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International Society of Female Professionals

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International Society of Female Professionals Reports & Reviews (50)

• Oct 05, 2020

I have countless calls which I didn't realise was from them as I couldn't hear anything so eventually they send me a message, asking me to call back which I wouldn't agree as it is an international call. It is absurd why would anyone want to call back when they are not familiar with you - there should be a well established website etc, and I am shocked to see this page. as I used to run non-profit organisation membership where I never have to call any member - it is always via email where they sent any query on membership and most signed up because it is so much cheaper to pay for the one year member than each event. It is stupid of them!

• Sep 03, 2020

I was contacted today by a woman called Savannah Cook, as with some of the other reports here, she asked for professional details, qualifications, career highs and future goals. I was excited about the opportunity to network with professional women until she ran through the charges, currently $199 for lifetime membership. Fortunately the call was cut off which gave me the chance to check out the organisation online. No card details were given. The number I was asked to use matches one given below, 17184409304. A close escape!

• Sep 21, 2020

I had the same call from a lady named Callie Andrews. During the interview of 15 min I did not have any doubt about the organisation, once she got to the point that membership would be paid by phone and now, I told her kindly to call me back, as I wanted to check first the liability of the organisation, so she provided me the number 1 (718) 440-9304 and asked me to call her back to provide my credit card details ! So crazy !
I am glad to see your comments and complaints, thank you.

• Aug 03, 2020

I had the same experience as all of you today! A woman with a very kind voice introduced herself as Jennifer Gold (great surname), and made me an interview for 15 minutes and I didn't have any doubt until she told me, that I'm in and asked how would I prefer to pay my membership. Well, there's nothing strange about membership, but the fact that my application (I didn't even finish filling it online) was accepted, no questions about any real documentation proving my experience, and the timing with the payment made me suspicious. The fact that I HAD to pay by phone made me even more suspicious. When I told her that I didn't have my credit card on me, she told me very kindly, that she could wait on phone while I got to get it. I said ok, I put the phone aside and checked the reviews about this Society... Thank's God! Thank's to all of you for sharing your experience! Couple of minutes later, still reading all your reviews, I closed the phone call without giving any explanation to Jennifer Gold and blocked the number. It a shame and a criminal activity what they do. Be aware and check before applying or liking them on Facebook or Instagram. Good luck to all of you, that I'm sure, are the REAL professionals.

• Jul 22, 2020

I got a phone call today from USA, from ISFP to complete my interview. I have applied to them thinking it was a great organization, but was suspiciois about membership cost as i didnt find info on it. So today lady called and asked questions about me and my job and tried to sell the membership for $99 usd for 5 years and $199 for a lifetime and asked for the payment via credit card. I refused. She tried to assure me that it it all secure and she will be on the phone with me till i receive confirmation email. I still refused, she the said “but over 100 thousand other women were okay and felt comfortable giving us their credit card info”... umm nope... i wont do it lady. Anyways i told her I will call her back once i make up my mind. I wont call her back... the number she gave me was 1718-440-9304 and her name is Norma. She was initially calling from 613-498-7585.

• Aug 11, 2020

Oh my God, same Number have called me but her name was Paullette waight. thanks God i did not provide any cc number to her saying i don't have my credit card with me , she promess to call me back tomorrow i will let her know my taught.
Thank you so much.

• Jul 15, 2020

I received a call from 9298100749. After a drill of questions from the person on the other line about my professional experience and career, then she got to the money $500, $400, 300 for different plans. When I asked if i could think about it before, then the anxiousness and eagerness started. i knew then it was a SCAM. Be aware.

• Jun 24, 2020

Have had several calls today from 6 different US numbers. I left my number on an ISFP Page a couple of days ago. Should have known better. Thanks for this page to share experience and make the numbers search able.


• Sep 29, 2020

Hi! For me has been the same expierence as many of womens here, The womans name was Norma Evans. But I want to add more numbers from were I received phonecalls, so you can beware of them:


It came as an email "See if you qualify for the Worldwide association of Female Professionals so I filled in my information. Someone called me back by the name of Jessica Williams and started asking qualifying questions, then she quickly moved to welcome me to the membership fees. I became suspicious when she said that my application was accepted before actually getting to see my CV or some form of documentation that I wasn't lying about my achievements. Then when she asked me to give her my credit card information I realized something was weird so I asked for her information and phone number to call her back. She said, she was not able to process my membership without a payment. She became nervous and that enhanced my suspicions. So I researched the society online and realized that if was phraud attempt. She also gave me her telephone number to call: 1718 4409304

I had a similar experience 15 minutes back and while they were bringing their rates down from a 5 years subscription to a 1-year subscription. I told her why are you pressurizing me to pay the money, provide me all your details and I will decide whether I should take the membership. Immediately she hung up. I have seen a similar kind of scam (a real story)in web series called "Dirty Money" and there are several scams running in the USA like this. Please be careful. The call was from the 516 area code.

