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Henry Cavill Imposter

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Henry Cavill Imposter Reports & Reviews (39)

• Jun 03, 2021

Hi to everyone,
My Experiance with fake Henry Cavill has been through Instagram then soon through Google hangouts never use any of those apps with all the fake Henry's I went through at the time were Jan Feb and March all turned into Romance Scams none of them gotten a dime from me one of them asked for my personal info like my bank account info and my Scoial Securtity number etc of course I wouldn't give this person that info this scammer wanted me to go to then I stopped communication with that fake Henry I had to delete my entire google account as that was the only way to get rid of his email as he wouldn't get rid of mine others I came across all sent there photos looked legit to me some I saw through video chat yet I was told that can be programed I stopped using those awful apps as I knew that wasn't the real deal actor and why would he ever use google hangouts to begin with and I had come across many other fake scammers who posed as other actors to with as always a fake gmail account yeah I am a fan of the real actor Henry Cavill but till this day I feel stupid for falling for the romance part and everyone if you use instagram only fallow people you know not the fake celebrity accounts can't believe IG allows it and also I wouldn't use awful whatsapp ether.

• May 27, 2021

Scammer's website Henry cavill
Country Unknown or Invalid Region
Type of a scam Romance
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

This person is not Henry Cavill he is a scammer

• May 07, 2021

Scam scam scam. Wanted money for a new charity he started!

• Apr 15, 2021

Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United Kingdom
Type of a scam Charity
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

This individual took a few months of grooming me posing as my favorite actor Henry Cavill. Had 6 guys try and say they were him. Asked me to buy gaming cards for his kid fans at Easter so he can game with them and make them happy. The eventually told me a sob story about Durrell and how they’re not getting the money they need and that a Durrell supporter (kid) died and he terribly upset about it. I didn’t half of the night signing up and becoming a member (he/they knew it was a dream for me to be a part of the organization. Then I donated money in memory of “the kid”. Woke the next day to him being pissed I didn’t send the money through him, asked why I couldn’t spare more and said if I gave the money to him I’d gave a chance to be a part of the Durrell trust.
They know very personal and hurtful facts of my life, having mental problems with the PTSD. They still took the time to groom or brainwash me. Asking for more money from my sorrow I had for Henry and his kid fans.
I feel incredibly stupid because I fell for it. I’ve been used and taken advantage of AGAIN.

• Apr 15, 2021

Have been a massive fan of Henry’s for a long time. I signed up on Instagram just to make good comments about him. I’ve stayed away from social media but I wanted to put supportive comments out there. I was told a sad story about how we usually buys these gaming cards at Easter so he can play with the kids they love Superman. Since I thought it was Henry I sent $400 worth of gaming cards to help him and his kid fans happy. This individual or individuals groomed me over a few months and once again he had this sad thing happen-supposedly a Durrell supporter died and Durrell wasn’t getting the money it needs so I stayed up half the night signing up with Durrell-I’ve always wanted to be a part it for years. I made an additional $100 donation in memory of the “kid that died”.I woke up later on with him being terribly upset that I didn’t go through him, gave me [censored] about not donating more and telling me $6,000 to him and he’d put me on the board of trust. I just wanted to help. And I want to help support his favorite cause.
Most importantly, this person tried to come see me twice. They took their time grooming me and saying very caring things then next time we’d fight. I challenged him many times on it being him. I had 6 different guys pretend to be Henry and messaged me. This person knows such invasive and exposing info about me that only a handful of people know. I’ve held hostage before and groomed to believe falses. I totally am ashamed that I fell for it. I just wanted to simply be a Henry fan. And I get ran though the wringer emotionally, feeling very violated and mad that someone intentionally worked me over. This has been traumatic. I’ve been suffering from mental illness already for crimes/traumatic events that happened since I was 6.
This person knew that and still conned me. This has broken me.

• Apr 15, 2021

I’m a big fan of Henry & everyone who knows me know that well... It all started on 20 March 2021 when a guy named Peterson on IG contacted me, claiming to be the publicist of Mr Cavill. Saying that Mr Cavill is reaching out for his fans & I’m one of the lucky people who’ll get to talk to him. Asked for my whatsapp number & I was sure it’s one Of my friends playing a prank on me so I played along... Then Fake Henry started to talk to me & I was over the moon.. But then I noticed the very poor English. He was polite & sweet, though!... Up till he claimed to be visiting Egypt soon that’s where I live. Then talked about the fees I have to pay for a meet & greet & gave me a number of Mr Frank from his management. Got suspicious, done my research & then realized I’m being scammed.. Funny thing when I congratulated him on his new GF he told me not to jump to conclusions it’s just a publicity for the Queen Gambit’s season 2... & that was the most stupid thing He said 😄
Wish all of you ladies safety & real true love ❤️

