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Cintas Reports & Reviews (59)

• Oct 06, 2021

Scammer's phone +1 (607) 306-3717
Scammer's email @jamesmilner007
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Text message

I received an email stating they would like to email me regarding a job offer I applied for via indeed. I was very aware it was a scam due to the initial point of contact which specified to down a app. Reputable companies will reach out via phone or email. I attempted to get the job posting in order to report it to indeed but was unsuccessful. Below is the correspondence.

• Sep 01, 2021

Scammer's phone +15593823055
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Text message

They called offering a job thru Cintas with similar work skills. It sounded too good to be true, and I shouldnt have given so much info. They got my address and social sec # to verify my id. They also used what appeared to be an id cerification system that I know the military has used with my friends husband.

My credit is not that great, so I doubt they can get any other accounts in my name but I'm so upset that I let my desperation of trying get a better job, cloud my senses...

Please and me to the list of dummies...?

• Aug 17, 2021

Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I received an email from Indeed regarding a data entry position from Michael Dowd (photo 1) and applied to the job through Indeed.

A few days later a received an email from a Veronica Smith (photo 2). In hindsight I should have paid attention to the fact that the email was from a totally different person, but nevertheless, this email instructed me to contact a Sarah Hawkins in HR through an app called Telegram.

I followed the instructions in the email provided to me, dowloaded the app, and reached out to Sarah. She almost immediately responded stating she was from Cintas Company, provided me with a company website ( and started an interview/debriefing. She gave me information about the position, asked me a few questions, then told me that I was what they were looking for.

I was then asked to provide informatijon - full name, address, ssn, driver license) and was then told that ther was quipment that I would need. The company covers all costs and they would be sending me a check to purchase the required equipment from thier vendors.

Over the next couple of days I was told that she was still waiting to process my information, that there were delays and so forth. I was eventually sent an email from a Jerry Mark (photo 3) with a W2 to fill out and return. After I rreturned the W2 I was sent a check for $3800 through FedEx. They even sent me the FedEx tracking number (photo 4).

I was then told to deposit the check and send a screenshot to verify the check had been deposited. A few hours after I deposited the check i was sent an email from my bank stating that my accounts had been placed on hold and when I called them I was told that the heck was a fraud, this whole thing was a scam, and my accounts would remain on hold until they got the check back stating there were insufficient funds, proving the check was a fake. All of this occurred on a Friday and i did not have access to any of my money for the entire weekend.

The following Tuesday, I recevied a text message from a Andrew Matthew (photo 5) stating he was from Cintas Company and he was calling about the position and to reach out through the Telegram app to him.

Still unsure of what was going on, I followed the link in the text message and advised that I'd already been talking to Sarah Hawkins. He then replied stating he would locate my application and came back. saying he found my file and then proceeded to take over where she left off. When I inquired about what was going on with the check that I was sent, he said he would look into it and get back to me. I never heard back from him

• Aug 17, 2021

Got an email from indeed for 27 an hour n wanted me to print of a check for software.

• Aug 10, 2021

Victim Location 95358
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

If you are posted on Job search engines, be carful with people who say are recruiters, they had send me to message going by the name of EMILY CHARLIE she’s says she’s manager.(Picture is down below not sure if it someone else’s picture) always make sure to come on to look for company. Unfortunately for me it was a well known company Cintas they used there site and also had time to make a Jot Form account where it ask for personal information once you get the job , the person interviewed me through text through telegram ,very accurate and professional thought that it was weird but due to Covid there has been many ways of interviewing people didn’t think much of it from pass experience. At the end the send me money for equipment which started to get more weird the amount was Ridiculous they wanted me to testify that I wouldn’t use there money for anything else which I never heard a company give someone that amount of money before the check look so fake and to top it off the check had an address to WING FAT TRADING 7916 YARNWOOD CT SPRINGFIELD, VA 22153 from TD Bank ANERICAS MOST CONVINENT BANK

Which is a

• Aug 07, 2021

I recently received the following text:

This is from Cintas Company You have received this text regarding the Customer Service Representative job Position on Indeed. The starting pay rate is $35.00 per hour if you are still interested. I want you to download and set up Telegram and if you have one already use it and send a message to this ID ( ) for the interview/briefing and comprehensive job details. Your interview code is [FRI91AE] Let me know once you are done?

I reported this [censored] scam artist to the FTC, and if I receive more, I will continue to report them.


I got this text -> This is from Cintas Company You have received this text regarding the Customer Service Representative job Position on Indeed. The starting pay rate is $28.00 per hour if you are still interested. I want you to download and set up Telegram and if you have one already use it and send a message to this ID ( ) for the interview/briefing and comprehensive job details. Your interview code is [TUE91AE] Let me know once you are done?