THEY WILL NOT. STOP. CALLING. I have received over 15 calls a day from NY numbers. I even told them that I would never be part of an association that does this (I am the Executive Director of 2 large nonprofits) and they still call.

Had the same experience today, more or less, as you guys here above. 15 min chat about my achievements and challenges in my line of work etc etc. Samantha Smith was to be my Membership Coordinator and she gave me a number to call, not sure why I'd need to, but I got it anyway: 171844093

The ISFP emailed me (see photo), encouraging me to complete my enrollment. I must have started an application at some point and then stopped, though I don't remember.

The conversation with Samantha Smith was polite and, on her end, very well rehearsed. No real reaction to what I said, everything very mechanical. No human touch there, rather weird, but then again she's on the job and this is what a sales person is like on the phone, I suppose.

At one point I thought she said that once she had all the required info she'd take it to some committee which would then judge my suitability for the ISFP. I must have heard wrong because at the end of all the questions she said that based on the info she'd just gathered she was able to inform me that I had been accepted into the ISFP. She congratulated me with the tiniest bit of enthusiasm, which was nice, considering my new elevated status in society! I thought it was weird, though, especially in retrospect, because decent a persona as Ms Samantha probably is, she doesn't seem to be in any position to evaluate a person's "worth", as it were, as she's obviously reading as script and selling something.

I said wow and thanks for accepting me, because after all, what they promise isn't half-bad, though some things are unnecessary, like a certificate, via email, to print out, proving my status as a member of the ISFP. Where would I even display that, and why? :)

Then we got to the money part, and I feel so weak when I tell you that I aaaaaaaaalmost paid those $500+ - I was shocked at being hit with the question of *how* I'd like to pay, followed by a rapid reading of all the major credit cards in succession. Just like that, no warning, no "Do you accept this membership to the ISFP? Oh great, now, how would you like pay?"

They are very clever, they do this in such a sneakily forceful way, speaking fast, rattling off options, telling you all the good things in store for you... like an assault riffle, just shooting out info and options non-stop, with no time to ask questions or think about things. But I suppose that's what sales people do?

After being asked how I'd like to pay, and then being given the 2 options of 5 yr membership or lifetime one, with ridiculously similar price tags, I was thinking out loud for minute, trying to convert dollars into my currency, with no response from Ms Samantha as I did so, audibly. I mean, she was (presumably) sitting at a desk, she could have offered to check out some currency exchange for me :) I asked her a few times whether I could please pay online, through some mechanism there instead of over the phone, and she said that a) once I paid I would immediately get a transcript from their finance office or whatever, proving where my money had gone, and b) according to whatever rules the phone lines at the ISFP are secure. Neither of those things reassured me whatsoever. So what if I get an email from their office, that doesn't say anything, any scam organisation can set up an email and make up transcripts. I don't know them or trust them, so why should I trust it when she says the phone lines are secure? Also, secure phone lines? Isn't that just some spy stuff?

When Ms Samantha then so clearly and obviously *read* what I assume is the standard ISFP approved response to me, in her most robotic manner yet, about how it's safer to pay over the phone / give payment info over the phone than online, and that besides, my credit card is covered by insurance if anything happens, I suddenly realised and subsequently admired how seemlessly she answered one concern after another, like she'd received them before, or was following a script. It kinda finally dawned on me that I'd given up 15 minutes of my life to a woman with a script whose lack of response to my answers and general non-bothered attitude to anything substantial I had to say gave me the strong impression that all that talking was just for show: she who would probably, or so I suspect, have approved anyone into the organisation.

I don't know, I was in a good mood when Ms Samantha called and when it was so weirdly robotic from the beginning and then turned sinister in the end I was thankfully able to view it as a delightful experience.

Here's what I really wanted to write, and then ended up writing all of that stuff above ;)
Ms Samantha hung up on me when I finally made up my mind and told her I didn't feel good about giving her my credit card numbers over the phone. Just like that, my Membership Coordinator abandoned me!

And that's that, my very long account of my encounter with the ISFP. My advice: steer clear.

I am in England Mary Blakely called. from the international Organisation of women. At first I was excited until she wanted my credit card details and refused to send me an email or an invoice. She called from this number +15164609491 and said I should call her back on 0017184409304 to make a payment. It's sad when real women are working and others are scamming. I did not give my card details. Interestingly she said to me I am protected by my credit card if there are concerns about the payment. No I didn't make a payment but I will make. report.

