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Luxury Diamond Resort

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Luxury Diamond Resort Reports & Reviews (37)

• May 15, 2024

I bought a vacation package with Luxury Diamond resorts. We booked a trip we were supposed to take in February 2024. Unfortunately my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo multiple surgeries so we had to cancel the trip. Luxury resorts refuses to refund my money. I also contacted the resort directly and was told no reservation was ever made in my name. They owe me over $1300 but will not respond. Don't do business with this company.

• Mar 28, 2024

I purchased a travel package on the telephone. I was given a confirmation of the sale but the dates were not listed. When I got the dates confirmation email the dates were incorrect. I immediately contacted the company and after several tries got an email stating the dates had been corrected. Later the company required me to call a different number to confirm the travel. At that point I was told my dates were not available. I was advised to call back the company I purchased the package from and request a refund. I did this and eventually was told I would receive a refund. I also disputed the charge with my credit card company. I never received a refund and the dispute was denied because the company told the credit card company my account was still open and I could still book the travel. Based on this information I contacted the company again to try to resolve the issue. After several calls and emails the company was not able to provide the travel package I purchased because the resort did not have the dates available. Once again I was told I would receive a refund which has still not been provided. The company now will not reply to my emails. I would like a refund for the following: $820 for the Jamaica package that was not provided plus $535 for the Travel Club membership which is worthless because the company could not organize my trip.

• Nov 30, 2023

I am writing to share my extremely negative experience with Luxury Diamond Resorts and to express my deep dissatisfaction with their business practices. I believe it is important to share my story in order to warn other consumers and prevent them from falling into the same trap and that I did. My experience goes beyond simple customer service issues and appears to be a well-orchestrated scam.

It all started on 2/9/22 when I received an unsolicited phone call from Luxury Diamond Resorts - Hilton Vacations, offering a tempting 2-5 day, 4-night, all-inclusive resort stay in Mexico or other open locations until 2/9/26, for the price of $450. At first, it seemed like an amazing opportunity.

However, what followed were a series of broken promises, deceptive practices, and conflicting information. On October 18, 2023, I made a reservation and paid an unexpected additional fee of $1,720. Raheem Samir, the representative I dealt with, claimed that the resort I had chosen required an additional fee of $400 to be paid directly to them upon arrival. When I spoke to Raheem's supervisor, Hector Cologne, he assured me that someone from the resort would contact me to collect the fee. Despite my numerous attempts to reach out, I couldn't obtain any information regarding my confirmation number.

On October 31, 2023, I received a call from a third-party representative called Executive Services by UVC. They informed me that I needed to pay an additional $520 for preferred room fees and to provide necessary information prior to my arrival. This was conflicting information that was told to me by the supervisor Hector. I did pay the amount and received a receipt for an upgrade to a preferred room, specifically a swim-up suite. Executive Services by UVC then provided me with confirmation number I316057-1.

However, upon arriving at Secrets Riviera Cancun Mexico on Friday, November 24, my wife and I were shocked to learn that we had no reservations. The front desk agent tried to contact Executive Services, GBS International, and Luxury Diamond Resorts, but of course none of them answered. After the Agent and I tried for over an hour to get through to someone, GBS International answered and informed the agent that Luxury Diamond Resorts had canceled my reservation, without providing any further information as to the reasons why. As a result, I had to pay the full retail price for a room on what was supposed to be our anniversary celebration, since there was no reservation associated with my confirmation number. All of the money paid was never refunded, nor was there any information as to why.

My complaints against Luxury Diamond Resorts are as follows:

1. Lack of communication: Despite receiving written assurances of my travel dates and a confirmation number, every call to their support only added to the confusion. When I arrived at the affiliated resort (Secrets Cancun), they claimed to have no reservation or confirmation for me. It was discovered that my reservation had been canceled by Luxury Diamond Resorts.

2. Deceptive practices: Initially, their sales representative assured me that I wouldn't be required to attend a sales presentation, which heavily influenced my decision to book the vacation package. However, the fine print on the receipt I received later stated that I was indeed required to attend a sales presentation, directly contradicting their initial assurance.

