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NRA Reports & Reviews (21)

- Donald, OR, USA

I get numerous calls a day from 844-226-8637 telling me that I have a legal claim. They refused to give any other information to me regarding this so called claim because I wont verify my social security number. They gave me an address that I lived at 3 years ago, so because I couldn't verify anything, they wouldn't tell me what the claim was for and who the debt is through. These people are very rude and get very irate when you do not verify anything. I was hung up on 3 different people, each time I called it sounded like the same exact person but different names. When I called back from a different number a man answered and said that they are NRA and when I asked what that stands for he refused to give me the information without giving the claim number. The ladies that hung up on me stated that they will move forward with the claim with the social security number they have on file.

- West Lafayette, IN, USA

Keep getting calls from 8442268637 saying they are looking for me specifically. When I verify that I am who I am they tell me I have 2 cases from the same company against me one was defrauding a financial institution and the other was scamming. After I tell them that the information they have is incorrect for the time period they get extremely hostile yell we'll see you in court or good luck in court and hang up

- Mesa, AZ, USA

Receiving numerous calls from NRA, I was told that I owe over $400 from a payday loan from 2012. These people had my address from 3 years ago, my email and last 4 digits of my social security. They said if i did not pay, my claim will go to an attorney. I asked for documentation of the bill, they advised a document was mailed, I asked for a another copy, they refused and told me that they are unable to send "rough drafts" of the bill. The woman asked for my checking account information and they can settle the debt for $100, I continued asking for a copy, finally the woman hung up. I received another call, asking for the same information, I refused and they said to get a good attorney. I continue asking for documents and their address, they refused and hung up.

When you call their phone number the menu is fake, the prompt's do not work. Various people answer the phone saying different departments, sometimes it's legal then its customer service. They continue to call when I've asked to be removed.

I looked up NRA and it belongs to a legit company, on the website they posted information about the scam that is taking place because they are receiving phone calls about accounts that do not exist.

- Lebanon, IN, USA

nra calling me every day two times a day saying that i owe a pay day loan that i do not owe, i have tried to get them to mail me info and they tell me they are sending it to their attorneys and good luck with my problem. i have told them to stop calling me and they get beligerent and hang up on me. i have called national recovery assistance and asked them about this and told them the phone number from which they are calling from which is 844-226-8637 and they say that that is not them and it is a scam and to file a complaint to you guys.

My wife, her parents, brother and myself (husband) have been repeatedly contacted by someone claiming to be with NRA. They state my wifes maiden name and say she owes $750 on a payday loan she took out 4 years ago. My wife does not have any type of payday loan, but they insist and threaten to sue, put liens on property, have police show up etc... They have a good deal of valid information pertaining to her person, but when asked to supply any type of documentation pertaining to the loan and amount owed they begin to give the run around. They have asked to verify her social security # in full as they somehow have and give the last 4 digits and ask her to complete the rest which she has not. They then threaten again with the same as above and ask to be paid by credit card as they do not accept any other forms of payment. The last time I received a call from them i answered and they hung up. Frustrated with the frequent calls I called back and spoke to Susan (heavy accent) and asked her to remove my number from the list as I was not the person they were calling for yet they keep calling. She asked me to verify my phone number which I responded how do you not know my number, you call me you not have caller id?? She then responded, oh yes sir i have it right here and will remove you from the list and hung up. In my suspicion I called back 10 minutes later and the exact same lady answered, but this time her name was not Susan and due to her heavy accent i could not understand the name this time. i immediately hung up and left it at that.

- Indian Head, MD, USA

I got a call from National Recovery Agency stating I have a payday loan for $400 and they wanted $440. According to the National Recovery Agency the Loan was made in 7/17/2012.

I lived in New york in 2012 but they have my old MD Address and my mother's old Email and my current address and phone number. They said the Loan was from JB Marketing. They gave me a last 4 digits of a routing number of 1633 and account number of 5052. The person name was Jennifer Nanash.

- Twinsburg, OH, USA

They state they are calling from NRA Collections, they call from a phone number of 844-226-8637. I have found a company NRA that is BBB accredited and it clearly states they are not affiliated with other NRA companies and specifically have this number listed at the bottom that if you do get called report immediately. The first call I received was Monday 11-30-15 with an automated message to call back. After work I did and it sounded very fishy. They had my maiden name, a very old address and said I owed a payday advance loan that I did not. They could not tell me any information about the supposed business that was collecting and they said it was a collection from prior to 2013, The year range was 2007-2013. My maiden name and address were old ones I had in the past. I did not confirm nor deny. They also knew my social security number which I did not confirm or deny. They said if I did not settle within the next 72 hours I would end up in court. I hung up. When I got home that day I came to find out they had been calling my step children, parents, siblings and even old employers. They have continuously called over the last few days as well. I have been ignoring them but need to report this. I have requested new credit cards and switched all of my banking things around over the last few days. No fraudulent charges or opened accounts as of yet and I would like to keep it that way.

- Wooster, OH, USA

Received a phone call from 844-226-8637 saying I owed $480.00 from a same day pay money lender for 01/2012.

I told them I have no outstanding debts and wanted to talk to a supervisor, they knew where i use to work, my address and my last 4 digits of my social. They told me they are proceeding legal action against me. I told them they are trying to scam me and they hung up and has tried to call me since.

- Allegan, MI, USA

I received a call from NRA (844) 226-8637 saying I owe 440 dollars on a payday loan and what are my intentions. I said I would like documentation and they said that being an arbitration company they don't have that. They had the last 4 digits of my social security number as well as my banks name. I told then they could either get me the documentation as I legally am entitled to it or this call was over. I began to be threatened and therefore hung up ending the call.

