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Idaho Power Imposter

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Idaho Power Imposter Reports & Reviews (42)

Victim Location 83642
Type of a scam Utility

"This is an automated message from Idaho Power billing department. Your service will disconnect in 30 minutes due to lack of payment on your account. Call 844-299-3599 to arrange payment."

NOT from the power company.

Caller ID that comes up is 800-488-5168

Freaking Liars...

Victim Location 83616
Total money lost $897.75
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Call with message stating it was Idaho Power letting me know my power was being turned off in 30 minutes. I was to call the above number, which when I did, the actual Idaho Power menu came up, I then talked to Michele B and was given the addresses of 2 of our spec homes and given amounts of $498.32 and $399.43 past due on the accounts. It was almost 5 PM. I was told to go to Walgreens and purchase Money Pac cards and then to call the technician who was sitting at the jobsite to turn the power off and give him the card numbers. I did.

The same recording came in the very next morning but I called the local Idaho Power number to go over the account as I had a current bill with no late charges. It was then I was told that it was a scam. I have reported it to the Ada County Sheriffs office. I was informed by Idaho Power that most stores are told to ask people why they are buying these cards and inform them that often it is a scam. i went to Walgreens and the said they ask on Western Union cards but not Money Pak or others. You can still call the above number and get the Idaho Power menu as of July 16, 2019 at 2:16PM.

Victim Location 83709
Type of a scam Utility

We received a call from (703) 634-6469 at 2:00 pm on 7/5/19. A male voice, with an accent which appeared to be from India, began speaking in a rushed tone, which was very difficult to understand with the language barrier and enhanced by what appeared to be a poor telephone connection. After having him repeat the information a second time, to verify I understood his call, I determined the following:

The man's name was Alex, who was a field technician for Idaho Power, and he had received a notice from the billing department to disconnect our power in the next 30 minutes. He gave me a number to call billing to discuss it (877 345-4671 and press #2 for billing) along with a case ID# 8753214C, which I was to provide them with, to learn more about the power disconnection.

I never called the phone number given, but called Idaho Power directly and provided them with the phone number and case ID# from the scammer.

Victim Location 83705
Type of a scam Utility

On 06/17/2019 I received a phone call; it was a computer-generated message that said something close to "due to nonpayment the electrical service would be disconnected within 30 minutes". The payment was in fact a couple of days late. I went on Idaho Power’s Website made the payment and got a confirmation number. Like an [censored] I did call the number they left behind. I was told because it was an EFT/ACH payment it takes 24 to 48 hours to process and I need to pay right away cause the technician is on his way to turn off our power. I was told I needed to be cash only, he gave me the address of a nearby Albertson’s and Walgreen’s. I was told to get a Green Money Pack card. Pay the fee’s and not to attach any Idaho Power Account information on the purchase. I was told I had 45 minutes to call back with the card number and hopefully the technician could be reached before the power was turned off.

I was shocked when he asked questions that I was giving him information that he should have known. Sadly, I gave him that information before I realized how strange the situation was.

It seemed strange, so I contacted the local Idaho Power number. Spoke with an Idaho Power representative who said it was a scam and to expect more phone calls in the following months. She was able to pull up my confirmation number from the payment I just made and said the payment was accepted just fine. I was also informed that Idaho Power would make multiple attempts to collect payment before shutting off power.

About 35 minutes after the original conversation with the individual looking for payment, I received a phone message wondering if I had made it back to the office with the Green Money Pack card. Lucky for me, I realized it was a scam and never left the office or got the money.

Victim Location 83702
Type of a scam Utility

Received a telephone call from a 208-_701642 - Caller ID UNAVAILABLE. Saying that This is Idaho Power Company and your power will be turned off in 30 minutes for unpaid bill unless you call 800-219-4011. We are a commercial account of Idaho Power and are not delinquent. I know when Idaho Power calls and it is not for collections such as this.

