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Local Records Office

Local Records Office is a company that specializes in generating property profile reports.

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Local Records Office sent an invoice to my mother-in-law to provide her with her property deed. Unbeknownst to us she did send a check 2/25/2021 with NO deed returned to her.

PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT ON THE FAKE LETTER! These people will scam you if you don’t read the letter in its entirety. BBB has a list of complaints from these scammers and almost every complaint the person who sent a check did NOT receive their “deed” as promised. I am posting this message to educate the public that you can obtain a copy of your deed for far less money than these scammers are offering. It seems like these scammers exist in every County and state across the US. The pandemic has created an opportunity for scammers to become more creative and one step ahead of everyone else. You are not obligated to send them money or respond to this bogus letter. Keep your money in your pocket and shred the letter. Their responses on the BBB to every complaint sounds like they copied and paste the exact words on the bogus letter onto the BBB website. Therefore, they justify their behavior by making everyone else feel “you didn’t read the letter…LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE COUNTY IM WHICH YOUR DEED IS FILED IN, NOR AFFILIATED WITH ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.” Don’t fall for this nonsense and always read everything before you respond with a written check.

I received a solicitation letter to obtain a copy of the deed to property recently transferred from my mother's trust (she is now deceased) to my trust. The letter indicated it was not from any governmental office but they used language that made it seem imperative that I send them $90 by a certain date. I called them to find out how they received my information and they said it is all in public records. The major problem is that they were trying to sell me a deed for a piece of property that isn't even the right address or plot number. They wanted my address and I didn't give it to them. They may be technically legal, but having read another person's complaint, where that person did pay the fee and didn't receive anything I am alarmed that this business is allowed to continue to do business. It seems like a scam big time preying on people who have lost a loved one or family member. Shame on them especially since these deeds are easily obtained from the county in which the property is located. (Note...they are located in LA County and I am all the way up north in Mendocino County).


After buying a house I received many letters trying to get me to pay for verification or receipt of my title. This letter seemed particularly egregious because it so closely mimicked a real government document. I was almost fooled.


Mail looks like a bill due for the deed to my home. Have to read the fine print.


Received letter requiring us to send $89 for a copy of deed to our new house, which is available through the government for less than $5. This is not a government entity but it is masquerading as one.

They sent a letter claiming they had the only proof saying I own my new home. They requested $89 in the mail for it.

- Trumansburg, NY, USA

I received a letter in the mail that looked like a bill from my place in my state capital. I had recently refinance my home and it is initially assumed that it was a fee for the deed. The envelope had a bunch of language about fines.

- Fishers, IN, USA

I received an official looking envelope and document requesting $89 to have a deed and property profile released to me for my current home address. The envelope said important property information respond promptly. I attempted to call the number listed but a strange answering machine asked me to leave a name and phone number and said office “are” closed.

- Lakewood, CA, USA

Yet another scam/junk mail. This time asking for $89 for a copy of the deed. It said to make a check payable to "Local Records" PO Box 509, Norwalk, CA 90651.

It lists all these details about your property that can be easily obtain because it's LA County public information.


- Lady Lake, FL, USA

The scammer sends a document that looks like it comes from a government agency but offers a bogus unnecessary service.

It’s a fee of 89 dollars for a deed to your new house. We just bought a house and they are claiming we must pay to get the deed and need to respond by the end on the month 5/31/21

- San Diego, CA, USA

It's asking new homeowners to send a check of $89.00 to receive a copy of your deed.

- Evansville, IN, USA

I am a first time home buyer. They sent me a solicitation for $89.00 through the mail. After they receive my check (within 21 days; with a embolden Respond By date) for their services the will send me "a complete property profile and an additional copy the only document that identifies you as a property owner usually called deed." Although it says in a few spots the it is not a government agency, this is very deceptive. The only reason I thought anything of it is because I don't live near Indianapolis, IN.

- Ridgewood, NY, USA

This scam enterprise sends out deceptive letters made to look like official government info, asking you to pay $89 for a copy of the deed on your property. They pray on people who don't know any better.

- Fairfax, CA, USA

Local Records Office claims it provides the only document that identifies property owner. this is not true. the county provides all this information at no cost. Local Records Office charges $89 for a client to receive deed documents. Their letter makes sit sound like this document can only be obtained through them...a definite falsehood. I would like others to know this is a scam. I resent the information that is included in their mailing.


Requested payment to provide copy of real estate deed.

- Carlsbad, CA, USA

I'm requesting $89.00 refund from this business. In January 2021, this business sends out a "official looking" letter to obtain the deed of my recently refinanced home. It asked us to pay $89.00 by 02/14/2021 for a complete copy of deed . I mailed them a check on 01/14/2021 and it was cleared on 1/20/2021. After that, I actually never receive any kind of property documents from the business. I've dialed their 800 line several times but they were all directed to their voicemail box.6 weeks later... No one from the business has returned my call so far. At this point I obtained a copy of the deed locally for 2.95$.. So I started searching "LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE" on Google and realized the letter was a spam.

Desired Outcome

I wanna the business issue me a $89.00 refund check.


My mother passed away and somehow they got information about her property with house not on market for sale. Want money to get copy of "profile" about title and property. Total scam as you get any title changes from state. Must look at part "not associated with any government agency"

- San Francisco, CA, USA

Received "official" looking letter in the mail that contained accurate property information for given address. Name of company "Local Records Office" has vaguely sounding government connotations. The notice urgently requests response by specific near future date. Form is legal sized with detachable payment coupon and return envelope. The "service" they provide amounts to nothing since it offers to make sure your property information is in the public record which since they sent you the solicitation means they searched the public records already and found the information in the public realm. Fine print states that this is a solicitation bu since it is fine print in official looking font I suspect that it is down with not the best intent. The design of the form means to gain confidence by looking on the surface to be official government business but the content when read gives one doubt.

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Local Records Office is a company that specializes in generating property profile reports.

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