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Direct TV

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Direct TV Reports & Reviews (63)

Victim Location 79705
Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by someone who says they are offering a promotional through amazon and if I paid my 4 months of service in advance and I would get everything for 89.99 for 24 months.

Victim Location 32904
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Phishing

On February 26, 2018 I received a phone call about a Directv/AT&T promotion. I thought it was real because the number I called, had Direct tv greetings and the customer representative was able to confirm my account number against my name and number on file. They said I could save money monthly if I take the promotion.I would get more channels and for two years my monthly payments would be only $62.50 per month. They gave me a promotion code DTV116035 and to call a customer service number 1-888-314-0329 . To get a amazon gift card for $250.00 to pay the first four months. Then for the remaining twenty months the payment would be reduced to $62.50. I did that and got a confirmation number CX6805621. After seeing the scam it was too late. I got SCAM.

Victim Location 32162
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

We got a phone call this am telling us about a joint program with Direct TV and Amazon. You get your monthly payment reduced to $49.95 for 2 years and you have to pay up front $300 for the promotion.. The catch is that you have to use an Amazon gift card for the $300. After we had given them the card #'s we learned that it was a scam.

Victim Location 33579
Type of a scam Utility

Got a call from direct tv as I have their number in my phone with their name direct tv. Person said a promotion was going on that you can keep all the services I have for 59.99 a month for 24 months but I would have to pay up front $300 with an amazon gift card and that would pay for the first 5 months and then my bill would start in July 2018, because the promotion was with Amazon and he told me to look on amazon where they are offering direct tv and I did and they were selling direct tv satellites so it was believable. So he gave me the number to call when I got the gift card 888-301-9087 ext 1. When I called that number of course it said direct tv, I gave him gift card number but then I started feeling suspicious when the same guy answered the call twice and I said are you the only one there, then bells started to go off, so when I hung up with him I called back and pressed #3 for customer service and the guy answered and asked for my telephone number and put me on hold and I was on hold for 30 mins and as I was on hold I went to amazon and added the gift card to my account , thank God they hadn’t had a chance to use it in those few minutes. Never let anyone tell you you have to pay with gift card.

Victim Location 28650
Type of a scam Utility

Person calling had my address, phone number and DTV account info. Sounded legit. . Asked that I call with Amazon card info tonite to get the deal. The scammer asked that I call DTV's billing dept (their number) tonite for my deal.

I called DTV, stated there was no such deal availiable, it's a scam.

Victim Location 21704
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I got a call on my cell phone today from 800531500. It said it was Direct TV. They were offering me a holiday discount. They knew my name and address. They wanted me to buy an Amazon prepaid gift card for $320. They were offering a $100 visa gift card all premium channels and 50% future bills for 2 years once I called 1888-301-9087 ext 1 and used promo code DTA1091. They said to get the $100 gift card I had to purchase card by 9 or 10pm to get the deal. If I got it and called tomorrow I would just get the direct TV deal. I had to purchase the gift card from a local store like CVS or Wallgreens. They even said if you don't feel comfortable or if you need time to think about it it was ok. Very convincing. I also knew it was too good to be true and to send gift card money over the phone for a promotion does not make sense. I did call Direct TV and reported the issue. They confirmed they did not call me. Very scary as 1. The # of caller ID on my was from them. 2. Them having my address 3. I called the 888 just to see who answered and the # recording says it is a direct TV #.

Victim Location 78754
Type of a scam Phishing

I picked up the phone the 3rd time I got a call from 800/531-5000 today to find out where the fire was. I was on the AT&T/Direct TV website yesterday but it said I had to call. I thought maybe someone from the company was preemptively trying to reach out to me. I had trouble understanding 'Jessica' and there was a weird didgeridoo sound in the background. She offered 5 months of service with all premium channels free for $350 and a $150 gift card. Something was off about the whole thing, like she asked me how much I paid every month and whether I had other services with AT&T. I told her I didn't know the exact number and she should know that if she's with the company. I played along for a little bit, then she transferred me to her supervisor who told me the $350 needed to be paid with an Amazon gift card. He gave me a confirmation number DTA 6670 and a phone number for their billing dept. 888/410-8939 Ext 1, then I hung up on him.

Victim Location 76182
Type of a scam Phishing

We were called by someone that claimed they were from Direct TV. They had our account number and our information from Direct TV. They proceeded to let us know that we were eligible to have Direct TV for $69.99 a month for the next 2 years, because we meet certain criteria. We would get all the channels that Direct TV had to offer. We just had to pay the first 4 months up front, but had to be with an Amazon gift card, as they have partnered with Amazon. They really acted like they were with Direct TV, as they knew all of our information.

Luckily for us the gift card we purchased was through our amazon prime pay pal account, so they never had access to our bank information.

We called the 1-800 Direct TV the next day and they had no idea what we were talking about and they were not offering that promotion.

If you call the people, its a Direct TV automated system, so everything seems legit, however it is not.

Victim Location 28715
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a phone call (on my cell phone) from "Direct TV" with an offer to upgrade my service for 2 years plus a $100 gift card if I agreed to prepay 5 months of service. The required form of prepayment had to be through an Amazon gift card. The stated reason for this type of payment was that this was a promotional thing from Amazon.The caller knew everything about my current Direct TV service, including my monthly payments. So I ran out and bought the gift card, called the scammers back with the redemption code. After not hearing back from Direct TV about the upgrade in service I called them. They had no record of the upgrade and proceeded to tell me that this was probably a scam. The agent transferred me to the fraud department who then confirmed that this was not the first time that this had been reported to them and suggested that I contact Amazon. I chose not to do so as I had no expectation that I would get any of my money back.

