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Mutual Recovery

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• Apr 08, 2024

Straight from speedy cash as them being fraud scammers.;

From: Speedy Cash
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2023 7:59:11 PM
Subject: Fraudulent Phone Call Warning

We hope this email finds you well.

We've received numerous reports that phone calls are being placed by imposters/scammers posing as attorneys and claiming to represent Speedy Cash. These imposters/scammers are saying court action is being taken against call recipients and attempting to collect funds and information regarding delinquent loan payments.These imposters/scammers are ARE NOT associated with Speedy Cash!

We encourage you to always remain cautious and skeptical when you receive a phone call from someone you do not know who asks you to provide things like personal, banking, credit card, or loan information, particularly in an age where there are many fraud attempts taking place via phone and email.

If you have any questions about the status of your account, please contact our customer service team via phone at 1-877-336-9392 or sign into your account 24/7.

Visit Security CenterSincerely,

Speedy Cash
Customer Service

This email message contains information from Speedy Cash and is confidential. The included information is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of the contents of this message is prohibited.

If you received this email in error, please notify us immediately by telephone at 1-866-721-9872 or email at [email protected].

© 1997-2023 Speedy Cash. All Rights Reserved.

This email was sent to [email protected]
by Speedy Cash
PO Box 782260 | Wichita, KS 67278

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• Apr 08, 2024



Starts with fake scam emails.  With the sender of general, personal outlook email account.  Then to send to a restitution Gmail account, instead of a speedy cash actual email account.:

From: Jason Powell
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2023 5:42:42 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Legal Proceedings Notice


CASE NO: SC/576A7/86L 






This Proceeding issued on you Docket No: SC/576A7/86L with SPEEDY CASH PAYDAY LOANS Inc. Company in order to notify you that after making calls to you on your phone number we were not able to get hold of you so the accounts department has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press legal charges against you. 


We had sent you this warning notification about legal proceedings on November 11th, 2022 but you failed to respond on time. Now, it’s high time if you fail to respond in the next 12 HOURS, we will register this case in court. Consider this as a final warning and we will be Emailing/Fax this issue to your current employer to make sure they take strict actions against you. Your salary and all your wages will be confiscated. 


We will be forced to proceed legally against you and once it is processed the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer and your references regarding this issue and the lawsuit will be the next step which will be amounting to $8679.68 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges. 


Please let us know what your intention is by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will submit the paperwork to your local county sheriff department and you will be served by court summons at your doorstep. 


This is your last and final chance to settle this case. If you don't take it seriously, we will surely take hard steps against your name and social and you will be the only person responsible for the legal consequences. 


By electronically signing this Loan Agreement by clicking the "I AGREE" button below, you are confirming that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Consent and that you have downloaded or printed a copy of this Consent for your records. 

We have settlement amount for you with easy Monthly and One-time settlement amount option.  


1. If you can make a one-time payment of $1280.00 (same day payment) we can close your case file with this amount only.  

2. If you are looking for monthly payment, then you have to pay the total amount of $1864.00 with payment arrangement and you can pay $350.00 bi-weekly till paid in full.  



Speedy Cash Legal Group of Attorneys.
Copyright © 2019 Speedy Cash Legal Group of Attorneys | Privacy | Terms of use | Carrier
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... />
Then, in January 2024 and April 2024, they start texting and calling all family (they associate with you from internet search look up) and text the same as in the email- under Location Services and the company Mutual that does not give any company information, says you can't use your bankruptcy lawyer for their supposed fraud charges.

With different case number from email and different amount with mixed information- old address and old bank you no longer use, 

Yet, have your birth date and last 4 of SSN and some correct.

They are persistent and do not give up!.

They are claiming to have filed with your local county in regards to defrauding whatever institution they say and if you do not respond or pay they will be filling through that court and are gonna be calling your relatives and your job to get it and locate you. That you are committing fraud all of these tactics are illegal through fair debt collection act.
Illegal scare tactics

Mutual recovery is trying to scare people into paying them money. 855-484-8869

Yes I just received a disturbing phone call from mutual recovery that was bought out by some company in Abilene, TX. They claimed that I defaulted on my payment arrangement with EZ Corp. I told them that this from 2013, I remember paying that off. It’s been 8!years and I received a class action lawsuit payment from this company. I told this fraud and the company doesn’t exist. When I stated that the woman was fast talking with me, arguing with me because I have legal representation, she got offended. I also asked are you all accredited, because this is a scam company. They’ve been trying to draft my account, because I gave them cash app and then changed the card information, because when they first contacted me, I couldn’t remember the details. They also made threats that they draft ANY bank account that I have and garnish wages. The numbers that they called me from is (325)999-5705 and (325)671-4056, they NEED to be stopped. Thank you.

