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Loosely Store

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Loosely Store Reports & Reviews (56)

Victim Location 18641
Total money lost $170
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased a chunky blanket. Never received.

Tried contacting by two phone numbers both of which are not in order.

Contacted be email and sent email stating it was automated and because of the large volume of orders mine was delayed. Bogus tracking number that just states package is on its way. Ordered over a month ago.

Victim Location 38134
Total money lost $89
Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website is a store you can purchase Woman’s clothing and blankets,supposedly.You place your order thinking they are a great store because they have all these reviews on the site from past customers.I purchased a chunky knit blanket and never received it I emailed them they send a generic no reply email stating that they are busy but will get back within 24 hours or so.Thats the last thing you will hear from them unless you try and cancel your order then they say at that it’s already shipped and the tracking is also on their website all it is,is a green bar stating your order is on the way no tracking number or ship date.If you do receive anything it’s a placemat and they then say if you want a refund you have to have it back to them in china within 15 days which would cost you 180 or so and the blanket only cost you 90.The reality is the sell you lies and take your money by giving you a unrealistic timeline for returns even though the return policy states thirty days all they do is lie if they even respond.if you look up to see reviews on them it takes you back to their website you literally have to hunt down the bad reviews and the wasn’t any before I ordered now over 250 and still growing with the complaints.they should be shut down.i still haven’t received my blanket which was the second largest one they sell.My PayPal claim is still being investigated somas of right now I’m out 89.00 I got a ten percent discount for my first time customer bonus.

Victim Location 10128
Total money lost $98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Company advertises on instagram for low priced handling goods at discounted prices. I purchased w PayPal on nov 24th and never received anything. I sent a follow up mail and they gave me a fake tracking number along with telephone e numbers to call if I had questions but the business numbers do not work. There are hundreds of reviews on Instagram stating the same issues as they have scammed many of us out of goods we purchased but haven’t and won’t receive.

Victim Location 27534
Total money lost $89
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found this product on Instagram and was led to their website. I placed the order and it did not arrive for a month. After relentlessly contacting them (via email as the phone number on their website is fake), I finally got a tracking number and got the item. It is absolutely awful...defective, half the size that I ordered, wrong and cheap material, etc. I emailed them 15 times and called them 27 times and finally got them to guarantee me a prepaid return label and a refund. Now they are saying that I have to pay to ship the item back to CHINA if I want my money back. DO NOT BUY and please shut this company down! Not what I needed to deal with at Christmas time.

Victim Location 11756
Total money lost $40
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a product over a month ago. They told me that it would ship 12-18 days from then. I’ve yet to receive a tracking number. Others have also had an issue with receiving their orders. I emailed and called and their phone number is “disconnected”. I also cannot cancel my order as they require orders to be canceled within 24 hours with reason.

Victim Location 96745
Total money lost $106
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered two "extreme chunky knit blankets" for my mom as a Christmas gift online from the "Loosely Store." Placed my order on Nov. 24th, received a confirmation of shipment on Nov. 27 with no provided delivery date other than "12 to 18 business days." Credit card was charged immediately for a company called Elizeta. It is now December 20th and I still have not received my order. I have tried tracking my order online multiple times and it only says "order on the way." Today I tried calling both customer service numbers on their website and both have been disconnected. I began searching the web for reviews on the company and found a ton of individuals who have experienced the same problem. The Loosely Store does not respond to calls or emails. The few reviews who claim to have received an order are saying their ($50-$200) blankets are the size of placemats. Do not order from this site, the company is fraudulent and a complete scam.

Total money lost $179.86
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased 2 blankets Nov 26. one week later, I attempted to contact to find out about tracking, received an automated response. I have since tried to email, phone all numbers I could find, message through facebook and have had no response and cannot get through on any of the numbers listed. I have reported to my credit card company as well.

Victim Location 21617
Total money lost $70.20
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On November 17, 2017 I saw an ad on Facebook for a "Large Knit Chunky Blanket" sold by Loosely Store. I followed the link to the Loosely Store website and ordered a blanket totaling $70.20 (that of course posted to my credit card immediately). When I had not received my blanket in one month, I attempted to call the phone number listed on the website, and the number is not in service, disconnected. I attempted to email them several times, and immediately received an automated generic email saying it was in "pre-shipment" phase, from Korea. So, I began to investigate online a bit about this company, (clearly should have done that BEFORE I ordered from them) and just about every review is negative. Either customers are not receiving their orders at all like myself, or the few that do get something are receiving a blanket the size of a pillowcase that looks like a monkey knitted it. Please stop this company from robbing people.

Victim Location 19444
Total money lost $254
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered 5 blankets ($254.00) on Nov 21st. according to their cancellation policy ( or lack of) I had 24 hour to cancel. I sent an email to cancel my order within the 24hrs. I have yet to receive a response or receive the products ordered....although my card was charged immediately. I have placed a dispute with my credit card company.

