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Dominion Power

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Dominion Power Reports & Reviews (32)

- Henrico, VA, USA

I received a call on 12/1/2020 at 10:00 am from a male caller advising he was with Dominion VA Power (electrical company). I have Dominion saved in my cellular phone, and when the call came through it said Dominion VA Power! The man proceeds to tell me that my account is delinquent and I must pay close to $500 or my electricity would be turned off. He also stated the technician was already in route.

I advised that I did not have $500 and would they work with me to reduce that amount to avoid interruption of services.

At that time, I was “transferred” to a manager and the amount was reduced to $342.98. Next, the manager stated that I could pay through online banking or at a payment center such as Food Lion, etc.

Due to the urgency of the situation and to avoid having my services interrupted I selected the online payment option.

It was through Zelle with my bank (I was such in a panic it did not occur to me this was odd) nonetheless, I completed the transaction. I was provided with a confirmation number and was told since I made this payment the interruption of services was stopped.

Lastly, I asked to be transferred to a customer service representative to discuss my account details as the past due amount did not sound correct. At that time, the call was disconnected.

I called Dominion and was told by a representative that I had just been scammed.

- Chester, VA, USA

They called me about the end of June in regards to missed payments and threatening to shut off service within 30 minutes unless I pay them right then and there. They called around 10:30 in the morning. Something did not sound right so I was able to call Dominion right away and in Dominion’s automated system states they do not shut off service for non-payment plus a payment was made to weeks prior so I knew it had to be a scam. The caller ID said**

- Newport News, VA, USA

Received message that the electricity was going to be disconnected on Monday March 16, 2020. I returned the call on March 18, 2020 and was told by "David" that the meter on the house was "out of date" and needed to be replaced and if I didn't go get a Walmart Money MasterCard for $300 within the next hour that the electricity would be disconnected. I asked about disconnections being suspended because of the COVID-19 Pandemic and was told that because the people who would install the new meter were contractors the disconnection notice couldn't be delayed. He told me that I should go to Walmart, purchase the card then call him back at 1-866-495-0175 ext. 2002 and give him (David) the numbers from the card and he would then dispatch the "men" to come install the new meter. I then told him that I would go to Walmart and purchase the card then call him back. I never got the Walmart Money MasterCard nor did I call him back.

- Leesburg, VA, USA

Caller ( on a Saturday which I know the power company is closed) indicated that he was with Dominion Power and that crews had been dispatched today to cut off my power as I was “months“ past due on my account. I looked at the number and they had spoofed Dominions phone number however it was a bad connection from the caller (cell phone) and I hung up. The caller called back and again stated that we “must have gotten disconnected” Knowing my bill was current and this was suspect. Unbeknownst to him while he was on the phone, I logged into my account online and double checked the fact my bill was current.

I then told him I would call the main number and make arrangements and then hung up the phone. I then called the main number at Dominion (Saturday) and they were in fact closed. Again, a clever attempt to scam but worth you doing the due diligence!!!

- Woodbridge, VA, USA

We have received this call several times stating that our power will be cut off in 30 minutes if we do not press 1 and pay the bill.

- Alexandria, VA, USA

Received phone call from # 1-800-456-9955. The individual spoke in spanish (Dominican Republic, heavy accent) and asked for me or my wife by name. He wanted to inform us that Dominion Power had not received our payments for the last three months and that we needed to call 855-828-4226 in the next twenty minutes to avoid being disconnected. This has been reported to Dominion Power Scammer reports office.

- Herndon, VA, USA

They told me my electric bill was overdue and they were sending someone to shut it off if I didn't pay it by buying a certain kind of debit card.

Received a call from an unknown number at our business in Herndon, VA. Guy said his name was Jack Griffin with Dominion Power and that our service is being disconnected within 30 minutes because of non-payment. I knew right away that it was a scam and hung up.

- Alexandria, VA, USA

An individual called saying that he was a technician from Dominion Power and our power was going to be cut off in 45 minutes and to call customer service (provided a phone number (800) 957-3165) to call which I did and spoke to a member of their financial team was then passed along to the Floor Manager - Keith Urwin and that his direct extension was 800 957-3165 x101 who took credit card information to process which "did not go through" and we would have to process a priority payment to avoid service disruption. We went to a local CVS to purchase MoneyPak and provided payment over the phone with a MoneyPak. We caught the scam half way through and lost $1500 of a possible $2800!

