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Motor Vehicle Services

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Motor Vehicle Services Reports & Reviews (42)

• Jan 10, 2022

Victim Location 90026
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam

I got a post card to sign up for factory warranty with them. And they started billing me monthly.

After a few months I went to the dealership to get some work done and gave the dealer their claim number. They tried all types of tactics to not pay the dealer. Keeping them on hold for hours, transferring them multiple times, asking for data and other info over and over. The dealer gave up and told me to call myself because they weren't going anywhere. I called and I experienced the same issue.

I kind of figured out very quickly it was a scam. Very unprofessional. Don't send them a dime!

Victim Location 97499
Type of a scam Phishing

I had just purchased a car with an extended warranty. A few weeks late a stared receiving post cards in the mail from motor vehicle services. The post card had the year make and model of my new car. The post card said if I didn't get a hold of them it would void any warranty on my car. I was skeptical but called to find out if this is who I hadn't my warranty through. When I called I asked if my policy was through them or if they were just fishing for new customers. The guy said he couldn't give me any info I would have to take to his advanced specialist supervisor. So I asked to be transfered. He refused to transfer me till I gave him some more information about myself and my car. I explained I wouldn't do that until I spoke to his supervisor. He refused to let me talk to anyone else. I asked him what the name of his company was. He went silent. I asked him again and he hung up. I called back and the exact same guy answered the phone so I asked him the name of his company again and again I was hung up on.

Victim Location 91103
Type of a scam Phishing

Received post card from Motor Vehicles Servcies with information of a car I had purchased. Information on card had vehicle year, type of car and model. Card also stated it was a factory warranty replacement notice. I called the 800 number and and forgien spevking person answered the phone. I asked were she was located and stated CA. I asked where in CA and she could'nt name a location, but attempted to transfer me to another person. I hung up and called again and a male answered the phone with first and last name. I asked what this card was for and told him in fine print-the busniess was not affiliated with and dealer or manufacturer. I listened to his what he had to say, and when he was finished, I stated I would be calling the car dealer where I take my car for service. I spoke with the servcie dept and they had not heard of this company. I asked if they had any contracts with any extended warranty companies, which they did. I asked for the names and phone numbners which she gave me 4 names of companies the dealer/manufacturer had contracts with for extend warrenty service. One she did recommend. If anyone receives a card like this call your car dealer and verify this company.


Victim Location 48309
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a letter addressed to "Audi Owner" (at my address), with the warning: "IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO THIS NOTICE REQUIRED". The letter lists no business location, nor website - only a phone number. When called, I was apparently connected to a salesperson who aggressively attempted to find out my car make and model, and when I refused to give them (I was just trying to determine what on earth this notice was) he got rude.

Victim Location 93277
Type of a scam Other

I first started receiving pink notices about my car warranty and I needed to extend my warranty or my car will be required “High-Risk” and will not be able to be fixed. I received post cards and more mail. It began to become more pushy and more threatening for my car to be high risk for electrical issues. I contacted my local Honda dealership and they said they have never heard of this place. I received my last post card with the same details about their warranty as in they were the state of California.

Victim Location 77029
Type of a scam Other

They contacted me via mail saying that I had to immediately contact them to have my vehicle updated, but their company also is not affiliated with the dealer or manufacturer.

Victim Location 44217
Type of a scam Other

They claim if I dont reup my warranty my car will be classified as high risk. I have a contract from the dealer that says otherwise

Victim Location 80503
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Received an official looking notice that resembled a government document about renewing a warranty of a recently purchased vehicle. Upon "signing up" they charged 400 dollars to a debit card and were EXTREMELY manipulative and rude when we tried to cancel. After an hour of yelling, the agreed to "cancel the policy", but money was still charged to the debit card.

Already posted before but I got THREE more, increasingly desperate looking letters. Got concerned on the one because it had my dealership listed but then you look below at the fine print and they state they're not endorsed or affiliated with the dealership! Look them up on the BBB website (you'll know it's the right one if the address is on Highway 94 in St Charles, MO.


Scammer's phone 1-877-353-0040
Scammer's website n/a
Scammer's address n/a
Scammer's email n/a
Country United States
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product
Initial means of contact Postal mail

Received a postcard notice in mail to activate car protection. Car warranty scam requires you to call in to pay to receive services for vehicle protection. I researched their website in order to activate outside of business service hours and found out it was all a scam!

