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Google Reports & Reviews (56)

Victim Location 71133
Type of a scam Phishing

This robo call keeps coming through and leaves a voice message about customers won't be able to locate my business without me verifying my information about my business. A Robo call, calls states that it is calling for Google to make it easier for customers when they are doing a search for my services. This is a scam. It even comes up on my cell as likely Scam/Fraud.

Type of a scam Phishing

Received a call from Google, now keeping track the phone numbers that are calling us almost daily with automated message.

Victim Location 55044
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Robocaller "Patrick" says "your Google listing may be in jeopardy and you need to verify the information in your listing. It will only take a moment of your time. Press 1 if you are the owner and Press 2 to be removed from their list".

It never gives an option of "I am not the owner, just an employee of the company" so the only option has ever been "2" or hang up on them. Either way, we seem to get about 10 calls per week on our various lines coming in (from various MN numbers all with the same message) whether or not we press 2 or hang up on them. It is a real pain having them call in on lines that customers are trying to get through to us for business on.

Victim Location 33027
Type of a scam Identity Theft

the lady on the phone said she calls for google. that there has been fraud in the internet and they notify me that they will close my Google account for security reason. if I want to I could do it myself

Type of a scam Phishing

This number texted me on Saturday morning asking me to confirm my google verification code. I thought this to be a very fishy text - I phoned the number and it definitely wasn’t google, it was some strange voicemail with no recording, however you could leave a message (which I did not)

They sent me a verification code from a number ‘220-00’ and tried to get me to verify that number. I’m assuming this was the beginning of some sleezy elaborate scam these [censored] decided to pull on me. I told them very clearly where to go and that was that!

Victim Location 78660
Type of a scam Other

They said they were with Google and calling to update my business account information. So I was hesitant, but thinking "just don't answer private business info". They asked to clarify business name (I did not answer phone with name), so I did, then they asked if I was the owner, and said my full name. I said "Yes" and they hung up. So is this related to the scams about getting people to say Yes on the phone?

Victim Location 20155
Type of a scam Phishing

I started a landscaping business this year and ive had people call me pretending to work for google and they say that they can get me on the front page of google when I say im not interested they just immediately hang up and if I call back the number they called me from and it will say that number is out of service seems to me they are scamers trying to obtain credit card info or bank info I just had them call me again today i didnt awnser just called back and its the same extension as previously so i believe its the same people

Victim Location 43105
Type of a scam Phishing

I've received multiple calls from 740-524-7004. The individual says he is with Google, and he's calling to confirm my Google business listing. He wants contact info as well as account numbers, and where I bank. He wants personal credit card info as well as number of employees. He speaks perfect English. I did not give him any info. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The man said he owned all of Google and I was compelled to give him the information. This is a phishing expedition to commit fraud later. I reported this to the state highway patrol, but they were not interested in this.

Victim Location 33401
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Told me my phone number was hacked by someone in Ohio and the FBI was looking for me, ooh ooh they have put all your pictures on a porn website. I will send you an email report of th information. My name is Henry Smith I am Asian this name is to protect my iddentity as a google employee. My phone number to have police contact me is 1 855 486-4888. This was done 20 days ago by an long distance number ending in 78. They will continue to acess your information and they are sending me a text to tell me this. I have changed your email address and your pin and it will cost you $200 dollars on a google play card. I immediately told them they were a scam and it would be reported.

Victim Location 15108
Type of a scam Phishing

I answered the phone and a voice said, "Ple[censored]d to verify your business Google listing." I held, and when the person got on the phone, he said, is this the business owner. I said "yes" and immediately realized I did the wrong thing. He hung up immediately. I called the number back, and it was not a working number.

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had a problem in accessing my Gmail account. So i went to the web site to get the phone number for Google. The number that came up was 1-855-769-8444. I phoned this number and talked to a person name Manish. and he connived me that they are safe since they are representing Google. Then they wanted to access my computer which they did and shut my computer down. They said their technician will get in touch with me and will cost me $150.00. I put the phone down and did not entertain the call from their technician. Now i have to spend money to debug my computer. Please note this is not the only time i have been exposed to this type of scam and we should do our best to ensure that this is not repeated..

Victim Location 32712
Type of a scam Other

Wants money so I can keep my Google business site. This is free and business owners can only do it themselves. Its regulated to our mailing address,email,passwords,etc. They do not work for google and have no services to even offer. Just wants my financial information

Victim Location 73149
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called and said that they were with Google and that I had won money and that I needed to send them $350 for the delivery fee. After the phone call, they began texting me the information to send the money to. The information said that the address to send the money to is in the United Arab Emirate, Zipcode 971 and his name is Tobi Ayodeji. They also used the names Ben Morgan (FedEx deliveryman) & Tina Whitman (receiver of the delivery fee). They said they were from Franklin, PA. Then they stated they were in LA. They stated that the FBI and INTERPOL is aware of this program and that I "should not be afraid" of the situation because it is "legitimate." He also stated that one day the board of Facebook and "Mr. Mark" knew about the program. They told me not to tell anyone. He initially said that I won $550,000, then it went up to $1M. They wanted me to send the money either via Fed-Ex, Western Union Store or Walmart MoneyGram. They sent me photos of Mark Zuckerberg in a conference room with members of the military "securing my and other people's winnings." They sent me a photo of "my winnings" as well as photos of a Fed-Ex truck, and a Bank of America check "from Facebook" with my name on it and a list of "Facebook world lottery 2018 winnings," a winnings certificate for $500,000. They asked me for my bank information. They photoshopped my name on a bunch of false documents. They have my name and address. This is a very thorough scam!

