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I was contacted via text message about a video editor job position open at Directv. I said I was interested and the person asked for my email address to send the job briefing. I gave the email address and read the briefing. It mentioned the usual items you would find in a job description, except it instructed I would have to purchase a new iphone 13 pro and a new ipad AND HAVE SOMEONE THESE ITEMS INSTALLED IN MY HOME. Next I was instructed to open an account on Wire ( a business messing app), where I had an "interview" with a person claiming to be named Danny Bryant. I was 2 or 3 questions and that was it. He also asked for 2 references, number address and email address. The next day, I was contacted again by Danny Bryant, this time saying another person, " Director Tom Livings" would call me between 12 and 5 pst. He called ( by the way this is where they really lost it because this person had a very strong foreign, lets say most likely Nigerian accent), and asked the same 2 or 3 questions and then said he had the "results" of my interview. He was happy to report that I got the job! He asked me what I thought of that. I said great, and I have a few questions. He said they will be answered when I get contacted by Danny Bryant. Danny Bryant contacted me and said I would be contacted by another team member who would set me up on the team. I asked for a website of the job posting and never heard back again.

I wanted to report two scam calls I received on my cell phone today. I am on the Do Not Call List. I answered the calls. They were robocalls. Caller said it is DirecTV. Something about Discover discount on my television. I pressed number one for more information. The phone numbers in my caller ID were 400-288-7452 and 400-353-4211. I asked for more information. The caller wanted my credit card number and bank account number before they would give information. I hung up without giving information. I don't even have cable or DirecTV.

I was contacted by phone by scammers posing as AT&T Directv offering 50% off my Directv bill for 4 years. They requested first years payment in full, you would not receive a bill for a year and then after that for the remaining 3 years of the offer your bill would be half off what you were currently paying. They answered the phone as AT&T Directv and conducted business as if they were Directv. I told them I would have to call them back and did, spoke with Tom and Harvey. Unfortunately I fell for the scam and it cost me $340, my own stupidity. The phone numbers they used are 866-853-0205 & 800-207-9137.

- Roseville, CA, USA

Recorded call claimed to be from AT&T DirecTV saying they are giving existing customers 50% discount. I hung up, called DirecTV & confirmed it was a scam.

- Mc Arthur, OH, USA

I got a call from Kevin Anderson w/an ee number. He said to call him back at 720-791-9964, with an Indian accent. He said I needed to update, and he was sending new boxes for a satellite television service. He wanted a $299.99 deposit which we would get back in 6 months. he told me to turn my TV off then on, and go to settings and give him the first 2 lines of numbers, then turn it off. He said he would do some updates. I could hear him typing. He told me to turn it back on, and make sure the remote still works. He took a long time explaining things. I gave him my checking account number, driver's license number. I called DirecTV who advised this was not their promotion. So, I called the bank, and filed a police report. I'm also getting a new license. He's called back twice since I stopped payment.

- Howell, MI, USA

They called my wife when I was not around. They said they were from ATT/DirecTV, and asked her to 'verify' our account. She gave them our address and the PIN number (I know, not smart). I came to the phone in time to hear him tell her they were giving 50% off for two years if we paid the first 6 months with Ebay cards to the 'billing department' (he graciously gave me the number above) within 24 hours, and *IF* we did this before 6pm, we would get a pre-paid Visa card for $50 via FedEx. I wasted a lot of this guy's time asking both normal and stupid questions before finally assuring him I was running right out to buy Ebay cards. I hope you can actually catch them, but I have little faith they are that easy. Now I have to change our PIN

Received a call from a person claiming to be with Directv. Stated they would lower my bill to $45 month for 2 years. However, I would have to pay $450 for the first 10 months. I called Directv and asked them if this was true and they said no it is a scam.

- Webb City, MO, USA

I received a voicemail from Directv (which I am a subscriber) because the package I have was expiring (this was true). A new package of tv was explained and I was told that E-Bay was helping AT&T pay for the reduced package and I was to go to the store to purchase $400 in E-Bay credit cards and read the numbers to the scammer. Afterwards, I was told to purchase another $400 in E-Bay cards and repeat the process. Last I was told that a refund from AT&T Driectv was due to me but I was to purchase another $400 in E-Bay cards to receive the refund in cash by personal delivery. Unfortunately, I fell for the scam and am out $1200. When I called Directv to ask if they were aware of the scammers, I was told yes, but they do not notify any customers that their calling sounds and callers from the scamers use the same information of current subscribers and protocol of addressing AT&T customers. Directv does not care in the least that their customers are being scammed using the techniques that AT&T employees use when speaking to customers.

Scammer says they are ATT/DirecTV, offering to lower DirecTV bill by 50% plus some freebies. This is the scam that won't quit. I've been getting these calls for over a year. At least a couple of times per weeks. At one point they had my DirceTV account number and my home address. They try to get you to "prepay for service" using Amazon or eBay gift card. FRAUD

How do we shut this down?

