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International Society of Female Professionals

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International Society of Female Professionals Reports & Reviews (51)

• Jun 30, 2021

BUYER Beware! I got taken as well and my Visa was compromised. Do not go with this company. I was taken for more than $1000 as I was not paying attention. I should have stopped at the point where the woman told me that I can become a lifetime member for $599! All above reviews are correct.

• Jun 10, 2021

I was nearly scammed by them, and I feel so stupid for even considering becoming a member.I usually do my research before applying to become a member of any group/ society. However, being a first time mum and on maternity leave, has caused lots of insecurities and feeling they I’m loosing on lots of opportunities for career progression.As a result, I felt this was a positive step in building my confidence and networking with female professionals while currently off work.
I filled in the form and hit a call by this number: +1 (718) 841-4520.I then had an interview by a lady , which I passed with flying colors.I was offered a 5 year membership for $99 or a lifetime membership fir $199, highlighting that most professionals had chosen the lifetime one.She promised a profile, certificate, online bio , press release to other members.
I provided my credit card info, then started getting suspicious when I had to tell her the billing address, name of company, alternative phone number and ….
Thankfully my bank is smarter than me, and declined the transaction.She told me she could not provide a secure link for online payment, for sake of account security!, but had time to stay online when I contact my bank yo get it approved or receive a text from my bank for approval.
I instantly knew it was a scam, so I asked her to stay on line while I called my bank.
I froze my card and and reported it as list/ stolen, requesting a replacement card with New number and new PIN.I also replied to text from my bank that I didn’t approve the transfer.As a result I got a call from the bank and we checked all the transactions for today to ensure they had not already used it.
I received an email from Financial Director of the said ISFP! staring the membership fee transfer was not completed and yo get it done , then call them on the above number so that they would send me the package. They also called me again, which I obviously didn’t answer.
The website looks reasonable legit, so be very careful!

• Jun 10, 2021

I am based in Spain. As many of the comments before I also saw the ad linkedin and I thought it would be a good idea and sent the form. I also got the 15 min call from the States a lady called Katie L “interviewing” me and congratulating me for my career. And then asking me for around 500 odd dollars for lifetime membership or 400 odd for a year. I said it was too expensive and I needed some time. A week later they sent an email with a great offer of a fifth of the price. I was so close to fell for it and thankfully i found this page. Thanks for sharing your experience and it seems they are calling now more people in Europe. Be careful!

• Jun 04, 2021

Today I became a member of this scam organization. I feel so stupid because I usually take the time to do my research. Maybe the pandemic has made me crazy but I fell for the scam. I was contacted by a very nice lady named Alycia and really enjoyed our conversation. Fortunately, I did have a small suspicious so instead of using my Debit Card, I used Capital One because I know they are very good with handling fraud. I am now speaking with a Capital One representative to have the charges reversed. It's sad how these criminals take advantage of hard working professionals.

• May 25, 2021

Sorry to hear some of you were ripped off!

In my case, they failed half way through the script!
It all sounded fishy as wasn't offering nothing different to LinkedIn. When I asked why I need a certificate, this aggressive girl said I don't need to yell at her! Whaaat? 🤣🤣 and when I said I don't feel comfortable to continue conversation, she said she was not responsible for my feelings and hanged up 🙂 they need to do better than this to con people properly these days 😁

• Mar 17, 2021

Nothing but a scam. A month after paying lifetime membership fees they charged me 4 times:

All were denied by my credit card company because I didn’t pre approve these charges (my card is smarter than me). It is a HUGE scam. Then they don’t answer when you call them !

• Mar 11, 2021

I came across them on LinkedIn. After applying, they called me in the Netherlands and, after a lengthy interview, accepted me as a member. I chose the one-off payment for a life-long membership. I had a funny feeling and decided to do more digging and then came across some serious complaints and bad reviews. I have already contacted my credit card company, but they cannot do anything about the initial charge. I mailed the ISFP immediately and requested a refund. Hopefully, there won't be any more charges! I cannot access the BBB site; I keep getting a "forbidden" error code. Any advice would be great! The lady's name was Jacquilyn Kohman - +17184409304 / 3110800520020733559 - this is the number shown on my mobile phone in the Netherlands, and the first number is the one she gave me.

• Mar 05, 2021

RUN don't walk! They are a scam and are just after your money. I feel so stupid. Lifetime membership to a crappy website. How low to prey on people in this economy.

