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National Magazine Exchange

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National Magazine Exchange Reports & Reviews (33)

• May 28, 2023

I never responded. I am very disappointed that someone is targeting me.


I received this letter today they say it’s the second one. But I never ever received a first One. I feel this is a total scam.! What does everyone else seem to think?


I got this letter today, and I hate to say that I'm suspicious of any and everything now, that I typed in the number and it brought me here. Man these scammers never give up do they.
My letter


I got the same letter today! What the hell is it? I never ever signed up for this.

Sweepstakes scandal


They sent me a letter saying I was in the running to win a prize of $45,000 dollars! Then they started telling me about some magazines I was qualified for and something about a diamond watch I would be getting with these magazines and they tried to get my credit card information but I hung up and did not give them any of my card numbers! Then some how they billed my account and was trying to get money for the magazine which I told them no to! I am very upset with them for trying to do this! Virginia Denning


I never signed up for this I received this letter in the mail today 5-9-22 regarding that I have can be a lucky winner in the sweepstakes. Seeing everyone else’s photos of this same letter that I received and same exact writing on it as everyone else’s is definitely a scam! I did call the number without doing my research first which was so stupid. But I did not sign up for something that is such a scam and will be calling multiple numbers to get this resolved. It is not real or legit! It’s fake and this business is out here doing fraud taking down peoples information do NOT give your info to these pathetic people! They should not be asking for a card number for any such reason if you are a winner or will be a winner for anything so stupid don’t believe this crap.


National Magazine Exchange  $10,000.00 a week award

Letter stated that I can win 10,000 per week for a year. I need to call and enter code on letter and confirm my address. When I called a female recording came on. It was broken then a male came on asking for the code then ask me for my address. I hung up because he couldn’t tell me where they got my information. I believe this is a scam.
Letter in the mail


Have got paper

This company send me the same scam letter.


Scam artist fuk tards

I receive the amount to be paid 34.84 customer number21328245 order 17494665 please this payment I receive is not my order and please canceled this thank you aurora Ortiz


Gotta later in the mail says you have to call amd verify the ID # given amd confirm address. Has to many grammatical errors for me . The phone # they said to call . 18003086247. I didn't call I wouldn't give people my address...


Someone needs to report these creeps to the FBI or fed to shut them down I thought I won was so happy and than realized SOB no return address instant fake

I will not buy magazine Exchange


I was sent a letter in mail and was told to call and confirm my address and give them my entry number to enter in sweepstakes. But I was hesitant to call and give my address away to someone I don't know. Then gladly I found this page and feeling relieved that I didn't call.


They wouldn't need a address verification if they sent a letter in the mail. They should have already had it. Damn scammers. I called just to Curse the [censored] out. 😂😂😂 And loved doing it.

Got the letter. I called the number. I started providing the info requested on the letter to Eric. The questions changed to info about my credit cards. I am Done. As far as I am concerned, it is a scam. YMMV

- Surprise, AZ, USA

They sent me a letter and told me I was going to be in a drawing and I was going to win $10 million, but I had to contact them. I called them back and they said I would be put into a drawing, but I had to buy magazines. I said to them that it is supposed to be no purchase necessary, but she said you have to buy magazines to be entered.

The person on the line then asked me for my credit card. I said I was not interested in magazines. They continued to push me about it and the person said, "you are afraid we are going to use your credit card information for something else." She kept insisting and was pushy. I stated that it was supposed to be

I hung up.


That’s when you know when they ask for any cards it’s a scam

Yesterday January 4, I received this in the mail. Very well professionally done, I said to myself. An hour goes by, I decided to call the number. A dude answers. He verifies the ID number. Asks me for my name. I tell him. He asks again, "can I talk to Jean?"
"You are?" Jean is French for John. Juan in Spanish.
"Oh, ok...fantastic."
"How would you like to receive the proceeds?"
A Lumpsum.
"Fantastic choice" he answers.
"We'll give you a choice of two magazines, in addition."
(I say to myself, If I win half a mil, why would I need those magazines?)
"I will transfer you to my manager to officially enter you in the sweepstake. Thank you Jean."
"Hello, my name is Joy, how are you today?"
Oh, a female manager, I whisper to myself.
"Jean, we're glad you call and want to wish you..."
At this point she goes into a long sale pitch, sounding like she's reading a script. Then I hear her say:
"What card would you like to choose, Visa, Mastercard...?"
Wait a minute. You will send me two magazines of my choice for $1 a week?
"I will add a third publication..."
I'm not comfortable giving you my card number...
"I will add another magazine, that's 4 publications..."
As I said, I'm not comfortable giving you my card number. Bill me and I will send you my check.
"Ok, get your check and I will tell you..."
Wait. Your offer at the very bottom reads no purchase or payment necessary!
"You will receive FOUR magazines for the price of one..."
Look lady, I lost my patience. Goodbye!

- Dayton, OH, USA

before calling the number indicated on the letter regarding possible winner in a sweepstakes, i checked the better business bureau and the company name thinking that something did not sound right, but while i was reading all of the other complaints, i was thinking that when they called them back they might have received the bank information from their phones. as soon as i noticed this , i did not call the phone number. i will also be contacting my bank to make sure that they do not release any money to this company.


We were mailed an "Official Prize Communication" from Strike It Rich XII Sweepstakes held by National Magazine Exchange that assigned a prize entry number that would enter the recipient into a drawing to win a $10,000 weekly cash prize for 52 weeks (a total of $520,000) or the grand prize of $1,100,000. We did not sign up for this. The sweepstakes supposedly started May 20, 2020 at 12:01 ET, end on July 29, 2022 at 11:59 ET, and will be announced August 15, 2022. The drawing location (494 8th Ave NYC, NY 10001) was different than the business address provided (which was in Largo, FL 33777). Letter stated: "If you want the chance to win with this entry number, please do the following: STEP #1 Call 1-800-360-1145 STEP #2 Provide ID number STEP #3 Confirm your address." The letter was signed by E. Wright, but no position or title within the "company" (like CEO, etc.) was listed. We did not call, so we have no more info. There were only a few punctuation errors/typos that are not easily spotted, and the letter was stylized in a way that may make it difficult to discern as a definite scam.

- Lexington, NC, USA

I was contacted by postal mail with the information that I won $10,000 a week for a year or $550,000 and a Mercedes. The letter stated I must call 888-588-3694 by May 10th to be assured to get prize. I phoned the number and spoke to E. Wright. Before I could be awarded the prize, he stated I would have to send $4,750 to Dorothy Payne, secretary, at 51 W Hudson Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631. Once this payment is received, they would hand deliver the money and car. He also asked what color car I wanted. I then asked how he got my name and said they got it from a purchase I made. He said it could have come from Walmart or anywhere. He said I could call him back at (914)268-2997.


Drop off the Benz first than we will talk lol

- Worcester, MA, USA

They sent me a letter saying that it was a second attempt to contact me because I won $10,000 over 52 weeks. All I had to do was verify my information with them. I called the number on the letter and gave them the ID number that was provided. They asked me to confirm my address, which I didn't give them, and they asked me what credit card I would prefer to use to get the money. They asked about my credit card information, which I didn't tell them. They said it was for a survey.

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