• Apr 08, 2024

I just made 3 post complaints that show they are fraud scammers.

They also have callled my wife, sister and mother, which is illegal.

I received a call two days ago from these people claiming that I was going to be charged with Theft by deception for a loan from a subsidiary company of EZLoan. I demanded that they verify the information and they posted a document with an account number claiming that it was associated with the case. The next day I tried to call the number that was used and it was disconnected. That is when I started to do some digging and the location for their business popped up as a Kroger's grocery store. That is when I contacted my bank and canceled my debit card.


Brother in laws work and Mom were left this message by voicemail sounded like a Caucasian female voice aged in her 30's.
Voicemail left stated: "Hello this notification is intended for ____,____( real name used) I'm calling in reference to a pending matter out of Bexar county. I am informing you that we will be making the recommendation for the client to move forward with this complaint, at this time you want to go ahead within your right to take care of this matter voluntarily. We will contact your human resources department for wage verification. Again the client is willing to rectify this matter if they hear from you today. Contact the *inaudible due to speaking department name fast* immediately at :" then a long pause "(254) 720-1812 thank you and good luck. "
When my husband and i called with me on mute listening to the call, was answered by an African American male who identified himself as "Mutual Recovery" my husband who was initially named in the voicemail spoke and stated he received a call from the number, gave his name and was then transferred to a female African American. She began to question my husband why he was calling back after he was rude from the previous call he made (with just himself). My husband began by apologizing and asked if they could go over more details of what he "owed". The female who identified herself as Mrs. Dixon, said she would have to try to open his account because she had 'marked' it as refusal to pay. She paused and repeated again she is attempting to open his account, have a lecture of why she can't understand why people take out loans and don't pay then back. Paused, and repeated she was trying to access his account. My husband asked what was the amount owed and she gave two amounts of 900.00 and 2016.17 which she said we're two different loans taken out with Ace cash advance and EZ loans. My husband asked what the dates were for the loans, to which the female paused and said she was trying to access his account, again lecturing my husband for taking out loans and "but expecting to have to pay then back". She then said she could only see the year of 2018 for the 'loans' he asked what city and state and she said she could only see the state listed as texas. Paused again then said she was trying to access the account, giving yet another lecture saying since he was rude she marked him as refusal to pay and his account was probably going to be taken to court. My husband asked again what city and state. She finally answered San Antonio paused then said Universal city. My husband stated that would be impossible and that this was a scam. She began to argue by saying she already had his social, date of birth, and bank info, that they could move forward anyways without his consent to recover the money but that she is trying to work out a payment plan for his own good. He asked what the payment amounts were going to be like and for how many months. The female continued to lecture my husband saying she can't understand why people don't pay their bills, that he should do the right thing and pay the money back. My husband asked again what the payments would be like, she answered $100.00. My husband said this doesn't make sense i researched your number and it came up a scam. The female began to argue that people are angry and go online saying it's a scam when really they are mad they have to pay money back which baffles her. She then said if he didn't pay this back she would garnish his wages. At this point i came to the line and stated to the female she had failed to clarify the loan amounts regarding initial amount borrowed and what was the interest involved, failed to give clear dates of the loan, failed to give information regarding the original creditor to verify the debt, which should be available by letter if unable to give verbally over the phone, failed to adhere to privacy and confidentially laws by disclosing to family and work that a debt was being collected and by leaving a voicemail on a work number and family number stating it was regarding an attempt to collect, and threatened to garnish wages, all that are violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA law), and have failed to state this call may be recorded and monitored once another party comes to the line. Keep in mind the female was talking over me asking who i was, where did i come from, she won't speak to someone she doesn't know, etc. I had to firmly repeat myself regarding our rights. In the end she hung up . My husband genuinely believed this was real and was distraught. Educate yourself with your rights, be informed with what is reported on your credit reports. All of which can be accessed directly from the crediting companies for FREE online or even sent by letter if you call the credit companies. A true collection agency is required by law to be able to prove that this debt is owed and will have all this information that you are by right allowed to dispute if you believe it is either incorrect, paid, or not yours. So many people become victims by these tactics.


