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Directv Reports & Reviews (50)

Victim Location 77904
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from "DirecTv" and they were running the same scam as I found online. $300 for 4 months to lower may payment.

They wanted me to go but a $300 Amazon gift card and then call 888-410-8939 and then pay the "billing department." The number you call sounds very DirecTv like. I spoke to a few people out of curiosity buying time "while I was at a local store buying the gift card."

I asked them where they were from and they said DELVNER, COLORODO. I said I bet they are big Denver Patriots football fans and said they were not sports fans and they had just moved from New York. I asked them if they liked "Scam Mountain...I hear it keeps growing." Ha!

I even offered to pay extra but I guess they are not very smart and just know how to take their orders?

My concern is the fact they had my account information, name & number. SOMEONE has to be at fault for this information getting out there.

Victim Location 76643
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a call saying I'd receive 3 months of HD package free.

Victim Location 95747
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call today from an unrecognized number saying they were DirecTV. They were calling to tell me they wanted to thank me for being a loyal customer. For being a loyal customer, they were going to provide me 3 months of additional channels. They asked me to confirm that it was all clear and I said yes. They then thanked me again for being a loyal customer and hung up. They didn't ask for any other information. After researching online and seeing other users posts I think this is similar to the "can you hear me now scams" that have been reported on.

Victim Location 95993
Type of a scam Phishing

I signed up for DirecTv three months ago. Service is fine. Received call 6/19/17 from 866-343-6666claiming to be DirecTv and offering three months of premium channels for free. I said no, because I did not want to have to cancel in three months. They offered auto cancel. I said yes. I called DirecTv 6/20/17 and they know nothing about this phone number or offer. I had DirecTv annotate my account with this scam offer. I suspect this is the say yes scam. I have also reported this to the FCC.

Victim Location 27540
Type of a scam Utility

Person calling had my address, phone number and DTV account info. Sounded legit. Checked internet and discovered it's a scam.

Asked that I call with Amazon card info tonite to get the deal. I called DTV and learned it is a scam. The scammer asked that I call DTV's billing dept tonite for my deal.

Victim Location 27101
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Other

Hi I am reporting a scam that I was involved in, My name is Mrs. Toby Thomas, about the first week of May I received a call from who I thought was DirecTv, about a promotion that they were offering, the person that called had my account number and my husbands name which is on our bill, the person stated that we had been with DirecTv for a good amount of time and that they were offering us this promotion because of that. The promotion was we send in $200.00 and for 2 years our bill would be $49.99 a month, the $200.00 would take care of the bill for May, June, July and August, after that we would be billed $49.99 for the remainder of the 2 years. Then they asked me to get a Green Dot MoneyPak card for $200.00 and call them and give them the number off of the card, which I did on May 18th. the promotion included us getting all of the channels for $49.99 a month, when I called in the number to the card they said that I would start getting all of the channels, which I never did. A week later they emailed me and said that the card did not work and that I would need to go get another card and call them and give them the number off the card and then they would in turn send me $300.00 for all of my troubles. At this point I tried checking the card and could not do so. The next day I received a bill from Directv in the mail that stated that I owed over $200.00 on my bill which I did not pay in May because the scammers told me not to play that bill, that the $200.00 would take care of my May bill, now at this I get a statement from Directv letting me know that my bill had doubled. I called Directv and was told that I had been scammed,and that they had no such promotion going on at this time, I was then told to go and report this to the store where I purchased the card which I did and to also report this to my local police department which I did and they gave me a case number. They have emailed me several times and called. I called today to see if they were still operating and they are they have a recording on the phone just like Directv and they also have the Directv logo on the emails. The number is (855)979-6455. I am so upset that this has happened to me.

Victim Location 78362
Total money lost $320
Type of a scam Online Purchase

directv Requested that I pre-pay for service to receive discount. Using Amazon gift-card promo code.

Victim Location 65742
Type of a scam Phishing


Victim Location 32258
Total money lost $350
Type of a scam Other

I received a call from a number that I recognize to be DirecTV. They told me that I was eligible for a promotion that would reduce my monthly payment to 69.99 and send me a $100 visa gift card. They said to qualify for the promotion i'd have to agree to pay 5 months in advance. I asked why they were offering the deal, since i'm naturally suspicious, and they told me that Amazon had partnered with DirecTV to promote their gift cards. They asked if I'd like to go through with the deal, which I agreed to, and provided me with a confirmation number. I was told that I would need to purchase an Amazon Gift card as part of promotion and use it to pay my bill. They also gave me the number to billing, and told me to provide them with that confirmation code so that I could get the discount. I purchased the gift card and called back so that I could get my discount. The automated recording is an exact match for the one at DirecTV. I know, because i've called DirecTV way too much since i've had my service. Once i pushed the correct button to speak to the representative I gave the info for the gift card, and immediately after that, the representative told me that it would take 48hrs for the change to be reflected in my account. At that point I started to believe I had just been scammed. I know from my past experience that when adjustments are made to my account, I generally can see them immediately on or at least within the hour, and an email confirmation of the changes. As soon as they told me 48 hours I googled directv amazon scam, and lots of info about the scam popped up immediately. The same thing had happened to many others apparently.

I am naturally suspicious of things like this, but it was a very well organized scam. They called from DirecTV's number 800-531-5000. The person I spoke with had my account number, my name, phone number, address, and even knew the service that I had, how could they possibly get all this info on me if they aren't DirecTV. (maybe possible data breach) I felt more at ease when they didn't ask for credit card info or pay immediately, and the fact that I would be calling them back with that info, so since i thought I was calling DirecTV, I didn't think that it could be a scam. Plus the number they provided 888-280-4331 has the exact same automated recording as the main number for DirecTV. It wasn't suspicious at all that the number that I was asked to call as the billing number was different than their main line, because they have multiple numbers, and when I had an issue with technical support they gave me a direct number before.

Victim Location 78717
Type of a scam Phishing

Been receiving calls from 800-531-5000 (which is the correct number for DirecTV). The person (Oscar Brown, employee number 23RI636) explained that DirecTV is running a promotion with Amazon, where I could get a $100 gift card and the Premier TV package for $69.99 for 2 years. All I would need to do is go buy an Amazon gift card for $350 and provide the gift card number to the promotions department (at 888-370-0724) to prepay for 5 months of DirecTV. Oscar said the promotion code is CXDTV6670.

I called DirecTV, and they explained that they don't have any promotions with Amazon, and this isn't a valid promotion.

What's really alarming is that the caller had many details on my account. I opened it in late December (less than a month ago), so how were the details leaked?

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