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Debt Collection

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Debt Collection Reports & Reviews (101)

• Apr 26, 2024

Received a call from (601) 588-9608 and this woman named Ms. Johnson stated I owed $1,860.00 for a loan I took out through Loan Point USA and the money was sent to my Bank One account and they wanted me to settle the debt or face court. First of all, I never took out any loan with Loan Point USA. Second, I haven't had an account with Bank One since 1997 and finally, they used my first married name and I haven't used that name in 22 years. Ms. Johnson tried to fast talk me to say when the pandemic hit, they stopped collecting on debt but now since it's over, they are collecting on debt. How are you going to collect on anything I didn't take out on a bank account that's been closed for nearly 30 years. She wanted me to do a settlement and I hung up the phone and immediately started doing research. When I pull up the phone number, it comes up with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety and the Mississippi Center for Legal Services. When I tried to look up Scott Randolph and Associates, all I get is lawyers in Pennsylvania and Florida and one of them works for Orange County in Florida. I immediately determined this is a scammer trying to get money out of me using my old married name and an old bank account from a bank that no longer exists.

• Apr 25, 2024

These people have been calling my phone since January 2024 , claiming I owed funds from some lender on the Internet since 2011 or so . I told them I knew nothing about it and I also explained I had a laptop stolen years ago and that may be how this started. I've called the numbers they've left to get no answer or to leave no voicemail from me. They would call leave very harassing and threatening voicemails saying they were filing papers with the Forsyth County court on the matter. I got tired of their constant calls , threats and harassment so I sent them 233 about 4 weeks ago , I stopped to have them checked into but their calls and voicemails continue even til today around 6pm . When I didn't make another payment they claimed they would send the paperwork to the court but yet just called today to voicemail more threats about my pay having a lien placed on it . I had to reach out to the to file a claim against them for harassment and possibly being scammers.

• Apr 22, 2024

This person has called and sent texts saying they were trying to settle a debt.

A "payday loan" which originally was $600.00 and now was up to $1500.00

I eventually hung up on him.

This is the text i recieved...


this is a formal notice regarding your outstanding debt. Despite previous attempts to resolve this matter, it remains unsolved. Further action may be pursued if payment is not received promptly. Please contact us to discuss payment options at 945-293-6710.

- Leesburg, FL, USA • Apr 18, 2024

My fiancé got a call out of the blue telling him that they’re looking for me to serve papers to me and even said they knew my address for verification and said that if i don’t comply that they would put a lien on my house and everything i own. They know my address but i wasn’t served, was the first red flag that i overlooked. I called them after my fiancé let me know what happened. They told me i had an outstanding credit card debt from over 15 years ago. I asked for proof of this and everything was “unfortunately we can’t disclose that until we go to court”, so this is your chance to pay it so we won’t need to go to those measures. They were believable and scary. I ended up working out a payment plan and sent them $100. Afterwards, because it seemed sketchy i called a few people and then my bank and everyone said it was a scam. Even the pending withdrawal from my bank said “collection agency” not the name of the company. They said they were a law firm called Sanders Owens and Clark (SOC) and even gave me a case number and knew my ss number. I ended up canceling the card and hopefully get my money back. They were threatening and will make you feel backed into a wall to make a decision or else “ i will get “blind sided” was their exact words

- Suffolk, VA, USA • Apr 17, 2024

My sister received a call from this company stating they were looking for me and that he had important documents to serve me. They knew her name and address. I called the number he left 833-883-2060 and a Jacob King answered the phone and told me he was from Monahan & Grayson litigation group and that they were representing EZ loan services. he said I took out a loan in July of 2014 and that $500 was deposited in my Navy Federal Account. I told him I dont have a recollection of this he put me on hold and stated that I was going to be served that day with papers stating I was being sued by EZ loan services and he had my address and my job information. He wanted me to set up payments through my bank account to get it paid off. He stated papers were sent to me on 2/3 I told him i never received it. I asked if he could send me information and he said he could only send me a settlement letter. He stated a Emily would send the information over in a hour. Ofcourse it was several hours later. They also contacted my daughter that same day with the same message. they knew her name, phone number and old address. I found very little information on the website. I received a call the next day I didn't answer I replied to the email that I would be forwarding the letter to my lawyer. No update as of now.

- Burlington, IA, USA • Apr 16, 2024

We received a call from 402-200-3586 and didn't answer. They left a message saying her name was Laura Cooper and to give 888-939-4243 a call back and reference case # 24-81696. She said I was a defendant in a civil lawsuit. We called 888 number back, and talked with a female after being transferred 3 different times. She said she was from GFS and that there was an "EZ Money Loan" from 2013 that I could pay today for $539 or it would be over $3000 if we waited to be served papers. She did say back on January 10, 2024 they mailed us a letter about this lawsuit. We don't remember receiving any such papers. And we don't any loan companies in our area named "EZ Money Loan" or anything close. We also did not use those loan service companies. She did verify the last 4 digits of our checking account number. She also knew first and last name and address. We tried calling the 402 number after the initial call to see what it was and someone answered stating they were with CPI. That person stated they didn't know who or what GFS was.

- Hamptonville, NC, USA • Apr 14, 2024

Man named Stefan called from 252-422-9175 and said I owed over $1,300 (including interest and fees) for a payday loan I took back in June of 2019. Said he would settle for $750 though. Said the original loan I took was for $450 and change. When I asked why he hadn’t sent anything in the mail he said they had and I hadn’t responded. This guy had my address and last 4 of my ssn. When I asked for my account # with summit recovery services he would only give the last 4 and gave a generic website of of which there are many. He wanted me to pay by phone via debit or credit card and didn’t want to send me a bill about this debt. I think this could be a scam because I don’t remember taking out a payday loan in 2019 and when I asked him why this hadn’t reported to credit he said it was going to if they didn’t get it resolved.