• Mar 02, 2021

I'm not a victim, but I want to share something with everyone.
I've been trying to get a job for months now, I'm extremely behind on bills, and I have a daughter who is turning 2 this Saturday, and I have not a single dime to get her anything... and I finally get a call, from (International Society of Professional Woman) She hires me immediately and OF COURSE I'm excited. Work from home- $500 a week + commission? That's more than I have ever made. So all of the training is done over Zoom, and we are presented all of the materials that we need, programs we need to install, and of course... A script (What we should say, and how to answer questions during calls.) After the last two days of training, I have had this gut feeling that this was too good to be true, and something is WRONG. I kept asking myself; If we are dealing with professionals, then why aren't we able to provide more information and sell our "products" anywhere else but over the phone? And why are we to push someone into buying right then and there? And if someone gives you all of their card info, why are we to send it to another "worker", OVER SKYPE? I ignored those questions I asked myself, until TODAY, when I felt the need that I should do research before becoming a part of a company that could be a scam... Here I am. I feel like such a [censored] person. I have no idea if the memberships are real, or if they actually provide anything at all... I'm just a mom that's trying to make ends meet. I haven't finished training, and I do not plan on it after reading this. God, I feel so terrible that even I, fell for it. I just want everyone to know, if you received a call from one of these people, they probably have no idea that this "company" is a scam. I tell you this because they sent me actually hire and tax forms, etc. And not once, was it ever mentioned that we would be apart of a scamming "company". We are literally trained just to make calls to apparent "applicants" , take their card information if they decided to chose a membership and the Business information from the Client, and send it over to the next person to do the "transaction" that is all we do. I'm so very sorry to everyone that has gotten scammed by this "company", I promise you, that I will not let myself be one of them, no matter how broke I am.

• Dec 30, 2020

I got my phone call yesterday from an Eric Martin who questioned me for about 15 mins and after getting a lot of information from me said I passed with flying colors. So again when it came to the payment of memberships: one for 5 years @ $99 and the other, a lifetime membership @ $199, I told him I would not give any info about my card over the phone. So he had me go to the website. It looked very professional with a lot of info that Eric had already given me. But I had the presence of mind to google them and found out how they had SCAMMED a lot of people. I even mentioned this to him and he brushed it off like some customers you just can't please. I wasn't happy with that answer. He knew he had lost the sale by now. He offered to call me back in a month to see if I might change my mind about this organization. Here's the no. that was used to call me ((929) 392-1004. Thanks for sharing your individual experiences!

• Feb 12, 2021

I TOO was scammed! I just discovered several charges to my credit card between Nov 2020 (when I joined) and Feb 2021. They charged me for the lifetime membership fee ($199) and then another amount of $399 showed up plus monthly charges of $39 that I did not agree to. I never received any information from ISFP about setting up my profile, etc and that triggered me to contact them...I happened to look at my statement and saw the transactions all from ISFPINC. When I contacted their support team, they immediately ended my "membership" without refund. I have let my credit card know what happened and they are disputing the amounts and hopefully refunding the amounts back to my card. I'm usually smart about these things and I definitely thought this was legit from their website, calls and other reviews I read. Very savvy...be warned!

• Feb 08, 2021

Unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky, I saw their ad on LinkedIn and submitted the form, I was contacted the following day, however I was in a meeting & could not speak so I communicated that & was contacted again 3 days later.

Went through the phone interview and when she provided the membership packages I opted for the $199 lifetime membership. I paid then, that was back in December 2020.

I received the certificate showing my membership, my profile link & log in information ; I edited my profile as instructed & uploaded my photo. I proceeded to check out the other members & found everything in order so I wasn’t the wiser then that it was a scam. Wouldn’t even know until I was contacted again today (February 8th, 2021 ) by this number +1 (718) 502-6773; informing me that they’ll be preparing my press release in a few days & what information i needed to provide on the form online to include in the press release for lifetime professional marketing and they would be charging my card $499US

That’s when it hit me that something was wrong, as I had already paid a lifetime membership of $199 which was said to come with everything, press release, marketing, etc. so I confronted the caller about this & she insisted it would have been communicated when I paid the $199, i insisted it wasn’t & told her I would not pay $499 and to cancel the membership. She then said she’d discount it to $299. I insisted I would not pay & that I’d cancel ; she then hung up.

I then researched reviews & found these, I contacted my bank to cancel my card & applied for a new one. I’m saddened that I paid that $199 but happy that I did not fall for another scam. Hope these reviews will help others like they helped me.

• Dec 29, 2020

I’m so thankful I always do my research before venturing off into all professional/or business escapades especially when there is money involved. My first thought how will they benefit me period. To cut this short I went straight to the BBC they have way to many valid complaints. I advice everyone to review this business in its entirety before given you payment options. Dec, 28, 2020 Jacklin Kohman thanks but no thanks I will be passing on the offer.

• Dec 16, 2020

Same here! I got NINE different phone calls from New York. I was suspicious but also really tired of receiving all these calls, so I finally answered- 10 minutes interviewing me and then appraising my awesome and wonderful career. And then they congratulate me for being accepted. Then offered me two "wonderful" options for the membership, for a ridiculous amount of money. I asked her to send me an email with the info and she told me that they did not send any emails. And I could not pay via their website. Told her I was not going to pay anything today by phone and gave me her name and phone number to call her when I was ready. Fortunately, I began investigating a bit more and found this page. Thank you all for sharing this with us.

