward to seeing the report ;) ive been thinking about getting a 1993 saturn for a little bit now.” they never wanted to talk on phone, only through text.

- Saratoga Springs, UT, USA

I'm selling my car. This is the second scammer I've been contacted by. He called my phone, but the call dropped within seconds. When I tried to call back there was a lot of random noise. He texted me to say he was in an area with bad reception. He said my car looked perfect online but he had a few questions. He started by asking the price, which is clearly posted on every ad I have posted. Then he asked if I could send him a vehicle history report and gave me a link to a website to look it up and an email address to send the report to. The website had nothing about prices posted, so I entered the VIN of my car, which is also available in the ads I've posted, so nothing new. However, when the site asked for a credit card, still not telling me a price, I turned it off. I offered to send a copy of the report I purchased when I originally bought the car, and asked if that was okay. I told the guy that if it wasn't, and he wasn't a scammer, he could buy his own report. His response was that he looked forward to seeing the report and he would check his email throughout the day. No indication my texts had been read or that I was talking to anyone but a spam bot. After looking up some similar scams, I found one from back in 2015 that used the exact same logo for their fake website, however, they've changed the name. In 2015, apparently the cost for these reports was $20, however, the website just logs your credit card number for scammers to use.

I was selling my Honda CRB on a public website and this person text message me asking to send info about my Vin number & car report by asking for personal info. I quickly realized after double checking with my own name if it was a scam to get my info and it was. Be very aware of this person or website!

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

These people texted saying that they were interested in purchasing my car and needed a report specifically from this website i looked them up and they have been scamming SO people. I purchased the report before looking them up and lost my money. After I purchased the report and sent it to him he didn't respond.

I listed my TRUCK on CL. Within an hour I first received two duplicate emails from "Scott Lathan" wondering if I still had "it." Shortly thereafter, I received another call from the number I listed (from a man). The call was cut off and immediately I got a text (with no name signed) wanting to know if my CAR was still for sale. When I corrected them, they said everyting looked good, but they had a few questions. They then wanted to know the price, and then wanted a copy of the "CAR'S history report." I was directed to "" (which was a forwarder to another URL). I was told to email the report to a woman named Irene. On another device I typed in the URL and was redirected to I did not enter any information or go any further.

- Roseville, CA, USA

I am selling my car and put all the information of my car in Craiglist. This person text me and also gave me miss calls and ask me about the car and details of the car and then he send me a link to buy a history of car and then send him on his given email. I told him that its your responsibility but he didn’t gave attention to my text and still wanted me to send him the report.

I listed my car on Craigslist. I got a call and it was a man that said “is your car still available for showing?” I said yes and the call ended. I was skeptical and thought it might have been a robo-call trying to trick me into saying “yes.” Within a few minutes, I got a text “Hi! Is your car thats listed on CL still available?” I said yes, then the person asked what the price was. I thought this was weird, as the price was listed on the Craigslist ad but I told them anyway. I then received this: “Can you also get a copy of your cars history report? You can get it from -please send that to me at: [email protected] if you can!” I told them I could send a carfax report. They replied, “When i get a clean report from maybe we can schedule a time to meet for a test drive. lmk after you've pulled the report and we can make a time to meet up.” I asked why they needed the report from that specific website. They said “ i know that is NMVTIS approved and thats what my friend whos an auto dealer told me to ask for,” which was a lie. The site is not approved by the NMVTIS and upon checking the legitimacy of the website, it was reported to be 0% reliable.

Called interested in a car I have for sale. Hung up. Then started texting. Said:

Can you also get a copy of your cars history report? You can get it from -please send that to me at: [email protected] if you can!

- Ridgecrest, CA, USA

Selling car on craigslist. Person said to verify here before they'd even look at the car. Turns out BBB had an article, this is the newest scam. I new something seemed off. They also asked for a similarly named sight

- Honolulu, HI, USA

He called about a car I posted on Craigslist. Said he would meet me if I downloaded a clean VIN report from a specific site. The site (he gave me two) isn't a real site. It's either an attempt at identity theft or attempt to get me to pay fee for fake VIN report.

- Spokane, WA, USA

I'm trying to sell off my car (for free, since it's beyond my wallet's repair) and a gentleman called me up. He asked to look into a website I never heard of to obtain the information. When it comes to Craigslist and Strangers trying to buy my higher priced stuff, I'm instantly wary. I decided to test this site by first entering https:// before the website address and sure enough, I get potential fraud warnings. I'm going to see if this gentleman is willing to pay for the report and look it up himself. If not, it's game over.

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