Based on the comments on their Facebook site there are many possibly thousands being scammed.. />
I actually tried to alert folks but my comments are removed. This is a huge scam-- that requires the company and their continued advertising to be shutdown.

There is also a possible issue with these scammers having credit card info-- for further scamming.

Victim Location 46383
Total money lost $157
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Placed my order for two blankets on November 22, 2017. Was told 1-3 days for processing and another 10-15 days to receive. Upon my numerous attempt to contact them-their phone number is not valid or they record not open. Received the same email from them that once it arrives in the country the order can be tracked. Upon reading reviews many people have not received their order or they say it is lost in transit.

Victim Location 07450
Total money lost $145
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased two blankets on Nov.14 so that I would have them in time for Christmas. By Dec 10th, I still hadn't received them so I tried calling but the phone number just kep disconnecting me. I then emailed and got a response 5 days later telling me my blankets are on the way. They supplied me with tracking numbers and a website to check the status. This seemed legit so it made me feel better. Once I put the tracking numbers into the system, they said it was not found. Once I contacted the company again telling them this, they simply said it will e delivered. It is now dec 20th and I still don't have the blankets!

Victim Location 30263
Total money lost $190
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This store ran a sponsored ad on Facebook after Thanksgiving for a chunky knit blanket. The ad included a link to the store website.

The ad and the store website are ver well presented, as was the ad for the blanket. The blanket appeared in the photos as being very well constructed, comfortable, warm, "cozy" feel. The photo showing the blanket featured the large yarn woven in the "arm knitted" currently trending fashion. I ordered 4 medium blankets, the store indicated were the size of a twin mattress. They were priced 59.00 each with free shipping if I ordered 80.00 or more. I also used a 20 percent promo code offered.

Once ordered, I had to email the store in order to receive an order number. This took 3 days to receive a response email. With the order number, I could check the order status from the website myself. I checked the status a week after the order. The response was "order received". The next week, the status was "in process". I then emailed them with my order number to inquire when the blankets would be shipping. Their response 5 days later was "12-15 days". I allowed for the time plus 2 addl days, then emailed for a tracking number. I emailed 6 times for the tracking number, but got no response.

By now I was quite concerned that the blankets wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas. I went to the stores Facebook page and started seeing more and more negative comments about customers having communication problems. It also appeared the store was deleting comments they didn't like, that I had seen previous. Very few customers were stating they had received their blankets, the one or two that did indicated what they received were the size of "a 3 ring binder notebook" and another tweeted a picture that showed the queen size blanket she received was the size of a baby receiving blanket. The store is commenting on their Facebook wall that they are "very busy" , "hiring more customer inquiry workers", and for the distraught customer to contact them via [email protected] or Facebook instant messenger (which was blocked for me as I posted a complaint).

All of the customers indicated the lost the money paid for the blankets, and that now they had to scramble to purchase replacement gifts for their loved ones. So do I. The responses from the store to the irate postings are the same canned responses for each, furthermore, they continue to post the blanket for sale, the good blanket, in the pretty ad. Even with the comments. This further aggravates the customers.

After I finally received my tracking number, as of today a shipping label from China has been issued for my blankets, which they describe on the shipping description as "small packets". So, I am aware that IF I do receive my order, it will be the inferior product the others have posted about.

Victim Location 90027
Total money lost $98.50
Type of a scam Online Purchase

the site look legit, but when you order, they don't send tracking info, they don't respond to emails, and its also been listed as a fraudulent website on consumer reports. the site also is known to be involved in identity theft.

Victim Location 07512
Total money lost $265
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed an order with this company on November 22. I received order confirmation right away, and contacted them twice before I received a tracking number from them on December 7. The tracking number did not show and activity until December 15 and since December 15 the order has been in China. The company doesn’t respond to email and there are multiple reports of this company scamming people. My mom also placed an order wth this company on November 22 and hasn’t received any tracking information.

Total money lost $140
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered two blankets on Nov. 19th. Received zero. Have emailed [email protected] on three separate occasions and have yet to receive a response regarding shipping information. Tried instant messaging on Facebook and have been ignored, despite the fact that they continue to post ads on their page all day. Delete all comments on posts from myself and many others who are inquiring about their orders.

Obviously fraudulent. Buyer beware. I will be seeking further legal action this week.

Victim Location 80923
Total money lost $125
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered items from after seeing adds for a few weeks on Instagram and reading great reviews. It has been over 18 days, and no tracking information has been provided. The payment made shows it was paid to Elizeta, not Loosely Store. When calling customer service to inquire about tracking, the representative did not give any information except that shipments were behind due to the holidays. She said the company is in Spain, but the phone number is from a New York area code. Email responses are generic and confirmation emails look similar to other trustable websites. The site shows McAfee Secure, Norton Secured and Thawte secure at the top of the website. It looks as though it is credible on Facebook as well and had me totally fooled. I am still waiting for the items purchased. My card was charged but no items yet.

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