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Victim Location 92106
Total money lost $4,000
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for loan through a private lender company. The company name is Hartmann financing Center. The representative that called her name is Karen Richards senior loan officer 1*** ext 703 she called and told me that my loan was approved and she went over the details with my contacts and told me that I needed a co-signer or a collateral payment of 900 for 3 months and it stated on the contract that that’s what I would be doing then later that day. She told me the lender requested another collateral payment of 900 as the contract stated the lender and request additional collateral. So I sent another 900. She told me I would beg funds into my account within an hour. Waited and nothing. Then she forward me to her manager who’s name is John Thomas 1877 3367737 ext 6 and he told me that the lender wanted me to buy insurance of 800$ and they will pay the other 800$ totally of 1600$ Canadian. Then I sent it. And told me that it was the final stage and I won’t have to send anything. Then I called back and they told me that the insurance company rejected than I would have to pay the other have to show me stability. So I went on and paid the 800$ then told me it was good to go. Waited an hour then told me.On Saturday, I called and he told me had to pay another 600$ for administration fee and that it would be it. Then I did and sent the funds. - he told me that good news I won’t have to send anymore funds and wait till Monday for my funds to be sent in 1 business day. So I called today on Monday April 15,2019 and he told me now that there is anotet fee ornaments 600$ for a closing fee and that that’s all and I sent that 600$ Canadian and told me that I wait about 1 half hour till i get my loan into my account then will send me final documents to sign stating I received the funds. The company’s own based out 1355 Scott St. Suite 506

San Diego, CA 92106 *** financing Center.

There Email Is [email protected]

Now I’m just waiting for a return call.

The name and I sent funds through MoneyGram are Jeffrey ***, Micheal Anthony Kelley, Eric *** all in Ontario Canada.

Victim Location 46742
Type of a scam Identity Theft

1st call 04-15-19 3:20pm Got a phone call saying they are with a Home Safety Co. and they ask if you can hear them ok? After I said yes the call ended.

2nd call 04-15-19 6:20 Caller saying they are with a Home Finance Co. and they ask if you can hear them ok? After I said yes the call ended.

What I understand about this scam is that they record you saying yes and use it in a unlawful transaction.

Victim Location 57106
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Got an email threatening that they are gong to send compromising video to all my contacts and they have hacked my contacts. Want payment via bitcoin

Victim Location 53704
Type of a scam Government Grant

Contacted through Facebook about TTCF government grant to get money.

Victim Location 90503
Total money lost $49
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Scam website pretends to be a Vans brand

Victim Location 19125
Type of a scam Employment

I received an email for a position I applied for on do NOT recommend) for data entry/personal assistant. Dr. John Powell described my job description and said he needed someone local to hand various money transactions. He said he works with a child care home and I would be getting supplies they need and bringing to them. He sent me a very legitiment looking check for $5,000 telling me to take my 1st weeks pay of $650 and then send the rest in a money order to a child care home in Maryland. This sounded off to me so I asked questions about who would be receiving them funds and told him you cannot deposit cash especially thousands of dollars because banks think it is money laundering. He gave me push back and questioned why I would think like that and called me a dishonest person. He said I was stealing his money and he was going to contact the authorities(lol) I said please do as I know this check is fake and when I go to cash it you will transfer these funds to a third party and I will be stuck paying back the bank.

Victim Location 46835
Type of a scam Government Grant

Constantly texting about a government grant. Says his name is William Carl Smith. Says he's a govt agent. Wants to give me a govt grant. Calls also but doesn't speak.

Victim Location 92037
Total money lost $1,829.30
Type of a scam Rental

*** *** fraudulently represented and rented one of their vacation rental condos to me - known as DP-095a-Riviera (please see web site link below):

*** The actual vacation rental and even beach was fraudulently and grossly misrepresented by their website photos. After viewing their website photos, please view a few of the actual photos I have attached to this statement depicting the rental's actual exterior and interior, including the beach. All are vastly different from their website photos. My entire rental with them, exterior and interior, along with the beach was completely fraudulently and negligently misrepresented by *** ***. These misrepresentations singularly and in their totality should have invalidated my rental contract with them.

Also, please see the link I have below from the *** *** ***. *** *** has 17 additional similar complaints to mine filed against them. I so wish I would have discovered this link prior to making my vacation rental reservation with them. Had I read this I would have never rented with them. Please note that I chose to report them as the Scammers they are. I believe a mere a complaint against them is a gross understatement of their fraudulent website.

*** Please understand that the reasons my guests and I absolutely could not stay in this vacation rental far exceeded any issues that could be resolved by a mere second cleaning which Mr. Mechanic of *** *** suggested.

In my complaint to him, I stated that the rental's odors were overwhelming of strong mold, mildew, and repugnant filth. Please note the significant water stains on the living room walls, the heavily soiled living room sofa and the carpet stains. I cannot express strongly enough the magnitude of the odors upon entering the rental. A second cleaning wouldn't have made any difference. At best, mold abatement, new paint, new furniture and new carpeting would have helped.

I had two other guests with me who will attest to the accuracy of my statements. Please understand that I am not exaggerating about the extremely unhealthy and unsanitary condition of this rental.

My *** *** customer service representative, Mario, hung up on me mid-conversation as I mentioned in my 2-5-19 letter. I called back and my call went to voicemail. Mr. Mechanic stated that I did not attempt to resolve this, but this was untrue. Worse yet, *** *** offered me no resolution by Mario hanging up on me.

