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Landbase Trading Co. LTD

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Landbase Trading Co. LTD Reports & Reviews (52)

• Jan 04, 2024

Saw this company using the name on Facebook and they were advertising a product by Lemonwood Love called a Mini Minder and using their product photos. I contacted Lemonwood Love who said they were aware and its a scam.

• Nov 30, 2023

I have ordered 3 custom steel medal holders for my grandkids. It has been a month and I have not received them. Also noticed that I was charged more on my credit card than the receipt showed when ordered. I am trying to contact Amazing Go which is the company that I thought I ordered from. No response! This is definitely a scam and is on Facebook so be careful. Getting ready to contact my credit card company and cancel the charge! I really wanted these also as they were Christmas gifts!

• Nov 29, 2023

Bought a watch never received it no order no no tracking no contact allowed

• May 27, 2023

This company shipped seed and apologized for the mistake. Said the seed were as expensive as the 2’x8’ raised bed. Each email response to my complaint raises their offer of refund. Started at 10%. We’re up to 40% now. I told them I’d get my charge card company to go after a FULL REFUND.

I bay flash lite. 17days I go and don't have nothing.! Nobody answered me .!

Ordered something in December, 2022, and here we are May 1, 2023, and no item! They also initially overcharged me!

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. Probably "Travellers."

On March 26th I was on Facebook, seen their add for phone cases, said they would have it to me in 2 days.I bought 2 ,the prices obviously were not fixed as I was charged $23.00 extra, within this time my tracking number has changed 10-20 times, for the 1st 2 weeks ,they were driving them around in circles in Sweden and Ireland, after the 3rd week they were in the U.S somewhere? Finally made it to my city and said I had an insufficient address, so they sent them back to the sender, and now the sender is unknown, meanwhile I have cracked my screen, and still no sign of my products, so now they email me saying that they can't send me my products for free at my request, to stand behind at some kind ethics, and they need more money to cover there [censored] for [censored]ing me over for over 1 month, as I paid in full for SINCE MARCH! Impulse buying from an add on Facebook is an angry road that leads to Nowhereville! Where Amazon is clearly the way to go!
2ea.6oz. Phone cases
2ea.6oz. Phone cases
2ea.6oz. Phone cases
2ea.6oz. Phone cases


Ordered two of the 4g LTE WIFI gadget, as it claimed it will create a wifi anywhere there is electricity - plug and play.
1st they chrged me a high amount for TAX that was not mentioned in the check out.
When complained, they refunded me the tax charge.

When the product arrived - they didn't work. It says in the instructions that I need to insert a SIM card. There was no Sim card in the package.
To emphasize - the only reason I bought it (2) was because of their claim it works plug and play only with electricity. No mention of Sim card.

I asked for refund and they claimed they sent me the right product. When insisted I am missing the Sim card, they offered me $3 refund on a purchase of $60. When pushed, they offered me $5.
I do not accept it. It is insult and shows that is their scam.

2 websites - and
Advertising a stretchy, oversized, dropped crotch jumpsuit made from cotton/spandex.
I ordered 2 jumpsuits from Fullofexpect, who charged me tax that was not listed in the checkout process. I disputed this and they refunded me the difference.
Then I received from them 2 jumpsuits that were the correct colour and size, but NOT the stretchy material that was the main draw of their advertising videos. They also claimed on their website the jumpsuits were oversized, and to order a size smaller. I ordered my usual size, which was way too small.
Wrong fabric, misleading size information, no "dropped crotch". NOT at all what was advertised!

They are stating that they have sent the correct items, even after I have sent them photos. I have also sent them their refund policy which they are not honouring.

I ordered the same 2 jumpsuits from

Within 24 hours of ordering, as per their refund policy, I asked for a full refund, after reading reviews. They have so far not honoured, and syggested I "wait until I recieve the items to ask for a refund". I have not gotten shipping information from them, even though I ordered days ago.

Do not buy from either of these companies!
Item is not what was advertised
Item is not what was advertised
Item is not what was advertised

I recently purchased 5 items of clothing and 3 of the items are too big. I purchased size small. They do not sell x-small. When. I requested to return the items that are too big the company has refused to give me information to return the items and will not provide me with the return address. They requested pictures of the scan codes which i provided. Then they email and me back and said it would take a very long time for a return. But never provided return information and told me to give them to someone else. Your company is afraid and I will be contacting a business authority regarding this matter. P Hughes


My husband ordered a digital tape measure and got a level. I sent a pic and they said it’s the right thing. I asked for a full refund, as advertised on their site and the shipping partner is also involved: [email protected]. They offered me $3, then $5. Told me to sell it to a friend. I reiterated that I want a full refund. They haven’t responded anymore. Ugh these scams!

