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CYD Technology Group LTD.

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CYD Technology Group LTD. Reports & Reviews (47)

• May 14, 2021

CYD Technology Group LTD.
[email protected]
Oplysninger om køb
Portable Folding Work Table -- Perfect for any kind of project (Antal 3)
68,67 USD
-minus 43,49 USD
10,99 USD
I alt
36,17 USD

De sendte mig et termometer og ville refunder mig 40% - 50% - 60% og til sidst 70% af det jeg har betalt.

• May 11, 2021

OMG, they are burglars, and PAY PAL is letting them keep the account in order to do it so.
The same history here. They sent me a thermometer. .. the cheapest one you can find.
This is their last email:
Dear customer,
If you don't want to bear the shipping cost of returning the wrong product, we can pay you up to a 60% refund.
We have paid the value of the goods and the postage, which is the highest refund amount we can provide.
I hope you can agree, and we will return the amount to your account at the time of payment within three days.
So unwanted thermometer will replace my daugther birthday present.
They are trush.!

BE AWARE and report these pages:

Add on more if you use another one.

• May 10, 2021

I have order un crunch machine and paid by paypal. I receive à broches and à card which say thanks for your order and you will receive your order soon. That was in march still have not received my ordre

• May 07, 2021

I ordered a dumbbell set advertised on Facebook in February 2021. Paid on a credit card via PayPal. After chasing delivery I received a cheap watch instead. When contacting the company they after for me to keep the watch ( which I never wanted ) and have a 50% refund. Or I could return the watch ! I would not advise anyone to do business with this company.

• May 10, 2021

Did you dispute with PayPal? Submit a police report via ActionFraud. I ordered an automated litter tray and paid $30, waited for 3 months and received a cheap battery operated toothbrush

• May 05, 2021

I have ordered a New Electric Tricycle on March.14.2021. for the price of $40.98 USD including shipping ... as advertised on FACEBOOK. Paid through PayPal, but charged on my current MasterCard. ID number: KQUZJL21021701-灰 ! CHINESE merchant! be aware of Chinese merchants and Chinese advertising! Received NOTHING! until today. in dispute with PayPal! it is a SCAM... like "WISH" and all the other CHINESE scams that appeared after this Covid-19!

• May 04, 2021

Pague por maquina LaserPecker 2-Super Fast Handheld Laser Engraver & Cutter que ofrecen en pagina web , Solicite una cortadora laser y me enviaron una gorra de hilo... y ahora no me quieren devolver mi dinero, aducieron que por recarga de pedidos se confundieron. una excusa absurda. y nada creible.

• May 03, 2021

I've ordered Through PayPal a rectangle wood drop leaf folding dining table set for 42€. It's now a month and I haven't received anything. So painful

• May 04, 2021

Scroll down the page to faith cloud. I put a rather large reply about my dealings with this company and what I was doing to get a refund. Hope this gives you some good info. Regards Pauline.

• May 04, 2021

I ordered same but received a thermometer instead which covers them on their tracking as delivering so i am now in a dispute with paypal with them. I'm not the only person to have received a thermometer and no one has received tables from information i am finding.

• May 03, 2021

i ordered a doll from them on 3/4/20 21 and have been tracking it since then and finally got a date it was delivered on 4/12/2021 not to this address.

• May 04, 2021

Did you receive something else as they are sending small items tracked that doesn't cost alot to cover them on tracking. They are scammers.

• May 03, 2021

I ordered on the 2oth March a paddle Board but today the 3rd May still didn't receive nothing! I think its a scam

• May 04, 2021

Open dispute with paypal you will receive something small from them to cover them on tracking but they are definitely scammers.

• May 02, 2021

I ordered a Bluetooth smart coffee table with built in refrigerator on 16th Feb for $35 and received a thermometer. To receive a full refund they wanted the thermometer sent back via tracked postage at £11.50 .
This company needs to be stopped from scamming people..

• May 04, 2021

I received a thermometer for a table and chairs. They post small items out to cover them on tracking. Open a dispute with paypal i have they are scammers.

