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Cox Family Doodles

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Cox Family Doodles Reports & Reviews (32)

• Jan 15, 2022

Stole our $500 deposit

Made a deposit in June 2020 for a puppy. Never heard back from her. I have requested a refund on a monthly basis since learning that she spent the deposit money in remodeling her home and never heard back from her. Has never had the courtesy of responding to an email or a request and know that she has probably blocked me. She is a professional con-artist full of excuses and should not be in business. Know another family that has gone through the same with Elise Cox.

• Dec 20, 2021

BEWARE! Changed name to ZONA DOODLES - still Elise Juna Cox!

I paid a $500 ‘fully refundable’ deposit on 5/2020 on Venmo. Elise Cox was incredibly sweet and responsive at first. Then she used every excuse, Covid, pregnancy, sickness, Guardian Home issues, people creating hate groups and so on, to avoid getting back to you, getting you a puppy in a timely manner or refunding you the $500.

She has now scammed hundreds of people and has not refunded the $500 deposit. I have reached out about 7 times with no response from her. Her dogs look adorable, but she is not worth it! Changing her name to Zona Doodles is another tactic to lie and deceive. If you search Cox Family Doodles, there is news reports, scam reports, BBB fraud alerts, MANY negative reviews and forum posts all up and down the internet. She changed the name so unsuspecting people will not see her scamming truth.

Class Action Lawsuit is going to cost her every penny she owns. I'd be scared if I were her. She better start refunding now... See the screenshot of an email from her where she tried to convince me not to believe the negative reviews. She said people were out to get her... well I am not part of those people and I am too, calling her out.
BEWARE! Changed name to ZONA DOODLES - still Elise Juna Cox!

• Aug 06, 2021

I was scammed by Elise of Cox Family Doodles and she owes me $500. I had done extensive research on her program and previous family's experience and everything about it seemed great. I even spoke with her on the phone at least once, maybe twice and we had good conversation. I felt safe and confident I would receive a Goldendoodle puppy from her. I sent her the puppy contract on 5/8/2020 which clearly states that the $500 deposit is fully refundable within 60 days. On 4/3/21 I reached out asking for the deposit back and reached out again two weeks later then two months after that, with no response. I also reached out over IG where she "read" my message but never responded. (All communication is attached.) I am so disappointed and upset over losing out on a puppy and $500. I would like legal action to be pursued to receive my money back, as well as additional compensation for the inconvenience and heartbreak.

• Jun 14, 2021

I am one of her victims. I paid $500 deposit in September of 2020. I tried to get it refunded several times with no success. She emailed me back 3 times with bunch of excuses that she had some issues, but would refund my money. Since March of 2021, she has beeen completely ignoring my emails and texts.

• Jun 14, 2021

This is her latest response. Just full of lies. She needs to go to jail for scamming so many people

• Jun 13, 2021

I put $500 deposit down a year ago after a friend of mine did. I have never heard a word from Elise Cox about getting a puppy. How can she live with herself for screwing so many people out of their money. NOT ONE WORD FROM HER!
# 121 on the list!
Lori Grimit

• May 19, 2021

Victim Location 85118
Total money lost $592
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Do not be fooled by the slick professional website and photos. Elise will take your $500 deposit and you will never see a puppy or get your money back. Elise and Cox Family Doodles has duped many many many people out of their money with the promise of an adorable Goldendoodle puppy.

*This is wire fraud, plain and simple. Do not be fooled.*

We paid $500 deposit in April 2020 with the agreement it was fully refundable. By December we had not moved up the list of more than 60 people on the waiting list on We contacted Elise Cox by email requesting our deposit refunded and got no response until March 2021. She agreed to refund, however it never happened. We filed a small claim in Maricopa County and were awarded $592 by default judgement, but have yet to collect a dime back.

• Aug 06, 2021

Hi there. How do I file a claim in Maricopa County for this?

• May 18, 2021

I paid Elise $500 9/3/20, once I paid the deposit never heard a word from her. Asked for a refund never heard a word from her. She’s a scam, we should amass a group suit against her. Shut her down so no more victims!

