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This company pretends to be USPS and then charges you one hundred dollars!

They were pretending to be usps and scamed me out of 79.95

- Spokane, WA, USA

They make it look like a change of address form but don't tell you it is $80 and not associated with USPS.

- Orlando, FL, USA

Somehow, my CreditOne credit card information was obtained by this website... />
...following my recent move and then charged my card on two different occasions. The first unauthorized charge was in the amount of $1.05 on September 11th, 2020 followed by an additional charge of $79.95 on September 29th, 2020. When I called the number linked to the charges on my CreditOne credit card statement, at 480-999-9697, I was only able to listen to an automated operator that desribed their services. Every service that was described were things that a person could do on their own at no cost and were related to relocating a physical address. Some of the services mentioned were adding your number to the National Do-Not-Call registry, submitting a change of address to the USPS and providing referrals to various moving services in your local area. Every service mentioned were items that are impossible to track a status of because they are free services that anyone can do themselves. Finally after several minutes of listening to the automated prompts, it finally provided options to initiate a refund. Additional attempts to get me to authorize a purchase of their services were made by describing a discounted service fee then providing the option to purchase by pressing 1 or to refuse the offer by pressing 2. After all offers were refused, I was required to enter the phone number associated with my credit card so that the automation could state that a refund would be issued in a few business days followed by an abrupt end to the call without providing any charge-cancellation confirmation. Although the automated customer service line stated that a refund would be issued, I felt it was best to dispute this charge through CreditOne Bank since I had no confirmation or proof of the refund of charges. This is a scam site and it need to be investigated and removed from the internet. I still do not know how my credit card information was obtained by these scammers or if a refund was actually issued back to CreditOne Bank. I hope they catch those responsible. There was no email address, physical address or other information available to contact

- Denver, CO, USA

This is a website made to look like the USPS change of address webpage. They charged me double fees of $59.95 when the USPS changes only $1.05. They don't have a phone number or direct email to reach them and for support you type into some 'contact us' page where they claim customer service will contact you. Beware to those that are moving, be sure you are on the main USPS website when changing your address and use a credit card if possible so you can dispute charges if you accidentally fall for scams like this.

I erroneously thought the link was the official USPS page to forward mail after a move. The company attempted to charge me $79.95 for a service offered through the USPS for $1.05.

- Santa Monica, CA, USA

I thought this was the regular USPS service to forward my mail - I searched mail forwarding and I am changing a bunch of addresses so didn't realize it wasn't the official USPS site. I remembered mail forwarding being a one dollar fee, so when they asked for my CC I thought it would just be that. Quickly I saw it was actually an $80 charge for something that is $1.05 through USPS. I called to cancel and they kept trying to say they would provide other services that are either very little or free like national do not call list or reducing spam mail. They offered a 50% discount, only $10, only $2 (which is still more than the $1.05 than it should be!). I had to say please cancel the entire amount 4 times before they finally agreed. To their credit, they cancelled it almost immediately after I hung up.

They pose as the usps for an address change (usually free) but then charge a large fee for the service.

- Bozeman, MT, USA

Went to change my address and chose the top option thinking it’d be the correct place to go. They took $80 from me. Only change your address through USPS

- Melbourne, IA, USA

I wanted to change my address and googled how to do so. was the first ad I saw and I clicked on it. I assumed I would be charged the usual dollar for the service, but they ended up charging me $75! I called to cancel my order, was told I couldn’t, and they charged me $9.95 instead. I feel so stupid.

- Pope Valley, CA, USA

We went online to change our address after moving. This is the first website to come up when you search change of address. They do not give you a price for their services what do ever. The only way we found out is by checking our bank account immediately after processing our order. After realizing it was $79.95. That is an unheard of amount for a change of address. I immediately called the company to cancel my order. They first offered us 50 % back, then everything but around 10 dollars. It took pushing back three times just to get my complete refund. This is outrageous scam-like behavior and this operation needs to be shut down. Fingers crossed they don’t steal our card info to use in future endeavors.

- Charlottesville, VA, USA

This website initially appears to be the USPS address change site. They include all of these fees in their fine print and their Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy do not even exist when you try to access the links. Trying to get my money back, I called the number on the website and was greeted by someone who continued to try and sell me more products and gave me the option for a half of a refund because the “order had already been processed” literally five minutes before. Eventually, they agreed to give me the full refund minus a few dollars. I am very uncomfortable with this company having my information. What a deceitful group that should truly be ashamed of their practices.

This website impersonated the USPS change of address page, charged my wife $80 for a change of address form, something that costs 1.05. The website did not send any confirmation emails and is not responsive when we call to get a refund, something it states is available within 30 days... calling the bank tomorrow to have the charge blocked.

I have used the US postal Service website in the past to change my address without issue. Google searched for that same service, clicked on what I thought was a legit site from the US Post Office... filled out the information, and submitted. Automatically charged my CC $79.95 without any warning! Called, supposedly refunding the charge. Have seen nothing yet. Beware! is an independent service for new address changes, maliciously looking like a USPS site for a legitimate address change which should only cost $1 but what they don't tell you is when you submit your payment for address change they tell you it was declined but really they charge your account for $80.

I needed to change my postal address from recently moving. I filled out the address for me and my son. That evening I saw a charge for $79.95 pending from my bank account. I never gave any information in regards to my bank account information or debit card. The next day when I called the company to get this cancelled they hung up on me when I asked them how did they even get my bank account information.

- Suffern, NY, USA

They pretend to be USPS website and charged me $39.95!!! But they said they would charge me $1.05

- Mesa, AZ, USA

Please, very very CAREFULLY make sure you are being processed through the actual USPS website because I typed USPS mail change and their site came up . PLEASE STAY AWAY . They use logos very similar to the actual website without disclosing clearly the cost. While, Yes they do state they are going to charge you 80 dollars and an additional 50 Dollars in the fine print they will not refund your money, or when they do , they will " refund it" with out actually returning the money and charge you AGAIN the next day. Please. be safe. be warned.

- Omaha, NE, USA

This website camouflages itself as if it were officially associated with the US postal service. Change of address should only cost just $1.05, at most. The site did not give me a total when I entered my credit card, it just went ahead and confirmed my payment and then charged me 79 dollars! I am in the process of canceling my card and attempting a refund.

- Germantown, MD, USA

While attempting to change my mailing address with the U.S. Postal Service, I first called the USPS customer service phone number and was told by an automated service message that this would have to be done online. A clicked on the first link that appeared from a web search (my mistake for multi-tasking during this process). I did not notice that I was not on the USPS website, but rather Change My

During the process of filling out the change of address form, it indicated that their would be a fee, I thoght that it may be a $5 or $10 fee charge by the USPS. No amount was ever indicated at anypoint during this process. Fortunately the charge was declined by my credit card company for being a suspected fraudlent charge. Change My Address had attempted to charge me $79.95!

This is site should be shut down and/or charged for crimianl activity.

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