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• 18 h ago

I had did a search thru Google for Comcast customer service and ended up wth these guys. At the time my cable was about to be cut off as I was having financial issues. I called the # and everything sounded legit so I provided information and was assured that I would not be disconnected if I made the arranged payments. Few days later, my cable was cut off. At that time, I had realized that I had never received a confirmation email after making the payment arrangements. That's when I realized they were a scam.

It seem like a normal interview seem like it was on the up and up and then I did research on his name and his ID badge came up with that it is a scam
Said it was a data entry position
Said it was a data entry position

Late Thursday, August 4, I received a call which I thought was from Comcast informing me I had not paid my July payment and if not paid immediately, my service would be disconnected and I would have to pay a reconnect fee. I indicated my bills are all bank draft and ran to my computer and got online with my bank and told her it was paid on July 8. She indicated she did not know what had happened but it had not been received and that she could help me straighten it out with my bank. (Since my security system is connected to the landline, I didn't want to take a chance on losing my service.) If I gave her the name of my bank she said she would see what happened. Without thinking, I gave her the name of my bank. She had a man come on and say he was Anthony from the customer service dept. at my bank and that he had verified that she was Kelly, Badge #6741181 in the Comcast billing dept. and that she was legit. He indicated if I gave him my information he could check on the problem. He came back on and said my bank had had an update and that my payment had not gone through even though it was deducted from my account but that he would update my online account. I told him I had not been informed of any online banking update. He indicated he needed to change my password 1 digit (which he told me about) and that I should wait until the following day to go online. She came back on and said I would need to use a credit card which she then said it wouldn't go through, neither would a 2nd card. I was astounded as neither had an unpaid balance. She then said my debit would probably go through. Needless to say, I was blocked from my online bank account! When the bank opened on Friday, I met with the bank manager who immediately put a lockout on my account and we took prevention measures. I put alerts on my credit cards just before they began using my cards. The charges were denied I think and I cancelled both cards so I can't check online until I receive my new cards. I have put freezes my accounts at the credit agencies and am in the process of notifying pertinent businesses who have monthly drafts from my bank. As an educated person about identity theft and scams (I thought), I absolutely cannot believe this has happened to me. I hope this never happens to anyone else. It is a nightmare!

Person stated they were doing a job interview and asked for my information. I answered all the questions, I was desperate for money I'm currently without a job. Then they started asking me for me my credit card number. Unfortunately they have my name and address and a picture, but I didn't send me card information over. I started becoming suspectful of fraud. So I stopped responding.

I seen a post in a Facebook group I’m in regarding a stay at home job that pays up to $30 an hour. I’m struggling financially, so I’m desperate for any job. This person messages me giving me a code for an interview. Fast forward, something didn’t feel right. I asked how would I know if it’s legitimate. Bernard sends a pic of his “employee ID” he had me, so I gave him my address. However, something still felt off. Mind you it’s Saturday. What HR recruiter is going to discuss hiring process on a weekend? I asked if he could show his ID. He’s like “I showed you my employee ID.” I said how that’s not enough proof cause you could’ve found that on the ground. So I suggested a video chat. He gets defensive and says how due to it being a strictly stay at home job, we can’t video chat (red flag!). What true hiring manager would decline a video interview? Something told me to google the name he was using and the company he apparently works for and I seen this. All of the complaints from people he fully scammed. At this point, I decided to troll him. I began asking a lot of questions and tried video calling. He gets irritated and say how if I’m not interested I can leave, how he hates adamant people and so on. I finished him off by showing him a screenshot of the scan complaints on here and asked “what’s your excuse?” He blocked me lol. This person sucks at scamming! You could at least change your scam name, [censored].
Bernard Hart
Bernard Hart
Bernard Hart
Bernard Hart

This very same gentleman is texting me about a Comcast job for $25 hourly. The person is listed on FB as Assistant to Walgreens, but said that she was doing it as well. I asked if it was legitimate, that the job must be legal. She said yes. I am very skeptical about it. Plus, she had me set up a Telgram account. After reading the above story on the same person, it's very concerning these people take advantage of others in their vulnerable state. She told me that there is no cost for training.

