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Government Grant Scam

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Government Grant Scam Reports & Reviews (64)

- Brooklyn, NY, USA • Sep 12, 2023

He got a grant for me and to transfer the funds i need a gift card i gave them 200 dollers already and now he needs 300 more to complate this transaction so he keep calling me to get the 300.00

• Aug 17, 2023 Scam Report Entered on behalf of victim by Employee: They introduced themselves as the gov't entity agent Donald Scott in charge of the grant program. They say they would like to tell the victim about the program that might be able to help through tough economical positions. The victim wouldn't have to pay the grant back. Was sent a NIH document that asked for all personal information including social security, private financials, and other info. Was advised to pay collateral $1500 up front to receive the grant payment and to keep grant money secret and to not let others know.

• Aug 17, 2023

The scammer looks to get paid to this cash app Wynnd $VoxVixensDen

Offering government grants posing as Department of Human Health Services Grant and hacks messenger acquaintances falsely also. My personal information was stolen!!!

• Aug 07, 2023

I was sent a letter saying, I will receive $1000 to pay my biils. The only thing I had to do was to pay $60.So I sent them a check for $60 addressde to "National Funds Clearing House." Which was sent on 7/8/23 and was cashed in on 7/19/23,

• Aug 02, 2023

I received a text saying I could qualify for a one time pmt of $10,650 for hardship. No paying back. He verified me through His name was Toni Arcadia. He got my email and password. My routing/checking numbers.Got my s.s. #. Asked for a photo of the front and back of my debit card. Said I would get the grant money the next day. (Did not) I am concerned about my personal info. Also 215-266-7567. Tried to upload conversation but did not work. Kelly Higgins

• Jul 16, 2023

She scams people to pay for a free grant for a fee to deliver the grant and the management and Marilyn Rivera sends cops and fbi sends pictures of a fake grant Facebook alot of people say it scammed.

• Jul 07, 2023

Approved for a Grant that says it was processed and never went through they kept asking for more money to make the grant go through faster

- Jefferson, GA, USA • Jun 28, 2023

Said that I could get a one time life grant for 100,000.00 but I had to send them 2000.00 to get FedEx to deliver it. They first said it was a grant but then they kept saying it was winnings. They did get my driver lic4ense and ss # what do I need to do

• Jun 26, 2023

Said was from BCA federal grant company could qualify for grant money of $70,000 to $100,000 if paid $500. Asked for my license. I did not give that. My friends account was hacked and it came from her account friends list It’s a financial department of Build Community Catalogue Appeals Assistant(BCCAA), They are Helping the old, Retired, semi-retired, disabled,, hard-hearing, self-employed, widowed, divorced, low in coming, youth Workers, medical bills, etc. I got the sum of $50,000 when I apply for the Program. Do you know how to apply?It was all about the Build community Catalogue Appeals AsSIstance(BCCAA) program. Are you aware?It was all about the Build community Catalogue Appeals AsSIstance(BCCAA) program. Are you aware?

- Cape Coral, FL, USA • Jun 22, 2023

I was contacted by someone I thought was a high school friend via Facebook Messenger. Initially, there was small talk about a hospital stay and daily life. A few days went on and then there was talk about how he got his financial life turned around by The Worker's Compensation Board & Lawrence Foundation. He explained that they offer grants to those individuals that are retired as well as other categories. All I had to do was search Facebook for TheCompensationCenter.1 and then follow the page. After that submit an email to the one on the page asking for an application. Once I submitted the email I was contacted by someone identifying themself as Anthony Sebastian the online representative from the Worker’s Compensation Board in association with the Lawrence Foundation Outreach Program. He explained what the board did: The Worker’s Compensation Board in association with the Lawrence Foundation was established in mid-2000. We make both program and operating grants and do not have any geographical restrictions on our subsidy. Nonprofit organizations that qualify for public charity status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or other similar organizations are eligible for the relief funds.

The Worker’s Compensation Board in association with the Lawrence Foundation works to expand opportunities in the community. We offer Grant-Making to support Family-planning, Individual use, environmental, education, human services and More.... I filled out the application with just a few items, including Name, address, and annual salary, and had to upload the front and back of my driver's license. After submitting he followed up with another email that wanted 3 questions answered: Who told you about The Worker’s Compensation Board & Lawrence Foundation Outreach Program ?

What is your reason of contacting The Worker’s Compensation Board & Lawrence Foundation Outreach Program ?

The funds which will be giving to you by The Worker’s Compensation Board & Lawrence Foundation Outreach Program, what will you use it for ?

After submitting the answers, I was approved for a grant of my choosing.

Thank you for answering those questions. Congratulations, Your application has been approved. All what you said have been recorded down for Security purpose and we apologize for taking your time, We just want meaningful reasons for you getting funds from us.

Finally, your Cash/Cheque will be ready but you will have to choose the preferable Grant-making Funds amount you will like us to help you with or how much you needed assistant with?

