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Victim Location 98107
Type of a scam Phishing

Robocall asking "can you hear me ok"? They are spamming my phone multiple times EACH day.

Victim Location 27863
Type of a scam Phishing

I'm reporting this for my father. He is continuing to get calls from his own landline. As many as 10 to 15 times a day. He wants it to stop.

Victim Location 43015
Type of a scam Tech Support

i have received calls from customers saying they are receiving calls from different people with foreign accents telling them

their computer security company went out of business or went bankrupt and moved to Australia. the scammers told the people to request a

refund from the out of business or bankrupt company and then tried to get them to purchase something from them. The customers believed correctly that the call was a scam and hung up. in no situation did the scammer identify themselves or the security that was supposed to have been from the out of business or bankrupt company the calls were made to a landline.

I did reassure my customers that their security firm was very much in business and one of the world's well know firms, F-Secure, based in Helsinki with offices in NYC.

Victim Location 70767
Type of a scam Phishing

These people called our office reporting that Microsoft had crashed and we were getting refunded and they needed me to access my computer. I stated that “I know you are running a scam.” He stated, “if you know it’s a scam, then why are you calling us? Are you an [censored]?”

Victim Location 45784
Type of a scam Utility

I have received multiple phone calls from numbers with the same area code as mine. For months I have been letting it go to voicemail since I did not recognize the phone number. I recently started a new job and have to use my cell phone for work purposes. I can no longer not answer a call that comes in. Today I started answering the calls. The same thing has happened each time.

When I pick up there is an automated message that says something to the effect of being connected to the representative to receive a credit on my electric bill. I pushed the button to be connected so that I could tell them to remove me from their list. Another message came on that said “you’re call is important to us”. Then I was connected to a person. The voice was male and sounded young. No accent. I told him I needed to speak with someone about taking my number off the list and he said “You found the guy” then hung up before I could ask any questions. I received 5 calls today alone. Same voice. Looking back at my phone history I have had 17 calls this week from the same person and no way to tell what number he is calling from.

I strongly believe this is a scam and that this person is trying to obtain personal information from individuals in order to take advantage. Not sure where else to report this so I thought I would start here!

Victim Location 80449
Type of a scam Tech Support

Computer voice stating I have a refund for services never purchased. When called back foreign male voice (Indian from India) tried to tell me that I was due a refund for a computer protection program I purchased last year was due me. Couldn't tell me what program or who I was as I called from a work not personal number. BS BS BS!

Victim Location 93635
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Another phone call/message telling me they are going to suspend my S.S. because of a criminal complaint by police authorities. I must call the investigator right away.

Victim Location 21784
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I was contacted by them in regards to my Federal Student Loan and that I qualified for student loan forgiveness. Come to find out as they got my info they fraudulently created an FSA ID in my name without my knowledge. I contacted the *** ** *** and spoke to someone about this company and was informed that this was in fact, a scam. Beware of this company, luckily they wrote my email down wrong and I never fully completed the application and they never processed their fee so I did not lose any money but I wanted to warn others about these people.

Victim Location 10031
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

The company called me to remind me to re-certify my repayment plan for my school loans, but also said there was a new discharge program that I could qualify for. The college I went to has since been closed down due to sneaky enrollment tactics and not being on the up and up with how they handled students' loan money. They said because of this, I could qualify for my loan to be discharged.

They asked me for my email address and birth date - which I assumed was to help confirm my identity - but was actually used so they could log on to my Federal Student Account and change my password so they could have access.

They then sent me a link to open, with the username and password (it was my regular FSA account with the new password they had changed, giving them access). The link showed all my school loans, and my grants from the government. They asked me some questions, to make it seem like the school really was scamming me. They pointed out some information with the grants that supposedly showed that the school did not disburse all my grants to me, and instead pocketed it for themselves. ( I am not sure if this is true, but I am looking in to it)

They said if I qualified for the program, 90%-99% of my debt could be discharged. He put me on hold, and came back to let me know I was approved for 98.5% to be discharged and would just have to pay the remaining 1.5%. He asked if I wanted time to think about it, but in my head I thought this was a no brainer, of course I want my school debt gone. I asked why I wouldn't do it now, and he said some people can't pay all that money at once. Then I realized I had to pay that money now. I thought it was strange, but didn't look too much into it. He said they can also make it 2 payments, which I agreed to. He sent me an email with a questionnaire that needed to be filled out, as well as a contract I needed to sign, giving them power of attorney.The questionnaire asks about how the college handled things etc, it also asks for a copy of my diploma and transcript, which to me made it sound believable. He put me on hold for a few minutes and I started doing some research. The website looks legitimate, but is a .org website and not a .edu or .gov website. He came back on the phone and asked for my card information, which I gave, and then he put me back on hold. Doing more research, I found that the address they gave was not an actual building, it was a freight entrance for a different address. Then I started searching for how to tell if something is a scam, and one of the main points is that if they ask for money up front, it is a scam, as a real student loan relief company would not charge. At this point, the guy comes back on the phone and says he is transferring me to the accounting department to finalize the payment. While I am waiting for that new call, I receive and email that is a request for money from one of the money transferring apps. The request is for the amount of the first payment I would be making to them. At that point I definitely knew this couldn't be legitimate, the government would definitely never use a money transferring app to ask for payment. Also, why were they asking for the payment on a money transfer app when they had my card info? When I was connected with the accounting department I told them I actually wanted to wait and think about it before I paid any money. After I hung up I immediately cancelled my bankcard, changed my FSA password, and called my loan provider. Luckily, I realized it right away, as opposed to after I paid the money, gave them power of attorney, and gave them information to my loan servicer account.