My friends and I were originally very excited to have our vacation there, as we even requested an early check-in. We had ever intention of enjoying our vacation there based on their website's false depiction of the rental. We were devastated when we arrived. Not being able to stay there almost ruined our vacation.

*** *** Vacation Rentals are Scammers. It would be such an egregious miscarriage of ethics, morality and justice to allow them to continue.

doing this to people.

Victim Location 10031
Type of a scam Rental

I found Olivier's "rental listing" and contacted him to learn more about the authenticity of it. After trading a few emails, I automatically knew his whole offer was a scam but wanted to clarify it more. Especially when I asked him if I could either begin the month of May or June, he simply answered "Okay, I'm waiting for your details so I can initiate the process", without directly answering my question (instead, cutting to the chase and requesting my money first).

He also mentioned that AirBnB in the rental emails, which raised a major red flag. AirBnB is only meant to vacation and temporary stays, not rentals or long term.

In addition, his association with ***  doesn't strike me as valid because the location is based in Texas with only two Google reviews on the entire company. Also, his email structure and timing of his messages are off (do not strike me as professional/work-based).

Victim Location 77429
Type of a scam Government Grant

A message was sent to me on Messenger from a long time friend telling me they thought I was on the winners list for a Global Financial Assistance program . They told me They already benefited 50,000. And sent a picture of money. I knew it was a scam and told them I didn't like scanners. I called my friend whose account had been hacked!

Victim Location 33525
Total money lost $109.95
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Bought a weight loss sample for $6.95. On March 16th they used my credit card again and removed $109.95 from my VISA account. We didn’t notice it in March but my husband was checking our account tonight and found it and also found that another $109.95 was pending! I didn’t sign up for any membership and most certainly have not received any further product other than the original sample. We’re very afraid that they will continue to remove money from our Visa!

Victim Location 39564
Type of a scam Online Purchase

2010 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited for $2000.00. Military woman, Laurie Recker, got Jeep in divorce; says she is in ND about to deploy to Syria on April 23, 2019. Told me EBay would email me the info for money transfer. Email came from Laurie Recker with EBay invoice and instructions attached. I’m now reporting to BBB as scam.

Total money lost $2,500
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Everyday getting phone calls at landline that someone win lottery...already scammed 2500$

Victim Location 78362
Type of a scam Phishing

I got a Phone call that said my social security will be stopped because it has been hack. And I was transfer to another line that ring. Someone answer, saying they were the social security rep. Could I give them my name. I did. Then they wanted my last four social and like a fool I did. I ask why didn't I get a letter. She said they sent several. I said I never got one. I hung up. Now I am scared. This is the number they used 469-737-4349. On April 11, 2019 at 5:55pm.

Victim Location 97404
Type of a scam Government Grant

This company has repeatedly called and text my husband stating they can erase his student loan debt using an Obama enforced policy. They have gone in twice to his federal student aid account and changed the password to collect personal information. My husband had to close his bank account so that they would not take any money. We are trying to call to request they cancel any further efforts to take his personal information and /or money. Please DO NOT trust this company when they call or text you randomly. They need to be stopped. *** *** ***.

Victim Location 75647
Type of a scam Identity Theft

On April 11th at 3;27 p.m. I received a call from a number I didn't recognize. The area code and prefix mean it was a number from the Oak Park area of Chicago Il but I don't know anyone there. The man spoke with a thick accent asking for me by name but mispronounce my last time. He stated he was from the Social security administration and that there had been some suspicious activity on my account. I said I would call back as I was speaking to someone on the other line. After ending my personal phone call I called the same number back and this time a woman answered. She spoke with the same accent as the man. She didn't give me her name and I was unable to understand the name the man provided. She only stated she was also with the S.S.A. and asked me for my name. She did not seem to know my name as the man had because she asked me three times to repeat and spell it. After I did this she asked for my social security number but I was suspicious because the S.S.A. has never contacted me by phone. They send correspondence through the mail. So instead of giving her my number I asked her to provide proof that she was with the S.S.A. At this point she said nothing and just hung up on me. I have not made any further attempts to call the number back and I never got another call from that number although I put it in my blocked call list a couple hours after this incident so they can't call again. I reported this to the S.S.A. office, the FTC and the VoIP service provider listed as the issuer of the phone number from Chicago. I thought I should report it here to. You may reach me at the email provided if you want to discuss the issue. Thanks for your time

Victim Location 92057
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The call was a voice recording saying the IRS had filed a lawsuit against me for tax evasion and to call back.

Victim Location 98107
Type of a scam Phishing

Robocall asking "can you hear me ok"? They are spamming my phone multiple times EACH day.

Victim Location 27863
Type of a scam Phishing

I'm reporting this for my father. He is continuing to get calls from his own landline. As many as 10 to 15 times a day. He wants it to stop.

Victim Location 43015
Type of a scam Tech Support

i have received calls from customers saying they are receiving calls from different people with foreign accents telling them

their computer security company went out of business or went bankrupt and moved to Australia. the scammers told the people to request a

refund from the out of business or bankrupt company and then tried to get them to purchase something from them. The customers believed correctly that the call was a scam and hung up. in no situation did the scammer identify themselves or the security that was supposed to have been from the out of business or bankrupt company the calls were made to a landline.

I did reassure my customers that their security firm was very much in business and one of the world's well know firms, F-Secure, based in Helsinki with offices in NYC.

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