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This place is a scam... stay way


Yesterday we had received our order of 2 canvas wall art, Very beautiful and impressive quality. It looks just like the wall art displayed on the website. We already have it upp on our office room and living room wall, looks beautiful!. I am very impressed with them because they responded to my questions very quickly and they took the time to send me an email thanking me for my purchase. I will definitely purchase another wall art from them.


I purchased a print at the end of September. As of Oct. 21, 2020 they continue to lie using covid as an excuse for backorders. They even gave me a bogus UPS tracking number. After reading the other complaints I will deal directly with paypal for a refund. DO NOT TRUST DWAllART they are scam artist.


AMAZING! items were delivered as advertised with excellent packing and included additional hardware for mounting. The quality is obvious and would recommend this vendor to anyone interested in decorating with wall art. I am very happy!


I had the same bad experience and decided to file with BBB. Within 1 week dwallart contacting me and said they would refund my money and asked that I remove the complaint. I have not received the credit to my card yet since it was yesterday. I doubt I will but will see. I suggest everyone file with BBB so they get booted from selling in the USA!


Do order from this company. I can't get ahold of anyone and the responses i receive have nothing to do with my emails to them. I placed an order that was sold as being received to me by Sept. 11. I ordered Sept 3rd. Well in one of the emails i received from them that didn't have anything to do with the subject matter of my email. They said they wouldn't be shipping for at least a month. LMAO. I won't even be at the delivery address after the 15th. Well needless to say I am not happy and hoping paypal does something to refund me my $ 279.00. DO NOT GET SCREWED LIKE I AM RIGHT NOW. Wish i had inquired about them before hand.


Stay away,,,,,, unless you like dealing with China in the US. "Our canvas prints are made in US"...BS...not true. I have had 14 emails with these [censored] after receiving a tube with a print inside. ordered over $600.00 ( 3 prints) that you would think was framed and ready to hang as website states... they then email me with a blurb highlighted from their website hidden under product details, that if its 72 inches are more you get a rolled canvas vs framed art work. EVERYTHING on their main page is all about customer service, fast delivery, US made, best out there, how they pride themselves as top notch and READY TO HANG! After more research, there is no corp office and showroom in NY. I asked for a name, corp officer, address to pay them a visit, and no response to these request, only how im at fault for not finding the blurb hidden in the details. There is no phone, no live person to talk to, BECAUSE,,,,,there in China stealing our money, ripping off people, and posting fake reviews on their website. Notice you cant go and leave a review? the names on the so called people that review them,,,,, look close, if you know much about the china culture, they give them selves US names as nicknames. check out the names and the verbiage, you can tell ( or at least i can from dealing with china suppliers for many years) its all a show ! they finally came back after 4 attempts to try and give me a credit of only a percentage of my cost, when i didnt go for it they came again with another offer, on and on it goes. So, as of today, they offered 50% of my cost, i go spend more money on getting it stretched/framed, and i still have the other two prints supposedly coming from China via USPS, but it takes 9 days to see any movement, guess we'll see in another week or so! This is just like buying a drone! went through the same thing of misrepresented website, found out people are getting ripped off on that purchase too! ALWAYS CHINA scam people, with false advertisements including US people in their adds saying how great they are, BEST company ever,,, guess they are getting paid to lie as well. What a sham, its really time for the US to pull out of china and USA get rid of the folks here, getting away with this crap. Im going to call my financial institution and dispute all charges, see how that plays out, i did with the drone rip off, and got all my charges reversed, try it folks, lets get in their pocket book like they are doing to us! They avoid your questions, act like we are the ones at fault, lie, steal, and worst of all, are getting away with it because,,, they simply can...i could go on and on, but time to fight back, had enough of their culture living here and acting like we owe them. GO BACK!


Exactly my experience with them. I am seeking a refund via PayPal and if I do not get satisfaction I am going 'scorched earth' on them all over the web.

I purchased what I thought was a pretty normal size piece of art. When I received it from the carrier it was a mini size picture art to be used in a tiny tree house.

I ordered back in May and received it today...Only to be disappointed!

Not an happy shopper


Beware of the frame size greater than 72 inches, they come in rolled canvas instead of ‘ready to hang’, this is misleading and can add up another few hundred dollars to your cost to build up these large frames, & just for rolled canvas they charge a ton.

Also, the 30x90 frame size do not have much room for canvas to staple-in, be prepared to lose couple of inches, I end up losing 2 inches and my final frame size got reduced to 28x90.

Not happy with my purchase as I had to spent countless hours in buying frame materials and putting it together, needless to say I paid almost double the price of the frame, will never buy again for this merchant.


QUESTION...THE PICTURE LOOKED LIKE IT DID ON THE WEBSITE? I have purchased something and am waiting for it. I am ok if I need to make the frame myself, I'm good with that. But I want to make sure it looks like it is supposed to. Were you happy with the look? Thanks for taking the time.

WOW.. I have the same identical experience. Did you try to get a refund?

I am having the same experience as the others. I ordered July 9, 2020 and when I emailed them the response I got was same as above -- COVID is causing the delay. I purchased a $230 piece of art from the online website.

I'm going to file a complaint with the FTC. Hope others do the same so that maybe they will be made to stop selling in the U.S.


It is a scam. I have ordered a print more than six weeks ago and according their tracking info it didn't even shipped yet. Naturally they have accepted the payment instantly. You can't talk with anyone and the i doubt that all positive reviews on the website are legit. Avoid this company!


Victim Location 34231
Total money lost $270
Type of a scam Online Purchase

My experience is exactly as the one already reported by another victim.

I purchased a printed canvas from this website. After about 4 weeks of waiting on my painting I received a FEDEX tracking number that was created the day after my order and it's still pending because FEDEX has not received the package to ship yet. I tried to contact them several times by email (never received a response back) and by phone but when you call the number on their website, it is an automated message directing you to their email address. I placed my order June 1 and not having any information whether it will arrive or not I decided to dispute this transaction with my bank.

I looked for a space to leave reviews but it is impossible.


Victim Location 27560
Total money lost $139.45
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a painting from this website. After a month of waiting on my painting I have had email correspondence with the business because that is their only

means of communication. After viewing their website, I was unable to verify or find secure information that was accurate or authentic. They have no social media handles as they portray to online. They also guarantee fast shipping, but are blaming COVID 19 for the delay in shipping from their professionals in China that then ship the finished product to California. I placed my order June 2 and will not receive until or toward the end of July. When you call the number on their website, it is an automated message directing you to their email address. All of the reviews are prewritten and falsely verified. There is no true corporation in New York. They directly scan through their online website.

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