• May 18, 2021


• May 08, 2021

She took my money in October. She hasn't refunded. I written to BBB, Fraud Investigation. I contacted the sponsored website. Why is this allowed to continue.

Please help !

• Apr 18, 2021

I just found the last copy of waitlist I had on file. There are 304 applicants on it. 304 x $500.00= $152,000.00 dollars taken before waitlist was taken off web page.
1 Ryan Wilson
2 Davia Norton
3 Moh Yakubi
4 Candace Whittingham
5 K. Castillo
6 Alex Vlahu
7 Nicole Featherstone
8 P. Howell
9 RoseMarie Smith
10 Jessica Harwood
11 Shawna Truong
12 Jessica Ferri
13 Tai Lemire
14 Alejandra Alvarez
15 Andrew Bromley
16 Diana Espinosa
17 Jessica Flinn (christmas puppy)
18 Alexandra Rawlinson
19 Nick Apodaca
20 Lauren Brown
21 Dustin Tessendorf (standard red)
22 Loryn Purvis
23 Sarah Stengel
24 Kayla Belisle
25 Sarah Newton
26 Michael Jacoby
27 Alli Ross
28 Grace Kriske
29 Andrew Gin
30 Cherie Boone
31 Regina Munro
32 Britney Perez
33 Kristina McCarty
34 Nicole and Brad Cascella
35 Cherry Labus
36 Karri Hook (henry/halle)
37 Carly Gordon
38 Birgitta Maloblocki
39 Sahar Miller & Alexander Savi
40 Susan Beaird
41 Maricella Russo
42 Carla and Torry Regez
43 Jeffrey Sargent
44 April Colvin
45 Amanda Corona
46 Erin Hood
47 Sue Haynes
48 Alex Vidacs
49 Ashley Smith
50 Victor Phomphakdy
51 Laura Nielson
52 Becki Anderson
53 Schellie and William Hogan
54 William and Rachel Cochlin
55 Ashley Girtman
56 Kelly Hohnstein
57 Helen Lathrop
58 Jessica Barnes
59 AJ Santiago (F1)
60 Natalie Crammer
61 Krystal Payne
62 Laura Bardaweel
63 Val Galvan
64 Mallory Henness
65 Maya Holbert
66 Mary McGuire
67 Alexis Rawson
68 April Bukala
69 Thomas and Jessica Dahlke
70 Aleda Deuble
71 Heather Miller (F1)
72 Janise Verdi-Soskil
73 Nick Reeder
74 Ann Baillargeon
75 Maggie Over
76 Suzanne McNamara
77 Sara Szafran
78 John Van Prooyen & Ariana Giurovici
79 Kelsey/Stephanie Frawley
80 Traci Cross
81 Helke Criado (F1 Coco)
82 Mariya Kiforishin
83 Jelena Eremija
84 Ashley Hill
85 Lena Kuhlenbeck
86 Stephanie Schnugg
87 Lisbeth Faneytt
88 Laura Cole
89 Brooke Samuelian (Guardian Home)
90 Geraldine Follmer
91 Daniella Gorny
92 Chelsea Herman
93 Chelsea Griggs
94 Dani Reyna
95 Sue Stanfield
96 MarDee Berg
97 Lauren King
98 Michael Lee
99 Alyssa Rodriguez
100 Linde Leibfried
101 Lisa Jordan
102 Lindsay Jensen
103 Yaquelin Ramirez
104 Clarice Stauble (F1)
105 Doug Williams
106 Kady Eglseder
107 Kelly Parent
108 Daniella Gorny
109 Ayano Sasaki (F1 Coco)
110 Ainsley Mackinnon
111 Karen Cavassani
112 Ashlee Bailey
113 Darlene Garrison
114 Lindsey Taff
115 Darla Kitchen
116 DeeAnn Hoster (possible Coco F1)
117 Dawn Forkenbrock
118 Natalie Kollasch (F1)
119 Jennifer Mitchell (F1 Demy)
120 Patricia Young (F1 Coco)
121 Lori Grimit (F1)
122 Elena Tinios
123 Garrett Stephenson (Demy male F1)
124 Scott Berchman
125 Chantelle Hamill
126 Kelly Davis (F1)
127 Jennifer and Josh Linn
128 Jack Holme
129 Matthew Paradowski (F1 Coco)
130 Morgan Wiederlight
131 Nacole Dobay
132 Sydney Frey
133 Kate Suchanek
134 Alisha Ward
135 Luan Walker
136 Kristina Miller
137 Michelle Ketelsen (F1)
138 Salonee Rege (F1 Puff)
139 Kimberly De Los Santos
140 Caley Boeser