3. Additional charges: Contrary to what was promised during the initial phone call, I was asked to pay an additional $520 at the time of booking, bringing my out-of-pocket expenses to a total of $2,690 before I booked the flight.

4. Unreachable and unresponsive: Despite my numerous attempts to contact the representatives and parties involved in this transaction, I was met with evasive responses or complete silence. Their voicemail box was consistently full, preventing me from leaving any messages. The tactic of keeping customers on hold for extended periods and not returning phone calls are not only frustrating and disrespectful but also appears to be a deliberate strategy employed by Luxury Diamond Resorts to discourage customers seeking answers or resolutions, further adding to the distress and uncertainty.

Furthermore, I found out that there are numerous other victims who have shared similar experiences with Luxury Diamond Resorts. These experiences range from undisclosed fees and nonexistent reservations to unresponsive customer service and outright refusal of refunds. Some victims have even reported aggressive sales tactics and misleading claims of affiliation with reputable companies such as Hilton.

In total, due to conflicting information and constant demands for more money, I have paid a staggering $5,920 to both Luxury Diamond Resorts and Secrets Riviera Cancun.

I just want others to beware of this company to protect consumers from becoming victims of what appears to be a highly deceptive and fraudulent operation.

• Jun 16, 2023

This company is no good! DONOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from these CROOKS! I was sold one vacation package and found out it was absolutely nothing what they said they even charged me additional fees that they never disclosed this company should be ashamed of themselves and BBB needs to close them down! The employees I know they need a job but how do they sleep at night knowing they are SCAMMING PEOPLE! This was the worst experience I’ve ever had and advised everyone to stay away from them be prepared to be SCAMMED!


I purchased two 5 day 4 night vacations when I received a call claiming they were Hilton affiliated for $535 from James Adams & Thomas Jones. When it was time to book my dates they required me to pay an additional $200 for resort tax and fees. Weeks went by and I did not receive a confirmation from the resort. It was one week until my travel date 2/2/23 so I called the resort directly 1/25/23. They said they didn't have anything under my name. When I told him the name of the company he said they are Prestige Travel Agency and told me to call them back. I then called them back and spoke to Leilani and she insisted that everything was okay on their end; but I told her if it were okay the resort would have knowledge of my intended stay. She said her manager Jacob White was in a meeting but he would call me back before the end of the day. The whole day went by and no one called back. The next day 1/26/23 I called back again and was placed on hold and hung up on several times. After tying up three different lines Jordan who identified himself as a manager finally answered. Again he insisted everything was okay. I told him he was not being truthful because I called the resort directly and they didn't have any knowledge of my reservation. He then said he was issuing me a refund and I would receive it in 10 days. It's well past 10 days 2/17/2023 and I haven't received my money back. The thing that saddens me the most is I have purchased some really nice vacation packages in the past by way of receiving a random phone call. Now I will never do it again. Selling false vacation packages is the new big scam.


They always call me using local numbers. I had decided to plan my summer vacation today, so when I answered the phone and they made me this great offer for a getaway to some of the places I was already planning to go, for an awesome price, I thought that was too good to be true. I asked them to send me in writing what they were offering, and they said they couldn't do that. The offer was only good for the duration of the call. I asked for their website which looks very amateurish. When I asked him (which by the way had a great, well spoken, professional voice) to call me back later today because I was at work, he just hung up the phone on me. I'm glad I trusted my gut on this.


Received a call from “Ryan”, saying that I earned a promotion because I have been on a HGV promotion and was eligible for 2 all inclusive stays at multiple locations around the world for $535. After some hesitation he even dropped the deal to $435. Clearly he was in a noisy call center, and the delay from me answering the phone to when he did was delayed about 10 or so seconds. Very well English speaking individual. Sounded American. Great salesman that nearly had me convinced until he gave me their website to review. The website looked like a high schooler designed it instead of a billion dollar company.

Scary how he was able to provide me with an address I used to live at as well as my email and name.