Scammer's phone 877-586-0540
Scammer's website Not provided
Scammer's address 94 S Outer Rd. St Charles MO 63303
Scammer's email Not provided
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Postal mail

This mail is indicated they are the provider of warranty service on my car & that I am in jeopardy of losing said service if I do not make immediate contact! Very misleading.

I would have included the photo of mail received however the link below does not allow me to upload the documents.

Victim Location 11558
Type of a scam Phishing

I get about 4-5 calls a week from someone claiming to be from the vehicle warranty department at a company called motor vehicle services. I have asked every single time to be removed and have been told by multiple callers that “there are thousands of different warranty companies and we may not be the ones you’ve asked to be removed from the call list of”. Even though I confirm every time that the company name is Motor Vehicle Services. The latest call was about 5 minutes ago by a man named Tony. Who told me that I should listen to his pitch and hear what he has to say. I informed him that I was going to report him and he immediately hung up

Victim Location 80128
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Supposed "warranty" expiration for a newly-purchased vehicle

No website or address listed

"Cory" or "Cody" is incredibly rude when he knows he's been caught in a scam. Asked to speak with his supervisor and he said, "I have a supervisor, but you're not speaking to them until I get the information I need". Also said I was "misinformed" when I said I didn't have a warranty (I do, and that was a test).

Victim Location 80219
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Kept calling through different numbers finally answered told us our warranty for our car was expiring but did it know anything about the car told them we already had a warranty and got aggravated with me

Victim Location 80538
Type of a scam Other

Recieved 200 calls in 3hrs about my vehicle. Won't stop calling and harrass me when I say no.

Victim Location 06810
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I have been harassed several times a day at all hours about extending the car warranty on my vehicle for another 75000 miles.

Victim Location 37620
Type of a scam Phishing

I began receiving multiple notices stating that my vehicle factory warranty is expiring. I found this odd, because my new vehicle came with a Toyota warranty and my vehicle hadn’t hit the limit number of miles yet for the warranty to expire, so I was already skeptical. After ignoring the letters, I then began receiving these notices far more frequently and they would say “immediate response required.” Concerned at this point, I called the number listed on the paper. Nowhere on the paper could I locate a physical address or company name. All it said was Motor Vehicle Services. I spoke with Tyler, who was nice in the beginning. In fact, he went and got his program director who approved me for the renewed warranty. I was told they were making a special exception for me because my car was so new. During this time, there were no transfer calls. It essentially was just someone handing the phone off to another person. I asked if I could think about it because I was feeling very bad about the call, but was told that if I opted out that I would lose the warranty for good. Tyler became extremely pushy that I pay a down payment for the warranty. I had been skeptical all along, so I stated I am not interested. It was that point that Tyler became absolutely HORRIBLE. He said I was stupid to not renew. He said I would get in a car accident and then come crying to them for help, and they will turn me away. He stated that my car will undoubtably have major issues and it will be my own stupidity. Then became even more extremely pushy that I make a down payment with either a debit or credit card. He was persistent in trying to get my credit or debit card information. After multiple times of me stating I was not interested, he then threatened me stating that he already had all my information so it didn’t matter. At this point I was angry and reiterated that I was not interested. I hung up the call, at which point I received FIVE calls from this same number. He left 2 voicemails as well. Absolute scam!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!

Victim Location 78216
Type of a scam Phishing

Received this letter AGAIN from a company selling vehicle warranty.. Funny how there is no address for this company, no email, no website, just a toll-free phone number.

Letter looks official, but look closer and you will see it is a scam.

Victim Location 76133
Type of a scam Other

They called from the number listed above and left voicemails with fake names. In the voicemail his name was Brian and when he answered he said his name was Jason Turner. I knew he was lying because of his distinctly annoying voice. I asked him where he recieved my number and he told me they only return phone calls. Proceeded to tell me I called them and continued to ask the make, model, and year of my car. I told him I have an extended warranty and to take me off the call list. He then stated that if I went through my dealership I was being scammed and that I needed to cancel my policy and have him set something up for me.

Victim Location 32579
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

A company claiming their name is “Motor Vehicle Services” keeps calling to tell me my warranty is almost up on my vehicle. They call from various numbers virtually every day. When I ask them to remove me from their list, they say they apologize and it will take 2-3 days. This has happened for approximately 3 months. The phone numbers are not consistent. It sounds unprofessional when they call and are laughing on the other end, unfamiliar with the policy, or are unable to provide a company name when asked. The most recent caller was able to provide a nondescript name of “Motor Vehicle Services.” Their numbers are from Pennsylvania.

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2410 Highway 94 South Outer Rd., St. Charles, MO 63303, USA


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