I ordered items and contacted them within a day of receiving inquiring about a return. They are refusing to commit to their posted policy on the website Beware this company is a scam! Products are not as advertised and policies are not upheld or honored.
Refusal of Refund/Return Policy
Refusal of Refund/Return Policy

I placed and paid for an order in the end of February. through their company called Establisy. The order is still not received. Have contacted customer support many times, with the same reply that order is in transit. Bogus shipping information. I am a senior with limited income. How do I get my money back? Nancy Havlicek

I ordered an ear cleaning tool that required linking to software/app to view via camera. The software doesn't function. requires contact with customer support to trouble shoot but they also required video footage of the issue which I can't supply. After numerous emails (there is no other contact method) they sent me a second one that also had the same errors. I'm being told the exact same things by their customer service even though the website states I should be receiving an address to send the products back for a refund. They are unwilling to work with me, provide me an address for the returns. This is not a trustworthy company and doesn't hold up its promises as advertised. UPDATE: Now they are saying they don't have a US warehouse (even though they have a 'house' address listed on their facebook page) so my returns would have to be shipped to China which is expensive. They offered me $4USD instead. I spent $42.98 USD on the product, it would cost at least $44 USD to ship to China. Their website simply says to contact [email protected] for returns/refunds. They lied.
Website claims returns/refunds available, they lied
Website claims returns/refunds available, they lied


UPDATE: included the websites return/refund policy information. This has a lot of information to go to your own bank to find your refund but the only instructions to get the refund is the very last line (see 3rd picture) "Please contact our Customer service at [email protected] to get the return address."

They sell products to a website called beware. DO NOT ORDER from that site. The products are cheap and not safe. They refuse to refund your money too. When they offered to refund me $5.00, I laughed in their faces. I paid $38 for an ad advertising Collagen boost. When it arrived, on the box it said it contained snake venom.


On jan 11 2023, I ordered a rotating waist trimmer from landbase trading co. Ltd order # 230111232519722. I paid on my credit card $22.97. I have NOT received or had any communication. I have Beaconsfield, Buckinghampshire, England HPQ 2SE?.I also have an email: [email protected]?. MY EMAIL IS: [email protected]. Please follow up with my order. I would like this product. I have PAID FOR IT. My phone # is 859 231 0880. Thank you


I have a bad experience they do not send me the right reading glasses they sent me a cheap pair, glasses two of them. could anything could be done to take care of the problem. Why it’s so difficult to send this text.
I bought two pair of reading glasses


I ordered an Automatic Chicken for my son for Christmas. When the door arrived after about 5 weeks. It did not work. The first thing I noticed was that the logo was missing from the product. I emailed them a video showing that it did not work. I contacted the company many times and kept getting the same automated response that everyone else is getting. "As our warehouse checked, the product we sent is correct indeed." After many emails, I got the $5.00 refund offer. What no one else is mentioning is the FB ad showed the price as $48.77USD but my cc was charged $58.52. I filed a complaint with my cc card and they placed a temporary credit to my account. This was later over turned by the cc company because Implicitm sent a picture of the product from their website and said it was delivered. This fight is not over. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and will reopen the case with my cc company. I will also file a fraud complaint with the FBI Internet fraud division. FYI the address that they list used to be a Starbucks and now it has been changed to a Window Shop. Landbase's address is an apartment.


I ordered some solar lights before Christmas (x2). One blue set arrived with the solar panel so works okay - the white lights had no solar panel so would not work. After numerous emails - they wanted photos of everything ordered, even though they had the details, and much toing and froing they agreed to send out a new set of lights. These arrived - also with no solar panel, so useless to me. I wrote again and they basically just respond to EVERY email with "the warehouse confirms there was nothing missing and thank you for your kind cooperation"

They will not explain to me why on earth I would keep asking for the solar panel if I already had it - so I asked for a refund - and got the same response. They are thieves and crooks and something should be done.


Ordered this item 2nd Jan, company sent tracking number saying parcel on way. Tracking co website now saying parcel was delivered 17th January. I don't know where it was delivered to but wasn't me. Company not answering my emails. I have reported them to my cc fraud department. Absolute [censored].

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This website was reported to be associated with Landbase Trading Co. LTD.

This website was reported to be associated with Landbase Trading Co. LTD.

This website was reported to be associated with Landbase Trading Co. LTD.


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