As of today, May 16th 2020, there are hundreds of complaints about IAW and its fellow companies: International Society for Female Professionals (ISFO) and Worldwide Association of Female Professionals (WAFP). These people have a very structured sales approach, as shown by the contents of the several online complaints in several platforms.
This is an organization that:
* has a very aggressive sales approach;
* charges for services they do not perform;
* keeps adding monthly fees and charges to their initial "ONE TIME ONLY" payment;
* makes unauthorized charges using the clients credit card information;
* does not resolve the claims even after countless emails and phone calls, unless the costumer reaches through an official channel (like BBB). All of the 27 complaints handled by BBB against WAFP ended in a membership cancellation and refund.

The situation is so serious that BBB issued an alert: "BBB files indicate a pattern concerning issues with the sales practices, billing and customer service of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), now called International Association of Women (IAW). Consumers tell BBB that they feel misled by company representatives regarding membership prices, membership levels, and additional fees for processing and set-up. Some consumers also allege that they were subjected to high pressure sales tactics by company representatives even before they understood the costs or benefits of joining the organization. Other consumers that originally agreed to join the organization but later choose to cancel or not renew the membership say that they are charged for it anyway and must reach out to company representatives to seek a refund."

The NAPW was funded in 2007 and for obvious reasons the name was changed down the road to International Association of Women. However their business model did not change and after a new wave of online complaints they changed their name again and now operate under WAFP or ISFP.

What does it take for something to be done to solve this? I mean REALLY done, for good.

I received a call a few days ago from ISFP for my interview. I thought it sounded like an interesting organization and wanted more information. They called while I was working wanting to have a 30 minute interview. I could not talk that long so I did not get to the part where they asked me for money. I had a sinking suspicion that he was headed down that road though. I thought I had better check them out and I am glad I found this page. I will be blocking their calls but this very annoying to have to deal with at work. The number they call from was 5167010823

Yes I was contacted this morning and was surprised to ask for payment on phone! Usually these sites have online payment ,, it did not feel ok, these were the numbers ‭+1 (631) 432-1639‬, ‭+1 (631) 432-1639‬, no professional society will ask for phone interview this way, or payment on first call without taking the interview results to a committee for approval. Anyway , I had to cancel the card cause I gave her the details but good that it wasn’t too late for me to (THINK) and use my brain to do that. Be careful ladies and stay safe.

Unfortunately I didn’t do my due diligence and proceeded to take the phone call. My Membership Coash was very charming and enthusiastic to the point where he actually convinced me to pay $589 for the One-time membership. I thought it wasn’t too bad so -stupid me - I actually gave him my card info. Of course it didn’t feel good so I told him I was not going to give him the rest of the info he demanded from me (address, zip code) and just hung up on me. Next thing I called my bank and immediately canceled the card before they could do any damage. Hate to be scammed. I even nicked one of The Office (tv show) lines: “Identity theft is NOT a joke Jim”
Oh lord... I learnt my lesson!

Scammer's phone +0019143038162
Scammer's website +0016316011464
Scammer's address +0017184409304
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Phone

I was contact by Ms. Caroll Aliscar from NY office, asking me about my career goals and educational experiences. After analyse, she aproved my profile to be a membership of ISFP. The benefits are incridable and she says with one contract I can pau the fee. She offers me lifetime membership for US$499 or 1 year for US$298. I started to spell the credit card informations but then I turned off when I check this website.

This is probably a scam. Very aggressive, trying to get my money and when I asked why are they not on Linkedin they stopped the call.
Scam no
‭+1 (516) 412-6233‬
‭+1 (516) 412-6233‬
Hicksville, NY, United States

I've had calls all day today from NY, United States. I did not reply and they did not leave a voice message. 4 calls later from different numbers and locations and I Googled one of them. I found your comments and one of the numbers matched the above complaint. Here are all the numbers on my phone which I blocked:

today I also received a call I am in France and the lady took my information and after convincing me also took 589 USD from my account as a full-time membership option
are u share this is scam ? I am worried now.
numbers are
+1 5165179193

I was just called by a lady named Jennifer gold. She tried the same high pressured sales pitch on me by trying to get me to talk. In the end, I told her that I had another call coming in and would have to call her back. Any time someone says that they need your information right away, turn and walk away. she left a call back number for me of 718.440.9304.
I cannot wait to call her back to say that her company " International Society of Female Professionals was not an authorized organization. I think that I will have some fun with her and ask for her Professional identification number.

Had similar experience three hours ago and they debited my card with 589USD. A lady called me following my request for application. I thought it was an interesting organisation.
She asked me few questions and then approved my membership. She requested the USD 589 and payment through the phone,. even though i found it suspicious but she was so convincing in her way for talking and ll the benfit that i agreed to make the payment through the phone. Was even more surprised when she asked me for my ccv.
i have been trying to call them and sending voice messages and emails but no response yet.
They have also another scam organisation under the name of Worldwide Association of Female Professional and people also had similar experience.

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