Figure out who is doing this scam. For Idaho Power's sake and the businesses or individuals they are calling.

Victim Location 83835
Type of a scam Utility

Received a call from 800-460-0849 claiming to be Idaho Power and threatening to disconnect power if balance not paid within 30 minutes. We are not Idaho Power customers because they don't service our area. Idaho Power does the Treasure Valley and SE Oregon not North Idaho. Called back to see if there is some mix up but they were adamant that we owed the money. Do not pay them.

Victim Location 83402
Type of a scam Utility

They called saying they were shutting our power off in 30 mins if we didn't pay our bill in cash.

they had no account info. We don't even have an account with an Idaho power.

Victim Location 83203
Type of a scam Utility

We got what was supposedly a courtesy call and then I was given another number to call to make arrangements 1-800-974-3840. I called and no answer then the same guy immediately called back saying he received a missed call and asked how he could help me. He wanted to make payment arrangements but I knew this was a scam so just told him that and hung up.

Victim Location 83686
Type of a scam Utility

person named Dan, from power shop informing us the power will be off on tues 1/18 (wrong date in January). our street address was spelled wrong, first and last name spelled wrong, if we have a problem with this, to call 12084658607. I called "The Real" Idaho Power Company which said No Outages scheduled that far out. The second time they called, we were to call 12083679399.WE DID NOT call either number. I am sure, if I call, they will try to get money from me. SCAM.

Victim Location 83702
Type of a scam Utility

An increasing number of Idaho Power customers are reporting misleading statements and activities from individuals selling solar systems or stating that they are selling services related to Idaho Power. Examples include people claiming to be associated with Idaho Power while attempting to make a sale or using Idaho Power’s name to gain access to the customer’s home.

As our customers’ trusted energy advisor, Idaho Power wants to ensure people have accurate information. Here is a list of things Idaho Power does and does not do regarding solar energy.

Idaho Power DOES:

•Support solar and other renewable energy choices.

•Work with licensed installers to allow customers to interconnect to Idaho Power’s electrical grid.

•Conduct an on-site inspection for newly installed systems prior to interconnection.

•Employ energy advisors who can answer your questions about solar and other topics.

Idaho Power DOES NOT:

•Sell solar systems or other energy products door-to-door.

•Endorse or partner with specific solar companies—we work with all licensed installers.

•Visit your home without notifying you first.

•Have offerings where customers are “off the grid.” Interconnected solar customers have separate requirements, but they still use Idaho Power’s grid.

Detailed information including FAQs, rules for interconnection, and solar payback calculations are available on Idaho Power’s website ( To speak to an energy advisor, call 1-800-632-6605. If you question whether an individual works for Idaho Power, ask them to produce their employee ID and call us to confirm.

Suspicious behavior or unwanted trespassing should be reported to local law enforcement. Inaccurate or aggressive sales tactics should be reported to the

Victim Location 83686
Type of a scam Utility

David Wallace identified himself as from Idaho Power- demanding payment of bill or the power would be shut off this evening at our place of business.

When I called the number, the recording said it was Mississippi Power, so they copied the recording from that company somehow. I told him we received a call stating from him stating that our power would be turned off, but I did not see how that was possible because he was in Mississippi. He hung up.

Victim Location 83686
Type of a scam Utility

A lady phoned my office today, 7-13-2018 and told me to call 208-758-0399 because she was a dispatcher from Idaho Power and they were on their way to shut power off on our place of business for unpaid utility bills. When I asked her what number she was calling from she hung up on me. I was aware this was a scam as we had the same type of call less than a year ago.

Victim Location 83702
Type of a scam Debt Collections

A man claiming to be from Idaho Power called to say that we were scheduled to have our power shut off and that we needed to pay to prevent it from happening. If no one could pay then power wouldn't be able to be turned on until next week. They gave me a number to call in order to get a supervisor for payment. (208)758-03699 ex 107, his name was Robert. Because out account is good standing I called Idaho Power and discovered many people have been getting the same call this week.