Victim Location 03301
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I answered my phone to a recording telling me they was the social security administration. They said my social security number has a lawsuit and to avoid this I needed to call a number. I called the number and asked what this lawsuit was about, they told me they needed my social security number, my date of birth, mailing address before they would tell me any information. I hung up on them.

Victim Location 90262
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Scam!!!!!!This number called me and it was a prerecorded message that said to call the same number that called and it was the irs. And if i didnt call back the police would come arrest me. I called the number back to ask to be removed from their list and that this a scam. A man proceeded to curse me.

Victim Location 36695
Total money lost $1,380
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They told me they a teacup Maltese for sale, for $500. They said it would be a $120 plane ride as well. I paid for that, and then they said there was pet insurance through a fake pet agency relocation center and told me I needed to pay another $760 for pet insurance. I questioned it, but made the payment because it said 100% refundable when I got the dog. They sent me flight information and then at 8:55 when the flight should have gotten here to my location, they said conditions where rough and needed 1,400 for a climate controlled dog crate to finish the trip. I did not pay and realized I had been scammed and there was no dog.

Victim Location 63116
Type of a scam Phishing

12 April 20119, message left on home phone answering machine.

Call came in from 'Out of area' 1-314-582-6554.

-Message left: "There will be a honor deduction 299 dollars from your bank account, unless you don't want to take charges, call attention that person. Please call us at toll free number 1-530-464-6645. This call may be recorded for training and quality purposes"

This is a scam call to get bank account information. Obviously I did not return the call.

Victim Location 79110
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

First of all the “Grants Department” has literally called me every day for the last 3 years.

For the last two years I’ve been winning PCH

And this year they actually used my AT&T account to order $1800 worth of smart phones.

But according to them I’m this April’s super winner.

I was robbed yesterday and just found this site today. So if y’all don’t mind I’m going to search for my notes and fill all this out again later.


Mr. Emoji Blue

Victim Location 32526
Type of a scam Phishing

My voice mail recorded the following message: Social Secutity Administration. We suspend your social security number due to some suspicious activity. Press 1 for more information. I received this call on April 9, 2019 at 5:33 pm.

I worked for SSA for 36 years so I knew this was a possible scam.

Type of a scam Other

When u answered the call it came up as the Chinese department for HIBC. When I called them back they were saying they were for a department of Ford or a dealership for Ford.

Victim Location 64131
Type of a scam Other

I received an email today that looked like it came from my boss asking for me to buy gift cards for our clients. He was needing $500 worth of gift cards bought in either $50 to $100 amounts to give out as rewards.

I work remotely so getting an email didn't seem odd, but the request was very weird. I called him to confirm because it and it wasn't really him. I am reporting the email address that it came from and hope they don't trick anyone. The subject like was is name so that was clever in this scammers part and easy to be tricked into it.

[email protected]

Victim Location 53144
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Letter read Re Member Name - my name

Patient - my name

This acknowledges receipt of your claim forabove patient.

We apologize for the delay in handling the claim submitted for the above patient. For the claim to be given proper consideration, it has been referred to our dental consultants for professional review. When a reply to our inquiry is received, you will hear from us immediately.

Date 04/02/19 Tooth 02 Proc 02750 Description Crown Porcelain Charges $1200 (There was a duplicate charge on the next line) Thank you for your patience and understanding etc. Sincerely, Dental Claims This is a copy of correspondence sent to Santa Clara At the bottom pf the letter, it said "Insurance products are underwritten by Union Security Insurance Company (Kansas City, Mo and administered by Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada (Wellesley Mills, MA) 2016 Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada, Wellesley Mills, MA 02481. All rights reserved Sun Life Financial and the globe symbol are registered trademarks of Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada Visit us at

Victim Location 06484
Type of a scam Other

I was called several times by "Anthony" saying they needed to verify my share votes for an Oppenheimer mutual fund. They wanted me to say I would vote my shares to support the actions requested by the Oppenheimer Board. They asked me agree by saying "Yes" and then asked me to verbally verify my name and address. [censored]ically, I did this, but now I'm sure this was a scam to get my voice "on tape" in order to use this to sign up for products/services in my name.

Victim Location 16804
Type of a scam Phishing

the roboxed call said Im not a solicitation call this is to let you know that we contacted your bank and frozen your accounts. And if you have any question leave a message. When I called it back it said this is the process division for any question and concerns leave a detail message. I am about to change my number and email way to many calls

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