141 Krystal Brooks (F1 Coco)
142 Meagan Eckels
143 Karen Gasket
144 Misty McFadden
145 Viana Acosta
146 Erin Risner
147 Randi Grant
148 Amy Blasy
149 Jennifer Gannuscio
150 Cathy Falls (Tilly/Archie)
151 Kate Nelson (maybe Guardian)
152 Melissa Vangemert
153 Rachelle Liddle
154 Heather Keck
155 Lisa Blumling
156 Catherine Bronzo (F1)
157 Larry Wong
158 Bobbie Wells
159 Grace Edgerton
160 Janelle Hust
161 Rachel Byrne
162 Naiyu (Natalie) Chen
163 Mariana Galindo
164 Alexandra Stricklin
165 Divya Patel
166 Shaiann Sorensen
167 Hunter Puza
168 Paige Williams
169 Ray Sweis
170 Ashley Grigsby
171 Christina Loukides
172 Brenda Fery
173 Jennifer Campbell
174 Katherine Armendariz
175 Amanda Moore
176 Karen Garrity
177 Briana Pauling
178 Melissa Shearer
179 Lynsey Wright
180 Eric Bolduc
181 Lisa Day
182 Maria Teresa Alanis Santos
183 Megan Crawford
184 Elisa Mitchell
185 Elise Butler
186 Paula Dorian Grey
187 Deborah Regester
188 Priscilla Aguilar
189 Jaci Doughty
190 Rebecca Godwin
191 Steve Thompson
192 Charissa Pe Benito
193 Jennifer Iacovo
194 Gemma Salazar
195 Rachel Patel
196 Angie Ortega
197 Kaylan Mavrich
198 Villegas Adelheid
199 Tara Pettengill
200 Samantha Zaragoza
201 Robert Hargrave
202 Jennifer Sowell
203 Paulina Spafford
204 Diana Nettles (guardian)
205 Jennifer Jeamby
206 Salman Ashraf
207 Justin Delhotal
208 Megan Weitz
209 Kylee Berg
210 Julie Mininberg
211 Shaina Silverman
212 Tara Bowcott
213 Brooke Albany
214 Vikrant Aggarwal
215 Nathan Rust
216 Sharon Kuhlman
217 Karen Eikanas
218 Greg Trevathan (Guardian)
219 Heather Lovejoy
220 Amber Curtis
221 Peggie Pruitt
222 Victoria Keane
223 Katey Hennessy
224 Desiree Dale
225 Stephanie Leigh
226 Marc Magas
227 Hailey Wilkinson
228 Katelin Centeno
229 Angie Pollock
230 Teresa Aguirre
231 Doris Stipek
232 Savanna and Kyle Garr
234 Sue Ney
235 Caitlain Bustamante
236 Tom Wong
237 Rachel Konopacz
238 Stacey Huftalin (Guardian)
239 Ashley Miller (Daphne)
240 Shahab Sobhanian
241 Alina Frolova
242 Michelle Bandoni
243 Tina Lee
244 Dion Joura
245 Debra Chalk
246 Clinton Treadway (possible guardian)
247 Stephanie Tolmie
248 Belen Yanez
249 Timothy Jensen
250 Matt Collins
251 Becky Cluff
252 Miranda Metz
253 Greg Botts
254 Cindy Deck
255 Presli Keith
256 Kari Stafford
257 Shaili Ryan
258 Ken Rosenthal
259 Kim Adair
260 Karen Rizzo
261 Alec Brodsky
262 Kendall Cunningham
263 Mia Sedate
264 Adam Hahs
265 David Byrne & Bridget Riceci
266 Susan Thibodeaux
267 Stephanie Kerkorian
268 Sam Roybal
269 Jessica Ward
270 Chandler Harper and Randee Harvel
271 Nick Apodoca
272 Jayme Hayford
273 Pete Klein
274 Kathryn Hess
275 Audra Zachman (possible Guardian)
276 Hunter Brown
277 Maggie Delaney
278 Debra Meshey
279 Betsy Collen
280 Ashlee Ward
281 Katerina Kneip
282 Paola Romero
283 Liz Davis
284 Chelsea Seguna
285 Magaly Ramirez
286 Edith Ayala
287 Alisha Maciel
288 Grisel Crespo
289 Jennifer Lim
290 Holly Peterson
291 Amy Hale
292 Kelly Cardenas
293 Pam Schapker (check)
294 Aarikha Dsouza
295 Jynelle Hatch
296 Duane Kuiper (check)
297 Samantha Turk
298 Andres Millan
299 Jessica Flom
300 Angela Gonzales
301 Judith Tourville
302 Alejandra Bressan
303 Xavier Macias
304 Natalie Knutson

