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Fouray Foundation

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Fouray Foundation Reports & Reviews (9)

• Nov 03, 2020

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Advance Fee (Employment opportunity within Canada)

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I was initially applying online in different jobs. One of which is in facebook. Although after all this event, I have checked in facebook if there is any job about foundation that I have applied and I cant find anything related to it.

Anyway, I quit my job for this new expected job. I was hired as Fundraiser Assistant with fouray foundation October 25,2020. It is a nonprofit organization that help nurses,doctors and hospitals with their fund to help people in different diseases. Their website is

I was contacted by Latasha Moore through her email [email protected] and her mobile number is
+1 581 700 0213.
After the interview, they gave me a task to do. Please see below for reference.

Good morning Marion

We have the first task for you. Please acknowledge receipt of instructions.
Take this with all responsibility. The assignment must be completed by 5pm today.
Please write a Donation Request Letter. We are now seeking donations for our HIV project. The coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the world. But because of this, other diseases did not disappear, and we should not forget about it.
This letter should include a request for a donation of funds for HIV. Please collect information on the Internet about the number of HIV patients in Canada and the USA. Get information on how important it is to not stop fighting HIV, even during this difficult time when the coronavirus pandemic has spread around the world.

What should you always include in your donation request letter? Think of this as your checklist, so make sure you have them all:

Emotional appeal. Pull in your donors with an emotional story outlining your organization’s mission. Talk about how your organization has impacted constituents in a positive way. Donors will want to know how you’ve been helping your surrounding community.

How the donor can help solve the problem. Make sure to explain to your donors how their specific donation will contribute to your cause. Give examples of the specific, physical impact the donation will have.

(All donations go to our nonprofit hospitals in Quebec and Edmonton.)

Donation information and details. Don’t forget to include information on how to send a donation, as well as details for further communication. Always provide a way for the donor to ask questions or request additional information.

(Donors can obtain information on how to donate funds on our website at the Ways To Give page.)

Use these 3 key elements to guide your drafts as you write your donation request letters.

The text should be drawn up on two pages of a Word document.


I finished the job and they were so happy about the letter.
On my second day, Latasha Moore have now sent me a new task. Please see below for reference.

Thanks for your reply. We value what you do.
I ask you to carefully read the instructions below. This is very important as you will have to act exactly as instructed.
If all the instructions are clear to you, I ask you to confirm your readiness. We will send funds to your account.

1) Make sure you received the QR code from me. Using the QR code you'll need to make a payment to the supplier.

2) Receive the donation from the donor. It will be up to $ 3,000. This will also include your commission. The exact amount is now being discussed with the donor.

3) Receive cash through your bank's ATM. Bitcoin ATM does not accept cards, so you need cash.

4) After you have received cash, go to the specified address where the Bitcoin ATM is located with which you can buy bitcoins:

LOCATION: Convenience 4 U

ADDRESS: 604 Bedford Hwy, Halifax, NS B3M 2L8

You must scan the received QR code and use cash.
I also ask you to use coupon code CAR038 when using Bitcoin ATM. This will allow us to save on commissions. Every dollar is very important to us.

Please see the attached video to understand how to use Bitcoin ATM.

I am waiting for confirmation from you that you understand all the instructions and are ready to start.

The problem is they cant send the money in my account due to the reason that I only have 1000+ in my checking. After so many tries, they were now able to send an amount of 1k dollars in my saving account where they instructed me to withdraw and deposit it in the bitcoin machine.

The gus who sent the money is named DENZEL LATRELL BAO-IN with a reference number CAUbDXKD. The interact transfer was sent through BMO Transaction.

I have now reported it to my bank in order to defreeze my account and create a new banking for me to use.
They instructed me to report to the Police which I did, and the RCMP directed me to Canadian Fraud Center in order for this people to get caught and pay for it.

Please help me Sir/Madam, I have quit my job for this and I end with no benefits or salary at the end. I have no where to go and my only hope is for these people to be caught and pay for what they have done.

I found that they have been doing this for long time and they have scammed some people too

Thank you so much for considering my request and I hope that you could do something with this people


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documents they are using to scam people

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Suspect No. 1
Latasaha Moore

Business name (type)
Fouray Foundation (Charity/Non-Profit)

Age range
30 - 39


Phone number and ext. (type) 1
+1 581 700 0213 (Business)

Address 1
825 Boulevard Lebourgneuf

E-mail 1
[email protected]

Website 1

IP Address 1

• Oct 29, 2020

Same story as others.
Received an email for a job I thought I had applied for earlier in the year.
Signed an employment contract and a copy of a void cheque. Found out after the fact that this company is fraudulent. Headed to my bank to open a new account and transfer my funds. In the process of writing a statement for the police.
Person who contacted me was Latasha Moore.