• Mar 22, 2021

On February 25, 2021 I received an invitation to follow on IG with the name @ henrycavillofficial452, as soon as I accepted he sent me this message "Hello beloved fan I appreciate all the contributions through your likes and beautiful comments and that why I decided to open this private account to appreciate you, you are loved ". I ended up believing at the beginning because I really follow the actor's page and enjoy all the posts. We started talking more and soon he asked to continue the conversation on Hangouts. We continued to talk until he reveals that he loves me and even asks me to marry him, but that I should embrace his project, a project to help the helpless animals of Africa, he gave me £ 1,000 for the project, at that point I was sure it was a blow. I decided to propose to him that I would only make the payment if he made a video call, he said that he would have to speak to his manager and ask for authorization, because due to contract issues he could not speak to anyone. I said I am waiting for him to have this answer. Days later he said he had authorization, so he made the video call, but put a video of Henry Cavill on the mute running on the screen and in the background I can hear people screaming, he left it running for about 15 seconds and hung up the call, it was very clear that he used one of the Actor's videos to pretend he was himself in the video call. Soon after he said that the connection was dropped because the connection was bad and said that it was proved for me and that now I should prove my love for him by helping him in the project. Then I unmasked him, said that he put video on Henry's screen, it was even one of the videos that the actor has on his social network that was not really him, even so he didn't assume he was a scammer, two days later he stopped send Message. Soon after another scammer got in touch with IG against a fake account posing as Henry Cavill again soon I made the complaint at IG.

• Apr 15, 2021

Sounds almost to a T the guy that screwed me up. Supposedly his management noticed all of the sweet comments I made and thought he should greet me and thank me for my support.

• Mar 21, 2021

Well, where do I begin. It all started end of March 2019. I was having marital problems with my partner due to financial difficulties among other reasons. I was never a social media person but I was so miserable I begin to use social media as a way of escape from reality. I met the imposter on Twitter, then, we switched to handouts and then WhatsApp. His email is: [email protected] WhatsApp number is: 44 161 850 9348. I recently learned how to look up location of the mobile number. It is from Manchester, England. Anyway, from March 2019 till the last week of February, there were weekly gift cards I stupidly sent to this scamming jerk which consisted of iTunes, Hotel, Netflix, Steam, Gold Razor, Walmart One Vanilla visa, and Amex. I was fooled into taking picture of each receipt and signing my name and Richard Cavill ( our love child we were going to have- or so I thought) and sending to him each week with the front and back image of each card. This imposter sent me a photo of his face next to mine in a frame. I read another person on this thread had the same experience with a framed photo of Henry face with her face too. Oh, in April 2019, the scammer convinced me to pay money into a children's cancer charity by way of Western Union to an assistant named Ann Forston in Ontario Canada. Western Union issued a refund so my imposter told me to send the money to John Wheatley in Florida through Money Graham which did go through. My imposter asked for my passport photo and sent me a passport of Henry Cavill that looked legit so I believed the imposter. Also, what looked like bank statements with millions of dollars in it. I was a desperate fool and the scammer knew I was vulnerable as I have a history of suffering from bi polar and anxiety disorder. He promised to come to me in June 2019, then made excuses even though he was in the states to go to Jason Mamoa and Lisa Bonet's daughter Zoe Kravtiz wedding in Hawaii and then he went to muscle building competition of Danny after that yet he still did not come to see me. I should have known better but I was vulnerable because I lost a relative to tragic circumstances after that and the imposter comforted me so much (through WhatsApp chats off course). He was supposed to come in September 2019 but nope he blamed Netflix and said he would come in December 2019 but again nope. He told me he would send me money into my bank account but I didnt want to use my existing so I opened a new account. I gave him my username and password to my online account. There were deposits coming through but they were returned due to " an anonymous tip they would not go through " according to the bank representative. I knew something was not right so I closed the account. He made excuses that since the wire transfer was from a "celebrity account" the bank thought it was fraudulent. I stupidly believed this scammer! There was that Netflix premier where Henry Cavill took pictures with Freni Perry and his family. I was pissed but he explained it away saying she was just a friend. I continued to fall for the lies and to send weekly gift cards front and back images with recants with m e and Richard's signature. Then he was supposed to come March 2020 but covid19 hit. Then again in May 2020 but UK travel band happened. Then again in December 2020 but nope, travel band still going strong. Last time was February 28th 2021, but nope. Imposter is really milking covid19 as excuse. Now he wants me to wait till August 2021 and keep buying weekly gift cards till then. Nope. After February 28th, I felt I had to pretend to go have major surgery at beginning of March just to test to see what happened to the " so called celebrity multi million dollar bank account" he claimed to have set up for me and our unborn child. He said since the account was in my name and we were not together in person yet, i needed to send him gift cards so he could re-activate the security details on the account manually. Otherwise I would be locked out of the account for 8 years. He said the account need my biometric thumb print and until the account has it, he would need to perform manual reactivation by using gift cards. I stupidly fell for this for almost 2 years. After February 28th, I decided to pretend I was having surgery to see what would happen. I also pretended to be a relative and chat with him too to be even more convincing of my rouse. Guess what? I kept this up for 3 weeks. Behold, he asked for cards after I "came home from hospital." I thought the account would lose my details and lock me out for years if it was not reactivated on a weekly basis? I'm finally done. If I would have put my energy into making my life better instead of putting energy into what I learned too late was a lie, I would be financially stable now and in a happier situation. Now I have to rebuild my life both financially and personally. The money hurt a lot but my heart hurts even more. I have to get a new phone cause I stupidly gave the imposter my phone model # and serial #. I think my wifi was hacked by this person so I must call my wifi provider to change my network username and passwords. I am no longer a fool. I take this as a HARD lesson learned. People, please dont be foolish like me. Dont take 2 years and thousands of dollars to open your eyes and see the signs right in front of you. I've only gone back to the first week of February 2021 because it's too many screenshots going back to the beginning, in March 2019. However, these will give you an idea. I hope my message resonates with all who read it.