Be careful out there, they are not called con artists for any reason except they’re super creative at screwing people over. If they would work as hard at a real job vs trying to steal from people who knows what they would be capable of achieving.


No different than the above scenarios
I am at work cell rings
22 seconds into James presentation, I ask if this is a time share...His reply No definitely not. You will be driven around in a golf cart to tour the facility so you know where all is and can take full advantage of the amenities
My offer $699 for 2 trips
When I told him my sons are adults price = $499
I immediately said you know what they say about its too good to be true
His reply
This is to generate travel to our resorts as COVID slowed travel, we hope you post on social media (I WILL BE DOING THAT, but to advise of the scam) tell your friends...
For me just the fact that I immediately asked if was a time share & told no = DEAL BREAKER
Also asked same question with person who verifies bait & switch tactic sale & same answer in enough for me to say NO
Already contacted y credit card company & advised of the tactics and the recorded call.
I will call the scammers again Monday as they purposefully have very limited hours of operation & were gone at 4pm today - another sign of a customer service
If my problem is not resolved my credit card company will be furnished with the recording & I have an open & shut case


First, a representative told me because I traveled with Hilton before, I had been selected for a vacation package (I have received many of these calls before, so this felt legitimate as I have stayed at Hilton for a free time share presentation). He told me the vacation was all inclusive and I could receive a discount on their normal price. I told him I would only take a low number $200, and he passed my call off to another associate. (I cannot recall names, they did sound English-American).

The second man sweetened the deal, doubled the vacation, knocked the price down to $350, said I had 4 years to book. He told me today's special was due to Cyber Monday. I was still not convinced, and I asked him what specific brand of Hilton I would be staying in. This should have been a red flag to me because he didn't answer, and he just said "Secrets" and named a bunch of Caribbean sounding places, that are not Hilton. He told me they were part of the "Diamonds" brand, which was bought by Hilton. (Google told me this portion was true). Unfortunately, I did not do enough research and at $43 a night, I decided to pay. After accepting, and providing my American Express details, he passed the call to a "verification" department to give me a confirmation number. This third man said I would receive a email shortly, and he read my email address to me without me providing it (assuming this was obtained via a data hack). He gave me a number which I could call to book my vacations. I could hear music in the background.

After over an hour of not receiving the email, I started researching. I called the number I was provided to "book" the vacation: 888-333-8420, and it rang a few times, then went to hold music for 5 minutes, until I hung up. I went to my credit card account and saw a charge from "VIP Concierge Services" so I googled that. I eventually found a BBB rating of "F", and countless stories just like mine. I immediately froze my credit card and reported as fraud. I could see an address from the pending credit card charge, which is an abandoned building in Florida:
227 Broadway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

I wanted to report this so hopefully the scam can be stopped. I usually am more analytical than this, and wish I didn't fall for it.


I purchased a vacation package for $325. and was advised that I had the option of 2 four night vacation pkgs . I have called the reservation line several times on to be left on hold (888-333-8420) forever.I think this company is SCAM and they should be blocked from conducting this telephone business scam. WHAT CAN THE CONSUMER DO TO STOP THIS PRACTICE?


I only answered the phone when they called because I was dealing with a host of recruiters concerning other business and thought they were a part of that (they used a local number btw). They also claimed to be affiliated with a well known and respected travel and lodging chain that I'd stayed with in the past and even claimed that in staying with the reputable (umbrella) company that "I had (already) stayed with them",[Luxury Diamond Resort]. They failed to send me my Welcome/Confirmation Letter & contract. A delay tactic to allow the payment to process before you can cancel the transaction I'm sure. When I called them back to get that information they sent me a document that doesn't look legit. Their website is a joke and I wouldn't stay at one of their locations if they paid me. I'm contacting the the Consumer Protection Agency, the Attorney General's Office and will probably sue them personally. What I want to know at this point is are you all interested in a Class Action Suit?

• Jan 23, 2024

I used to work for them.
This where they operate from

609 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

The owner name is Andrew Russo

• May 25, 2023

Yes, interested in a CLASS ACTION suit!