I as well went through an interview process. They asked for bank info and access to my online banking. I'm desperate for money and everything sounded great. A girl texted me on facebook and she kept telling me it's legit. We beven have 13 mutual friends. I'm an [censored]. I am so angry with myself. They sent me $3000. I then had to send back $3000 in $500 increments to purchase equipment. Again I am so stupid! I knew it was a scam. It did not feel right. Now I'm out $2000. I'm so pissed!


I saw an ad via Facebook for data entry, etc. $25/hr- all remote. apparently after asking me a few questions regarding past employment, they were impressed! But they said instead of paying me directly, the company could pay off credit card debt, and wanted to know which company that I went through. so, I gave them company name- but then, after asking questions, I noticed that the speech was a bit broken in the texts... I think that all of their previous texts were automated, but when asked a question they had to respond with the right answer in their own words... which was foreign in my opinion.


I had the same experience with the other people who posted their experience here - I responded to an ad from the local market group on Facebook, from a Kelly Alcorn - told me to download an app called Telegram for an interview. Kelly told me to let her know the outcome of the interview later. However, during the interview process with a “Bernard Hart from Comcast” I felt something is off when he started asking me for my bank routing andaccount numbers. He said so they could transfer money in my back account to purchase the equipment I needed. And yes he gave me a percentage of my interview outcome -lol- then asked me for the normal interview Qs like name, DOB, address etc., and gosh darn it - I gave him a copy of it DL! But when he started asking me whether I operate with a bank or CC, I started doubting - but still gave him a yes and no answers to some Qs. Then he asked for all my bank information. I told him I am uncomfortable and very skeptical about all these. Then he sent me a copy of his “Comcast ID”. That’s when my “scam radar” went to 99.9%. I started giving him a counter offer. I told him to write me a check for the “equipments” he think I will need and I will deposit it to my bank so this way there will be “transparency” on both sides. I also asked him to send me a photo of his DL so I know it’s for real. Then silence … Meanwhile, I sent Kelly Alcorn a message and told her that it sounded like a scam. She told me to trust what she says as she did the same thing with them. Really, never heard of a company sending you money even before you’re hired! I wish someone would do something about this scammers!
Comcast Home Job
Comcast Home Job


This ad was posted in a group marketplace in FB. I messaged her that i am interested. She gave me an interview code. I messaged Jane Furgeson and gave her interview code. Doing all the interview she asked if i want bi weekly or weekly pay, direct was a red flag for me right away. Then i keep replying her with precautions.then she told me the result of my interview percentage (i was kinda feel wierd,i never heard about percentage result lol)then, she asked my information-Names, Address, DOB etc for registration. I said no, notyet.why do i need all my info we are doing just interview in here. She said, your information is safe with us. And you dont need to be skeptical. That was the end of our convo.i do not if she is real though.




Apparently there was a job posting in Facebook and my brother contact them and gave them my number because I was looking for a at home job. So the scammers texted me and I instantly knew something was off, SINCE when did Comcast text people for a job and at around 9:17pm. So I still text the person, he or she asked 12 questions and BAM another red flag was that he/she asked me DO YOU OPERATE ANY CREDIT CARD? I reply no but that got me thinking like this is definitely some scammers! I always trust my instincts and you should too!


I was contacted by someone claiming to be from Comcast. They said that they wanted to refund me $500 for services I had not used. They asked to have access to my computer. They went to my bank account and refunded the money, but they made a mistake and said they accidentally refunded me $14,500. They asked me to go to my bank and get $14,000 and mail it back to them. After I did that, they said that Social Security found out about the transaction and said I owed another $14,000, so I mailed that as well. After that, I figured that I had been scammed and alerted my local law enforcement.


I was following up a comment on a job listing about an online position for COMCAST the ladies name was Charlotte Patrick I messaged her and she ended up telling me to download WhatsApp to message the hiring agent I started to get a little suspicious because I snooped into Charlottes account and she only had three followers and no posts then the interview didnt seem right very automated so I looked it up and found this website which Im so glad I did This was the conversation we had


This person contacted me too and now my Facebook account is locked

This person contacted me as well was jt legit or a scam?! Feeling really uncomfortable and uneasy

Lady of Facebook posted a job and said they were looking for a few people to work at home $25 an hour. Did they interview after I was told to use hangouts and add an email and send a code and this girl came on and said she was Samantha and started asking a mix of interview questions and asking me my credit score and bank name. I asked her if it was a scam and she was like that word makes me sick. Your safe here. Then I asked for the name and Buber of someone I could talk to and she never replied back.

