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Microsoft Tech support

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Microsoft Tech support Reports & Reviews (49)

- Sainte Genevieve, MO, USA

An Allen *******, from Microsoft, scammed me out of a (8) $1000 Lowes Cards. My computer screen locked up and had me call this number. They made me go to Lowe's and get these gift cards and read them the numbers on the back. They told me that the Russians were hacking my computer. This is a scam.

Called consumer. Asked for password to login to computer to update Microsoft malware to the computer. Consumer did let them have access but then realized it was a scam. They called their internet provider and immediately changed passwords.

- Kountze, TX, USA

They took over my computer looking for credit card information. When they couldn't find any they tried to get $250 out of me.

I was called at app. 8-8:30 APRIL 29,2019 with a recorded message informing me that Microsoft security was sending a security warning. They called back in person about 9-9:30 with a lady saying that they needed to change my IP address. She asked me to press 1 on my phone to speak to a tech. At that point I hung up the phone. Between the two calls I had the time to check my PC and other devices and they were OK. I think the one thing that made me suspect something was that my caller Id displayed my number instead of the party calling. Contacted Microsoft, and they said that they do not call on the phone to report internet warnings. I am glad I caught it this time, but I wonder how many others don t realize it s a scam to get your information. Hope this helps others!

- Saint John, IN, USA

a robo caller says "your microsoft windows key is about to expire and your PC will shut down unless you call them and buy a renewal..."

when you call them (all indian guys) they tell you to open your run box, type in Then they want you to give them access to your pc. the phone call ended when i asked why they needed me to tell them what version of windows i run when they are the ones saying its "my computer" thats giving them some message.

Auto call claiming my Microsoft Windows License had expired and that windows would no longer work on my computer unless I called them back. Funny thing is I don't use windows... I've been using Linux operating systems for the better part of 15 years. I called the number just to see what they had to say, and they proceeded to claim that they had proof that my windows had expired and for only $499 they could give me a new license that would be good for 5 years, and they also offered to clean up the virus infection they detected.

- Chicago, IL, USA

The caller said he was tech support and said my computer was sending signals to Microsoft and that I should turn on my computer

He said my computer downloaded spyware or malware and was in danger and could stop working

This number has called my cell phone, 9 times today. I have blocked their phone, but they leave voicemails. It is ridilicious that they still get through when I blocked the number

I received a call from number stated above and was immediately told that i had a refund of $299.99 all i had to do was go to my computer. I began questioning services and refund as I don't utilize any Microsoft services and immediately call was disconnected ?!!? I tried calling back and another person answered and began again aggressively tried getting me to go to my computer when i asked for company & employee name again call was disconnected ?!!? I again called back and this time managed to get the name of employee (Shawn ***) but after just a few question Shawn also disconnected me !!!! Immediately called them back again and asked to speak to supervisor .... I was directed to a subposable senior manager who intially informed me that employee Shawn wills had been fired but when I said I had just spoken to him !!!.... the manager immediately put Shawn back on call ??? We began to speak again and when i stated I was going to contact then once again i was disconnected from call and that is when I contacted BBB. I hope that this business is contacted and reprimanded or dissolved as I believe it is a scam or very poor service at the very least.

Thanks Much

- Clearfield, UT, USA

I opened a new window in the Microsoft edge browser, and immediately received a gray pop-up message, saying that my personal information (banking, email, social media, ect. ) was at risk because of an installed virus, and that I needed to contact a given number within the next five minutes to speak with tech support specialists. The Microsoft voice system, Cortana, even read out loud the fraudulent message. When I called, the scammers requested remote access to my laptop, and then pulled up a screen with the Microsoft logo in the background. They falsely said that they were representatives of Microsoft, and that they needed to install some security features or my device might become compromised.

The person with whom I was speaking explained that this virus could cause issues with all the other devices that were using the same WiFi network. She then proceeded to explain the importance of setting up a firewall by searching an image on google images, and using it as a source of instruction. Her manner of teaching was incredibly unprofessional, and I was made more skeptical at that point.

She then explained that they were offering a better deal for installing security programs than if I were to go to the Microsoft store in person. She further explained a 3-year, 5-year, and 7-year plan for security coverage, extending from $150 to $750. She requested an email, phone number, and credit card information.

She then proceeded to uninstall my McAfee system, and install some other ineffective programs, and possible malware.

After an hours period, she called me again and explained that everything was installed, and apparently showed that she was concluding her remote access session, of which I am not convinced happened. She said that the charge would be seen as "compsupportguys" on my account which seemed strange.

