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• Apr 03, 2024

Calls from 870-251-0985 everyday harassing and using other #'s to call with after blocking other #'s.

• Jan 19, 2024

I ordered items that where advertised on Facebook under Amazon there after money was deducted from my bank account then I realized that these guys are scummers because there was no traceable package.
Non traceable package
Non traceable package
Non traceable package
Non traceable package

• Dec 29, 2023

Text messaging claiming Richard Lavery was giving away some of his winnings to 20 random people and my phone number was selected. Then it gave a contact agent to contact to claim your winnings. i knew it was a scam because no one is giving their lottery winnings away. See text below as i have provided a picture of the text i received.
Got a text message claiming to be Richard Lavery

• Nov 29, 2023

Received a text message that says, “Hello, I believe this is ?”

No information was provided to them, and no response is going to be given. I’m unsure how they got my name, though it’s probably part of the public record from my phone number.

• Sep 11, 2023

Hi my name is Brian in earlier today I received a text message claiming that a couple had won the lottery and they were Christians and that they randomly selected 25 numbers to donate/give $90,000 to the 25 winners because they were Christians, and wanted to do it out of the kindness of their heart. I never responded to the text so I just typed in the names and this site popped up to file a complaint or what not I’m not complaining I’m just hoping maybe I was adding more information and the people who are trying to scam get caught thank you anymore questions feel free to reach out otherwise have a great one good luck hunting.

I was told I would receive $9000 in grants tax free from the government and all I had to do was pay the activation fee. They instructed me to buy a EBay gift card for the sum of $200 and release the funds to them at this point I was given an second # to call. They told me I needed to pay $400 to have the money sent because of State taxes. I really hope your able to get these guys some day, it’s just wrong what they are doing.

She sends you a check and with that money she expects you run errands for her. She claimed that she needs gift cards as a gift for her clients. Then tell them to scratch it off. The banks usually catch that the check is fake. But if you use ur own money before the check clears. You won’t get the money back because the check is fake.

Jokes on her though. She lost money since she had to pay for the shipping to send the check. Ended up losing money.

Recibí una carta pidiendo que contactara estos números (1-888-413-6075) (1-855-454-0932) para evitar el expiro del servicio de mi coche (el cuál tiene información errónea sobre él)

No tiene página web,ni absoluta información sobre el lugar de envío,solo número de teléfono

I personally have lost hundreds of dollars through scammers, supposedly representing your behalf. In return I would receive $700000.00 dollars. I have been approached by 3 different people representing you on your behalf. This is the first time I googled your name, and what a surprise. Shame on me, at 69 years of age I thought I hit the jackpot.

I listed a dress for sale on Poshmark. They left a comment with and email address of ************************* and I attached images of the email and text conversations that followed. They sent a cashiers check for $995 and I cashed it and sent them $915 back through Zelle and was waiting for an address to send the dress to. They did not provide one but tried to get me to send $100 on Cashapp. I did not but offered to refund the $85 I have from the dress. They had me try and pay ******* *** ******** on Cashapp but my bank declined because they said it could be a scam. I deleted my Cashapp and changed passwords. I have not gotten an address to send the dress to and they will not respond.

They said can you hear me ,And stupidly I said yes and they hung up .

I received a postcard saying I had a 100 dollar voucher unclaimed in my account good at Walmart target and more so I called gave my claim number was told didn't have to purchase subscribe to anything just had to pay a one time shipping and activation fee of 1.00 that's when I asked why do I need to pay if it was a prize they kept saying it's just shipping and activation how would I like to pay debit credit or bank transfer I said I wasn't and was hung up on I suspected it to be a scam from the way the post card was no return address no website only a phone number so people that's a red flag I hope these. People get busted and jailed for life it should be treated like they committed a Haines crime if you ask me

Messaged "seller" about an RV listed on Craigslist that had minimal information on the listing. More than a MONTH later I received an email with more information taken straight out of a beginner's scamming class or something: husband died 4 months ago and RV gives me bad memories, selling an immaculate RV for WELL below value, said will utilize eBay services as middleman etc.

This person was calling my phone number asking for a different person.

but it’s actually a relative of mine and then was trying to change the story

trying to talk to me instead.

Not proclaiming that I owe money.

I received a phone call from the phone # (580) 203-6800 telling me to click on option 1 to speak to a representative to authorize a purchase of $1,031.00 on my Amazon acct for a Mac Computer. I did not click on anything of course.

Without me saying anything or clicking on anything they hung up so I tried calling the phone number to see what would have answered and of course it was a non working number for me to say anything at all.

These people need to stop. This is ridiculous.


Took money out of my account with out my permission I need the money back I am taking care of my mom please return the money $99.95 please I need the money back into my account.sence my dad passed away every little bit of money we have helps alot so u taking money out of my account with out my permission is very bad.

I get messages from "lottery winners" all the time wanting to give me money.

Postcard claiming I had an unclaimed 100 dollar prize that needs claimed before July 3rd

This number texted me “Hi! I got a new number! Missed talking 2 you babe!” with a nude photo

I was approached at Kwik Trip convenience store / gas station (8191 179TH ST NW) in Clearwater, MN. Family (Man, 2 adult women, one child) was in a car, claiming that they'd lost their wallet, and needed help. They wanted cash and assured me that they'd pay me back, even offered to give me jewelry (rings, chains, Rolex) to persuade me to help.

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