• Oct 29, 2020

I was also contacted by the name mentioned above and offered me the same position. Same scenario happens to me. After searching and asking help about this to my partner, I decided to response to our email conversation asking for a zoom as I said I have questions to ask. She did not response but had tried to call me but I intentionally did not answer as I ask for zoom not a phone call.

I think that this is NOT legitimate.

• Oct 28, 2020

I had a similar experience - I was contacted by Latasha W. Moore for the fundraising assistant position. She sent me a job description and application form which I did complete. The next day she called for an interview which only lasted a few minutes and was just to question whether I was comfortable working from home. No questions about my experience or work history.

About 15 mins after that, she sent me a contract and direct deposit form. The contract looked very legitimate, complete with legal jargon, references to CRA and company stamp. Luckily I had so many alarm bells going off I decided not to proceed any further. I also could not find any info on social media for the foundation or any of its employees. The phone numbers on their very generic website link to Belgian phone numbers.


• Oct 26, 2020

Type of a scam Employment

This company contacted me through email to offer a job. I was suspect when the email came with a different company name on the from and to section. They offer you and incredible job offer that just seems too good, they are getting better though they give you a laptop, cellphone, benefits sounds great. Until you see that their are mistakes in the contract. There are questionable statements about bank accounts and cryptocurrency. I received a call from them and they give very little information but they give you documents right away to your account.

I looked them up and their is no charity registered in the US and at their Canadian address they use. When they call it will show the legit phone number from the site which makes it even more surprising and easy to **** people. The way they do this creates the false sense that hey they are not asking me for money and they want to pay me so this is good. ** ** **** * **** ** *** **** **** ******* ** ******* *****

Scammer's phone 1-581-700-0213
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 825 Boulevard Lebourgneuf Quebec, Canada
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Email

Fouray Foundation sent me an email from Didiane Marcheterre via [email protected] offering me a Fundraising Assistant Job and sent me an application and after 3 minutes conversation sent me a contract to "complete and sign by hand" and a direct deposit authorization to enter my bank account. I discovered that it's the same scam as Oriold that has been reported on this site and same Quebec, CA address and Helena, Montana location that people indicated for Oriold and same job titles. None of the team members listed on the website are in Linkedln or online anywhere so I started to get suspicious. Also, about 6 jobs are listed on their website but there is no way to apply online or donate so the site is a bogus website. They sent me the contract to sign immediately without even a formal interview which is too good to be truth so I had to do a deep google search and found the name Oriold in google history tied to Fouray. Of course once they have my signature and bank account # who knows what they were planning to do. Please be aware and do your research...they created Fouray website very recently apparently so there is no information online about the scam and that's why I decided to alert people.

• Oct 22, 2020

Victim Location 48348
Type of a scam Charity

I noticed that they didnt list their state initially. They also didnt show up under 501-C3.

My situation is exactly the same as the report filed on 10.21.20.

It was definitely too good to be true!

• Oct 21, 2020

Victim Location 33172
Type of a scam Employment

First I received a job offer from Didiane Marcheterre via reply to Didiane Marcheterre with the subject "JOB Vacancy Available"

Since I was doing job interviews recently I imagine it was from one of the interviews I did, so I continued with the hiring process by filling out the first form with personal information.

Then we schedule a call when "Didiane Marcheterre" only asked me if I had experience working from home and that that was the only question she had...

Then I received a Direct Deposit Form to fill out all my personal banking information including an "Employment Contract" with clauses with inconsistencies and there I knew it was a scam.

I did some background checks on the Team and Foundation but none of them have any digital presence on the WWW.

I asked her to please schedule a video call to clear out some doubts, but of course she never answered.

• Oct 14, 2020

Victim Location 63043
Type of a scam Employment

The scammer emailed me and interviewed me over the phone about a position I applied for on indeed. I thought that is where I had applied. I have been applying for over 100 jobs lately. I took the position of Fundraising assistant. The scammer deposited money in my account and wanted me to withdraw it and change the money to bitcoin so that the medical supplier could be paid. Apparently the medical supplier would only except bitcoin.

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Address: 825 Boulevard Lebourgneuf, Quebec, Canada



This website was reported to be associated with Fouray Foundation.


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