Victim Location 43537
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

This number called on behalf of direct tv. We hung up but called back and they had a machine answer as direct tv but wanted us to leave a message. Usually direct tv puts you in touch with a representative.

Victim Location 28173
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Someone called me from Direct TV and said there was a promotion going on where I would get all the channels for only $79.99 for 24 months but I needed to pay $400 up front that would cover the first 5 months. I went and put the money into a money pak pre paid card and called them back giving them the information. I later did some research about money pak and bam, there has been scams going on. Please be careful.

Number they called me from was 8559025424 and AUT Code was D0933

Victim Location 28560
Total money lost $360
Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by phone from the number 1-800-531-5000 and told I was speaking to Kevin Anderson from direct TV. He indicated that direct TV is offering me a promotion to upgrade my service for a much lower price per month. He had all of my direct tv account information and told me that my monthly bill will be less for 2 years with no contract. I had to pay for the first 4 months using an amazon gift card. He gave me a promotion code and then I had to call back "direct tv" billing department at 1-888-580-4895 and pay with my gift card. I did all of this and then realized it was a scam. I was able to contact Amazon and then locked the gift card so that it could not be used and my account would not be charged for the amount of the gift card.

Victim Location 61109
Type of a scam Other

Some guy called and said he was from Direct TV,and that I could get Showtime for .46 a day,When asked how much a month it would cost he hung up,I called the number back and it's a voicemail.

Victim Location 29928
Total money lost $240
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Direct TV contacted me and gave me a 2 year promotion of $59.99 and free NFL ticket for 2 years if I use an Amazon gift card because Direct TV and Amazin were pairing up along with AT&T. They had my address, account # and call came from the Direct TV line that is recorded in my cell phone. They scammed out of $240 and I live check to check!

Victim Location 78253
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

On 9 May 2017 I received a call from what they claimed to be was DIRECT TV. They called to tell me that they were doing a special right now - $99 a month for 2 years and that includes all premium channels. The catch was that I would have to pay for 3 months up front - and then I would get 1 month free. The other catch - I needed to pay with an Amazon Gift card since this promotion was sponsored by Amazon - and they were trying to promote their gift cards. I said I would think about and maybe call them back. Of course they said the offer would end the next day. So I called them back at the number provided (888-601-2036). It sounded legit. Heard the Direct TV intro at the beginning... I was supposed to hit 1 for the special promotion - and give a promo code (DTA4455). I called and talked to someone - and asked them if this was indeed a valid promotion. They assured me it was. I got the Amazon GC and called them back with the number for payment. I was watching my account for the credit that never happened. Then I got my next bill and called DIRECT TV. They validated that they did not call me nor have any promotions like the one I described. And if I call the number now, it just says that this is not an active number right now. I thought I was pretty smart about these scams. Thought I was doing due diligence... Please be aware. I don't want these people to get any one else's money.

Victim Location 32462
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

The caller had a loud background noise and asked if I could hear him. I said 'yes' and he hung up. I called back and he claimed to work for Directv and kept asking yes or no questions while trying to sell me a phone, cable and Internet package.

Victim Location 72103
Type of a scam Phishing

I got a call from a man name Donte Briggs on March 28th 2017 claiming that he works for Direct TV (which I am a customer) offering me a 3 month promotional of 70 channels for being a loyal customer for free. He states that this will include the sports channels which normally will be $4.30 a month service fee but he will waive that since we are loyal customers. I proceeded to ask him when will the promotional period end & he said June 26th; as long as I call before then my account will not be charge but if I decide to keep it after the promotional period, it will cost $7.99 a month. I wanted to reiterate everything he was telling me & wanted to ask him what channels the promotion consists of but he hung up on me. I tried calling back the phone number (1-877-371-9094) but it went straight to a voicemail/message stating "we apologize but all of our Direct TV representative is with a customer, please leave a message and a representative will contact you as soon as possible". I looked up this number on white pages and this number was flagged a high level of scam. I called another number I had associated with Direct TV to verify if anyone noted my account about the promotion. Direct TV informed me that they do not call their customers for promotions. I had informed Direct TV about the call that I received. I do recall that the scammer had asked me to pronounce my last name (which I did) but I don't recall giving him any information such as account numbers, etc. I did also report it to my local Attorney General Office for Consumer Report.

Victim Location 35146
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer Called saying he was Direct TV and proceeded to re-start my tv. Then said he was pulling up my

billing information and I was being recorded. Asked for personal information. I asked him to call back on a Direct

TV number rather than on a wireless number. I gave him no personal information. The same male called on Monday

posing as someone from Master Card and said I had several on- line charges during the early hours of the 13th ( today).

I recognized his voice and told him that he was the same guy who called me from Direct TV and he immediately

hung up on me.

Victim Location 71019
Type of a scam Phishing

Received phone call showing Direct TV as caller. Person asked Mr. or Mrs. Mangham? I replied yes and they hung up. I tried to call number back and a recorded response answered saying it was the Direct TV Response Line, all lines were busy. I was then directed to a voicemail that also had a recorded message saying that the mailbox was full. I called Direct TV to verify the number and they said there was no department with that number.

Victim Location 37087
Total money lost $240
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This is in response to case number ***. Although I missed the 7 day cut off, this case is not closed. AT&T offered me an itemized bill ( I am not retyping the informatio about the case please check the case file) but as stated in the case file it was last the point that such a bill would do me any good. This case is NOT closed unroll AT&T PAYS BACK THE ETFs

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