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Mutual Recovery

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Mutual Recovery Reports & Reviews (28)

Victim Location 58788
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a call to my cell phone and left a voicemail with a local # stating if I didn’t rectify the debt Human Resources would be contacted. Scared of course, I tapped the # they called from and a woman answered claiming to be from a legal department. She started by asking if my email, last 4 digits of my social and my address were correct, and they were. She stated I had a loan that went into collections in 2016 and continued to offer me options as how to pay this off or make payments. Still confused, as I had taken out loans before in the past , years ago, but paid off , I‘m thinking it was ok they’re calling local maybe I should give a payment. I reluctantly paid $100 to start and gave her my debit card #. We agreed on a payment plan and said she would send me my payment plan via email. All was said and done. I checked my email and on it everything was different, from the email coming from RESTITUTION [email protected] and a PDF attached to it. Tapped on it and here the installment plan popped up. stating original lender as EZ CORP ONLINE, INC. heading reading Mutual Recovery 1415 Hwy 85, Fayettville, GA 30214 with a phone # reading 833-783-2378. Please be aware! These people have no compassion for what they do to innocent people such as myself and me falling for it! Do not answer! Do not call back! I’m still in awe thinking how could this happen to me! Shut down my card and disputing the $100 I paid through my bank. They are using local #’s so you believe what you hear! They are full of it ! Don’t let this happen to you!!

• May 07, 2020

Same thing and same person called me yesterday. They called my ex husband who alerted me to this because they had all of my personal information, ss#, full name, phone and previous employer and address. I asked for something in writing and she refused by saying that they had to have an agreement before they send something via email. I had a pay day loan which was not paid in full in 2013. She also sounded legit, and said that they would settle the original debt of 2040.56 to 1250.00. She wanted a down payment which I refused, and said that we could go to civil court for the whole amount or make a payment arrangement. I told her that I would make a payment arrangement. She told me they wanted me to pay every 2 weeks and I told her I couldn't so she agreed to 135.00 for 10 months paid on the last day of the month but she needed a credit card number. I gave her a closed account. I researched it today and found out in the State of Alabama there is a statute of limitation for debt at 6 years. This was 7 years ago. So basically they cannot do a thing to me. Her name was Paige Dixon, but the only difference was that she called from an Alabama number: 205-878-3975 ext: 415181

• Feb 07, 2020

The SAME EXACT thing happened to me! I fell for it, but after reading this, I canceled my card. I do have a payday loan from several years ago that I did not pay, so I assumed that this was legit, but when I called to ask for my original agreement that I had defaulted on, they said that they don't have it. So, DEFINITELY A SCAM! They are very convincing. Did yours have the name "Paige Dixon" on it as an account representative?

Victim Location 43777
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got a call from Mutual Recovery 614-382-8098 on Thursday. Then from 512-764-9242 regarding a file their office is handling. The voicemail says I need to contact them before further action is taken. I was to call back 281-918-7408.

Victim Location 53562
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Had two calls from this number within two hours. Claiming that I owed She asked if this was my last four of my ss#, have no idea who this caller was and how she had the last four of my ss#. She said that I needed to pay just over 2 thousand dollars, but if I was going to pay today she could cut me a deal. She was very rude. She eventually hung up. I called the lady that I spoke with said this was fraud, Do not pay these people anything. This is an imposter scam

Victim Location 44130
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Female, Nevaeh Carmical, called stating she was calling about a loan I had in 2014. She provided my address so it sounded like she knew about me. She said she was calling for Check-n-go. their client and she was calling for them. She said if payment was not made, it would be considered theft and fraud and the Cuyahoga county police would come and arrest me for theft. She said the loan was now $1400 something. If I made a payment for $530 now the debt would be closed but if I could not afford it, I can make monthly payments for a total of $900. I told her I did not have money and would not have access to that large amount until 8/3 when I have my social security check. She said she could set it up to take the money out 8/4 and then the loan would be cleared out and asked for my routing and checking number. I gave it to her. I asked for paperwork and she said she needed to get something set up so that I would not get charged legally for theft and fraud. She said she would send a receipt after I paid. She asked for my email account. I told her I did not have one and to send the receipt in the mail but she said she can only send via email. I called the number she gave me back and it was not working. I called my bank and closed my bank account. The next day the woman called back to check if everything was good, I told her it was. I asked where her company was located. She said their headquarters was in Miami but they had offices all over the country. I called directory assistance in Miami and there was no company in Florida nor in Columbus nor Cleveland.

I told her I had check on her company and could not find anything. She then hung up.

Victim Location 53711
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a phone call that said Dish Network. They advised me or my lawyer to call for further information. When I call it was not Dish Network though. I told the lady I said I received a phone call from this number that claimed that they were from Dish Network and she asked me who I was and she told me my last 4 digits of my social security number. I was shocked because I didn't know who this person was. So I asked her who she was she was like you owe check-n-go almost close to $1,500. I said impossible I don't owe check-n-go any money. The lady was nasty and rude she said that I committed fraud and I was going to go to jail. I told her that she can take it up with my lawyer she was like fine and she hung up the phone. And I also called the police department and I filled out paperwork for Mutual Recovery.

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