I thought I was being contacted by Henry Cavill, because it said official site. I even told him Henry would never contact a fan. He said it's me it's really me love. I haven't even talked to a man since 2004 after a really bad divorce, so I let myself get cat fished, until he said I need to contact [email protected] and talked to him about getting a fan card so we could meet. So I told him I would message him back later, and did my homework. So that's when I knew he was trying to scam me. I felt so foolish and so stupid. I wanted to report this so no one else will fall for it. I am so sorry Henry, I know now you wouldn't contact a fan by social media.

• Jan 30, 2021

Just this morning I was contacted by a henrycavill000835 IG asking to Follow. OF COURSE I knew it wasn’t legit but I was curious and saw that this account was only following 20 other women with just 2 followers. I hope all of those women wise-up and do their research 🧐 I’m fairly new to IG but I was expecting something like this at some point. Husslers be husslin’! Don’t be dumb, ladies...:find a real man that you can see, touch, and smell. It breaks my heart to read all of these stories of women being taken advantage of because they want to love and be loved so badly. When you use your head, your heart (and pocketbook) won’t be broken! Your H Cavill is out there...just be patient.

• Jan 11, 2021

This happened to me. I was approached on twitter and given a private number. I believed that Henry Cavill was in love with me & that we were developing a relationship. Henry Cavill imposter was very good via chat on what’s app. He asked me to get him steam cards (like $200-300) and that he would give it back. I ended up eventually paying $2500 in steam cards and $23,000 sent PayPal using friends and family for different reasons. Mainly used the situation with U.S customes Demurgee fee & investment in bitcoin that we were opening up both investing in.
I was sent also a photo that was made by the imposter of myself and Henry side by side, a video they made of Henry and I with a song in the background. A photo of proof that it was Henry by writing my name on a piece of paper. This person even refers to me as Eleni Cavill. Wrote me letters, bought me expensive & got it delivered to my home and purchased me a ring.

I didn’t know it was a fraud until it was too late. I filed a police report for Grand Larceny because the money was stolen. I’ve also come to find out It’s not just 1 person but a group of people operating Henry Cavill Scam Project.
They have people in Dallas, Ohio, Iowa and Benin Republique, Africa. I managed a video footage of one of the guys at the end because one of the scammers were falling for me & revealed himself in a video chat which I recorded and sent to the FBI. I am getting the police and my lawyers to get the persons personal information through PayPal. I was able to get some of the money back through my bank and some I have to keep pushing for from PayPal until they get my funds back because it’s a fraudulent account. So this is my story and I’m trying to deal with the situation the best way that I can.

• Dec 17, 2020

This guy requested to follow me and then reached out to me randomly and asked started asking me if I was a fan and how long I'd been a fan, etc. It was all very weird and creepy so I blocked and reported the account.

