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Victim Location 89149
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call and a voice asked “are you still there?”. I said “yes” but there was no further communication from the caller. I shortly received text messages from that number attempting to steer me to an unfamiliar website to obtain a vehicle report on a vehicle that I had listed for sale. I never clicked on the link and I stopped all communication.

Victim Location 55439
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Caller left a voice mail indicating that there were actions filed against my social security number for criminal activities and to call them back before they began legal action.

Victim Location 85202
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

I may be a victim of fraud. This person claim to inherit millions of dollars and needs my assistant to collect the money. I just want to be 100% sure it's fraud.

Victim Location 44104
Type of a scam Government Grant

I have had many phone calls in the last two weeks regarding receiving a $9000 Government Grant. Different individuals call. William Miller. He gave me phone number 202-780-7599. Wanted me to go to CVS and send them $200 to receive the grant. Buy some type of get card. I would get the $200 back. I also received a call from Mike Spencer 202-813-9390. Ray King 202-780-7599 Ext 777. I did not buy and gift cards or send money. I am reporting the calls.

Victim Location 44114
Type of a scam Government Grant

A foreign lady called my cell phone offering a $9400 AARA Federal Grant. I was granted this money. They gave me a code to give when I call back. AM3006. They said to call the phone number back. 916-890-0047. Told me not to tell anybody. I did not call the number back. they did not say how much it was. I had a feeling it was a scam. I asked what the grant was for and they did not answer me. /she said this is not a scam. Do you want it or not.

Victim Location 46601
Total money lost $55
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan and was sent an email to contact a person for approval. They asked me to get a Google play card and send $55 for the insurance. Once I did it was told that I need to send an additional $130 for activation of a code that he already gave me. I'm unsure if this is right

Victim Location 21090
Type of a scam Phishing

Repeated calls saying vacation awards department "Can you hear me"?

Victim Location 75706
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Left VM saying to call the social security office because there is fraud on his SS number.

Victim Location 38040
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I recd correspondence allegedly from US Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign and National Assets Control, 290 Broadway #3, New York, NY 10007 regarding a certified check in the sum of $756,233.000 issued to ___________________ by the Proctor and Gamble Corporation.

Our records indicate that you have an ownership interest in the above-described asset seized by the office of Foreign and National Assets

Control Dept of the State of TN on the 4th of March. The property is subject to forfeiture of the US Govt 30 days from the date of this

notice (dtd 4/3/2019) due to the violation of: ( ) 31 USC 5313 (a) ( ) 18 USC 1956

It is advised to keep your claim no. (UST-7327-US) confidential until your claim has been properly processed and authorized for release by the assigned government official at the US Department of the Treasury.

There was more information -- it was signed by Jason Cortez (646-921-7670) Director, US Treasury Department.

This letter is fraudulent.

Victim Location 45402
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received call at 12:46 pm from 877-221-8444. They left message saying they were my computer security company. I don't have a security company. Said they were going out of business so they needed to send me $299.00 refund. This was on my cell phone.

Victim Location 85283
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Called left a voicemail from one number but had multiple numbers with an Arizona area code, called each one back until I got a call from 8001711213 and they answered social security administration etc. and I stated if you really have a case against me I would have gotten a letter and she hung up on me.

Victim Location 64865
Total money lost $4,500
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They calling to say they will consolidate your credit card debt and all you have do is fill a form that they mail to you and send it back with all the credit card information that you want pay off and send a small fee. Then will send you a check from Amazon to pay off this credit card. Once you send them the information and after you signed a piece paper saying you acknowledge that you will be charged 200.00 an hour for service they will turn around and bill to it the credit card that you gave the information of. You will not receive a check from Amazon. You get stuck with paying off a max out credit card. They will call you again about 5 month later and when you confront them about getting your check they will then say if you give us your bank information we can direct deposit it into your count.

Victim Location 44221
Type of a scam Phishing


Victim Location 63129
Type of a scam Credit Cards

These people called, gave a long account number (false) and charge us $1500. If we wanted to stop them, we had to call them back to get a refund.

