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Debt Collections Scam

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Debt Collections Scam Reports & Reviews (131)

- Greene, RI, USA • Jun 13, 2024

legal action if bill is unpaid..

- Mountain View, OK, USA • Jun 10, 2024

Call from PSV, a "process server company. "We have papers you need to sign papers in reference to a "civil claim" involving My self and XXX XXX (my EX wife from 15 years ago using her different next married last name). Told me I had to call a different phone number (************) "to set up an appointment to sign papers in reference to a "Civil Complaint" with a "Case Reference" number".

- Lakeland, FL, USA • Jun 08, 2024

I was told I owed a payday loan form 2012 for $320 was given a fake case number and they told me that I now owed $3,997.00 but if I pay now it would be 2 payments of 655.00. Called the police after I signed a doc and gave by debit card number to find out the case number wasn't good. They had told me that a process server had been to my home 3 times in the last 2 mounts from a company called SDI

- Canton, PA, USA • Jun 07, 2024

The called from +15705791468 left a voicemail about "an important business matter" andd gave rthe number to call back as 985-314-6227. Whewn the two numbers didn’t match up at all i googled and report about the numeer beingg a scammer was the firat tto pop up.

- Wyalusing, PA, USA • May 29, 2024

Got a call from 570 293 8186 said i was being served legal documents. Then i was told to contact 866 613 0199 spoke to a shawn manager ar sis and associates. Said i owed 2600 dollars to cash call back in November 2011. Im like what are calling me asling me to pay 2600 off and I habe no clue why they want this money from 2011. Please help!!

- Roanoke, VA, USA • May 24, 2024

Voicemail opens with "This is Owen with CDL", and then goes on to say how I've ignored messages from the "client" and how they'll be forced to proceed unless I reach out. I got a one that was the same setup but with a female name instead. Both said to call 888-324-2185, regarding case number 3-93872.

- Colbert, OK, USA • May 17, 2024

Got a text from 2*********** * ******* ***** We made several attempts to contact you in regard to your overdue balance. Your account is now at risk cal* ************ to resolve.” then a phone call from ************ “Hello, this message is intended for ******* **** If this is you, please press one now or hold your message My name is Mr. ******** and I am calling on behalf of ECM We have an important matter to discuss with you about one of your accounts Again, either press one now or please call us at your earliest convenience At * * * * * * * * Two once again, the number is * * * * * * * * * * One of our representatives will be able to assist you thank you and have a great day…”. This is not my name either.

- Toccoa, GA, USA • May 01, 2024

They have my first and last name and have called through my sibblings too. Every time they call its from a new phone number. First it was a Rhode Island area code and number and now a South Carolina number

- Oklahoma City, OK, USA • Apr 24, 2024

Its been a week since SRS has called. The messagevon my vouce mail thus morning was from a woman calling with "a time sensitive and urgent matter" from ************. Once again I checked my credit bureau to see if anything has shown up from SRS. A second message on my voice mail five minutes ago said, "call the number listed on your caller id and you will immediately be connected to a sales representative." Not only is this a scam, but their technique is changing. I have not received any mail from any company named SRS. Under the fair debt collection law, until I recieve notification of a debt, Im not answering these calls.

- Alexandria, VA, USA • Apr 24, 2024

A man left a voice message saying that I needed to be served with some documents between 2-6 and if I had any questions to call the issuing agencies office RNJ mediation group At 866-316-0132.

• Apr 23, 2024

Harassing phone calls every day and threatening with legal action if they were not called back .said they would send a process server to my home if calls were not returned. Calls now turned into text messages and the refuse to send anything in the mail.

- Chicago, IL, USA • Apr 23, 2024

Lied saying it was a debt collector

- Mount Carmel, PA, USA • Apr 21, 2024

My brother notified me of a text message he received from the number 940-579-7233 stating "We are attempting to locate ******* *****. If you can assist please call 877-755-9975. Refer to account # ******." I then reached out to that number and talked to Kristen and she stated I owed a settlement amount for $1950 for Purchasing Power. I was unaware that this was a scam so I agreed to the payment terms. $650 on 2/19/24 (payment confirmation # 028134). $550 on 3/15/24 (payment confirmation # ******). $750 on 4/15/24. I was unable to make the last payment so I tried calling to get an extension. I called the same number and it went straight to voicemail. I tried several times, every day, different times throughout the day, and was unable to reach anyone. That is when I realized I had been scammed. No contact from said business has been attempted. All payments had been made through Capital Processing Mgmt. (Joseph Ross- [email protected], 855-266-7603) I lost $1200. Total amount they were trying to collect was $1950. They also refused to give me any identifying information for their business, including mailing address and email.