• May 01, 2021

On Feb 28, 2021 Ordered 2, 12 ft Gazebos now May 1, filling a fraud report

• Apr 29, 2021

Purchased a Smart Cat Litter Box on 3/11/21 which went through Paypal but using my credit card. I never received the product. I have reported this to my credit card company and it is in dispute.
This product was advertised on Facebook and I ordered through the ad there.

• May 04, 2021

Look below at faith cloud I put something on there might help. Good luck and regards Pauline.

• May 01, 2021

Same. I ordered a cat litter box and after 2 months of waiting I got a toothbrush in the mail. Glad I paid through PayPal so it wasn’t too bad although it wasn’t an easy process involving a report to the police for fraud

• Apr 29, 2021

I ordered a folding scooter for elderly first part of April 8th. Where is it? Paid $46.98. Merchant transaction number 29t02066yj978324.
Someone know who to contact these people.

• May 01, 2021

I ordered a child’s ride on bumper car on February 18th and it was supposed to be here 15-20 of March but instead received a stupid thermometer. If you paid through PayPal, go into your account, find the payment and click onto it, it will come up with the company name and you can email them through there as it says contact them but DO NOT DO NOT tell them that you have received anything even if it is something insignificant like a thermometer or toothbrush just tell them that the item hasn’t arrived. If it’s anything like mine they will firstly say it’s on its way and will use the COVID excuse. Then next email will ask you for the details of sale name address etc that they are having difficulty finding your order. I asked them “which one it was, either it was on the way of they couldn’t find the order because it certainly couldn’t be both and the COVID-19 excuse didn’t wash with me as I’d had other items from China in less time “ I never heard from them again so I brought up a dispute with PayPal. Then the [censored] emailed me and said I should cancel the dispute so they can help get the problem sorted out. I didn’t cancel it and neither should anyone because if you do and they totally blank your future emails you CANNOT go back to PayPal to raise the dispute again because you already closed it. I hope this long winded reply will help you going forward and anyone else looking for help. Good luck. Pauline.

• Apr 28, 2021

I reported table and chairs paid via paypal. Was sent tracking information in Chinese. Finally got English tracking info to say delivered 21st April, I received a thermometer. I have asked for refund they have asked for an image of the thermometer to ensure I know the difference between thst and a table. I have now escalated to paypals resolution centre. Now I cannot find the initial link of ordering. They appear to have a UK registered address on companies house for London. Scammers

• Apr 28, 2021

The transaction below has never arrived. No tracking info. What a scam!

Transaction ID: 7CA461773H409504L
Date: March 5, 2021
Payment Status: COMPLETED

Unit Price $26.98 USD
Quantity 1
Amount $26.98 USD

Shipping and handling $10.99 USD

Tax amount $0.00 USD

Total $37.97 USD

Payment to recipient $37.97 USD

This transaction will appear on your statement as PAYPAL *CYDTECHNOLO CYD

Transaction Summary:
Total Amount of this transaction: $37.97 USD;

• Apr 27, 2021

I ordered a 12ft Gazebo on 28th of march i did not get a order confirmation for this item I paid for it with PayPal but have not received it yet

• Apr 27, 2021

This company is scamming people. I ordered a table set and they sent me a thermometer. When I requested a refund they wanted me to send the thermometer back to them but I had to cover the shipping cost. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM

• Apr 26, 2021

I purchase a Bike Stand for $30 US and it was never shipped. Trying to get my money back.

• Apr 23, 2021

I ordered a folding work bench and I received a cheap red hat. They have not followed thru on their promises re a replacement and instead offered a40% return which is now reduced to 30%. They are a joke all I now want is my money back but they have delayed delayed.. Thank god I paid with PayPal otherwise my money would be gone. Don’t buy from this company..

• May 04, 2021

Lo mismo me llego a mi, lo peor es que también pague por paypal pero no me permite ingresar la queja y pedir la devolución? si alguien tiene una forma de como hacer que cierren esta web de ventas
Son unos estafadores

• Apr 22, 2021

I am still waiting for my remote control golf caddy cart which I paid for over a month ago.
Please reply [email protected]

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