- Phelps, KY, USA

I saw the job on Facebook under a Christen Vipperman. I had 2 mutual friends with them. It showed like that she lived close to me. So I thought it was legit. Then I got in touch with Mr. Bernard Hart. Got the job but he wanted me to send him $300 for installation on the computer he was going to send me. I’ve argued with him for about 5 days as to get my $100 back that I only sended him. He kept hounding me for the other $200 the more I looked into it the more weary I gotten. So I didn’t send anymore money to him period. If I had not checked the page I would of not known this is a scam. He keeps asking for my Facebook information haven’t thought this was right from the beginning. So I never gave out that information. Watch out for this as it is a scam. I’ve lost $100 he sent me this picture like he was actually in a office installing hardware

- Cleveland, OH, USA

They pretended to have a work from home job available saying that you have to download whats app to do a over the phone interview. The ask for name address social security number and phone number and also your credit score. If you call they will "interview" you.

Ariel pierce from fb said this company is hiring and legit.and gave me info to be in interview.Bernard Hart said the manager and interviewed me asked me to send all my info.I sent my ID and pic and address and phone number.he asked me to send my bank info so then I realized it was scam.


The email used on me was [email protected] with same exact picture

- Mayfield, KY, USA

I inquired about a job posted to community group page on FB that often posts job offerings. I did not know the individual who posted. She spoke with me in Messanger and told me to download Telegram Messenger (untraceable??) to speak with her supervisor about the position and to answer interview questions. They asked about 20 questions in the messenger app.The one thing that kept sending a red flag was a random inserted statement that said "We help people rebuild and repair their credit". And they asked if I was okay with that...Huh? I immediately backpeddled and decided this was not for me. When I asked to speak to a manager via phone, I was given a phone # 614-654-6044. Also the email address they used to email me that I got the job was suspicious [email protected].

They also said they would be sending $9,000.00 worth of equipment for free to my home for the job. Ummm. No! I have screen shots of both the original poster of the Job on FB and the convo in Telegram app. I've included photos for you. I have more screenshots if you need them.


Bernard Hart offered me a job and said I was accepted for employment. Went as far as letting me know they were sending equipment to my house for work. I then researched him and found the scam information. I’m worried because I gave him my name, address, phone number, email address. And bank name. No financial information though.


I did too..that [censored]er should stop
Did something happened to ur accounts

The position offered is Data Entry, work from home, listed on Facebook by a Baldwin Miah Tretray. She is listed as living in Macon, Georgia. I messaged her on May 11, 2021 & asked for more information. She told me I had to use Telegraph Messenger to get in touch with the Hiring Manager, who turned out to be a Mr. Bernard Hart. I downloaded the Telegraph Messenger App, and as per Baldwins instructions, I had to use,, to get in touch with this Hiring Manager. It proceeded from there, as I was asked questions regarding my employment application. Mr. Hart told me that the Company requires a task of every employee as part of the Trust they require of their employees. This task consisted of me using my Credit Card, and my Debit Card, as I had limited funds on both, he requested that I needed to obtain a Vanilla Brand prepaid visa cards, totaling to the amount of $2,000 altogether. I purchased the first $250 with my debit card. Then another $250 with my Credit Card, then the last one $130, again with my Credit card. He had assured me the company would reimburse me for the amounts. Mr. Hart told me this amount was the payment to the vendor who will be delivering the office equipment I would need, including a new iPad which I had to use for the company that had a time clock on it to show how many hours I will have worked, & in turn reports it to the Company. He showed this by paying the first amount of $98.44 to my credit card, meanwhile he told me he had posted a payment to my bank account, which never showed up. Then he paid the second amount to my credit card, in the amount of $298.44. Both of which were later rescinded and my credit card was canceled because it was over the limit & because of the two payments that were rescinded by Mr Hart. Then two days later I received a charge to my Bank Account in the amount of $539.87, which resulted my bank charging me $35 overdraft fee as I did have that amount in my bank account. Then today, July 1, I received another $35 overdraft fee, another charge to my bank account in the amount of $490.57, both being posted as payment to a Capital One Credit Card payment! I do not have a Capital One Credit Card. Because I care for my Elderly Mother of 89 years old, I have been so busy I could not take care of matter with my bank soon enough to stop this Mr. Hart from charging payments to my account, which by the way, was not what I had expected from him either.

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