• Apr 21, 2021

I know there is quite a few people after the last person too. I was “added” to the wait list the end of July 2020 but it was never posted to the website.

• Apr 20, 2021

Looking at the waitlists before this one somethings don’t match up.
When there were 100 people there was no Ryan Wilson? Now on the more up to date list he appears at the top? Same with others like Loryn pervis. ?

• Apr 20, 2021

Insane! Thank you for sharing

• Apr 18, 2021

1 Jessica Szczepanski
2 Davia Norton
3 Edward Kim
4 Candace Whittingham
5 K. Castillo
6 Cassie Woods
7 Nicole Featherstone (Henry)
8 P. Howell (henry)
9 Holly Anderson
10 RoseMarie Smith (henry /or zuzu)
11 Mikaela Clark (sasha)
12 Lindsey Nebrich (sasha/tilly)
13 Jessica Harwood (zuzu or winnie)
14 Shawn Truong (winnie/henry)
15 Daphnie Peters (apricot standard)
16 Jessica Ferri (henry)
17 Tai Lemire - (sasha/griz, archie/tilly)
18 Alejandra Alvarez (winnie)
19 Andrew Bromley (zuzu/murphy)
20 Diana Espinosa - (tilly or sasha/griz)
21 Jessica Flinn (christmas puppy)
22 Alexandra Rawlinson (zuzu)
23 Nick Apodaca
24 Lauren Brown (henry/winnie)
25 Dustin Tessendorf (standard red)
26 Loryn Purvis (henry/mila)
27 Sarah Stengel
28 Kayla Belisle
29 Sarah Newton
30 Michael Jacoby
31 Alli Ross
32 Grace Kriske
33 Andrew Gin
34 Priscila Black (standard)
35 Cherie Boone
36 Regina Munro
37 Britney Perez
38 Kristina McCarty
39 Nicole and Brad Cascella
40 Cherry Labus
41 Karri Hook (henry/halle)
42 Carly Gordon
43 Birgitta Maloblocki
44 Sahar Miller & Alexander Savi
45 Susan Beaird
46 Gabriela Perez
47 Maricella Russo
48 Carla and Torry Regez
49 Jeffrey Sargent
50 April Colvin
51 Amanda Corona
52 Erin Hood
53 Sue Haynes
54 Alex Vidacs
55 Ashley Smith
56 Victor Phomphakdy
57 Laura Nielson
58 Becki Anderson
59 Schellie and William Hogan
60 William and Rachel Cochlin
61 Ashley Girtman
62 Kelly Hohnstein
63 Helen Lathrop
64 Jessica Barnes
65 AJ Santiago (F1)
66 Natalie Crammer
67 Krystal Payne
68 Laura Bardaweel
69 Val Galvan
70 Mallory Henness
71 Maya Holbert
72 Mary McGuire
73 Alexis Rawson
74 April Bukala
75 Thomas and Jessica Dahlke
76 Aleda Deuble
77 Heather Miller
78 Janise Verdi-Soskil
79 Nick Reeder
80 Ann Baillargeon
