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Magnolia craft shop

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Magnolia craft shop Reports & Reviews (72)

Victim Location 12019
Total money lost $2.97
Type of a scam Online Purchase

There was an ad on Facebook for a free letterboard and all you had to pay was shipping. There was an option to add accessories, which you would have to pay for. Supposedly this was a small business run by a woman named Wendy. I only ordered the letterboard and paid shipping of $2.97. I did receive a shipping confirmation a couple weeks after the order was placed with a tracking number from China. I assumed it was based in the United States even thought I couldn’t locate an address on the website.

The last update I was able to view on my tracking was that it was on its way to the United States to clear customs. The next time I checked back I was directed to a Shopify site saying the shop doesn’t exist. I sent an email which was kicked back to me.

I asked PayPal for a refund. They told me to contact the merchant. I emailed back saying the email address and website are no longer active and have yet to receive a response from PayPal.

Victim Location 29406
Type of a scam Online Purchase

The shop appeared in my Facebook feed for a free letter board. I didnt have to give payment info then so I did it. Then through their email notice I visited their website and ordered 2 items for around $9. And I did provide debit card info then.

Victim Location 76549
Total money lost $2.97
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a "free" letter board on January 19, 2019 and only paid shipping of $2.97. I received an email on January 24, 2019 that my order (#24998) was on its way! When I clicked on 'View your order', it said the origin was China. I waited. And waited. Every time I checked it, there was no update with any more info than the first one. I came across a page on Facebook claiming that this was a scam. I joined the Facebook group and found that there were many others like me with the same story. So, I emailed the support email....received an undeliverable email back. I checked my email again and clicked on the 'View your order' link and received a "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable". When I click on the 'Visit our store' link, I get a "This site can't be reached". I have contacted my credit card company and they are disputing the charges and returning my money. However, how do I know they won't take more money from my account?

Victim Location 14004
Total money lost $7.94
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This supposed small business was offering free letter boards and you could purchase extra letters. I never received them, I can’t even reach out to this so called company. No email, no address, not on Facebook anymore, not even an active website. Ugh.

Victim Location 34787
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an ad on Facebook for a free letter board. The shop is Magnolia Craft Shop. I ordered it through my Paypal account I just needed to pay shipping. This was over a month ago and there is no way to contact them as their social media pages, website and email is all gone. I found others who have been scammed by this company as we all received the same tracking # and it says its coming from China when the business is located in Idaho. I have been in contact with Paypal to receive a refund.

Victim Location 76458
Total money lost $9.97
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Won a free product and only paid shipping. Upon check out discounted add on product were offered. Added 3 items to the order and submitted. When the confirmation email said to what 30- 60 days for delivery I emailed the company to cancel and refund. They agreed. Received a cancellation email. Repeatedly contact the store by email and chat on the website to find out when I would get my refund. Was told 10 days. After 10 days I was told 10 business days. After 10 business days I was told to wait more days. After 15 days I was told my order was only canceled 5 days prior. After 3 more days I was told my order had not been canceled at all. At that point my emails were undeliverable and the website was no longer found. Still havent received an order tracking email or a refund.

Victim Location 72762
Total money lost $2.97
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This person blocked me from social media after asking about my order because I found out about this “scam.” Then I emailed and found out we all have the same tracking number. The tracking order is 4.4 lbs and they said it was a bulk order. It’s being shipped to MD not Idaho where they claim their store is located. They also said they’re a small mom and pops store in Idaho but then turn around and said oh well we are drop ship site and it’s coming from China. Changed their story after being called out. I asked for a refund. They said they would. After a week I never got one. So I contacted them again they told me give it 10 days. So I did. 10 days I never got a refund so she told me to wait longer. 10-15. Still have no refund nor is it processing. This guy has opened many stores under other company’s names and again scammed people. Using people’s pictures claiming they are certain people. Those photos are not theirs and those people in the photos came forward and said they’re not associated with them or their company. Their reviews are from other sites and companys. Their address is associated with many of their other companies. They changed their story, lied, and tried to cover their lies repeatedly. People’s accounts have been hacked, money taken from their cards, cards being charged, emails hacked, etc. I’ve gotten so many scam texts and calls since I ordered. Their phones shut off and they claim it’s from overwhelming amount of calls. Email is gone, website is gone, Facebook, so there is no way to get ahold of them. There’s so much more I could go on about. Please look into this and use caution. Never received product or refund.

Victim Location 28546
Total money lost $2.95
Type of a scam Online Purchase

An advertisement was posted on Facebook for the opportunity to receive a free letter board and only pay the shipping for 2.95, I had checked the order a few weeks ago and had a tracking number that the item was coming from China Post. When I checked the order again on 2/12/2019 the information was no longer available, when I tried to email them the link was disabled. You get the following message when trying to view your order "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable" the IP address also can no longer be found. From what I can tell it was obviously a scam but several thousand of people were impacted.

Victim Location 48328
Total money lost $2.97
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a “free” letter board from Magnolia Craft Shop, which I found on Facebook from an ad. I paid shipping for this products and have not received it almost a month later. The tracking number I received is fake.

Victim Location 45176
Total money lost $22.98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I fell victim to a Facebook ad by this company on January 20, 2019. The ad offered a total of 100 free letter boards with only a payment of shipping of $2.97. I placed my order and ordered extras which totaled $22.98 for all including shipping. On January 23, 2019 I received an email confirming shipment. It was then that I began to suspect something was wrong. The shop claimed to be a small pop up shop located in Idaho with 3 employees that handmake the items. The tracking number is a China Post that stated the order was sent January 19, 2019 which was before my order was made. After research I noticed that many others who had ordered from this company also had the same tracking number and had also made orders after the initial shipping date. That’s when I and others began questioning the company about the validity of their business only to be blocked. Any negative comments warning about this were removed. Upon further investigation it was proven that all photos on the site were stolen from other sites or were stock photos. The package being shipped is heading toward Maryland with a size of only 4.4 pounds which also shows that this is not a bulk freight as they claim. They have also created various other sites promising free items to entice people to purchase. They removed their support email as many were inquiring of refunds. Many of us either did not receive a refund or did not receive a full refund. This company is still offering their free board yet refuse to acknowledge any questions or concerns about the items.

Victim Location 04062
Total money lost $6.38
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer posted an ad on Facebook that they were offering free letterboards, you only pay the cost of shipping, advertising it as a promotional offer for their company's birthday. I went to their website and purchased the "free" letterboard as well as a wooden display stand, totaling $6.38. I made the purchase through PayPal. The company advertised itself as a small "mom and pop" business, so I became suspicious when I received a tracking number from China. Found others like me posting on Facebook that this company was sending everyone the same tracking number, blocking anyone who commented their concerns, and were claiming to cancel orders but not refunding anyone. I disputed the order through PayPal and am currently awaiting a resolution.

I've linked the website above. This is the Facebook page they are using:

Total money lost $13.49
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Promised a free item from Idaho, and shipping is from China and no product

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