- Tryon, NC, USA • Apr 19, 2024

They keep calling and texting using my name from 12 years ago from previous marriage name.very persistent wont stop calling and texting .copy of text follows.

Dear, ****** ****, this is a formal notice regarding your outstanding debt. Despite previous attempts to resolve this matter, it remains unsolved. Further action may be pursued if payment is not received promptly. Please contact us to discuss payment options at 945-293-6710.

- Annandale, VA, USA • Apr 17, 2024

They call my home line and my cell several time a day saying they are Ben Porter from Superior Mediation Group and if I don’t respond my case would be closed and forwarded to Fairfax County. I have never gotten anything in the mail about me owing them or who I am supposed to owe.

- Hanover, PA, USA • Apr 17, 2024

I received a telephone call the morning of 4/15/2024 from a female named "Brittany" that I had an outstanding bill from Alliance Diagnostics for bloodwork performed on 10/06/202 in the amount of $521.62 that had been turned over to her company, Financial Recovery and Collection Services. She mentioned that the bill had been sent repeatedly to my address. She confirmed my current address and said I must have thrown the notices away thinking they were junk mail. She gave me an invoice number but did not have a claim number. I asked her to send the invoice to me so I could investigate, and she said she was not allowed to do that. I contacted Medicare and reviewed all of my insurance statements and confirmed I had no outstanding bill for bloodwork. The closest insurance statement I had to the date of service she gave me was for a doctor's visit a week later. I contacted Brittany and told her the results of my investigation and she said I must have visited a hospital near that timeframe and they outsourced the blood work to Alliance. She said unless I paid then and there she was turning it over to legal and I would be notified of a court date. I told her I believed I was being scammed and hung up.

- Upper Marlboro, MD, USA • Apr 17, 2024

Individual stated in text message: This is a formal notice regarding your outstanding debt. Despite previous attempts to resolve this matter, it remains unsolved. Further action may be pursed if payment is not received promptly. Please contact us to discuss payment options at 943-293-6710.

I immediately called the number to inquire what this was regarding. The gentlemen said that it was regrading a personal loan in the amount of $800.00 from and Easy Corp/Easy Money provider. I stated that I have never done a loan as such, and to please provide me with whatever documentation he had because there had to be a mistake somewhere. He then went on to state that if I did not handle the matter today I would be served. My response was, I need documentation of what he was speaking of and if he could not provide that then I will wait to be served. He said not a problem, and hung up the phone. Tried recalling as he did not give a name, however, called four times and no answer. Did not confirm any information with the exception of my name.

- Acworth, GA, USA • Apr 16, 2024

They called and said that my husband had a credit card purchase at Victoria's Secret from 2013 that went into collections in 2017. They said we had till May 15, 2024 to settle the debt or appear in court or GE Capital Bank would put a lien on our home. They had my husband's full name, birthdate, street address, my cell phone number, and the last four digits of his social security card.

- Molino, FL, USA • Apr 16, 2024

Computer generated call. Stated they had a matter placed in their hands and would come to my work or home.

I am retired and have no delinquent debts

- Oklahoma City, OK, USA • Apr 15, 2024

People from same number keep calling from SRS. They refuse to tell me what SRS stands for. It used to be ****** calling me 10x a week from this place. Now its a guy named ****** or a woman calling about a "time sensitive matter." I calked the number and these people claim that I took put a payday loan from a place called EZ cash. I checked my credit report, theres nothing there. I asked them to verify my address, but they only verified the street, not city and state. I asked them to mail me a letter telling me what the debt is for and thet said, "we mailed one in January." I never received anything from any SRS company. I asked them to verify address again and still they refused city and state or zip. I told them that until I recieve a copy ofvthe ketter detailing the debt, I wasn't going to pay anything. They threatened me with a "lawsuit" and would "see you in court, good luck." They hung up. Ive asked them to quit calling, but it doesn't work. I've blocked all their calls, so now it goes to voice mail. They have verified the last four of my SSN. I have IDENTITY IQ which monitors everything, including the dark web. I Googled SRS and there is no location in Oklahoma except the area code goes to some place in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. None of the numbers these people call from are even in Oklahoma.

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