I'm interested in the class action, i talked to them again today, a Gabriel Stevens was the floor manager, magically they were able to find some dates and tried to book them while on the phone (others told me I had to fill out the request online) but it would be another 425 dollars for resort fee, i started crying and my three yr old asked "what's wrong mommy" the manager heard it and said he could lower the RESORT fee to 149. how can THEY lower for the resort taxes? i said i wasn't giving more money, that i had paid resort fees before AT the resort, i kept asking where I could hear the original call and they don't have an answer. what can I do to get my money back, my bank is no help. he said he'd throw in a third vacation at a a.m. resort, that THOSE are the luxury ones? i thought that's what I was promised in the first place, so now we are at three unable to book vacations, and them wanting more money... someone help please.

Please we definitely need a class action suit!


Yes interested in a class action suit

I signed up for 2 trips in the next 4 years during Covid (Oct 2020) for $435. About a year later I tried to sign up for a trip but could never contact them either by phone or email. One time I did get through I 'signed' up for a trip paid an additional $231 but did not get a confirmation. I called again and they said that travel to that country is not allowed yet and I asked for a refund. Two weeks pass and still no response so I disputed the $231 with my credit card company which worked because I did it within weeks of payment. I also disputed the original amount $435 with the credit card company but because it had been over 1 year I was not able to recover that amount with them. Moreover if I try to reserve with Luxury Diamond Resorts they always cancel saying that I was reimbursed through my credit card company even after I sent them images of my credit card company response! I tried to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but they charged my credit card using VIP Concierge Services, but gave me a contract with Luxury Diamond Resorts so it is difficult to track them down. This is truly a fraudulent company NOT one with extremely poor customer service.


There is no time limit to recover credit card charges if it was fraud. If the bank won't help you, then file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Agency against the bank. Again, no time limit if fraud, which this clearly appears to be.

They called during COVID and offered a great deal: 2 trips to Mexico and other locations for $435. They sent me a contract. I waited a year since Covid was still active and tried to call and sign up for vacations etc. The one time I did get a response they said they needed an additional charge of $231 which I paid with my card. I waited a couple of weeks for a confirmation and did not get one. So I called and was told the country was not allowing travel and requested a refund. After two weeks I call my credit card company and disputed the $231 which I got back. I also disputed the original $435 with my credit card company but am past the time limit. Moreover, LuxuryDiamondResorts will not allow me to book anything either stating that I was reimbursed by my credit card company! I sent them an email with a image of the credit card company response. No answer! I tried to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau but the company bills using one name, and has a contract with another so it is difficult to show they are connected except for the amount and date of purchase. STAY FAR AWAY from them!


They called me today and said it was because I was a past traveler with Hilton and went through a timeshare talk already that's why I won't need to attend another one when I travel. This would be a buy 1 get 1 free deal where I have 4 years to travel as well as the inclusive. I talked about how I've been scammed before and they gave me a manager's override discount and brought the cost from $535 down to $400. It sounds too good to be true until I came to this page and said, I'm no longer interested. The "manager" then said, you must be looking at websites to be changing your mind and that the comments are for the wrong company. I insisted on not participating and he just hung up on me. If they are legitimate, they wouldn't be this rude.


FRAUD. I fell victim to this scam, under the pretenses that they claimed to be Hilton and knew I’d traveled with them extensively. Sounded like a good deal, as other deals I have participated in with Hilton ever the years. WRONG! I wasn’t near my computer at the time of the call. However, once the deal was done, and it took a long time for them to email me the details discussed, I got the red flag. I immediately researched, called Hilton, attempted to call the so-called Luxury Diamond Resort, got an unprofessional run-around. That’s all I needed. I immediately notified American Express. SINCE, it was within an hour or so, the charges were still “pending.” I was safe. AMEX flagged them as fraudulent, will not hold me responsible for payment, cancelled my card, reissued me a new one, and Will NOT be completing the transaction with this fraudulent outfit. Lesson learned and so appreciative of American Express, who stands by their word and customers.


