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Henry Cavill imposter

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Henry Cavill imposter Reports & Reviews (753)

Good afternoon, I am very sad because an impostor seduced me, he told me that he was Henry Cavill. At first I was very happy. He talked to me about love through my Facebook hangouts, he talked to me about having a relationship. I found out about other cases and they were very similar to mine. I know that Mr. Cavill is a very busy person and is a great artist who deserves much respect . The Henry Cavill imposter left me very bad because it gave me false illusions, that really hurts. It is very painful for unscrupulous people to play with your feelings using the name of a great artist.


In June 2020 I met someone claiming to be Henry Cavill on IG of course I didn't believe him initially but I wasn't in a good state going through a divorce and other troubles. After 3 months of romance and manipulation I finally decided to help him now I'm in the hole for $18,000 and no idea how to get out. I must say this guy was really good at his scam now I'm a single mom in debt??‍♀️

• Sep 12, 2021

Doneka, I hope you are okay by now. I was scammed too put of thousands. I'm so glad I pulled the plug but it wasn't till my imposter cancelled for the 5th time 9n us meeting up. Keep ya head up sis! Karma will get them all!

I was contacted on Twitter from a Henry Cavill private account. I know he doesn't have an official account so I was skeptical. I have been contacted before by people claiming to be him, but this guy was above the rest. Perfect English, seemed to have done his research on Mr. Cavill. I went along with it to see where it progressed and sure enough, he asked me to buy him $300 in Google Play gift cards. The e-mail he used to contact me through Hangouts is [email protected] When I refused, he turned it around and made it out like I was the bad guy.


He even has a fake ID he produced after the new girlfriend news hit and I called him out:

Also has [email protected] With news of Henry having a new girlfriend, this guy still insists he is Henry.



Initial means of contact Not applicable

I have known Henry Cavill for 21 times! Actually I spoken often with just one, he was nice, and he said that he want to meet me. So he ask me to send an email to his assistant because now Netflix division wants that every move o meeting go in paper and at the end the assistant set the date and the place for the meeting, I should have paid 1200 pounds for eligibility and then Henry would have refund the money... Yeah... I could picture hem came at the hotel cash in hand... Ahhahaha really a nice person but also really fake.. After 21 fakes I really would like to know the real one touh!


The imposters are at it again. This time they are using a different platform. Please stay away from the Henrycavill(spelled just like that) on KakaoTalk. The scammers are using this platform now. They are also posing as Dany Garcia with the email [email protected]


I am speaking with an impostor who I know for sure is a Henry Cavill fake! I am speaking with him through Hangouts app. I know this man is a very busy person. I know the person I am speaking to isn't him. I am reporting this so you will know. Thank you.


Twitter message from "Peterson" WhatsApp saying he was Henry cavill, asked for activation fee for access card of $1,500, got made when I asked for verification of ID.


I´ve the same story with "Alexander Dreymon"...?! The same whats app number ... but it was very real, because i ask if he write me in german and he write me in german... that was spooky...


Initial means of contact Not applicable

I’m not crazy fan, I have never been a fan of him. And I wasn't a fan at all, but once I wrote a comment on his official page and I got a response... after that one person replied me... and I started to communicate with someone who knows him very well... and fell for it all...
I was really happy when he wrote to me. And this is very funny, but the whole story was seems like a sign of fate.

On behalf of Mr. Henry Cavill, a man has been texting with me for several months, claiming to be Mr. Henry. He was very polite and pleasant... he wrote such messages that find a way and go straight to the heart.
He made a video calls. Maybe it was a double, or maybe a video montage. I don‘t know, what should I think, because I believed in this situation when he called me on video (but only for 1 minute)
I’m sure the possibility appearances of such situations around the media personality should be stopped somehow. I would like to help protect other women from similar situations.

He didn't offer to pay right away, and he didn't offer to meet on that moment when we started to communicate.
He offered to meet after 1.5 months of communication.