Victim Location 92020
Total money lost $1,300
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was informed by Annette Martinez to send over my insurance information in which I stated to her I’d send it by Thursday due to the fact I’m getting my information for insurance through Geico mobile when I searched for this finance company their information did not pop up also on other major insurance companies their information does not pop up as well

so I had to Input other on Geicos data base online when I emailed Annette Martinez she stated to me they would have the century auto send my information back and they would repo my car in which they alread takennoit the loan under my information and name she also stated I would still need to make payments even

Though she would have my car taken in which I took full action to get my information I looked

Up their company website (no website) also not just only me but other have had the same issue with Lincoln Finacial and century auto.

Victim Location 20706
Type of a scam Other

This telephone number called me. The telephone number is registered to a person named *** *** based in Leonardtown, Maryland and is described as a landline phone. The message from the scam is as follows: "For more information on how to receive your medical grade brace. Press one now. Once again press one now or press two to be placed on our do not call list." I did not answer the telephone number to this medical scam call.

Victim Location 44485
Type of a scam Government Grant

I keep getting calls to my cell phone offering a $7000 grant. Their phone numbers are 202-202-8579. They call from that number. The number they give me to call is 235-470-6880. They want me to go to WalGreens and send $250. Wire transfer the money. I didn't do it. I questioned them and caller got mad at me. She hung up on me. I did not send any money.

Victim Location 20706
Type of a scam Phishing

My father who is nearly 60 years old was scammed by an individual impersonating themselves as a representative from the U.S. Social Security Administration saying that my father's social security number will be suspended and wanted my father's social security number and his bank information. The male individual was being very pushy, harsh, and aggressive on the telephone. He told my father that there was a criminal warrant for him in Texas involving drugs. And, the individual threatened to call law enforcement if my father does not go the financial bank to withdraw some money and put it on a gift card. The individual aggressively told my father not to ask the bank anything or even speak to anyone. The scammer was getting more and more agitated of who my father was speaking to by telephone. My father didn't know that he was being scammed before it was too late. Do not give anyone that you do not know your personal information. My father has informed the three credit bureaus, and his bank of this information.

Victim Location 07050
Type of a scam Rental

The scammer posted a picture of a rental listed at ** *** *** in clifton, NJ for $1000 a month which was a 2 bed 2 bath which included all utilities. Because I am interested in moving I sent her an email. She responded with this email:


my apartment in ** *** *** it is still available. Has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Rent 1000 which includes all the utilities. Pet friendly.

If are you really interesting replay me including some information about you as a renter.


I responded: Hi Lisa,

Is there a time or day I can come by to see the apartment. I rather not discuss information via email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.”

She responded:


Thanks for getting back to me and hope this e-mail finds you well. We bought this property for our daughter during her studies there, but now she finished the studies and we do not plan on selling the place. That`s why we decided to rent it.

Unfortunately, because of my job, it will be a bit difficult to meet you personally now because we are from CA and I am unable to travel right now.

Last week I came there to meet with a couple who was interested, but no one was present at the meetings, and I think you can imagine that it's not very comfortable to fly back and forth from CA, especially when work commitments are made.

So we decided to make the arrangements for an inspection through Airbnb, an international company that mainly deals with rentals.

Through Airbnb, you will inspect the property before to sign the rental agreement. They will organize the inspection and will also assist you in managing the payment. I am paying Airbnb fees, so there will be no extra cost for you.

First of all, I`ll have to make the booking registration for you with Airbnb, and they send you the booking confirmation containing all the rental information along with payment instructions to secure the booking.

You will need to send Airbnb a down payment of 1 month of rent to Airbnb and after they will receive it, an agent will be assigned for your reservation, which will contact you to schedule the perfect time when you can inspect the place. Can be even the same day.

If you like the place, you`ll sign the lease, you`ll get the keys from the Airbnb agent and you can move in right away.

The down payment is a simple formality and by paying you are not obliged to rent the apartment.

After the inspection, if you do not like the place and you do not want to rent it, Airbnb will return your down payment in full immediately.

If you want to proceed, I`m going to need your details (full name, current address and phone number) to can make the registration for you at Airbnb.


Brian & Lisa Connell”

I thought her response was very fishy and didn’t make any sense.

Victim Location 50325
Total money lost $30.50
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They trick you into purchasing things you can't use then will not issue refunds.

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