I instantly felt like it was fishy. I went on indeed to search them up because I didn’t remember applying, I found one company but I wasn’t sure if that was it. I the. Copy paste their text on google and now i see I was right to feel suspicious of the text. Might reply just to mess with them. I wish I could report them to the police. People are out her struggling to get jobs and you wanna scam them. Heartless asf.


Scammer's phone 872-713-6893
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Text message

Someone (they didn't state their name) sent me a text message from a Chicago, IL phone number of 872-713-6893, claiming to be offering me a Customer Service/Data Entry position with Cintas, paying $28/hr. They told me to download Telegram, and let them know after I had done so.

I realized I never applied for a job with Cintas, and no legitimate company would text a candidate with a job offer paying such a high salary for a normally low paying position, and ask them to download Telegram, or anything else. Also, the person did not state their name, they just said they were with "Cintas Company".

This is why I did not reply. I just blocked the number and erased the message. Still, this is a bery common job scam, and these individuals are taking advantage of people who are desperate for work, and very impressionable. This needs to stop ASAP.


Victim Location 71291
Type of a scam Employment

Was a job opportunity. Sent my is. Ssn. Address.

Victim Location 45402
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received call from Cintas after they reviewed my resume on Linked In. The phone number was lost. They had me download the WhatsApp for all communication to text only, to interview and hired me on the spot. I was hired to set up accounts for their uniform business. They sent me a check that was from Cintas, 17440 College Pky, Livonia, MI 48152-2363 with the name on the memo line as Mr. Alex Margonsen. I called my bank to be sure it was a good check since it was for work at home position. They said if I deposit it, it will be fraud and my bank account would be closed. If you get "hired" online and have to produce personal information or a copy of your driver's license online, you open yourself up to identity theft and your accounts to be compromised.

Beware offers that promise work-at-home jobs.


Scammer's phone 405-433-7903
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Text message

Initial text from Cintas: Hello, My name is Ms felicia wells and I am contacting you in regards to your resume approved for the Office Administrative Assistant position,, with a pay rate of $28/hr. You are required to contact the HR on telegram. Download the app from your Google play/App Store or Add the HR manager using his link ( and send a message to him for the interview process. Your interview code is GB382.

I reached out to Brittney and she responded:
I am Mis Brittney Vellines, The hiring manager of CINTAS, Please introduce yourself indicate your location, I believe you are here for the job briefing and interview?

Brittney Vellines ‘interviewed’ me and offered me the position 30 minutes after the interview.


Questions Answered: ( 89% ) Above Average
Knowledge, Skills and Experience: (Valuable Assets )
Consideration Certification: ( Confirmed Qualified)


CINTAS is pleased to offer you the position.. We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets

Due to your level of experience and your working skills the company has decided to hire you as one of our New working staff. I hope you will be a great asset to the company and create a good career for yourself here. We're delighted to have you! I hope you draw tremendous satisfaction from working with us.

I’m looking forward to seeing you grow and develop into an outstanding employee that exhibits a high level of care, concern, and compassion for others.

Brittney continued to ask for name address and a copy of my drivers license and Social Security card. She sent a verification link to my phone for registration.

Text came from 54038 with link: This message is from California EDD and our verification partner Please click the link and follow instructions to start video selfie with liveness detection.

After verification Brittney sent this message.
The funds for your office equipment and software's cost ($2,375.00 Dollars) The company will provide you the Funds for the software's by a Scanning Company check Sent to your email, you will print it out the check with your printer , cut the edges of the check both the front and back Cut it into shape then you will endorse the back of the check and sign, snap the front and back of the check with your Mobile banking app for mobile Check deposit directly into your account with your online banking App , The Funds will be process and available in your account and ready for use, you are to deduct $50.00 as your sign on bonus and the rest of the funds will be for use to purchase of your working software's. I will be here to refer you to the vendor whom you will be making the purchase from. Do you understand this part?

Britney asked if I have a printer at home. I told her I do not have a printer. She asked how do I plan to deposit the check? I told her I could print it the next day at the library. She said OK great, this will be all for today and asked me to log on at 8 AM the next day.


Hi, I Was Contacted By Serah Just Recently Today, And I Didn’t Know How To Work The App, And A Sticker Sent On Accident ( I Deleted It ) As You Can See That’s Her Response I’m Like Who Talk Like That, That Is Suppose To Be Professional, Even Texted Her Off A Different SomeThing In Me Made Me Type A Different Name Instead Of My Name … And It Wasn’t Sitting Well With Me … I Didn’t Provide Her With Any Personal Information…. I Block Her On Tele And My Personal She Text Me On So Guys Be Aware & Be CareFul Not EveryOne As They Seem …

Victim Location 31303
Type of a scam Employment

I have been looking for part-time work and received a message about my resume. I was directed to download the app 'Telegram' and connect with the HR department of what was promoted as Cintas Co.