Victim Location 85719
Type of a scam Phishing

The phone call came in this morning 7/12/18 about 11:15 a.m. Arizona Time. The Rep. claimed to be with Google and they said they would text me a verification code and that is why I gave them my first and last name with my cell phone number.That is all the info I gave them and did not give them any financial or social security info at all. Now all they can do is try to scam me by calling my cell phone. I never received any verification code via text like they claimed they would send me. The Rep gave me their personal cell number 216-531-1439 The name of the Rep claiming to be with Google was Nicole Cage. I think it is a bogus name and it sounded like a foreign boiler room call center.The Rep. claimed to be with Google and said our listing was about to expire and needed to be updated. Upon reporting this to my supervisor, he said we are updated with Google and he too has received fake emails regarding Google listing.When I called them back it sounded very shady and they did not answer in a professional manner or identify themselves as being with Google. I feel that this is an info fishing scam.

Victim Location 76705
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Phishing

I called Google to get a refund they said they were Google. I asked for a refund mega told me I had to buy a 50 Google play card to get my funds back so when I did she took the number and then transfer me to her supervisor name David Malone who said that it was a error with the card I had to get another I told him I didn't have no more 50 dollars to give he then told me that my funds would be frozen if I didn't get another 50 dollars card but he would give me 300 refund I did he transfer me back to Megan I gave her the number again the about 15 minutes later the phone hung up I called back then Robert answered and said them card was no any good I had to buy another so i hung up and they started calling me from different number i call back today and recorded the call I asked for Megan they put her on the phone I asked about my money and she said I'ma call you off my end I got voice recording and receipt and I have the gift card I bought these are the numbers they are using I call today and the saying they are technically support I ask was Google and they said yes

Type of a scam Other

Google call our business about 5-10 times a day. They use multiple phone numbers and there is never a real person. They even used one of our own business location phone numbers *** ***, we answered it thinking it was one of our workers and it was Google. I've gone on the google website to report but it seems this has been happening alot and it is not really google but a robocall.

If you need any other info, please contact *** ** *** * *** *** *** ***

Victim Location 37604
Total money lost $1,825
Type of a scam Tech Support

My bank called me to inform me that I had several charges from a google app. I looked up what I thought was google phone number and called it. I spoke with Andy Johnson. He proceeded to tell me that he would refund my money and needed access to a secure sytem to to the refund. He used a remote access software on my computer and used bitcoin to transfer $725 and $400 and another $700 scheduled to be debited from my account. He called the next day and wanted to get access again to give me the 'approved' amount back.

Victim Location 33165
Type of a scam Tech Support

Called a phone number, provided by, to speak with a Google Representative so I can reset my email password. A manager by the name of Mr. Lee Parker (Which i'm certain is not his correct name) informed me that the only way to reset my password was to purchase an iTunes card and read him the card number. He also stated that I would get the money back.

Believing that this was a scam, I declined his request and read on the Google website that there is no verbal way to reset the password over the phone, it has to be reset internally with Google Tech Support team.

This phone number is obviously a scamming company and needs to be shut down asap!

Victim Location 46573
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Other

An email from Google said I had broken messages. Click view messages.

It then takes me to a web site. It says my I-pad is locked due to illegal activity Pegasus spyware activated. Immediately call 1800-692-5499 for apple care head offices. I called the number and they made it sound like they were legit. Wanted to get onto my computer to show me the foreign address that were there and IP addresses that were illegal. Then download to fix the problem. Also wanted me to pay by PayPal. Which I did. He gave me his name Michael S***. He helped me change passwords. Oh my as I type this I see so many flags! I was so upset because at the beginning he said my computer was compromised. I also gave name and address and phone number. I'm so sick I could puke! They had levels of protection. 1 year $200, 2 year $300, 3 year $400 or lifetime $600. He tried to commit me to more...I didn't. When the PayPal came thru in my email. It was $100 at a time. So it was two transactions. It said $100.00 to I-tunes App Store. That's when I became suspicious. I called the number back again. I talked to his replacement. Joy, which now I think it was him. Oh please help!

Victim Location 70118
Type of a scam Other

This number called my small business claiming to be Google and wanted all my business information in order to update my info that google gives out. Then they asked for a one time fee (around $400) so that when people search online my business name would pop up before others. I have never attempted to call Google and from what I know, Google will never call you out of the blue.

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