81 Maggie Over
82 Suzanne McNamara
83 Sara Szafran
84 John Van Prooyen & Ariana Giurovici
85 Kelsey/Stephanie Frawley
86 Traci Cross
87 Helke Criado
88 Mariya Kiforishin
89 Jelena Eremija
90 Ashley Hill
91 Lena Kuhlenbeck
92 Stephanie Schnugg
93 Lisbeth Faneytt
94 Vanessa DeCosta (F1)
95 Laura Cole
96 Brooke Samuelian (Guardian Home)
97 Geraldine Follmer
98 Daniella Gorny
99 Chelsea Herman
100 Chelsea Griggs
101 Dani Reyna
102 Sue Stanfield
103 MarDee Berg
104 Lauren King
105 Michael Lee
106 Alyssa Rodriguez
107 Noya and Sharon Tong
108 Linde Leibfried
109 Lisa Jordan
110 Lindsay Jensen
111 Yaquelin Ramirez
112 Clarice Stauble (F1)
113 Doug Williams
114 Kady Eglseder add- on 5/30/20
115 Haneen Almahshi
116 Kelly Parent
117 Daniella Gorny
118 Ayano Sasaki (F1 Coco)
119 Ainsley Mackinnon
120 Karen Cavassani
121 Ashlee Bailey
122 Darlene Garrison
123 Lindsey Taff
124 Darla Kitchen
125 DeeAnn Hoster (possible Coco F1)
126 Dawn Forkenbrock
127 Natalie Kollasch (F1)
128 Jennifer Mitchell (F1 Demy)
129 Patricia Young (F1 Coco)
130 Elena Tinios
131 Hayley Love
132 Garrett Stephenson (Demy male F1)
133 Scott Berchman
134 Chantelle Hamill
135 Kelly Davis (F1)
136 Jennifer and Josh Linn
137 Jack Holme
138 Matthew Paradowski
139 Morgan Wiederlight
140 Ann Brown (F1 Coco)
141 Nacole Dobay
142 Sydney Frey
143 Kate Suchanek
144 Alisha Ward
145 Luan Walker
146 Kristina Miller add- on 5/30/20
147 Michelle Ketelsen (F1) add- on 5/30/20
148 Salonee Rege (F1 Puff)
149 Kimberly De Los Santos
150 Caley Boeser
151 Krystal Brooks (F1 Coco)
152 Meagan Eckels
153 Karen Gasket
154 Misty McFadden
155 Viana Acosta
156 Erin Risner
157 Randi Grant
158 Amy Blasy
159 Jennifer Gannuscio
160 Cathy Falls (Tilly/Archie)
161 Kate Nelson (maybe Guardian)
162 Melissa Vangemert
163 Rachelle Liddle
164 Heather Keck
165 Lisa Bertik
166 Kadie Turley
167 Jigna Narang
168 Lisa Blumling
169 Catherine Bronzo (F1)
170 Larry Wong
171 Bobbie Wells
172 Grace Edgerton
173 Janelle Hust
174 Robin Hallows
175 Rachel Byrne
176 Naiyu (Natalie) Chen
177 Mariana Galindo
178 Alexandra Stricklin
179 Divya Patel
180 Shaiann Sorensen
181 Hunter Puza
182 Paige Williams
183 Ray Sweis
184 Ashley Grigsby
185 Christina Loukides
186 Brenda Frey