After running through standard preliminary questions regarding the job I was told that I was being mailed a check and to start training the next day. I was told that I would be connected with a trainer upon receiving the package.

I was shipped an envelope with a check of $4,989.99.

Then I was instructed to deposit the check and contact back for further instructions.

Having worked at a bank, I know that anything under $5000 is below Federal reporting requirements and have seen similar scams in the past.

There were 3 numbers used:

559-382-3055 was the main Telegram number used to communicate with "HR", a man named Jacob Williams. When I called this number only when to a busy signal.

I was initially contacted by a woman named Erica Christ through standard text with the number 831-228-7004. When I called this number it would not go through.

When FedEx package arrived it had the number 901-351-3880 as the sender. When I called I spoke with a woman who did not provide a name and she proceeded to hang up the phone.

The check will not be deposited.


Got contacted via text by Lisa Valdes from Cintas at this phone number 559-236-7647 with a job opportunity to be a work from home Data Entry Clerk with a payrate of $28 an hour. I should've known that would be too good to be true but I'm a sucker and gave my email address to accept a Google Hangout/Chats from Natasha Stones at [email protected] I answered basic interview questions and after saying that I got the job, she mentioned that they would be sending a check over to cover my expenses for working from home. She also asked what kind of payment I would prefer like either direct deposit, wire or check. She also mentioned training the next morning and I said I couldn't do that without getting some type of official offer. She said a letter would be emailed to me by the end of the week. I never officially said I would accept the job. And now today I got a check in the mail for $2450 from someone named Cassandra Ferguson from the Payment Department and she wanted me to text her or email her to say if I received the check and if I cashed it This was the contact info she gave me 253-289-0132 [email protected] I tried calling her but it only went to voicemail. I've reported all of this to the FTC but man what a scam. I should've recognized those red flags earlier.


Never even applied for a job. They must've farmed my info from a job board. Was contacted by Anita Coleman who claimed she was from Cintas. They offered me $28/hr to work remotely as a Data Entry Clerk. She told me to reach out to Michael Funch via Skype. It seemed too good to be true, but I did and as I waited for him to respond I looked him up on Google. Thanks for keeping me from wasting my time guys. :)


I also was contacted by Anita Coleman who claimed she was a recruiter for Cintas this was via a text from phone number (443)779-5883. I was made the same offer of $28/hr to work from home as a Data Entry Clerk/Customer Service rep. She told me that I would be paid $19/hr during my training period. She said that the HR Interviewer Michael Funch would contact me via Skype. He did contact me via Skype but only messaged me no face to face. He went through his interview process and told me that i scored a 9 out of 10. He told me to log onto my computer at work the next morning at 8 am and my trainer would contact me. It was just to fishy for me that I never spoke or saw a person. I texted Anita the next day and told her that I was not going to use my work computer to log into for training as that was inappropriate. I also told her that I had reconsidered and would not be accepting the position. She said they had already mailed me a check to cover my computer related expenses so I told her I would return it when I received it. She did not respond.
So three days went by and I received a check for $3,989.69
The return address did not even have Cintas on it - it was from Colorado Springs, CO There was nothing in the envelope but a check, no paperwork or anything. The check was from a real estate company in New York that I looked up on the internet and the bank was a Bank in New York and the routing number checked out.
I did message Anita back and asked her which of the 3 addresses I was to send the check back to and she did not answer.
Note: If it sounds too good to be true ... it is!

I was contacted via text to download telegram and then did an interview on there. I posted the conversation on there. They wanted me to deposit a check and then buy software. Luckily i realized it was fake before i gave them any information.


Victim Location 13478
Type of a scam Employment

They asked for all my information. They interviewed me like it was a real job and sent me a check via my email of 3450 to purchase equipment for my job. Without a job offer or any other means. The email address seemed fake.


Same situation as stated above. Contacted by Anna Colon and sent a ID for Skype and had conversations with a Michael Funch and Michael Bennett. Got this bogus check in the mail with a random letter than didn't state Cintas anywhere on the letter. By the time I received the letter, I had already seen this site so I figured...time to waste their time and ruin their day. I told them I that the check must have been stolen off my door and if they could put a stop pay on it and reissue. Once I get that check, I'll figure out something else to say to piss them off. This is people's livelihood and when you mess with people's money... you should go to jail. Since I can't do that...I hope to keep them distracted for a little longer.


I have had a smiliar experience. I was contacted by Anna Colon (443-779-xxxx) about a job position. I then was sent over to Skype to chat with a Michael Funch. I did research on this and could not find in LinkedIn or interent search with their names. This is a scam.


Scammer's website live:.cid.27e982f37fe161b4
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Not applicable

Dennis Albert

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