Victim Location 83651
Type of a scam Utility

said he had a disconnect order for our business to shut us down, but we knew he as a scammer so we didn't give him any information. just wanted to warn people

Victim Location 83703
Type of a scam Utility

Was called by someone (it showed Idaho Power's main 800 number on the caller ID) telling me our power would be disconnected in 45 minutes (we have multiple accounts for a business address.) He said I needed to call another number and provide the reference number he gave me to talk to them about payment. I called the number, it was an automated message sounding just like the voice on the Idaho Power automated line. When someone answered, he said since I wasn't willing to provide our account number to him, (only the reference number the previous person had given me,) he couldn't give me any information but that I needed to go down to the Idaho Power main office and make a payment. Called Idaho Power and confirmed scam.

Victim Location 83402
Type of a scam Utility

The phone call was to the hotel I work at to inform the manager that the power is going to be shut off in 38-60 minuetes because the auto pay card had not worked and that the owner had been ignoring the calls. The man claimed to be from Idaho Power and that "Jerry" who he later refered to as technician 189 was on his way to the property to collect payment or to cut power. He was very careful to ensure that I knew the number that the manager was to call.

Victim Location 83713
Type of a scam Utility

Scammer said we were behind in our utlility bill to Idaho Power. They said that they had a glitch in their system and no payments had been received since December. They said I needed to go to Rite Aide at 10600 W. Fairview and buy 3 MoneyPak cards to send them a total of $1300.00 or our power would be shut off.

Another phone number they used is 800-488-6151

Victim Location 83714
Type of a scam Utility

Received a phone call this morning from supposed "Idaho Power" stating they were going to disconnect our power due to non-payment of January and February bills. He asked what our last two payments amount were and if we had a confirmation of payment, i gave him the amounts and then said he did not have the confirmations of payment and transferred me to a "finance manager". I hung up and then another person called me back and said they would disconnect in the next 30 minutes if we did not make a payment to them at the local Walgreen's or Rite Aid with a money pack card. He gave me a case # and said to call back in 30 minutes. I called the local Idaho Power and they confirmed this is a scam.

Victim Location 83201
Type of a scam Utility

An Idaho Power customer service rep called our office and said that IP had sent us an overdue notice the previous month. He stated that they would turn off the power to our office by 10:00am and was giving us a "heads up". He gave me another number to call to resolve the issue. When I called the 208-261-3083 local number that he gave me, the menu stated that it was Idaho Power Business and Irrigation and to choose from the prompts including billing issues, stop and start etc. When I got a customer service person, he asked for my account info and the phone number linked to our business. I made up the info and then he said "let me put you on hold" and disconnected me. I Googled the phone number and this is the info it gave me:

Below is the basic information we get from (208) 261-3083 -

Usage Landline

City Burley

State Idaho

County Cassia

Providers Red-ban Communications

Introduced 10/07/2009

Rating: 0 times

Searches: 12 times

Lastest lookup: 2018-03-07 07:57:04


Phone Number Information

Area Code (NPA): 208 Exchange (NXX): 261

Original Service Provider: RED-BAN COMMUNICATIONS Zip Code Coverage: 83336, ,

Original Service Type: Landline Carrier Type: Competitive Access Provider

Original Coverage Area: Burley, ID Switch CLLI Code: BRLYIDMA3MD


Victim Location 83201
Type of a scam Utility

Received a call from someone stating they were a tech from Idaho power and were going to shut off power to my business. I asked to speak to a supervisor, at that point they informed me that they were a tech I would need to call the supervisor. I explained that they called me and they can have the supervisor call me as well and I hung up. I then called Idaho power, my account is current and there is no "turn off" notice. They also explained that they would communicate via the mail for turn off notices and then an automated call would be made 10 days before scheduled turn off.

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