I am one of 186 + victims who have given Elise Cox of Cox Family Doodles 500.00 "refundable deposit" for a mini Goldendoodle. I have waited over a year to no avail. I have requested a refund through her website and emails. I have texted her at 480-799-4222 to no avail. Her voice mailbox is FULL. I am completing a consumer fraud complaint to the Arizona Attorney General today. 186 applicants x 500.00= $93,000.00. The 186 are just the tip of the iceberg. She stopped posting the waitlist approximately 6-8 months ago but has continued to take in deposits. In fact she changed her process and an applicant needs to pay $ 200.00 non refundable deposit for an opportunity to get on a waitlist. This is a ponzi scam. She said she can't refund $ until she gets more deposits coming in. I say she is breaking the law. I hope the Arizona Attorney General prosecutes.

• Apr 18, 2021

This is a SCAM business. They quickly took my deposit of 500.00. Communication became obsolete and questionable. I asked for my refunds in October. It's now April and still no refunds. There needs to be a class action suit since there is over 60+ consumers whom have been taken advantage of. Why is her website still up. I've contacted every department available in Arizona and Federal.

• Jun 14, 2021

I agree. I am one of the victims too. I dont know what else to do to get my money back. Attorney General’s office should step in

• Apr 13, 2021

FACTS: (taken directly from her website) A NON_REFUNDABLE deposit to get on a waitlist? Scam! What is the cost of putting someone's name on a waitlist? She will refund your $500 if you contact her more than once? Scam! If you inquire as to where your puppy is, she will refund you your $500 and keep your $200. She makes a business out of way deposits for way more puppies than she can deliver. When customers get upset, she takes their $200 and tells them to take a leap. Karma is going to get this crooked, dishonest, conniving family. This business stinks from every angle. I pity them for their shameful actions. Adopt a dog that already exists and needs a home. Quit breeding dogs while so many others are in need of love and care. Stop being so selfish and greedy.

• Apr 07, 2021

Here is the top 100 of the general waitlist before it was removed
1. Jessica Szczepanski
2. Davia Norton
3. Edward Kim
4. Candace Whittingham
5. K. Castillo
6. Cassie Woods
7. Nicole Featherstone (Henry)
8. P. Howell (henry
9. Holly Anderson
10. RoseMarie Smith (henry /or zuzu)
11. Mikaela Clark (sasha)
12. Lindsey Nebrich (sasha/tilly)
13. Jessica Harwood (zuzu or winnie)
14. Shawn Truong (winnie/henry)
15. Daphnie Peters (apricot standard)
16. Jessica Ferri (henry)
17. Tai Lemire - (sasha/griz, archie/tilly)
18. Alejandra Alvarez (winnie)
19. Andrew Bromley (zuzu/murphy)
20. Diana Espinosa - (tilly or sasha/griz)
21. Jessica Flinn (christmas puppy)
22. Alexandra Rawlinson (zuzu)
23. Nick Apodaca
24. Lauren Brown (henry/winnie)
25. Dustin Tessendorf (standard red)
26. Loryn Purvis (henry/mila)
27. Sarah Stengel
28. Kayla Belisle
29. Sarah Newton
30. Michael Jacoby
31. Alli Ross
32. Grace Kriske
33. Andrew Gin
34. Priscila Black (standard)
35. Cherie Boone
36. Regina Munro
37. Britney Perez
38. Kristina McCarty
39. Nicole and Brad Cascella
40. Cherry Labus
41. Karri Hook (henry/halle)
42. Carly Gordon
43. Birgitta Maloblocki
44. Sahar Miller & Alexander Savi
45. Susan Beaird
46. Gabriela Perez
47. Maricella Russo
48. Carla and Torry Regez
49. Jeffrey Sargent
50. April Colvin
51. Amanda Corona
52. Erin Hood
53. Sue Haynes
54. Alex Vidacs
55. Ashley Smith
56. Victor Phomphakdy
57. Laura Nielson
58. Becki Anderson
59. Schellie and William Hogan
60. William and Rachel Cochlin
61. Ashley Girtman
62. Kelly Hohnstein
63. Helen Lathrop
64. Jessica Barnes
65. AJ Santiago (F1)
66. Natalie Crammer
67. Krystal Payne
68. Laura Bardaweel
69. Val Galvan
70. Mallory Henness
71. Maya Holbert
72. Mary McGuire
73. Alexis Rawson
74. Jiazi Laos (F1)
75. April Bukala
76. Thomas and Jessica Dahlke
77. Aleda Deuble
78. Heather Miller (F1)
79. Janise Verdi-Soskil
80. Nick Reeder
81. Ann Baillargeon
82. Maggie Over
83. Suzanne McNamara
84. Sara Szafran
85. John Van Prooyen & Ariana Giurovici
86. Kelsey/Stephanie Frawley
87. Traci Cross
88. Helke Criado
89. Mariya Kiforishin
90. Jelena Eremija
91. Ashley Hill
92. Lena Kuhlenbeck
93. Stephanie Schnugg
94. Lisbeth Faneytt
95. Vanessa DeCosta (F1)
96. Laura Cole
97. Brooke Samuelian (Guardian Home)
98. Geraldine Follmer
99. Daniella Gorny
100. Chelsea Herman