First situation, when he asked money started
when he asked me, if I want to meeting with him. If i want, I should pay his management. I paid. And after that I received an confirmation of a meeting («Celebrity meet and greet») with Mr. Henry in Russia.

Next situation with money was, when he asked me to pay for the delivery of his documents to Russia. I wanted to help, but I felt everything isn’t real. He tried to explain to me that he has problems, that he would send me a package... for which in the end I need to pay the port fee of $ 5700... ??‍♀️

The next time he told me, that needs help with attorney, because he is suing with management. He said all his accounts are blocked and he can't pay him what he promised. He asked to help another $ 2500..
I did not do it. But it wasn't me who was smart, it was circumstances that saved me. I tried to make a transfer, but the Bank froze it, they didn't like the information's and data I provided.

About meet: First It was from this email address: [email protected], and after, when I paid it was from this
[email protected]
About delivery it was from this email:
[email protected]

After that, 2 more “Henry” texted on Instagram and everyone said that the previous one was fake??‍♀️

Everyone said that the hacker broke into our correspondence and asked for my number.
Now I've blocked everyone.

I was very upset that I got into this situation, but I don't regret anything. I always try to find the good stuff) I practiced English, it raised my self-esteem and gave me a good mood despite the fact that I had to pay for something that would not happen.

I didn't even think about Henry Cavill before... but after I started talking to scammer - I started watching interviews with him and tried to get to know and understand him as a person. now I know so much about him, I don't even understand why I need all this information.

I believe in fate, I believe in love...i believe in signs...A lot of signs and events have happened in the last 4 month…
Maybe it's fate, or maybe it's not. I guess if it fate - it will be and we meet with real Henry Cavill.

My Instagram @valeriia_af


Q- Did imposter first contacted u via your IG or via your email/gmail or via Facebook? Can screenshot the early dialogues chats u had with him in IG/FB/gmail? Thanx

Theres many Henry Cavill variation of email/gmail address & hangout i.d. What is the fake henry cavill gmail address & hangout username/i.d? Please share so no other women get conned & hurt. Thanx

U said his impersonator texted you. You mean SMS texted u on your whatsapp app? If whatsap then u know his fon/whatsapp number then. Or was it text to your Hangout or Gmail or Messenger? What is fake whatsapp number imposter used? Please be specific. Thanx

How come you could not tell during video call if it was really Henry cavill or not? Was it a live person moving his body & talking or a edited video footage of Henry with low quality resolution? Normally we can tell drg video call if you are talking to live human being or just watching someone on a recorded tv, laptop, video screen/replay.

Hi. Please share more abt Henry cavill imposter. What is the impister fake IG or FB i.d username? Still exist or active in FB/IG now? Whats imposter's fake henry cavill Hangout i.d & fake gmail address? Those 2 accounts still exist operating until now or not? Please be specific. Thanx

Impostors are reaching out across all platforms, IG, FB, and Twitter pretending to be Henry.. some are quick to spot due to poor grammar and English, however, there are 3 very good ones (I'm certain there are more) that are very good and using the heartstrings to get what they want.. Generally they ask if you are married and if you have children then proceed to befriend you and tell you how beautiful you are before discussing relationships and marriage and a future...Some ask for money to have a "secret" private and intimate meet up, others ask for Passport information as to make travel plans for you to meet them in another country. (Honey Pot Scam) Very charming and calculated, and persistent. Not sure if anyone has gone to meet however that is a HUGE danger, they will every excuse as to why they can not send recent photos or make video calls, or phone calls. Face Book and Instagram are where these 3 specific ones are located, regardless of several reports to FB admin the page has yet to be taken down. Be careful, Henry will NOT reach out to you and ask for these things.


Victim Location 55441
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Impostor, posing as actor Henry Cavill aka Superman, has contacted my wife through Facebook. She was on the Henry Cavill Facebook page admiring him.. He has her phone #. He wants $15,500- from her. She will not tell me why.

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