• Apr 12, 2021

This is the guy who I dealt with. He's actually really good, knows things about Henry I didn't know until researching afterwards. [email protected], [email protected]

• Dec 17, 2020

This was my one brief interaction

Ok I've been with t his guy protesting his love for me but here's the clincher every time I tell him I don't have the money hes all end of relationship because im not going with t he plan Henry cavill hes sent me great pictures when I ask he says he can't get access to his bank account do to fraud he actually showed me his personal ID and he gave me h I s bank account information just saying I pay and when he gets here he will p ay me back yet I just saw in the sun he suffered a leg injury so there stopped filming see my imposter said he quit lol omg to believe in romance lol I would love to meet the real Henry cavill and make him aware of this scam

On telegram I've been dealing with a guy claiming to be Henry cavill saying he needs me to pay his and ticket to come to me please catch whhthis really is if sent thousands to him I've been with this guy for severL months claiming he's in love with me and that he's really Henry cavill sends me pictures and bank account to prove himself id also he says he's the real deal but needs me to pay his plane tickets please get my money back

• Jan 29, 2021

What device is he using to talk to you in telegram?

• Dec 09, 2020

First of all, Henry Cavill is RICH and HE DOESN'T NEED YOUR MONEY.
My experience with a scammer started in September when a fake agent sent a message on my FB. I made many questions before, maybe the fake agent felt so tired to talk to me but later, the fake Henry Cavill sent a message and then we started to chat.
At the first few days he started to talk about the Durell Challenge, about donations and something related to money. He said that The Durell website were attacked by hackers and He was working with his team to fix it. Later we started a discussion because he felt disappointed about the fact that I am not into donations for enviromental funds, only for humanitary missions.
I've noticed the wrong words written in English and the fact of the clocktime, always different from the UK time. And also, during this period Henry was filming The Witcher in the North of the UK and the scammer always saying that he was in London.
I asked for pictures, he sent a bad one, photoshopped. And then I said that he was fake because I've seen that picture before. I used the Google photo search reverse and than, I found that picture, in wich has been used several times.
After that and some chat later, I searched his number on telegram and I found another face. Then I blocked him (or her... I dont know who was behind...).
During the chat the fake Henry mentioned about his personal life, and made some romantic moves. But the real interest was about my donations for the Durell Challenge.
So, reading the stories above, I have to alert all of the fans and tell mine. There are some facts that we can't deny and as fans we have to get them real:

#1 - Celebrities doesn't need your money.
#2 - They have their own dating network and apps for dating, secret and exclusively for rich and famous. And some secret clubs for this goal.
#4 - In case of Henry and other "weird actors with a bad background", an approach with an annonymous has the goal to find a 'beard' (fake girlfriend - so If u don't know , remember Tara King and Fenny Perry stories... This last one has my solidarity)

Well, I hope this helps you! Peace!

• Nov 26, 2020

Hi everybody, I m an Henry Cavill's Fan since one year,and on Instagram i was contacted 3times from different Henry Cavill...after a couple day texting i blocked them and reported on Ig..they were asking information on my private Life...and i wanted not to be engaged.It would be a dream to be contacted from the real Henry Cavill...but It Is Just a dream..This Is my experience,I Hope It could help..

Good afternoon, I am very sad because an impostor seduced me, he told me that he was Henry Cavill. At first I was very happy. He talked to me about love through my Facebook hangouts, he talked to me about having a relationship. I found out about other cases and they were very similar to mine. I know that Mr. Cavill is a very busy person and is a great artist who deserves much respect . The Henry Cavill imposter left me very bad because it gave me false illusions, that really hurts. It is very painful for unscrupulous people to play with your feelings using the name of a great artist.

• Nov 09, 2020

In June 2020 I met someone claiming to be Henry Cavill on IG of course I didn't believe him initially but I wasn't in a good state going through a divorce and other troubles. After 3 months of romance and manipulation I finally decided to help him now I'm in the hole for $18,000 and no idea how to get out. I must say this guy was really good at his scam now I'm a single mom in debt🤦🏾‍♀️

• Oct 20, 2020

I was contacted on Twitter from a Henry Cavill private account. I know he doesn't have an official account so I was skeptical. I have been contacted before by people claiming to be him, but this guy was above the rest. Perfect English, seemed to have done his research on Mr. Cavill. I went along with it to see where it progressed and sure enough, he asked me to buy him $300 in Google Play gift cards. The e-mail he used to contact me through Hangouts is [email protected] When I refused, he turned it around and made it out like I was the bad guy.

• Apr 14, 2021

He even has a fake ID he produced after the new girlfriend news hit and I called him out:

• Apr 12, 2021

Also has [email protected] With news of Henry having a new girlfriend, this guy still insists he is Henry.

• Oct 10, 2020


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