Do not pay these scam artists a penny. They lie about who they are and they misrepresent their package. Waiting for AmEx to handle it, but I am furious.

Upon requesting a manager, I got as far as one jerk who claimed to have nobody above him. He says all purchases are non-refundable and has no idea what the 3 days right of rescission is. Claims this is not a contract, so it does not apply. They are not part of Hilton despite what they say. Anyone on here who speaks positively about them must work for them.

Avoid this company like the plague.


On May 2, 2022 I received a call from luxury diamond resort. They immediately stated that they are affiliated with Hilton grand vacation’s. I’m have traveled many times with Hilton. They offered 2 trips for $400.00 for 5 days and 4 nights. The following day I tried to book a vacation to the D.R. For June 19, 2022. I was scheduled in error to a totally different resort hotel property. I tried to call the phone number from confirmation email that they sent and couldn’t reach anyone for about 12 days.I explained the error and they promised to correct the mistake. I received another email stating that it would be another $319.00 for resort fees and to just reply to email and the credit card on file would be charged! While still believing that they are affiliated with Hilton I agreed.They never sent confirmation of the transaction. I couldn’t reach the again until I disputed the charges with my credit card company. I am currently awaiting the results from my credit card company! I immediately Luxury Diamond Resort a email request to cancel all transactions actions and to refund to no reply. This has been a nightmare to say the least. Trying to explain what happened to my credit card company really took a act of God too.Explaining to someone who does not speak English very well. This is a SCAM


The person I spoke with was really friendly and informative and didn’t say they were Hilton or diamond resorts, I read these comments people put on here and was not sure if I should give them a shot and I did and everything they said was exactly what I got I have my trips already booked and confirmed. No problems here I will definitely do recommend them because the locations are amazing and it’s at a fraction of what i would of payed if I planned the trip in my own I will definitely do business with them again.


Have you actually taken a trip with/used them yet?

Did they ask you to take a picture of the front and back of your credit card?

We booked a similar package a few years ago and after we arrived at the resort, they told us they had never heard of the company. It was late so they "let" us stay the night for $500! Of course, we wished we had confirmed with they destination resort prior to making the travel plans. After accepting Luxury Diamond Resorts package, we called a few destinations on their website and each said they never heard of Luxury Diamond Resorts (LDR). Also, LDR had told us they were affiliated with Diamond Resorts, a timeshare company we have had for over 12 years. We called Diamond Resorts & they said they were NOT affiliated with LDR). We saw the reviews and cancelled the package and disputed the charge on our Credit Card. I hope that you are right and it all works out for you. We wished we had called our Destination Resort several years ago prior to making the plans.

They called me and told me they were with Hilton, who I have a great relationship with. I bought the package and then called Hilton for confirmation. Hilton told me they are scammers and to get my money back. I called to get a refund and they refused. Luckily, my Citi card has dealt with them before and immediately halted the transaction. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE THIEVES!


I purchased vacation package with the intent to select from the various destinations I was told they had. When I decided to book vacation I was told that because I was traveling as a single person they only had 2 destinations that I can select from and neither of the destinations were the location that I expressed to the salesperson I wanted to visit. At no time during the phone conversation I was told I would be limited as to where I could travel. When spoke to customer service for a refund I was told no refund I explained I didn’t receive the terms and conditions until after I had paid. I explained to Luis Customer Service rep for reservations that I had no use for package if I couldn’t travel to the destinations that I mentioned to Sales Rep Michael Brooks I was interested in. They claim they listend to original phone conversation and there was such conversation as I know we spoke on that the was purpose for me purchasing vacation package. Also I had a friend who I would be traveling along with that also mentioned the locations that we were interested in. The entire company is a scam they have given fictitious names as to whom I was speaking to. This company is definitely a scam!


I've just had the same situation regarding traveling as a single. Michael Brooks is a piece of garbage. I've just disputed the charge with my credit card company and will file a consumer complaint with NYS Dept. of Consumer Affairs (I'm a resident of NYS).

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