Received a phone call today 12/30/2020 about a installment loan from 2008 for $1000 but they are wanting m to pay $1800 for a place called Easy Court which Mutual Recovery Company worked for. They called my dad first, he hasn't had his number very long and my current number I have had for only a year. The first lady Page Dixon (is the name she used) told me I was going to loose my case and that I have no proof of payment. The supervisor got on the phone cause I raised my voice and she didn't appreciate it. They have my full social and all other information they have for me is more than 10 years old. I recently filed fraud and theft charges in November 2020 for ID theft/bank hacking ect... They claim I will be garnished wages and thrown in jail in a State I wasn't even living in at time of so called loan.The supervisor did not give a name. the number they called from is 470-296-6361 but left this number for me to call back on254-720-1812. After I so not politely told then to kick rocks they called back using number 833-783-2378 and i told them I was filing harassment charges against them.

They had me paged on my job with a scare tactics for a garnishment against for a loan that I supposely did in 2016 for a 1000 dollars. The shook me up so bad that I gave them information to my pay card. I have since then talked to a lawyer and they said they could not do that. I have cancelled that card with the advice from my lawyer.

Mutual Recovery called today 11-18-2020 and reported a wage garnishment against me. They had my DOB correct but my SS# was incorrect and my Address they had was incorrect. They wanted my SS# and I began yelling at them and told them they were $$9ing not going to get my information. They would not identify themselves and would not tell me the company who had filed the (so called) garnishment. He Kept telling me to calm down. He also said he was calling from Lee County Texas. I don't even know where Lee County Texas is. I told him in a not so nice manner he was not getting any information from me. This is a clear attempt to steal identities. If you receive a call from 833-783-2378 DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION. This is a scam and they are trying to steal your identity. Scare Tactics Scam!

This company threatened me and advised they had a wage garnishment against me. However the Social Security Number they had tied to me was wrong and the address they had for me was wrong. They requested my Social Security Number. They had my Date of Birth and apparently my Phone Number. I do believe they were trying to steal my identity. I want my Phone Number, and my name removed from their data bank that they have tied to the bogus SS#. They refused to tell me the name of the company that hired them for the collection.

This was an apparent scam in an attempt to steal my identity. They would not identity their names even when I called back.

I want my information name/phone # removed from their data and want them investigated to see who else they may be scamming out of money.

Attempted to take my wages by stating they had a wage garnishment against me. I am a retired Officer.


Michelle and Eric both were points of contact and were calling in regards to my mother-in-law. They were asking if I know her. I asked what it's in regards to and they both had said it's a debt mediator that is trying to get the money owed. I asked if she didn't pay something back. "yes that's correct." okay are they at risk of being sued? "yes and their wages garnished." this was all after knowing I wasn't the customer they were trying to contact. They breached FDCPA and did not seem legit. They were threatening legal action to a 3rd party without prior consent to speak to me from the customer, and they were very unprofessional on the entire process. after calling back, they hung up, placed me on hold, denied any previous conversations and what happened. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. If someone is going to sue you for debt collections, you'll get a letter first and they won't threaten legal right off the bat. I work for a collections company and this is not how it's done.

• Apr 06, 2024

They bought old cards and old loans information from companies that have has breached and stolen data.

Then, they search white pages and the like for relatives and harass everyone until the person they want calls.

They threatened fraud charges in court and wage garnishment after saying the red flag file is closed / sealed and they access it.

To tell you that to scare you into paying then.

They try to say bankruptcy lawyers can't help with fraud charge of loan.

They can make it convincing.

And will harass for months and years!

Report them to state attorney general, Ic3, FTC and BBB!

I wish I had read all of these sooner. Someone contacted me in July about a payday loan from 2009. This was after they had contacted, my mom, my daughters and my ex-husband. Said that I owed money for a payday loan and that the company was seeking legal action against me for defrauding a corporation. I made payment arrangements with them and then due to financial reasons was unable to make any more payments. I called them and told them not to charge my account anymore, that I would contact them soon with and set up another payment arrangement. Three weeks later they charged my account again plus a $25 LATE FEE! The month after that when they charged my account AGAIN I put a stop payment on it from my bank. They just charged my account again this month and I received a voice mail today that they're "client" is seeking legal actions because of my stop payment. I'm going to cancel my debit card and they can go [censored] themselves. Straight thieves.


