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Mediation Services

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Mediation Services Reports & Reviews (46)

• Nov 28, 2023

Got a text saying I have to call a Michael Davis from the mediation department. They also texted my niece before they texted me.
Michael Davis Scam?

• Nov 06, 2023

Family members keep getting text messages from Michael Davis Mediation Services. They even called my husband’s ex wife! They have never contacted me or my husband. So when I googled the company I saw where it’s a scam and now he’s not going to call them!
Mediation Services

• Oct 26, 2023

Scammer number: (855) 789-8145
This scammer sent text messages and automated phone calls to two of my family members before they called and texted me directly. Text message mentioned Michael Davis and a mediation department and it’s imperative that they speak with me. I called the number in the text message. The first time I called, some woman asked for my phone number to look up information. She put me on hold for ten minutes. I hung up and called back and got hung up on. So I called 16 other times and played the same games. I put them on hold, called and hung up, cursed out a couple of them. Left a nasty voicemail. Told them to stop harassing me and my family. That was on my day off from work so maybe if I’m board I’ll do it again on my next day off…

• Oct 19, 2023

He won’t stop mike Davis yeah right . Hummm what’s that email addressed to you mike! I’ll have to look I have a pic ! LD Rogers. Yeah against the [censored]ing law. Thank you for this ! FOOL! Bbb. No bbb it wants 250 words.

• Oct 17, 2023

they said I owe for a payday loan and they can garnish my wages ...please this has to stop I never got a payday loan
Debt collector

• Sep 07, 2023

Sent a text to my mom and mother in law saying to contact Michael Davis these people are scammers I called the number she asked what number did u get text on so I gave her number she says sorry I’m not pulling that information up what’s your name I said you should know that y’all contacted me lol she said sorry ma’am have a nice day and hangs up
Michael Davis mediation

• Aug 30, 2023

Just got this today! I almost called bk! Something was like look up information first. I seen these reviews. I been getting a lot of scams more than usual.
Received text message

• Aug 23, 2023

Fake scam and fraud company
Harassing threatening

• Aug 21, 2023

I had a text messages stating it is very important that I contact Michael Davis with mediation department this has got to stop with scammers like they have nothing better to do than scam people jeez.
Another scam

• Aug 11, 2023

SCAM! 1.970.289.3533; 877.871.2959

• Apr 05, 2023

They told me needed to pay over $2000 & to make monthly payments, then when you don’t pay, or can’t, they text in all caps demanding that you pay, they also call using profanity and hang up on you while threatening it’ll end up in court on a fraud charge.


Left me a voicemail that said they were going to find me and present me with a lawsuit and then the guy said or press one now to get connected to someone…he was I call the number and get into it with the scamlikely lady for a bill I’ve already paid. She was definitely not working for a legal office. I call back and ask for a Supervisor….she puts me on hold and then fakes a voice as if she’s a different person and the Supervisor. I call her out and she gets mad and tells me if I call again they will sue me for harassment. Let me add I asked for their company information and address and she stated she did not have to provide that information and if I wasn’t paying the debt then we had nothing to talk about. While it was comical I would love to meet her in person.


I've been contacted by a "mediation service" concerning a subscription with some magazine company back in 2013. According to "Brian" I owe over $800 on some magazines! He had the last 4 of my social & an email address that was never mine. I told him to send me the papers via USPS. He is doing a passive aggressive approach that I need to set something up now because time is of the essence & he has to show his clients that this is being resolved before they take legal action. He said that he would email me the papers but after 3 days I've not received anything. He called again stating that I had been notified & that unless I set something up today as a post dated payment that legal action will be pursued. I told him that I didn't order any kind of magazines & that I wasn't going to be setting anything up with anyone until I receive something in writing. Although he never raised his voice, his manner became quite threatening. He's calling from another state however, in my state collection agencies can only pursue for 6 years. I think this is some kind of scam because he's so insistent that I set up automatic payments now! Really? Over $800 for magazines?