• Apr 02, 2021

I paid Cox Family Doodles, namely Elise Cox $500 deposit for a doodle puppy JUNE 2020. The Waitlist stated the wait would be 6-9 months. The Waitlist was posted on their website. I followed the Waitlist and saw that over several months, the wait wasn’t getting any smaller. I reached out to Elise a few months ago, I have all the emails, requesting and was told by Elise that she would honor my refund request as stated in the Agreement. After several months, several text messages and emails I have sent to Ms Cox, all I have gotten are excuses. No puppy, no refund. Ms Cox has stopped responding altogether. I see no other remedy other than filing a small claims case. However, when I told Ms Cox this a few months ago, Ms Cox told me to go ahead, I still wouldn’t get my refund.

• Apr 06, 2021

• Apr 02, 2021

I hesitated to write a review because, like so many others, she owes my girl a refund of $500 (which was requested in November 2020, it is now almost April 2021). My girlfriend is about fed up now and said I can write a review because she knows she’s not getting her refund back after giving Elise another 2 months to make it right but… still hasn’t. Elise Cox at Cox Family Doodles, claims that if we write bad reviews she won't get any new deposits meaning she won't be able to refund the MORE THAN 60 people waiting on a refund from her. Anyone that is a business owner knows that refundable deposit money is NOT your money until a good or service has been provided. Nothing was provided to me (or any of the other 60+ people, for that matter, now I’ve heard the number might be 100+).

She is a scammer and fraud of the biggest magnitude and honestly I don’t know how she sleeps at night. Her husband is always posting stuff on his Facebook about stocks and how he day trades etc. One can only assume this has a part of her losing all her clients deposits. I can see it now “hey babeeeeee let me borrow 10k, this stock is going to the MOON”. All jokes aside, what a joke this lady Elise Cox is. Not to mention they just bought a huge home in Las Sendas sometime in the last 6 months and posting all these upgrades that she has been doing to her home.

But at this point, I'm fed up and feel the need to warn others against giving Elise any deposit money. And frankly, when you feel wronged by a business owner, get excuse after excuse about how her life is so hard and horrible and then you see her husband posting pictures on social media of their beautiful new house and the kitchen his wife just designed in true 'joanna gaines' style, you feel a little sick to your stomach. Yuck. Link below to the Let Joe Know Article.

Just don't do it. Find another breeder.

At this point, I hope someone is taking legal action against her and her disgustingly selfish and illegal business practices. If anyone needs additional evidence in the form of emails or text messages, feel free to contact me.