• Dec 16, 2020

I had the same experience and luckily didn’t agree to pay and then found this :) thank you!

We should open up our own little group :)

• Nov 24, 2020

I recently lost my job and am looking for a new one, so when an ad for ISFP came up on Linkedin, I thought it sounded like a good idea. I received multiple calls from different numbers in NY, and when I finally answered, like others they asked a whole lot of questions, told me I was good enough to join and then asked for CC details. I was suspicious so didn't agree to handover at once. The woman was very insistent but I wanted to look into them in more detail, before I paid any money. Really glad I did. Seems like a scam. Please see Glassdoor reviews below from employees confirming...

• Nov 19, 2020

Yes! Same - 10 minutes of ' qualitifiyng' questions with all of the fake enthusiasm and prasie about how 'amazing' my career has been that you can imagine. And then comes the question about which option I wanted to pay for today and was immediately suspicious so just told her to send me an email to get rid of her, at which point she said they don't send any emails out unless you pay upfront there and then. I told her I wouldn't be spending any money with her and she was rude and hung up. What a scam!

• Nov 17, 2020

Yep, Teresa Copeland, conned me out of 99.00 and a big waste of time. She talks you into putting you through this long interview process on the phone to make it sound as though she's vetting you to determine if you're "good enough" to be with the organization. I paid the 99.00 through PayPal. When I went into the membership site, I could see that there was nothing offered but a bunch of contacts. It's like being on LinkedIn. I could see that this would be of zero use in my profession and cancelled the membership. They said my refund would arrive in 13-18 business days. We're on day 20. I've filed a complaint with PayPal to recoup the $99.00. They are obviously having a hard time making payroll and don't want to refund money. No one is answering on their main number, and they've stopped responding to emails. On top of it, they've posted Harris on their Facebook page as the next VP of the US when the election hasn't been called by valid sources, yet. This "organization" is a big waste of time. Turn and run.

• Nov 09, 2020

Hi, I got such a nice phone call as well for about 15 min but felt very suspicious when it was to be paid at once and I got even more suspicious when she heard me hesitate and offered me a fulltime membership for only 99 (instead of 199! Nobody does that!) so I made a quick google search and found this, THANK YOU! Hope not more people will be scammed. Best regards Anna in Sweden

• Oct 23, 2020

I saw this advertised on Instagram and thought be good to belong to an organization like this International Society of Female Professionals. Little did I know the woman by the name of Theresa Copeland sounded so Official. She has conned me out of £78.93. Told me there was 2 options $99 for 5 years and $199 for lifetime membership and most people go for that. She gave me confirmation code and a bogus phone number. Asked questions about being a professional woman and told me with the package all these things I would be getting : username and password, bio page, certificate to welcome me to the Society etc. She then told me I would get all this 3-4 days time and then 7 days time someone would contact me. Did not receive anything nobody called. What people are doing in these Crazy times they are people out there sharpening there claws to get hold of your hard earned money! You know what I say that money they have stolen won't last soon as they get it will go faster!

• Oct 16, 2020

Same call from Eileen. I’m applying for a masters outside the country and I wanted to belong to an recognized society to improve my CV, nice saleswomen... How can we do that to each other’s? Claiming for sisterhood and sorority... and some of us are outside scaming single moms in the middle of the worst pandemic and economic situation. People like this they just don’t worth it. Eileen called me today more than 8 times. And she wanted my credit card details. As I’m a doctor she thought I was rich and she asked $589 usd for lifetime and $489 for 5 years. That half of my salary, I’m a doctor from a third world country! I would not pay that amount of money for anything. That’s more than the rent and the food of a month for me and my daughter. Very disappointed to see women hurting other women, what can we expect from men?

• Oct 16, 2020

Had a telephone cll today from a very nice lady calling herself Kayla Stewart like other reports here - they make themselves sound very professional the patter is well rehearsed after leaving the call you actually realise how good these people are at trying to con you into buying into their product - the web sites look genuine but as you dig deep over the internet you find the truth nothing adds up - I was call from a mobile number +1(631) 545-0029 from Amityville NY - but told to contact +1(718) 440-9304 and visit the website theisfp.com and use a reference number email contact [email protected] there appears to be two companies online running this scam one being International Society of Female Professionals and the others being reported to the Pattern of Complaint: BBB files indicate a pattern concerning issues with the sales practices, billing and customer service of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), now called International Association of Women (IAW). Consumers tell BBB that they feel misled by company representatives regarding membership prices, membership levels, and additional fees for processing and set-up. Some consumers also allege that they were subjected to high pressure sales tactics by company representatives even before they understood the costs or benefits of joining the organization. Other consumers that originally agreed to join the organisation but later choose to cancel or not renew the membership say that they are charged for it anyway and must reach out to company representatives to seek a refund. COVID19 unfortunately has made us more susceptible to believing our online business partners scammers are thriving at this opportunity - ladies beware please do not part with your money

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