I saved the voicemail message. Now they're using an British sounding person.

- Greensboro, AL, USA

Was contacted by someone claiming to be DirecTV and ATT stating that my box was incompatible and that I had to upgrade my devices with a Software Wireless Link and that if I didn't my tv would no longer work. They stated this costs $1800 but were only charging me $199. They had my old CC information, but I accidentally gave them my new card info. I was called from 850-800-8352. First call I hung up. They then called back. After speaking with them I was told to contact 347-593-8761 ext 004 or ext 2134. I then realized and called and cancelled my CC.

- Cardington, OH, USA

I got a text message from Direct TV offering me half off my cable bill. I called back. They seemed to be on Central time because they were an hour different from me, I'm on EST. I called them last night about 6pm. I spoke to John, he asked for my phone number. He had an Indian accent. He wanted me to make a payment before 8pm last night. If I wanted to pay the $300 upfront. He wanted me to buy two $300 eBay cards. He told me to go to Walmart, Rite Aid, or Walgreens. He said I would receive a new Iphone if I paid $1800 upfront. He said the retail value of the phone was $900 and it would be Fedexed to me overnight. He sounded very professional.

- Kernersville, NC, USA

Received cal lfrom someone claiming to be with Direct TV, offered 50% discount if you pay for 6 months upfront, requested $750 in Ebay cards. Got security code and actually made changes with Direct TV account. I have spoken with Direct TV and they do not text and do not have that offer. They were able to change my account back and set a new security code. Still receiving calls wanting me to pay.

- Nederland, TX, USA

It was early in the morning when I got a call from a Alex Shaw from DirecTV, stating he need to update the software on my box. He does have a badge number, which is AJ911Z, he does need a credit card number from me, because their is a charge of $20.00. At the end of the year, I would get back $230.00 back on my credit card. It was early in the morning, I didn't know what he was talking about but, I gave him my credit card number. Later when I woke up, I called my sister and she said that DirecTV doesn't call you like that and charge your card for changes they made to your system. So, I had a number for DirecTV, I called them and they confirm that they wouldn't call me early in the morning and they wouldn't ask me for my credit card number over the phone.

- Newberry, FL, USA

Caller alleging he was from DirecTV said they would drop my bill by $30/month and upgrade my channels if I paid 4 months up front. Red flags went up, but I played along. To get the deal, I had to buy an Amazon gift card (equal to 4 months service), call them back and give them the information on back of gift card. Only thing I know other than the above information is that both individuals I spoke with sounded as if they had a South Asia (Indian) accent.

- Pooler, GA, USA

Text message saying DirectV was offering discounted service, but had to be paid in advance with EBay prepaid card. I have received this text twice, now. DirectV didn’t know anything about this, when I called directly.

- Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

They said they would lower bill to 89.99mo but had to pay 4 mo. up front with amazon gift card. Called Directv and they said it was a scam.

- Ocala, FL, USA

I received a text message saying I could save 50% on my Directv bill. When I called the number, they told me I had to pay them $300 in advance with an EBay gift card to receive 1 month free from ATT and 5 months at $59.99 each. I would not be locked into a contract and could cancel at any time without charge. If I paid within 24 hrs, I would also receive a $70 prepaid VISA card. After purchasing the EBay gift card, they told me to contact Directv at 1-855-917-8675 and give them authorization code of V9635921 along with the info of the gift card. I contacted Directv to check it out and its a scam through and through. Don't fall for it!

- Livermore, CO, USA

Received a call which callerid identified as 800 Service. Man on the phone said he was from DirecTV and asked if I was satisfied with my service. As I have DirecTV, I instinctively answered "Yes". He said thanks and hung up. I realized I had not received such a call before and remembered the "yes" scam. I called the number on callerid, 888-829-6268, and it was reported as being out of service. So I believe I am a victim of this scam and will have to watch all financial statements very closely.

Amazon gift cards to pay for directv

I was contacted by landline phone on August 4 at 11:44am by 800-531-5000. I was told this was "John Anderson with Directv. We have a promotional offer for the merge of ATT and directv. I was asked to give my account information. I told them they had it in front of them since they contacted me. I was asked about my mailing address which they had. I was also asked if my date of birth was correct which they had. The offer was that my bill would be reduced by half if I paid 5 months up front with an amazon gift card in the amount of $300.00. This would be a new lifetime rate and for 2 years I would receive promotional channels such as HBO etc. I was given a confirmation number and transfered to a supervisor (Phil) to receive the promotion code number. I was then told to call 8887449406 ext. 1 to give the amazon gift card number to the billing department and I would receive a $100.00 visa gift card in the mail.


I did not do any of the above, however I did contact the office of the President with ATT on Monday and was told this was a scam

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