- Hillsborough, NC, USA

This company has called me and my family non stop, stating that I have an advanced payday loan that I haven't paid. I haven't taken out a loan, they're also saying legal action will be taken against me and I have a warrant out for my arrest.

- Owosso, MI, USA

said i owe for a payday loan i never had

- Mystic, IA, USA

I had a guy call me telling me he was a collection agency. He said he was dealing with a past account that was from 2013. He told me that i had a Cash Advance loan out that i needed to take care of. As soon as he said that i stopped him and told him that i had NEVER gotten a Cash Advance loan. He proceeded to tell me my social security number, my previous address and my place of employment. I told him i wasn't going to tell him any of my information. He said if you can give me your credit card information we can get this handled today. After i had told him several times that i wasn't going to give him my information he told me "i hope you have a good lawyer because ill see you in court" and hung up. They call me several times a day and now is starting to call all of my family.

- Charlotte, NC, USA

I received a call from NRA regarding a supposed loan taken out in my name in 2011 in FL. They could not give me the information of what loan this was regarding. Finally it sounded like she said 'payday loan' which I have not taken out; nor do I live or did I live in FL in 2011.

They did have my old FL address from 2007, last 4 of my social and last 4 of my bank account...which is scary!!!

They said there is a petition for a balance of $590 dollars and if it goes to court I will have to pay up to 3 times that amount, but could not tell me what loan it was referencing.

Again, this was not me. This is either a scam call OR fraud on my account. I am a member of xxxxx ---nothing has ever been reported to me. I have looked at my credit report many times---nothing. I pulled my credit report again today----nothing!

I am reporting this as a scam and or fraud on my account.

- Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA

I missed a call from 844.226.8637. I had a voicemail saying only in should listen to message. It asked me to call back 844.210.5817 and left a claim number. I wasn't sure what it was. I called it. Woman kept asking me to verify my info, I stated I'm not sure what this is, she rattled off company name quickly several times. She said I owed a payday loan from Oct 2011. She did not advise me of amount thus far. I advised that is incorrect. She said that charges we being brought against me and named off 4 charges. Then said that further actions will be taken. I advised this is fraud. I do not owe this. She said I better get a good attorney and ended the call. It was scary. But definitely fraudulent. I spoke with a person at Ohio attorney general and filed a complaint. And now I am filing this. I was advised by ohio attorney ey general they have had several complaints on this and said it is a scam. I just want to make sure I'm protected as they did have my information. Thank you.

They want donations, they claim they are the NRA. If you tell them you are not donating they call back in a couple of weeks. sometimes they call 3 times a say, sometimes earlier than 8am and as late as 9pm. Area code is 691 - out of country.

Received a call from NRA representing 7 Group LLC who apparently claim I defaulted on a payday advance loan, and if would pay $300 immediately I could avoid court action and the amount would go up to $700. I asked them when this supposedly happened, the person said it could have happened between 2012 and 2014. She also said that they emailed and sent information through the postal service and I had ignored all correspondence. I told her I would wait until I received a legal court order to appear, and she hung up.

- Colton, CA, USA

NRA is repeating calling me and family remembers regarding a debt that they say I occurred a few years ago. The debt that they are referring to was discharged in bankruptcy and they should not be contacting me regarding this debt. They are very rude, force full and make lots of threats about garnishing wages and taking you to court. Beware and do not give them any information. Somehow they are calling and contacting people that I never list on documents as a contact. I do not know how they are obtaining this information. They called my Stepdad and I NEVER would use him as a reference.

- Waxahachie, TX, USA

Dear sirs:

I believe my identity has been stolen. This is why I believe that; about 4:30pm on October 30,2015 CST, I missed a call from a company called NRA. They left no message, so I called them back three times and acquired the following information(this information took 4 times calling them to get) my name, phone, address, and social security number was used to acquire a pay-day loan of 400 dollars. Never in my life have I ever received a pay-day loan or other since my monthly income is less than 900 dollars I do not qualify. I know this because in need I have tried to get one. Here is the suspicious part of it all...while attempting to get information about the company who has filed against this person with my name a third party entered the "secured line" I am alarmed because this person sounded of African American dissent and it sounded like children in the back ground. Plus I have had this phone number since 2005. This brings to mind an email I received almost a year and a half ago from kind of collection agency that the source of the email originated from somewhere in the northern states. I cannot think of the state. And the third was that I have tried to get more information about this agency listed above and no information was available. When I attempted to get the address and name of the company of the "claimants" I was asked for my social security number and my credit rating.

- Orange Park, FL, USA

Number 8442105817 calls claiming to be NRA--- National Recovery Associates. They claim that you took out a pay day loan and are being sued for x amount and if you do not pay you will be sued in a court of law. The REAL NRA is a collection agency but they are not affiliated with the number, nor do they use "case numbers." They use account numbers. This company has already been reported to the FTC and they still refuse to stop. They will call and harass even if requested to stop. I suggest someone start a class action lawsuit.

I got 2 calls from a company called NRA , they were calling from Stoneville, NC ph#1-336-573-8172. They said the I got a loan from Alliance On-line, I've never gotten a loan or anything else off line, I'm not a trusting person like that. But, anyways I called NRA(National Recovery Association ) 1-800-773-4503, they do not have a loan or anything else listed with my name on it. I also called Alliance at 1-888-310-4238, they said that they do not do loans in North Carolina. The Alliance put me down as having a scam being done on me. When I talked to NRA the man the called from Stoneville, NC, I told him to send me the paperwork for the loans that I supposedly owe, he said that the Sherriff's dept. will be bringing them to me.

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