A few days latter, there was a $150 charge on my banking account for "compsupportguys."

On the Official Microsoft page it states: "Microsoft error and warning messages never include phone numbers," giving supporting evident to this fraudulent activity.

- Soddy Daisy, TN, USA

I received a call--one of several this month--yesterday on my home number (which is voice over IP--which means calls are made and received via the internet) which was my first alarm/cue. No one calls me on that number unless they Know me personally. The guy calling states that he is with Microsoft Tech support and they had sent a notice to me two weeks ago that there was a problem with my computer. (I know Microsoft would never reach out to me and I NEVER requested any support!) I did notice he (like other scammers) asked "canyou hear me" to which I replied "I can" instead of yes. I hung up. People please remember that if you hear a "blip" at the start before they speak, it's being recorded. And they want you to say "yes" bc they'll ask for your credit card number later and they've recorded you saying "yes". Money gone. And you will have authorized it. Good luck!

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Just got a VM from a mechanical voice of how our Windows Microsoft word has been breeched and we need to call back ASAP or it will be shut off. The call back number was : 1-866-241-7340.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

I received a call from a man named Daniel on November 27, 2017 and he sold me Microsoft Windows Protection for $370. I gave him access to my computer and he put the software on. On January 3, 2018 Daniel called me told me that Window's refund department would be sending the $370 that I had paid back to me because they were going out of business. Daniel transferred me to Window's refund department and I spoke with Jordan who indicated he was Daniel's boss. Jordan told me that their bank was Wells Fargo in Denver, Colorado and that i should receive my refund of $370 today. I did not receive a refund. I called Jordan back and he told me that the money should have been deposited in my account by 3pm. I called my bank and informed them not to dispense any funds from my account, only to accept deposits.

- Payson, UT, USA

Started a couple monts ago, appeared legit, gained my confidence, said they were Microsoft Tech Support. I had a computer issue and called them for help then they told me to fix it I needed to buy Google Play cards and scan card info to them and they would imburse me. ha! Then it was one problem after another and more cards. $1200 worth before I caught on.

- Grove City, OH, USA

computer locked up screen said I had 5 min. to call number or would shut down.while talking I just knew it was a scam but...dumb-a%# me still debit them. blocked my card next day. still don't know if they are in my computer? they left a security I-con said any more trouble to call 1-800 no. said it was good for a year..

- House Springs, MO, USA

I was contacted be phone by a company in November. They told me I had a lot of things that should not be on my computer. They said they needed to come off so they put a program called Supremo on my pc and showed me that it was a Microsoft product. Maria martin had even shown a Microsoft certificate for the technician that installed the software. I paid $499.99 by check dated 11/30/17. Fedex came to my home to pick up the check so I do not know the address of the business. I was unable to get onto my computer yesterday and I was told she would work on it. This morning it was still locked up so i called back this afternoon but she was not available and another technician said he could work on it. He took over my computer and had been working on my computer. I began to get suspicious. I contacted my bank and they confirmed the check had not been cashed so I stopped payment on it.

The scammers called me saying they were with Microsoft Tech Support and could fix my computer. I allowed them remote access and they stole information off of my computer. They got my credit card and bank information and made charges. I had to cancel my credit cards and change my bank account. 

209-425-5394,   209-260-3904,  530-636-6677

A person calls saying they are Microsoft Tech Support. They say they detect a threat from your computer. I responded that I didn’t own a computer (even tho I do), and they are very aggressive. They said my father’s name & asked about his computer. I said I didn’t know. They then yelled “YES YOU DO.” Then I hung up & blocked the number. I read online that, if you fall for it, they will ask you to install software on your computer which can access all of your personal info.

- Belton, MO, USA

Red screen popped up telling me my computer had been hacked. There was a # to call. They said they were Microsoft tech support but wanted me to pay for them to fix the problem with a credit card. They said network had been hacked and computer would crash if I didn't pay to get it fixed.

I received a phone call from a man with an Indian accent and I was asked for my full name. The caller asked if I was using an apple. I said no and asked why he was calling. He said he was with Microsoft Tech Support and that he was calling to have me run some tests on my computer to confirm I did not have any viruses or malware. He kept saying that he did not want anything from me but he was demanding. He said someone hacked my computer and was sending things out from my computer but I had not used my computer for a week. It was strange that I had just started my computer when I received the call. He was rather demanding but I informed him I'd let my boyfriend handle any computer issues. He told me no that if I was unwilling to take the appropriate steps that he would assume it was coming from me and he would disconnect my internet service.

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