Link to Let Joe Know:

• Mar 28, 2021

I paid Elisa Cox $500 deposit for a golden doodle on 8/2020. I was purchasing a therapy dog for my 4 y/o daughter 5th birthday which is in a few weeks. I have not heard from her and and am not able to reach her. She posted a message about not reaching out to her about when the puppy would be available. I have called and emailed her and am unable to reach her to get my money back or puppy. I cannot afford to loose $500 and both my husband and I jobs have been greatly affected during the pandemic. We were very excited to get this puppy to help my daughter with speech and be a companion for her. We have been waiting for a year and now have no puppy and she has taken out money so we cannot pay a deposit or get a puppy for my daughter. This is a scam and she is stealing and needs to be arrested and return our and other peoples money.

• Mar 19, 2021

Elise has hands down been the most unprofessional “business owner” I have ever dealt with. She admitted to spending all of her collected (REFUNDABLE) deposits, then throws herself a pity party with all her personal problems. She’s now claiming to pull a “business loan” to repay the 70+ people waiting on their refunds. She took my money and ghosted me, period.

• Mar 18, 2021

I was a guardian home for my sweet Olive girl for 6 months. Had very little interaction with Mrs. Cox when it came to Olive. I named Olive, she came straight to my house from the airport etc. We were her HOME! In August Mrs. Cox tried to breed Olive using Artificial Insemination at our mutual friends house (Holli Silva) Mind you Olive had not completed all her testing, hip check etc & she wasn’t even a year old (9 months I believe) when she tried to breed her. It is not advised to breed dogs until after a year old, sometimes even two years of age. Fast forward to September, Mrs. Cox has a falling out with Holli b/c Mrs. Cox took her dogs as well (long story of their own). Holli happens to be my best friend, so next thing you know I’m caught in the middle of something I had no part of. Mrs. Cox tries to threaten me into solving her issues with Holli or she would take Olive from me...this goes on for several weeks. She eventually shows up at my house demanding I give her Olive b/c she thinks she’s pregnant (thank goodness she wasn’t). I was in a contract as a guardian home & have followed all the rules. I even have Mr. Cox on video stating that I had not broken the contract but I would if I didn’t give them Olive for a “check up”, so I gave her Olive per our contract to do a health & pregnancy check & now Mrs. Cox is refusing to give Olive back. On her website she claims that “Guardian Homes are Forever Homes.” This has not been my experience...Mrs. Cox took Olive from a loving home with 2 kids who adored her & Olive had space to run & play. Tell me how this is ok?! I just want my dog back...I offered to buy Olive but Mrs Cox will not sell her to me. These dogs are just $$$ to her in my opinion. I would NEVER purchase a puppy from Mrs. Cox due to some of her breeding practices nor would I recommend becoming a guardian home for her. The only one that has breached the contract was Mrs. Cox. She technically owes me $1,500 plus a puppy from Olives last litter. This is just my story! Do your research, there are lots more out there.

• Mar 17, 2021

I am a waitlist family that has asked for a refund, but she hasn't contacted me back. I've reported her to the FTC and they're telling me to let anyone else who is experiencing this with her too to contact them and report her as well. If anyone knows her address, please let the FTC know as well. We need to get our money back and she cannot get away with hurting families and stealing their money. Please everyone take the time and call the FTC.

• Apr 01, 2021

According to public regards the address is ...
2809 N 82nd Place
Mesa, AZ 85207

• Mar 13, 2021

I too have been having the same difficulty in receiving my refund. I have been waiting for my refund since December 2020, we are now in the middle of March. I tried to reach her through text, phone, email and Instagram. When I finally got a response I was told “ Hello, I emailed you over a month ago along with my other refund families. Please check your spam inbox possibly. Some of my emails go there. Email is the best way to get ahold of me. I have had a lot of hard times recently with my health and family. I am not scamming you or breach of contract because you will receive your full refund. No need to threaten me like this. Please check your email. If you can’t find it, I will resend. I’m working my way down my refund list and will refund you in full as soon as possible. ” I have yet to receive this email she talks about and my refund. I have been expecting a puppy since may 2020

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Address: 2809 N 82nd Pl., Mesa, AZ 85207, USA


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