I was called from phone number 1-417-708-6845. This was a recorded message telling me to call 1-833-486-0392. I did call that number and was told that I was being evasive and non-compliant in an attempt to collect a debt. The person said his name was Michael Davis and the company was called Mediation Services. He demanded I pay $696 today or put a "bond" on the account by providing a current debit or credit card number, and agreeing to pay the full amount within 30 days. I told him that I would need documentation from his company such as a letter or email explaining the debt. He told me that it was on behalf of the plaintiff Advance America and that he would send me an email. I gave him my email address and he then said to give him the debit card info. I did not agree and again stated that I needed to receive the email first. At that point he told me my tone was argumentative and that I was being recorded as non-compliant and evasive for not agreeing to give the card info. I said that I would need to speak to my husband and call back and he responded that "we don't have time to wait for your husband." The man said that once we got off the call, I would be going to court if he didn't have the card number. I asked for a website and he tried to play like I was being confusing saying, "You're the one who said that there's a website, I never said that." I calmly and clearly said, "Ok can you please tell me the web address so I can go to your company's website?" At this point he said that I was being sued and good luck and he hung up. I did not give any information other than my email address, but it was a very stressful and confusing situation. I am very concerned that someone might fall for this because the man was so adamant that I give my personal info.


Called from a 758 number saying I owe on an old payday loan from Advanced America. Very aggressive and rude, would not allow me to talk. Said they have surveillance of me walking into the payday loan building? When I mentioned before giving any info or money I need to consult with my husband the man laughed and said it’s your debt. He knew my current address as well as what kind of car I drove. Said they would sue and put a Lien out on my vechicle if I did not pay today. Did not give me a date on this supposed debt so I said I’d call them back. I called advanced America and they said they had no record of a loan and if it were true it’s beyond limitation and a collection agency could not put a lien on my car. When I called back after hours it said I reached 311 and to leave a message.

• Oct 26, 2023

My son got a message stating my name and that "this is Michael Davis from the Mediation Department. It's imperative that you contact my office at 855-790-7455."
The woman was very rude and wouldn't let me talk. She said I had an outstanding loan from CashNet USA for over $5k. When I said I didn't, she replied that they would freeze my bank account by the end of the business day today and then she hung up on me.

The first time I called back on Friday, Oct. 15th calls were not going through. I thought of a scam right away. However, the message the company left made me nervous so I called back. This company is asking for back pay on a money loan I took out in 2015 or earlier. All depts that I did have at the time were consolidated by a Lidgett company that took really good care of me. I have no outstanding loans reported on my credit reports. However, this company is threatening to take legal action without my full knowledge of what's is actually going on. They won't tell me who the company is that is taking action. They will not give me a claim number to refer to. The person calling is named Tina, who asked questions. When I asked her a question she quickly hung up on me. I called back three more times only to be hung up on or put on hold. After experiencing this and looking up information online. I can clearly see this is a scam. However, they know my full name, email address, loans I've had, and where I bank. Very concerned


I had the same thing happened to me today for a loan I never took out mike davis said if I didn't pay now he was gonna have me thrown in jail

- Post Falls, ID, USA

She says her name is Elizabeth in mediation services, and I’m in default of some payday loan I never had. She got me all worked up


The last two days this man Mike Davis keeps calling me saying I’m being sued by Check n Go. I tried to explain that I never had a loan with them and he tells me to stop getting my undies in a bundle lol
He aggressive, wouldn’t let me talk, and very inappropriate! His number pops up from Marquette Mi and Unknown caller 9062055042


I just recieved a call from this mike davis. Same demenor, would not let me speak and when I asked for written information he said I am already considered refusing to pay so I wont get any information.

- Denver, CO, USA

An individual called identifying himself as Fred Thomas from Mediation Services. He said I was being sued. First I have ever heard of this. He said it was for a past debt. He was a fast talker who would not let me get a word in inch wise. I have never received any notice from a collection agency or information about being sued. I of course wanted to know more. But when I tried to ask questions he put me on hold. When he came back on I said you put me on hold in mid sentence. He said they were very busy today. He had information from 12 years ago. What bank I banked at, what my address was, and where I worked. My information has been hacked in the past. It did not seem he had any relevant and current information aside from my phone number. When I tried to ask questions he just talked over me and when I told him to let me finish my sentence he hung up on me. I tried to call him back to inquire further and he just hung up on me. I looked this phone number 203-403-2005 (the number he called me from) and it says it is listed to a Harry Shah out of Danberry, CT. When I called the company's 1-800 # it says the number has been disconnected. There is something shady about all of this.

- Birmingham, AL, USA

For two or three days I have been getting calls about a payday loan owe back in 2008-2009 to 2016-2017 using my prepaid debit card. I know I don't have anything dealing with payday loans. They had my old address and current employment.

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