And note; the funds are not to be paid back, its a new way to build the community and make it become great.

Note; Before all participants got their Funds, they all paid for CASE-FILE FEE and DELIVERY FEE.

Are you ready now to proceed if Yes,

The list amount to choose your preferable amount.







$750,000.00 (Individuals & Organization)

$950,000.00 (Individuals & Organization)

Other More....( Individuals & Organization)

Choose your preferable claiming amount.

I choose $400K since I thought I could fix all items and invest. The fee he came back with was $2499.99. I was to submit via these options: You will be making your payment to the delivery department available cashier information via Western union, Zelle, MoneyGram, Cash deposit, Cash APP, Bitcoin, Bank transfer. Please choose your preferable payment method you would like to use so as the cashier can confirm the available method to use. The Cashier information for your payment.

Receiving information: Rachel Bartow

Adress:573 Galice Rd Merlin OR

City: Medford

State: Oregon


Country: USA

Bank name: Evolve Bank

Address: 6000 Poplar Avenue, Suite 300

Memphis, Tennessee

Deposit Accounts

City: Memphis

State: Tennessee

ZIPCODE: 38119

Country: USA

Account number: 2**********3

Swift code/Routine number: 0*******8

As soon as your payment is completed kindly forward the receipt of payment for the delivery cashier confirmation.

I tried a wire transfer, but that didn't go through. In my comments, I added The Lawrence Foundation. This was rejected by Evolve Bank. I then had to switch to CashApp which had delivery limits. Eventually, I sent the required amount plus a $50 fee for a total of $2550.00. After that, I had to submit funds to cover insurance on delivery. $7999.99. Each time I was reaching out to the fake friend asking if he had to do this too. He explained that he did and not to worry as the funds will be in your hand within 72 hours. After sending the limit on CashApp I was instructed to send the remaining balance via a bank transfer.

there were so many red flags that I missed that I could kick myself for not doing a better job of research. My fake friend got the middle initial of the real person wrong, the date of birth wrong (both year and month) and just a few posts talking about this money-available option. The agent, Mr. Sabastion also had a bunch of red flags. Why did he use an AOL account for this organization? The Facebook page has no comments, just copy and paste stories from the actual "Lawrence Foundation". The page itself TheCompensationCenter.1 - Why the point 1? The Lawrence Foundation website explains that scammers are using their site for information to set up fake websites. As of this submission, I am still getting emails from Mr. Sabastion asking for the remaining money,

- Tacoma, WA, USA • May 27, 2023

I was told that friends that we know was doing this, and talk to them on Facebook and they confirm it. Did not know that they were hacked. Got in touch with Terry Barlett DO NOT KNOW IF THIS HER REAL NAME. It could be Patricia Rae Michalsli. She told me about C.D.B.G. And I could get a grant for 150,000. But I have to pay 7,000. for fees. Sent the money (6-26-2023) to FL.UPS. And now she said I have come up with 15,000 more because the IRS has the money and we have to pay for Taxes. I talk to our friends today and they did not anything about it. I told Terry that I wanted my money back. She said I have to pay the money if I want my money. I do not want anyone to loss there money. Hope you can HELP me Thank-you

- Cedar Bluff, VA, USA • Mar 29, 2023

Caller said I was drawn to get a Federal Government Grant.  Told me to go get a gift card and call her while in the store.  Was suppose to be an activation fee.

- Lynchburg, VA, USA • Mar 24, 2023

US a grants website is designed to get your personal information by telling you sign up it’s free after they get your personal information they hit you with a surprise fee of $29.99 they are baiting customers with a free sign up to steal their personal information

- Philadelphia, PA, USA • Mar 16, 2023

They m messaged under one of my Facebook friends and told me I should apply for a grant and to buy an Apple card tell them the number and they would reimburse me

• Feb 13, 2023

It was suppose to be a grant from ss

I didn't give them money but I gave them last 4 of my social and name and address

They used my close friend to send a false text from

• Jan 30, 2023

The scammer David Smith claims to be a United Nation government that loan money to you and try to get you to send money to him first but he was on Facebook his skin his name is David Smith is Dan 782653nn62 I was a c

• Jan 27, 2023

They said they were government official on agent susan linda i send hers 220 dollars and i was going to get back 200.000

• Jan 27, 2023

Received a message from my friend indicating she got over $300,000 in a government grant and was wanting me to contact her for more information. I know this is scam.

• Jan 11, 2023

Got a text offering me 100,000 for free by just there phone number.

- Glen Burnie, MD, USA • Jan 03, 2023

The scammer called me and told me I was going to get a grant for $6000 told me I had to pay 1999 for a down deposit in order to get the grant. He gave me a fake phone number said his name you hit my foot said his name was James He gave me a confirmation number he was Indian sounded like and he took 1999 out of my cash app account he told me that I would get the money within a couple hours or 24 hours he gave me a fake phone number, which ended up being a addiction clinic

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