OMG, I'm reading all these comments and they call me on 10/21/20 on my Job with the same script about a payday loan they said I took out in 2012 (which I have no knowledge of) for $450.00. They were VERY convincing and believable due to knowing my name, SS#, address and some of my family member name. I spoke to Paige who said she was the supervisor and was fast talking and acted like she really wanted to help me with a payment plan. I called my bank for them to do a search for any payday loan deposit of $450.00 back in 2012 and there was no record of any payday loan deposit. I called EZ Corp, Inc which was listed as the creditor for this payday loan and the lady I spoke to told me that my name is no where in the system for a payday loan and that they were a pawnshop in Texas. They caught me off guard but after calling my bank and EZ Corp as well as reading all of these comments, I'm convinced they are scammers and they will not get a dime out of me. Please be careful. It's a shame how they are preying on vulnerable people especially during a difficult time in this COVID-19 pandemic.

- Kansas City, MO, USA

These people called me ,my sister telling her and me I had an account open and they were going to garnish my check they said that cash net USA a loan a had had before they wanted their money I went bankrupt in 2018 they said I had the loan out in 2016 I had to make payment arrangements or they were going to garnish my check. I fell for it gave them my card number started to pay but only $75.then something clicked I called cash net USA myself to see if they were gonna garnish my check they said no I hadn’t had a loan since 2012 with them they gave me a number of the collections agency they gave it to they had not had it either then they gave me to another collections agency number that business was no longer open. Theses people are scaring people into paying and me falling for it. Don’t fall into the lies I know better because I filed bankruptcy I told them that. They said well this account was not on the bankruptcy and I had to pay they lied . They charged me 65 dollars and a 10 charge for sending them the money.

- Clanton, AL, USA

I have been called numerous times by this company claiming I owe 1100 dollars for a loan from 2011. They told me that the only options to take care of this was to pay in full or go to court. They even gave all of my info including name, address, DOB, socal security number, etc to my husband over the phone.


They called me and said I had a loan and my reference was my brother who passed away 6 years ago and his exwife. I would never use them as a reference. I think they we’re looking for people who lived at the same address in the past. They are very unprofessional and I attempted to explain this is not my debt. I asked for the name and she said mutual recovery. I asked for the address and they would not give it to me. I knew then this was a scam. They called my employer after I told them not to. This is a violation. Of the fair debt collection act. I reported them to the attorney generals office. Do not pay them a penny.

- Fairhope, AL, USA

This company called my ex-husband on 2 occasions trying to collect a debt from an unpaid pay day loan from 7 years ago. They knew all of my information and falsely represented themselves. I asked them not to call again, and that I was not going to pay it because I know they are a scam and the statute of limitations on this debt has expired in the state of Alabama. The person told me I was the only one scamming them and told me that all of the problems in the world these days are caused by people of my stature. They told me that they would have to call me back and I told them not to bother to waste their time. I also printed out a letter template that I am mailing to the address provided on this site, requesting that they cease calling me or relatives. We will see if this letter gets returned. They failed to send me a letter as I requested. They were supposed to email me, which never happened. I requested for written correspondence to be sent via the USPS. They said it will take 7-10 days. I won't hold my breath.


They contacted me saying I took out a loan in 2011 for $450 that I didn’t pay. I didn’t take out any such loan! The lady not only called my phone but called my place of business and my relatives. She also had my full social security number, my address and my email address. She said if I don’t pay I will be charged with felony fraud with intent to defraud a financial institution and other felonies! She threatened to call the owner of my company and I told her to go ahead! I told her that 1) the debt isn’t mine and I never heard of the company she said she’s collecting for 2) even if it existed and was from 2011 the statute of limitations would be up anyway per the FDCPA 3) she can’t garnish my paycheck without a judgment which she could never get because they are scammers 4) the company they say I owe doesn’t even grant loans in my state 5) even if this debt belonged to me, there is no debtors prison in this country and Americans cannot be charged with a crime and 6) I know who I owe money to and who I don’t and I don’t have one late payment or collection on my credit report (to which she said they just hadn’t reported it yet..from 2011, lady? Yeah, okay). When she realized I was informed and wasn’t falling for the scam she got really hostile and was very nasty, said I was rude and hung up on me. Lol. This is a SCAM, please don’t give them a cent of your money or access to any of your bank accounts!


I received a call today from (870) 399-1239 "Warren Sanders" that said I was ignoring my rights and they were advising their client to proceed with legal action in White County (a county I used to live in) and they stated my maiden name. I called back and asked the name of the company. They said Mutual Recovery. She said, "Did you receive a call from us?" I said yes. She said we are looking for a "Christopher Reynolds". (not my name). I said that was not me. She said sorry for the phone call and hung up. Whoever left the voicemail clearly said MY real name though. HATE Scammers!

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