- Omaha, NE, USA • Apr 11, 2024

They claim I took out a loan for $883 now it’s up too $1000 and it was closed out in 2019 from easy corp ez money check cashing place I never been there to take out a loan

• Apr 03, 2024

Called me on my cell and work number. Left the below voicemail:

This message is to notify you of a pending matter in our office that is in the process of being with you today. We will be verifying your current address as well as place of employment for delivery of the proper documentation at this time it is your right to contact the office directly at 872-444-3525. Please don't ignore

- Statesville, NC, USA • Mar 28, 2024

First, a "Dispatch Verification" company called to inform me that I had a court case against me. Claiming that they sent out a letter for court a month ago and called because there was no correspondence. They provided a phone number for a law office handling my case. The phone number provided was 866-949-3063. When I called they claimed a bank account I closed over 10 years ago was overdrafted and Hunnington Bank was taking me to court over it. When I asked for info about where I would have to go for court he responded "In your county". He then told me I could settle now over the phone. When I asked for more info about the court hearing his response was "I'll see you in court in 30 days" and hung up on me.

- Ridgeway, VA, USA • Mar 27, 2024

Received two calls yesterday from someone claiming to be with a Law Firm and said I owed a debt.  Wanted my social security number, did not give to this.  Told scammer wanted proof of the debt and he told me they didn't have to provide that.  Never did tell me how much I supposedly owed.

- Cedar Rapids, IA, USA • Mar 27, 2024

they called all week and sent text messeges and hace changed the amount twice and claim this is from an ez money and also stated that i worked for a place in 2015. When in fact the place the stated had been closed for 4 years

- Brandon, MS, USA • Mar 26, 2024

I received a call from 731-540-4644. When I answered, an automated system asked me to press 1 if I was [my name], or 2 if I was not [my name], so I pressed 1. I then received what sounded like a voice mail outgoing message for Olivia at Accounts Receivable Services trying to collect a debt. "She" said she was currently in the office in Ohio and I should call her back at 844-680-3030. I did not call the number.

- Kane, PA, USA • Mar 25, 2024

Recording that mentioned name of a person who is deceased to call 405-328-6807 on a legal matter and this would be the last attempt.

- Flushing, MI, USA • Mar 21, 2024

Left a message with my family member claiming they were a person of interest regarding me. I contacted the number that was left 8666751682. There was a rude man that answered and new my name from their caller ID. I asked him what company was this and he refused to give the name. He asked me to verify the last 4 digits of my social security number and I told him no. He asked to verify my date of birth and I told him no. He became rude and said a process server will verify in person and I told him fine and to meet me at the local Police Dept then he hung up. I called back and there was no answer.

- Gulfport, MS, USA • Mar 18, 2024

3/18/24-this is the 2nd call received from an unknown number. I did not answer, only listened to the voicemail that was left. The transcript of the voicemail is as follows:

I am vocation specialist Mike Mason calling you again in reference to pending claim by law I have to make you aware that the filing will become public records soon please be available with identification of both your home and job tomorrow if I cannot locate you a direct refusal to comply will be sad on your behalf every attempt to contact you has been documented the number you must call part being located is 877-762-7639 see you soon...

- Oakland, MS, USA • Mar 13, 2024

I was text about an account for my mother that was delinquent and told to call 877-761-2394. When I called they informed me that there was an account at panola medical that was delinquent and they would be taking her to court. I have been through this myself before with a text message and call. When I went to panola medical to check it out they had no record of a bill and there records only go back 7 years which the scammer told me the bill was from 10 years ago. I also went to the police station and courthouse to make sure there were no warrants or court cases against me. I did not lose any money because I did not fall for the scam but I’m afraid others might. Anything you can do about this problem would be appreciated.

- Gulfport, MS, USA • Mar 05, 2024

I am location specialist Jackson calling for a final time in reference to a pending claim I have contacted you trying to get your name off the filing that is soon to become public record I will be over to your home and job within the hour to get your signature to help move this filing along you do have the right to contact the filing party before I arrive call 877-770-9457 if I do not hear from that filing party right away I will be out to see you…

- Tipton, IA, USA • Mar 04, 2024

Had message i would be served between 3 an 5 pm at home or work. I could call a number to reschedule. I called and they offered a lower rate if i pay in full. Told me if i get served it would be for much higher amount and court costs. Was also told that if i want available it would go to the courts and i must have 2 forms of ID. I argued with them told them i couldnt aford the pay off amount. They offered payment arrangement, said i could only do 100 per month but couldnt start till my next payday. They said they would call back, they didnt and tge time i was told id be served lapsed. I called again to find out what was going on. Was told payment arrangement was accepted. Was offered an even lower amount if pd in full, said i couldnt afford that either. They asked if i knew someone with a credit card could pay it for me, i told them no. I would make the payments per the payment arrangement but i needed an address to send the check to. They told me it had to be auto withdrawl. I said no. They started telling me it was that or it would go to the court, that i missed the ability to pay by check because i didnt responds to their letters. I hung up, i called back a few minutes later and asked for a mailing address. Was asked why and i said i wanted to send a letter explaining my situation. They said they dont accept letters and hung up when i asked for the address. Called back 2 more times to ask for an address was hung up on bith times. Called back again and asked to speak to whomever they said was working my case, all i wanted was a mailing address and was tired of being hung up on. They gave me an email address. I decided to look them up on line to see if i could find an mailing address and find all these reports of scamming in the last 3 months, same scenario, same initial message and same phone number. They were very convincing i almost fell for it.

- Holland, OH, USA • Feb 29, 2024

They called about a Web loan that was taken out. Gave me the name of the company dates, etc. said that I would be in contempt of court if I didn’t set up a payment arrangement

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