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Connector Capital

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Connector Capital Reports & Reviews (198)

Victim Location 28409
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a very well made "Equipment" credit card in the mail. Did have my name along with business name with a very high credit limit. Says I have been a member for a couple months so I googled it and found that it was listed as a scam with BBB. I cut up the card and reported this in hopes to warn others.

Victim Location 52501
Type of a scam Credit Cards


Victim Location 02478
Type of a scam Credit Cards

A credit card with an available credit limit of $**K arrived in an envelope addressed to me and also included the name of my small business LLC. I did not apply for this card and have never heard of Connector Capital. The mailing gave instructions on activating the card via toll free telephone number or through the website

Victim Location 60062
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a "Connector Capital Preferred Card" in the mail, with my name and business, a 16-digit card number, a "member since" date and a "valid through" date. The letter with the card instructed "Activate you card now" and had both a phone number and website that could be used to activate the card. The letter also indicated that my available credit was $***, and there was a 0.0% introductory offer. This looks exactly like a credit card, although there is no Visa, Mastercard, or any other logo. I was immediately suspicious and googled Connector Capital, and discovered this is a total scam. For people who are less suspicious than I am, it is very possible to mistake this for a real credit card, begin using it, and get yourself into real trouble.

Victim Location 15122
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Recieved a faux credit card with a 90k limit. Was shocked because I did not apply for it. I called the company to ask how it got my info and was told that they can help with my LLC. Person would not state how they got my information and kept asking for information about my business and capital. After I was not provided with an explanation and it was obvious one would not be forthcoming, I ended the call.

Victim Location 35010
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I went online when I received this credit card in the mail with my name on it and saw the SCAM REPORT BY THE BBB. PLEASE DO NOT ACTIVATE THIS CARD BY CALLING THE PHONE # OR GOING ONLINE TO ACTIVATE.

Victim Location 60083
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a credit card for activation from Connector Capital. It was addressed to our company with someone else's name and company on it.

Victim Location 60561
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a credit card with my name and company name that was asking me to activate now with a high credit line. I checked online and did not call or email.

Victim Location 28546
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received an actual card with a large credit limit (over $***) in the mail from Connector Capital for an individual that is not associated with the location on the card. The card also contained a company's name that has not been in operation since in 2012; no longer exists. The card looks very legit; however, it does not have a signature line or security code on the back. Destroy the card!!!

Did a search on Google which listed this as a scam that was reported to the in Alabama in April 2017. After finding this out, the number was called on the document and the call went right to "hold" music. When the person, "Kevin", answered the call he did not state anything about being Connector Capital; had to ask if he was with the company. Informed "Kevin" to remove name & company from processing. He confirmed this was done.

This incident was reported to help prevent damage to the credit of the unknown individual's name on the card.

Victim Location 33042
Type of a scam Credit Cards

A stranger, that does not reside at my address, received a credit card with my name on it and a business i am associated with. do not call to activate the card, the stranger called the number and there was no indication that it was a business called connector capital, just someone picking up the phone and saying hello this is josh. when the stranger asked what the credit card was he become nervous and hung up. Called the and they told me to monitor my credit reports closely and ask for a credit report form all the experienced credit report companies.

Victim Location 92562
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This credit card with an available credit of $*** is geared towards business owners. CALL NOW TO ACTIVATE. It does not have a VISA/MC/AMEX logo on it. When you read the the fine print on the back the red flags are there. It starts with "This is not an offer of credit. This invitation to apply for business credit is based on information contained in your business's credit report...." Bottom line, they are stating that they need verification of your identity, verify financial information, "This may include, but is not limited, to verifying banking and trade relationships and obtaining credit reports." They end with "Connector Capital Fraud Protection Program protects the identity and the owner of this business." All the ingredients needed for identity theft. Stay away.

Victim Location 45449
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a business credit card in the mail that had my full name, and the full name of my business on it. It appeared to be a legitimate credit card, with a full 16 digit account number & expiration date on the front, and a magnetic strip and security code on the back.

The only problem is, I never applied for a credit card. Also, there was no sign of a major credit card logo anywhere (visa, Mastercard etc.). I did not call the number - who knows what sensitive information they would try to glean.

Victim Location 19115
Type of a scam Credit Cards

These scammers sent our business a card (without any Visa, MasterCard or anything else logo) with credit card number that starts with 4 (for Visa cards). Check the photos, which I have attached. Sorry for the photos being upside down. It says member since 12/17 but the Valid thru is 2/18 (two months only). The sticker on the card has only phone number for activation only. I called from a phone which is not affiliated with our business. The wasn't any "Thank you for calling Whatever name company". It sounded like a guy was scrambling the name and didn't really introduce himself or the company that he's working for.

If you will decide to call them or any suspected spammer, I will advise to call either from your fax machine or from any type of magic jack phone number which is Not affiliated with your name. Because you don't want them to activate your card-since the only number ever provided is for activation only. If you do get something in the mail that looks fishy, always take pictures and save the envelope too. I hope that this company, owners and all of their staff will get their part of karma in the federal prison.

Victim Location 92020
Type of a scam Credit Cards

A bulk mail envelope was sent to my name at a company where I haven't worked for 2½ years. The letter inside said, "Activate Your Card Now" and "Here is your new Connector Capital Preferred Card," and there was a card attached which looked like a credit card. I received this in mid-January, 2018, and the card expiration date was 01/2018. This was completely unsolicited. Although the front of the letter says, "Here is your new card," the back of the letter says, "This is not an offer of credit. This invitation to apply for business credit is based on information contained in your business's credit report...." The letter said to call or go to the website to activate the account for a $90,000 line of credit! I immediately shredded the card and am about to shred the letter, as well.

Victim Location 94111
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received mail that had a credit card with my name and company on it. It has a phone number and email to "activate the card now." When I called, the guy (who sketchily called himself "Ben P") asked for information which I did not give. He gave me a phone number that was disconnected when I called.

The guy on the phone was very suspicious, unprofessional, and acted like he had no idea what was going on and kept asking me questions.

Victim Location 02130
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They sent me an unsolicited credit card with a $*** line of credit. I have never heard of them and did not request this credit card. It was sent to me at work with my work name on the card.

The mailing looks exactly the same as others that have posted this same item.

Victim Location 28806
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This happened right after I applied and got a new auto loan. So it looked very legit

Victim Location 43567
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received unsolicited credit card for $90,000 in the name of my business. Letter enclosed ask to activate card now by calling number listed on letter or going to web site

Victim Location 10065
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Unsolicited card with my name on offering $90000 credit limit for my "business" sent to my address. Called Connector Capital Preferred Card. Asked me to dial a number to activate. Packaging closely mimicked what genuine banks do when they send legitimate new or replacement cards. Good but not good enough to fool me.

Victim Location 93449
Type of a scam Credit Cards

My business received an unsolicited credit card. I looked the information up on-line and found others who reported this as a scam and suggested reporting this to BBB. I did not communicate with this company or activate the card.

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