Someone name David claimed to being calling from Dominon Power stating that our power is going to be disconnected in 30 minutes. We were instructed to call Greg Johnson at 1-866-229-1601 ext. 1702.

Upon calling the number, it sounded very similar to Dominion Power. I was even provided a badge number and told the call was being recorded for quality purposes.

The individual stated that past month's payments had not been made.

I hung up and did not provide any information.

This person called saying our business was in arrears and said that if a payment was not made within the hour, our power would be shut off. This person claimed that they had tried to reach out to our head office to resolve this, but they hadn't gotten any response. Biggest red flags were: 1: They said Dominion Power instead of Dominion Energy (this changed recently) , 2: Power companies are closed on the weekends, and 3: What collections group calls on the weekend? None... Needless to say the scammer did not get what they were looking for (the guy couldn't even pronounce the name of the city right).

- Chantilly, VA, USA

"David Sanchez" a technician from "Dominion power" called to let us know we need to pay our past due bill or our power will be disconnected in 1 hour. Our power bill is completely paid to date. Said we have to call another number to arrange payment 855-519-1145. This is the second call in 3 days.

We received a call to our business from someone saying they were with Dominion Power. They informed us that our power would be cut off today if we did not pay. We called the number provided (which said Dominion Power each time we called) and tried to offer to pay by credit card and cash at a local office and were told that credit cards would not process today and we could not pay by cash. They told us we needed to purchase a type of money card from Food Lion. Unfortunately, we did that and gave them the card numbers. They then called us back and told us it was the general manager and that the person who gave us the amount had been fired because it was not the correct amount and that we owed more money. At this point we looked up the number and discovered that it was a scam. Unfortunately by this time they had already taken the money. We just want to report this scam so that others are aware.

- Dumfries, VA, USA

Scammer called place of business-and pretended to be dominion electric power and threaten to turn off Power. The owner called and I try to Assist her by calling the number that was given . Call the number the call was dropped several times long story short I went to Walgreens to buy prepaid card and gave them the code. I call the number afterwards and was Given additional information that was Requesting more money . At this time I decided to To Verify Dominion Power's phone Number and after listening to voice prompt I realized that I had been cheated . The scammers voicemail system had recorded dominion powers 1st 2 prompts for their service . So the entry to their service sounded or had been recorded from dominion power

They called said they were Dominion Power and our power would be shut off in 30 minutes. Asked my account number and the last four digits of the phone number associated with the business. Then "verified" the business address. Told me I had to pay in person/cash or via Money Pak. Walked me through the whole process of going to CVS, told me he would have the driver coming to shut power off put our address at the bottom of the pile as a courtesy, etc. SCAM

- Alexandria, VA, USA

Beware! Dominion power scam. We were phoned about delinquent acct. threatened to shut off power. But since we have auto payment we know there was no problem. They switched and said "oh no, sorry, my mistake. It's not a problem with your payment, but we need a deposit because your meter was tampered with. The tech has already fixed the seal so you won't see the damage now."

- Alexandria, VA, USA

Called and said electric was being cutoff in 1/2 an hour unless we paid immediately over the phone.

- Falls Church, VA, USA

Someone named Jason called and told us Dominion Power will cut our electric.

And wanted us to go rite aid and purchase Moneypak giftcards.:))

- Glen Allen, VA, USA

The caller advised us that someone would be coming to the church to disconnect our power between 1 and 5 pm due to the fact that we have not paid our bill. They gave an 800 number and reference number to return the call. Another church employee returned the call and detected something didn't feel right about the contact. When we called Dominion Virginia Power directly, the voice mail system warned of calls like this and advised us to report it here.

- Currituck, NC, USA

Threatening to cut off power if account not paid by 5 PM today. Claimed the balance due was in excess of $1400.00 but an account specialist could make arrangements to take a payment. Asked "with all due respect how do we know this is not a scam". Our accounts are paid by automatic draft, so I suspect this is a scam

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